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Aurora Evergreen

"Oh, no, I'll pass on the food today. I'm feeling a bit sick"

0 · 203 views · located in NYC

a character in “Where Your Life is Hell”, as played by HeavenAndHell


Name: Aurora Evergreen
Age: 17
Nickname: Roar
Picture: Image
Height: 5'1
Weight: 73 lbs
Appearance: Roar was always one to try to look pretty. She's worn makeup since the moment she turned 12, though she doesn't spend a fortune on clothes. She has anorexia, and even at 73 lbs, she thinks she's fat. She wears baggy clothes to cover her "fat". She hates her hair. She doesn't understand why it's so drab and straight. She wishes she had red or blonde hair. Her face is a sort of round shape, and her skin is extremely white. It freckles terribly in any exposure to sun. Roar's eyes are a weird color, as if they hadn't decided if they should be brown or grey. Her pixie nose and dimpled cheeks just blend into her whole look. Roar is basically all skin and bones, but she is not the thinnest of all anorexic girls.
Personality: This is how Roar asks when she is not completely silent/embarrassed to say anything because she thinks she is ugly:

Some words that describe Roar perfectly are outgoing, wild, and feisty. Let's start with outgoing. Roar is the type of person who will walk up to you, and strike up a good conversation about how blue the sky is. She can talk about almost anything, and somehow still be friendly and sweet. Now let's move onto wild. Roar is the life of a party. She gets drunk, goes crazy, and never looks back. Another aspect of wild is that she is completely wacko. She will be the person making funny faces at you from across the classroom, and the first person to burp just to break an awkward silence. Moving onto feisty!This is what brings out the rebel in Roar. She speaks her mind, no matter the consequence. She's super curious, and is always looking for an adventure where there is nothing. She will make up a crazy story just to spice up a boring day.

When it comes to school ethics, Roar isn't exactly a role model, as she is a B and C-Average student. It's not even because she doesn't pick up on things well, it's just because she never hands in her homework. She aces tests, but with no homework, ever, she can't exactly be earning A's left and right. In reality, she is one of the smartest people her age. Roar just thinks of school as a torture chamber, not as something that actually helps you and your future. Her parents worry about if she'll find a job...

~Obesophobia- Fear of gaining weight
~Apiphobia- Fear of bees. (Don't even ask)
~To become thin
~To be a model
Theme Song: Courage~Superchick

So begins...

Aurora Evergreen's Story