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Enna Lynn Jones

"I tend to run wild with the horses."

0 · 349 views · located in Virginia

a character in “Whiskey Lullabies”, as played by xRoo



Twenty Two // Female // Wild Child // Stubborn

A slender being with wild waves within the folds of her hair, tall and elegant, yet with scars along her body. Her shoulder marked slightly from the blade of a loved one. Scars along legs, arms, back from rough and foul play while growing to the woman she is now. Mental bruising from past memories of her father, and mental scars of attacks and images from the life she stole from this planet. A beautiful smile, a genuine and an attractive smirk, but soft eyes and a sweet aura. Almost easily angered, wild, outgoing, and not so easily persuaded. Lips that have not inhabit from any known relatives, but humor of those around her. Habits consist of kissing her other half, drinking, quick to remark, fights and running wild with the horses.

She fears not of the night, but of the images that haunt her. She fears not of dirt, but the filth that follows from her past.
  • Sarcastic Tones
  • Loving
  • Daring
  • Kind Hearted
  • Dangerous
  • Warm
  • Wise
  • Spiteful
  • Intuitive
  • Frustraiting
  • Quiet
  • Loud


Truck work, handy with the big boy toys, yet gentle enough to soothe the body with a massage and a special hot chocolate. Cooking, nothing too fancy but intriguing enough for a girl in jeans and a tee. Fighting, although keen to admit it, quite good. Good ole humor, quick on her toes in silly comments, just to bring out that smile. This young woman will go far and beyond, to ensure the safety of loved ones, and make sure they are happy and well. She has intelligence, not of math and science, but of safety and survival.

"I ain't no lady, wanna try that again?" "We really gonna have this conversation?" "Forget the golden rule about hitting a woman, I'll let you have the first swing." "'Stay', is for telling a dog to sit and stay put, I may act like a damn animal, but don't treat me like a dog."

  • Abuse, both physical and mental.
  • Fear
  • Abandonment
  • Nightmares
  • Insomnia
  • Questions, unanswered.
All of which, were and are challenges this young woman has faced, and faces.


Back before when the legalization of alcohol was prohibited, it was like a war zone in itself. Before and after being sent away to boarding school, Enna Lynn was always found stubborn. Usually, more than the next person. At times, it'd get out of hand, but she wasn't able to help herself. It just happened. She used to be distant, more wary of people getting close to her and disappearing, for it happened a lot with her growing up. Her mother died, her father...well the town's sheriff was killed by his own daughter, due to some tragic circumstances. But, slowly and surely, she became more of an open book, the more time she spent with the Johnson's. Enna Lynn is a lively, kindhearted, sweet and protective girl, a loving, warm and caring young woman. However, there's more to her than the sweet side. She's got a spicy tongue, she has no fear in taking the first swing, be it woman or man. Even after returning from school, jeans and t-shirts with a pair of cowboy boots is something she'd favor over dresses, what she believes should be burned on sight.

Family. Oh a term she enjoys but over the years, the meaning changed. First, her family was just a mother and father.. but then it was Maggie and her older brothers. Coran. A first love, but that ended when he left. Michael, who treated her like a child, just like Forrest and Kaiden (Who, might I add, is not of the Johnson clan, but practically a part of the family). Maggie was just her rock. But now, for three years, a Pate had intertwined himself into her family line. She fell in love with a Pate brother, who knew? Samuel Pate, Maggie and Forest Johnson, and Kaiden is all that she could ever consider family. And little Gerty Coster.

Before the law was lifted, Enna worked the stables of an older woman. After some time, she had passed away but left her home to Enna and Samuel. The two had moved in after the family vacation, in hopes to start anew. Now that the prohibition has been lifted, old habits do die hard. If she's not at home, spending time with Sammy, then she's at the J&J, helping with the distributing of alcohol and wasting time sitting on the counter, (more than likely, sipping some of her hot chocolate).

"And as they say...the story ends here. (For now)."


So begins...

Enna Lynn Jones's Story


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"--and that is the story of how I managed to piss off an entire gang with just one word."

The group of men huddled around the storyteller burst into laughter in unison. One of the men, by the name of Lucky, slammed his fist down on the bar table before taking a swig of whatever 'special' Maggie had made for the man. Lucky was one of the Johnsons' best and most loyal customers... though most definitely not the sanest nor the one with the cleanest record. He was usually found right where he was either drinking or passed out... and from the looks of it he was a couple of drinks from lights out.

The man belched, which only added to the laughter, and pointed his dirty finger at the smirking man. "Ha! And they call me crazy!"

"That's because you are one crazy son-of-a-gun!" Piped in one of the men that had managed to stop laughing... or managed to get enough control of it to where he could speak.

Lucky elbowed the man and raised his half-empty glass to the man that had spoken. "I ain't crazy! Shit, if I'm crazy then why they didn't name me Crazy? Huh?"

Finally, Kaiden chimed in. "You're Lucky because you've managed to live through all the crazy shit you've thought of. Seriously man, sleeping with that cop's wife? Starting a fire at a fire station? Swimming in shark infested water? Naked?"

Once again, the little section burst into laughter. This time however, Kaiden slid away from the group, smirk still on his face.

He squeezed, ducked, and weaved through the crowd of drunkards, stopping every now and then to flirt, annoy, or advertise his dance studio. His mind, for a brief moment, began to wander off about his studio but he managed to snap out of it. Now was the time to just relax and spend time with friends.

And speaking of friends...

Kaiden's smirk turned into a soft smile at the sight of his group of friends. He hadn't seen them all together in quite some time. Maggie was usually busy with alcohol or spoiling the cat. Enna and Sammy? Well, they had a little 'couple's bubble' around them. They were always seen together doing whatever it was that couples did. It was hard for a single man to try to fit into a couple's schedule.

Woohyun had still not returned. He missed him. In the three years that had passed Kaiden had managed to remember quite a few of his memories. He remembered all his closest friends which was what he was most thankful for. His memory was still a tad foggy on exactly what he had done with his friends but... progress was progress.

At times he was afraid. He feared that only the good would come back to him. Surely he was foolish for wanting to also remember the bad but he believed that it would be the only way to become whole again. Every little thing that was in the past had made him who he was... and only being able to remember the good, the accomplishments, and not the bad, the failures, was eating him inside.

He remembered Woohyun and Lin. Lin was Zero... and for some strange reason everyone knew him as Zero... even he did at some point. It bothered him... mainly because at some point in his life he had made sure that he would keep a close eye on Lin... and that need intensified when Woohyun and Margaret became a couple. On the bright side, he didn't have too much to worry about since everyone knew Li-- or well Zero-- and because he was no longer there.

Kaiden told himself three years ago that he would need to speak to Woohyun once he returned.

"Sorry, I won't have an opening until... well I'm not sure when. You will have to speak to my--" Kaiden explained with a small frown. He didn't like having to turn down a potential customer.

"I know..." The woman huffed, rolled her eyes, and lazily shooed Kaiden away with her free hand. "Just remember that when you have an opening, that I'm asked first."

Kaiden nodded with a grin, blew her a kiss, and began fighting his way through once more.

Then there was Forrest... that was nowhere to be seen. Kaiden probably saw him the most but spent the least time conversing with. He didn't understand why. They were very good friends, perhaps even best friends, and never argued, excluding when he would begin questioning Forrest about the man's adventures. For some reason, however, Kaiden just felt odd when he was with Forrest. The air around them would never be one of hostility or of awkwardness but more like there was something missing.

Well that was because there was a lot missing.

Kaiden sighed as he managed to get to his friends. He plopped down in one of the seats and greeted his friends with a smile. He joined into their conversations, only added a sarcastic remark or a little joke every then and now, but mainly listened.

Then the door opened and Kaiden didn't have to look back to know who it was. Forrest was back, and by the look on Maggie's face, he either had alcohol or Woohyun. He gave it two seconds and when Maggie didn't jump over the counter and fly over his head, he decided that it was alcohol.

Sure enough, the object of Maggie's smile was dropped right next to him, starling him somewhat. He turned to Forrest with the intent of saying something along the lines of 'you want me to die young?' but having his hair ruffled stopped him. Kaiden chuckled and pushed Forrest's hand away by the wrist.

"You know it takes me a while to get my hair like this..." Kaiden said jokingly. Everyone pretty much knew that he walked around with his bed hair. He didn't care what people said about it, he liked it that way.

He watched the two siblings chat as his fingers danced over the tip of a glass of, what he supposed was, whiskey. Maggie must have placed it there once she spotted him. Maggie always did have a good eye.

His smile turned into a frown when he saw Forrest reach out for a smoke. Kaiden wouldn't have thought twice to chew his head off but seeing as the gang was together and how they were in a public place... he decided not to. Though he did make a mental note of it.

His attention went from watching the siblings chat about some man to the man that had just walked through the door. That man he knew. He had seen him a couple of times around his studio and apparently the man didn't like the fact that Kaiden was 'stealing his toys'. He saw it as that while Kaiden saw as whisking them away to safety.

Kaiden chuckled at Enna's comment as he turned around in his seat in order to look at Walker, drink in his right hand. Kaiden leaned his back against the counter and smiled. He raised his right hand and pointed with his index finger at Walker.

"Oh him?" Kaiden began, his voice set as sickeningly sweet. "Now now Cookie, don't call him a pig."

His shook his head slightly, gave a sigh, and gave Enna a disappointed look. "I expected better from you, being an animal lover and all. Calling him a pig is an insult to pigs all over the world. He's more of a-- oh what would you call such a thing?"


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#, as written by xRoo
I walk the footsteps of an American, now... good bye village life.

Naomi, what once was residing in Virginia, had spent a few good years in the village, back home. It wasn't her choice to go, but her brothers. Awhile ago, Naomi spent her days hunting down human beings, killing them, and she was getting paid for it all.

During said hunt, Naomi was assigned to work along side an American, someone she distrusted and despised with all of her existence, however, she still fell in love with him. It was spending time with Trent McGarden, Naomi missed the most, and his touch, his kisses, his existence. While visiting a friend of his, Naomi was kidnapped and received a bit of a beating and abuse. Naomi got pregnant that night.

She didn't know she had a life inside her, until one of the villager's pointed out that she was an unmarried female, who was about to have a baby. It was the law that Naomi was not allowed to give birth, and Naomi had no choice. While she was sleeping, she was drugged, dragged, and the infant was taken care of, without the proper surgery. She had a bit of a scar to show the result, and a damaged heart, mind and soul.

At first, the idea of going away seemed like the perfect plan to regain composure, and help her resurface to the real world, but it only caused her further pain. Finally, after a few years, Naomi knew she had to return to the place she truly felt real happiness. Virginia. She wrote to her brother, telling him she was going to return, that it was time. She told him about the child, or what could of have been, and told him that she felt immense pain and what not. It was her brother that she told her true feelings too. He new she was broken, shattered. He would know the true face behind the mask. She wrote to Trent too, as much as she could without telling him of her troubles. She wrote about happy things, fishing, dancing, music... anything to keep him from worrying.

It was a long travel; boat, plane, truck. It was all worth it when she stepped out of the car and was greeted by the country side.
The truck was beat up, dented but it was reliable. She wore cut off shorts to show off her slender figure, a loose fitted shirt, boots. She wasn't dressed like the city, like she used to. Her hair was longer again, soft, and blew gently in the breeze. She wasn't eating much these days, looked a little thinner but she was sure Virginia was going to change that. She parked a bit down the road from the bar, having hardly any trouble hearing about it. It was the talk of the town and she certainly didn't want to make herself known right away.

Naomi took a deep breath and straightened her clothing. It didn't look as if she was from a different realm, she looked as if shed fit in, cept, she was Asian, but that was understandable.

The back of a man caused Naomi to stop her walk towards the front doors. He carried a new toy, so it seemed, it barely had a scratch on it. She shook her head and leaned against one of trees. She knew she had to give herself some time to get used to the crowd. Standing back the way she did, she wasn't sure if it was a dumb idea, or a wise decision. Even then, she headed on over to the door, sliding herself out from behind Walker, who already smelled of strong alcohol.

There they were. Enna, Sammy, Kaiden, Forrest, Maggie. They all stood about the counter and Naomi couldn't help but plop down at a table, away from the crowd. She had to get used to the smell.

"Tw-" Enna stopped. She had to think about it. Did she really want to say it and risk a Forrest Glare or an elbow from Samuel Pate? She giggled quietly and shook her head. "He fits both descriptions pretty damn well." She muttered angrily. He just stood there, his eyes sweeping around the room. Enna didn't notice Naomi, the girl was dressed like she was anyway, her attention on her boyfriend's elbow near her legs. She finished her drink up quickly, cleared her throat and glanced back at Maggie.

"Hand me one of those beers, will ya? I think I'll make him fit right at home." Enna grabbed one of the beers and pressed it up against the counter. She slammed her hand into it hard, the cap popping off easily and landing on the floor. She kicked it up against the counter, turned on her heel and stepped away from the group, quickly, to keep from any protests.

She headed on over to Walker and stopped a few good feet in front of him. She was shorter than he was, but she didn't care. She looked him dead in the eyes. "How about you trade me?" She asked. "This here beer for that weapon you got there. I'll put it in the back and you can get it as soon as you leave. What do ya say?" She asked, danging the bottle by the neck. "Cold, fresh, and I opened it myself."

He looked down at her. His brown eyebrows lifted curiously. "Well, that ain't such a bad idea." He said, resting his rifle up against his shoulder. "Arent you looking mighty pretty tonight, Miss Enna?"

"Mm, let's just focus on the trade, alright?" She asked. "Beer for the gun, Walker." Enna's voice was stern, but soft at the same time. She didn't want any fights. The man stepped forward and his hand found her waist immediately. He pulled her, almost right off her feet. She shook her head. One word, and the guys would be on over. She knew this well enough. She cleared her throat and lifted her knee up and into his groin. He hunched over immediately, sputtering from the inpact.

"Let's try this again. You take this here beer." She pried the rifle from his hand and slipped the beer into his open grasp. "And Ill keep a good eye on the gun, alright buddy?"

"Oh c'mon now, Enna." He coughed, standing up as she took a step back. "Just wanted a little kiss."

"Well you can kiss my ass, cause these lips? Already taken." She headed back to the counter, dropped the gun on top and her eyes looked into Maggie's. She gave a helpless shrug.

"Done and handled."


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#, as written by xRoo
[[Oh I know. Sorry but I have work today and I wont be back for like five hours.. then I can roleplay some afterwards. Work is kicking my ass.]]

She runs wild with the horses...

Enna just rolled her eyes. Kaiden always had a thing for telling Maggie and Forrest they couldn't do something. It was almost as if he had no idea who they were. Sure he had some memory loss, but she was sure that even with memory loss, one would still know how stubborn the Johnson's were. Enna wasn't even blood related and she was just as bad as they were. She couldn't help but shake her head and return to her stop on the counter, her foot resting between Sammy's knees as she looked down at her boyfriend. And it happened again.

There was just moments where Enna would lose herself. She'd forget the world and get lost in his eyes. They were her favorite color, and because they belonged to him, she loved it even more. It was the way he looked, the way he connected with her, their history, every day she just fell in love with him more. She was a lucky girl, and she would admit that. There was no use in denying it. Sadly, she just wished Maggie had it again. There was Woo. She knew he'd return and the two of them would just mesh well again, but it was the time up until that point, she hated Maggie being alone. Hell, she hated Forrest being alone but in a way, he was making do. Sure, Jacob was keeping him company and Kaiden wasn't too far away... but, sometimes she just felt...bad for them. No pity, just, uneasy for her family.

The corner's of Enna's lips perked up slightly and her hand raised to Sammy's face. She traced his jawline for a moment before sliding her empty glass across the counter. She needed a refill and she knew either Maggie or Forrest would fill it up. She'd do it herself but, she truly just didn't feel like moving, she was perfectly content to where she sat. She couldn't help the way he made her heart race or the air choke up inside her throat. That man was hers.

"Ah." She said abruptly, shaking her head. She looked at Jacob and gave him a stern look. "Now I don't go around making comments like that, you best keep them to yerself Jake or I'll spray you down with a hose, so help me." She warned.
Enna knew she was a tough girl, but there are times where she just made threats that...were a bit out there. But that didn't mean she wasn't going to follow through. That was Enna. She would always follow through.

Walker had taken his beer, for the time being and plopped himself down at a table near where Naomi sat. The Korean just ket her eyes fixed on her lap as she lifted her feet up and propped them onto the surface. The man took a long swig from his beer and kept his eyes on Enna, who still stayed with her family and friends.

Sure, he was a bit upset by the way Enna kneed him, and he knew a lady should act like a lady. But at the moment, he just didn't care, yet.

Enna's attention was fixated on Sammy Pate. Her foot rested against his knee and her lips held a smile. She listened to Kaiden's lecturing, not on her, but on Maggie and Forrest. She didn't want to intrude, or step in but she certainly wanted to. She just kept her silence though, as her eyes fixated on Sammy's. "An hour or so and we can go home?" She murmured. She took a drink from her glass. Enna had a busy day tomorrow. A new horse was coming in and Enna wanted to make sure everything was in order. It already was, but the girl was a perfectionist when it came to animals.


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Like always, he was brushed off. Trying to help them is like waving your hand in front of a starving gator. Kaiden knew this. He knew all to well that no one was going to both listen and obey... and it hurt. It wasn't that he enjoyed ordering people and that he was saddened because he was ignored... it was the fact that he was the one that was happy and healthy. He was the one staying out of trouble, bending over backwards to be the perfect citizen, and sacrificing himself to help those around him. Everyone else seemed to be either stirring up trouble, like Enna and Forrest, or calling Death... which was pretty much all of his friends... excluding Sammy perhaps.

Kaiden sighed softly and ran a hand through his hair. Even Maggie, the least stubborn of the bunch, was giving him hell. He didn't like the idea of using Woohyun's letters against her but he was at the end of his rope.

Forrest was, of course, worse. Forrest normally was kind and playful with him but whenever Kaiden turned the guardian switch on, all he got from Forrest were glares and threats... at times he thought that Forrest would get physical with him.

He couldn't even have a conversation with Enna anymore. It would always end up with the two ready to jump at each other throats... and he wondered.

He wondered if it was always like this. If all he ever did was argue... was he always the third wheel? Kaiden raised his head and jumped slightly.

Kaiden leaned back, green locking with green, and held his breath. "I wasn't-- Forrest..." It was barely a whisper and he found himself inching forward as Forrest turned to leave.


He leaned back against the counter, exhaustion washing over his face.

"Yeah... sure thing Marg-... Angel." He turned around and with a forced smile, stuck his thumb out to the door. "Probably should do this somewhere more quiet?"


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#, as written by xRoo
Enna looked back at Kaiden and Maggie as the two disappeared. She sighed heavily as Forrest left to smoke as well. She took a deep breath and held it for a moment. She hated when people left like that. They never resolve anything, just left it there to deal with later. It was just a thing they all did, she did it too at times. Enna bit her lip softly and nodded after giving it some thought. "Let's just go." She muttered, hopping off the counter. She downed the rest of her Whiskey and slipped the glass into the sink. She ran a hand through her hair and picked up a few empty bottles and tossing them in the sink too. She looked back at where she last saw the rest of them and shrugged. "We'll see them tomorrow." She promised silently, holding her hand out to Sammy.

"Let's just go home." She added. "I'm ain't sure if I'm tired."

Eggshells. Oh they all walked on them. They all had a past that was troublesome but she was trying to move past it. The young woman knew damn well she was trying to. Enna didn't have any bad habits, expect for her sailor tongue and the drinking... and her tempting danger all the time. But that was who she was. Enna had a good buzz, she wasn't drunk but she was loose enough to not really care what was going on.

"Sammy.." She started. "When we get home, I think I want to take a bath." Her fingers linked with his once he took her head.

Naomi finally had the courage to stand from her chair. She was going to head to the bar but stopped as Walker placed his leg up in front of her. The ex assassin stood still and looked down at the drunk. He gave her a grin, as if asking her a silent "Where you goin?" Naomi didn't want to deal with any drunks right now. She wanted one drink and to talk to Kaiden. Kaiden would know about her brother, and maybe Trent... maybe. No one had seen her for awhile, and she wondered if she looked too thin. She was definitely tired. She hardly ever slept.

"Excuse me." She said, through a clenched jaw.

"But ma'am, I think you'd be a perfect fit for this old man's lap."

"You may have drank a bit too much, pal." The Asian noted. "Move your leg.. and your hand off my ass before I do it for you."

"What is up with ya'll Asian's and your damn attitudes?" Perhaps he said it too loud. Some of the chatter ceased, focusing their attention on the two's argument. "Ya'll come around the country side and ain't polite enough to give a man some company."

"Look, I-"

"You looky here. I am kind enough to offer you my company and you're denying it. Why's that? Can't handle an older man?"

"When you see one, let me know." Naomi blurtered and Walker stood up immediately.

"Those pretty little lips should only do one thing. And that don't include insults."


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Aikiko smiled and followed behind. It wouldn't be her first time assisting the Johnson family... though she usually assisted with the illegal side. "Would it be fine to leave the feline by herself?"

"Excuse me, I am here for a Margaret Johnson here." A woman asked the man before her. "Jacob... correct?"

And from behind her stepped out three men. Each man wore a hannya mask with a black cloth behind the mask to cover their mouth. The woman wore a different mask. It was a noh mask. Their bodies and clothing were hidden well within an ankle length dark colored cloak. Their hoods were pulled on past their foreheads.

"Inform her of our arrival. We are on a very tight schedule. One and Three, follow the man."

"Do we release the horses now?"

A male whispered to his partner. The partner nodded.

"Release them all."

Kaiden rolled out the truck and walked behind the nearest tree. Before he knew it, he had his hands over his knees, his head down, and spilling everything out.

Luckily, it hadn't been too much and soon he was dragging himself back to Forrest's truck. Kaiden slowly sat down in the passenger's seat, closed the door, lowered the window, and rested over the door. "Don't ever let me drink again..."