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Kaiden Valentine Vincent

"Ha, so you think you know me?... Please tell me about myself."

0 · 328 views · located in Virginia

a character in “Whiskey Lullabies”, as played by Aryutsuki





:Birth Date:
October 31, 1907




:Relationship Status:

Dancer & Dance Instructor


: Weight :
158 lbs


: Languages :
American English
Korean (intermediate)
Chinese (intermediate)
American Sign Language (novice)
Japanese Sign Language
Spanish (intermediate)

:Blood Type:


:Chinese Zodiac:
Fire Goat


Kaiden has never been a 'normal' person. He was shown the ways of adulthood and the ways of an assassin at a very young age. He would be punished if he ever began to show signs of sympathy, regret, or guilt. Deception, manipulation, and apathy... he was to learn and master these before the age of ten. This, obviously, caused the young three-year-old child's way of thinking and view of the world to change drastically. He often had nightmares about the deaths he had seen and the deaths that would happen.
There were nights were he would awaken in a state of panic, tears streaming down his face, and the futon soaked in urine. The first few times the young three-year-old would crawl out of bed and go into his parent's room. He soon learned that it was something that should never be done. His father dragged him outside into the cold night, ripped Kaiden's shirt off, and began to whip the child until the child's voice became hoarse. This was repeated five times, each time becoming worse, until Kaiden finally learned his lesson. Fear replaced the love he had for his step-father. His mother was no better. During this time, Kaiden changed. He rarely spoke and became the perfect obedient child. It wasn't long until Kaiden soon became known as the Porcelain Puppet for on the outside he features resembled that of a porcelain doll and within he was nothing but a puppet to move, act, and speak as he were ordered.

In that same year his family escaped to Virginia due to the increase of enemy numbers, the decrease of the family's own gang members, and due to the assassination of the head of the family. Although he was in a new environment, the nightmares and memories he had remained with him. To make matters worse for Kaiden, he was forced to dress as a girl in order to conceal his identity. He was furious but knew better than to question his parents. Soon he learned that he was the reason for the chaos that occurred to the family... but not why.

A few months later he met the Johnson family. It was thanks to him that Kaiden did not grow into the monster that his father and mother were molding him to be. But the damage was done and life became a teacher determined to tattoo the lesson that his parents attempted to teach him: only the strong survive.

Kaiden's misfortune seemed to disappear, however, as the years passed in Virginia. He would be often seen with Forrest Johnson, the eldest child of the Johnson family. The Johnson family offered him something that he never had: a chance to be himself. They did not question the fact that a girl, at that time they believed him to be one, was wild and craved adventure. They did not attempt to tie Kai, they name they knew him by, like his parents did. While he still suffered at home, he now had a place where he could relax and be a kid, friends that loved him, and a family (the Johnson) that treated him with the love he had desired for so long.

But it was too good to be true. He left at the age of a fifteen and ever since then, became a different person.

He sold his soul to the Devil and returned to Virginia eight years later with the blood of many innocent on his hands.



- Open-minded
- Flirty
- Headstrong
- Optimistic
- Free-spirit
- Athletic

- Superstitious
- Friendly
- Hard worker
- Extroverted
- Bookworm


Forrest Johnson

|-| Kaiden's ex (unknown to Kaiden). Kaiden shares beers with
his best friend, talks the poor man to death, and sleeps over some
times. He greatly admires the man but wishes he would stop his
dangerous way of living.

Maggie Johnson

|-| Kaiden's angel. Kaiden enjoys talking to Maggie, seeing as
how everyone else has either settled down or is not much of a
talker. He takes Maggie's panther out on walks and plays with
her whenever he has the time.

Enna Lynn Jones

|-| Kaiden's tough cookie. He checks on her every now and then in order
to make sure that all is fine between her and Samuel.

Jang Naomi

|-| Kaiden doesn't know much about Naomi. By the time that he had managed
to get his life together, she was gone and so was Woohyun. He heard little of her
from Maggie but nothing more.

Sammy Pate

|-| Kaiden keeps a close eye on Samuel because of his relationship with Enna.
He rarely is seen with Samuel but when he is Kaiden begins to spit out questions.
This is probably the main reason why Enna doesn't trust Kaiden to be left alone
with Samuel.


Over the last three years, Kaiden has managed to build up a good enough reputation to open a small successful dance studio. He sees the little studio as his pride and joy and will often be seen either talking about it or smiling about his accomplishment. The studio opened approximately two months ago and is popular enough to the point that money has not been quite an issue for the young dance instructor.


Kaiden has been in and out of relationships over the three years, the reason they fail being his refusal to put in a hundred percent into any of them. He refuses to put in even a mere 12 percent. He always shrugs it off stating that he doesn't want nor need to be tied down by anyone. This attitude has gotten him somewhat of a bad rep in the relationship department but there are some that see Kaiden as a challenge. Not that Kaiden seems to pay mind to.

Kaiden has been able to stay out of trouble, keeping a low profile, and trying just to be the best citizen he can be. He is the one trying to clean up the Johnson's reputation, especially Forrest's.

He is seen often at the Johnson's bar, either relaxing, chatting with his best friends, or trying to get lucky.

So begins...

Kaiden Valentine Vincent's Story


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"--and that is the story of how I managed to piss off an entire gang with just one word."

The group of men huddled around the storyteller burst into laughter in unison. One of the men, by the name of Lucky, slammed his fist down on the bar table before taking a swig of whatever 'special' Maggie had made for the man. Lucky was one of the Johnsons' best and most loyal customers... though most definitely not the sanest nor the one with the cleanest record. He was usually found right where he was either drinking or passed out... and from the looks of it he was a couple of drinks from lights out.

The man belched, which only added to the laughter, and pointed his dirty finger at the smirking man. "Ha! And they call me crazy!"

"That's because you are one crazy son-of-a-gun!" Piped in one of the men that had managed to stop laughing... or managed to get enough control of it to where he could speak.

Lucky elbowed the man and raised his half-empty glass to the man that had spoken. "I ain't crazy! Shit, if I'm crazy then why they didn't name me Crazy? Huh?"

Finally, Kaiden chimed in. "You're Lucky because you've managed to live through all the crazy shit you've thought of. Seriously man, sleeping with that cop's wife? Starting a fire at a fire station? Swimming in shark infested water? Naked?"

Once again, the little section burst into laughter. This time however, Kaiden slid away from the group, smirk still on his face.

He squeezed, ducked, and weaved through the crowd of drunkards, stopping every now and then to flirt, annoy, or advertise his dance studio. His mind, for a brief moment, began to wander off about his studio but he managed to snap out of it. Now was the time to just relax and spend time with friends.

And speaking of friends...

Kaiden's smirk turned into a soft smile at the sight of his group of friends. He hadn't seen them all together in quite some time. Maggie was usually busy with alcohol or spoiling the cat. Enna and Sammy? Well, they had a little 'couple's bubble' around them. They were always seen together doing whatever it was that couples did. It was hard for a single man to try to fit into a couple's schedule.

Woohyun had still not returned. He missed him. In the three years that had passed Kaiden had managed to remember quite a few of his memories. He remembered all his closest friends which was what he was most thankful for. His memory was still a tad foggy on exactly what he had done with his friends but... progress was progress.

At times he was afraid. He feared that only the good would come back to him. Surely he was foolish for wanting to also remember the bad but he believed that it would be the only way to become whole again. Every little thing that was in the past had made him who he was... and only being able to remember the good, the accomplishments, and not the bad, the failures, was eating him inside.

He remembered Woohyun and Lin. Lin was Zero... and for some strange reason everyone knew him as Zero... even he did at some point. It bothered him... mainly because at some point in his life he had made sure that he would keep a close eye on Lin... and that need intensified when Woohyun and Margaret became a couple. On the bright side, he didn't have too much to worry about since everyone knew Li-- or well Zero-- and because he was no longer there.

Kaiden told himself three years ago that he would need to speak to Woohyun once he returned.

"Sorry, I won't have an opening until... well I'm not sure when. You will have to speak to my--" Kaiden explained with a small frown. He didn't like having to turn down a potential customer.

"I know..." The woman huffed, rolled her eyes, and lazily shooed Kaiden away with her free hand. "Just remember that when you have an opening, that I'm asked first."

Kaiden nodded with a grin, blew her a kiss, and began fighting his way through once more.

Then there was Forrest... that was nowhere to be seen. Kaiden probably saw him the most but spent the least time conversing with. He didn't understand why. They were very good friends, perhaps even best friends, and never argued, excluding when he would begin questioning Forrest about the man's adventures. For some reason, however, Kaiden just felt odd when he was with Forrest. The air around them would never be one of hostility or of awkwardness but more like there was something missing.

Well that was because there was a lot missing.

Kaiden sighed as he managed to get to his friends. He plopped down in one of the seats and greeted his friends with a smile. He joined into their conversations, only added a sarcastic remark or a little joke every then and now, but mainly listened.

Then the door opened and Kaiden didn't have to look back to know who it was. Forrest was back, and by the look on Maggie's face, he either had alcohol or Woohyun. He gave it two seconds and when Maggie didn't jump over the counter and fly over his head, he decided that it was alcohol.

Sure enough, the object of Maggie's smile was dropped right next to him, starling him somewhat. He turned to Forrest with the intent of saying something along the lines of 'you want me to die young?' but having his hair ruffled stopped him. Kaiden chuckled and pushed Forrest's hand away by the wrist.

"You know it takes me a while to get my hair like this..." Kaiden said jokingly. Everyone pretty much knew that he walked around with his bed hair. He didn't care what people said about it, he liked it that way.

He watched the two siblings chat as his fingers danced over the tip of a glass of, what he supposed was, whiskey. Maggie must have placed it there once she spotted him. Maggie always did have a good eye.

His smile turned into a frown when he saw Forrest reach out for a smoke. Kaiden wouldn't have thought twice to chew his head off but seeing as the gang was together and how they were in a public place... he decided not to. Though he did make a mental note of it.

His attention went from watching the siblings chat about some man to the man that had just walked through the door. That man he knew. He had seen him a couple of times around his studio and apparently the man didn't like the fact that Kaiden was 'stealing his toys'. He saw it as that while Kaiden saw as whisking them away to safety.

Kaiden chuckled at Enna's comment as he turned around in his seat in order to look at Walker, drink in his right hand. Kaiden leaned his back against the counter and smiled. He raised his right hand and pointed with his index finger at Walker.

"Oh him?" Kaiden began, his voice set as sickeningly sweet. "Now now Cookie, don't call him a pig."

His shook his head slightly, gave a sigh, and gave Enna a disappointed look. "I expected better from you, being an animal lover and all. Calling him a pig is an insult to pigs all over the world. He's more of a-- oh what would you call such a thing?"


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#, as written by xRoo
I walk the footsteps of an American, now... good bye village life.

Naomi, what once was residing in Virginia, had spent a few good years in the village, back home. It wasn't her choice to go, but her brothers. Awhile ago, Naomi spent her days hunting down human beings, killing them, and she was getting paid for it all.

During said hunt, Naomi was assigned to work along side an American, someone she distrusted and despised with all of her existence, however, she still fell in love with him. It was spending time with Trent McGarden, Naomi missed the most, and his touch, his kisses, his existence. While visiting a friend of his, Naomi was kidnapped and received a bit of a beating and abuse. Naomi got pregnant that night.

She didn't know she had a life inside her, until one of the villager's pointed out that she was an unmarried female, who was about to have a baby. It was the law that Naomi was not allowed to give birth, and Naomi had no choice. While she was sleeping, she was drugged, dragged, and the infant was taken care of, without the proper surgery. She had a bit of a scar to show the result, and a damaged heart, mind and soul.

At first, the idea of going away seemed like the perfect plan to regain composure, and help her resurface to the real world, but it only caused her further pain. Finally, after a few years, Naomi knew she had to return to the place she truly felt real happiness. Virginia. She wrote to her brother, telling him she was going to return, that it was time. She told him about the child, or what could of have been, and told him that she felt immense pain and what not. It was her brother that she told her true feelings too. He new she was broken, shattered. He would know the true face behind the mask. She wrote to Trent too, as much as she could without telling him of her troubles. She wrote about happy things, fishing, dancing, music... anything to keep him from worrying.

It was a long travel; boat, plane, truck. It was all worth it when she stepped out of the car and was greeted by the country side.
The truck was beat up, dented but it was reliable. She wore cut off shorts to show off her slender figure, a loose fitted shirt, boots. She wasn't dressed like the city, like she used to. Her hair was longer again, soft, and blew gently in the breeze. She wasn't eating much these days, looked a little thinner but she was sure Virginia was going to change that. She parked a bit down the road from the bar, having hardly any trouble hearing about it. It was the talk of the town and she certainly didn't want to make herself known right away.

Naomi took a deep breath and straightened her clothing. It didn't look as if she was from a different realm, she looked as if shed fit in, cept, she was Asian, but that was understandable.

The back of a man caused Naomi to stop her walk towards the front doors. He carried a new toy, so it seemed, it barely had a scratch on it. She shook her head and leaned against one of trees. She knew she had to give herself some time to get used to the crowd. Standing back the way she did, she wasn't sure if it was a dumb idea, or a wise decision. Even then, she headed on over to the door, sliding herself out from behind Walker, who already smelled of strong alcohol.

There they were. Enna, Sammy, Kaiden, Forrest, Maggie. They all stood about the counter and Naomi couldn't help but plop down at a table, away from the crowd. She had to get used to the smell.

"Tw-" Enna stopped. She had to think about it. Did she really want to say it and risk a Forrest Glare or an elbow from Samuel Pate? She giggled quietly and shook her head. "He fits both descriptions pretty damn well." She muttered angrily. He just stood there, his eyes sweeping around the room. Enna didn't notice Naomi, the girl was dressed like she was anyway, her attention on her boyfriend's elbow near her legs. She finished her drink up quickly, cleared her throat and glanced back at Maggie.

"Hand me one of those beers, will ya? I think I'll make him fit right at home." Enna grabbed one of the beers and pressed it up against the counter. She slammed her hand into it hard, the cap popping off easily and landing on the floor. She kicked it up against the counter, turned on her heel and stepped away from the group, quickly, to keep from any protests.

She headed on over to Walker and stopped a few good feet in front of him. She was shorter than he was, but she didn't care. She looked him dead in the eyes. "How about you trade me?" She asked. "This here beer for that weapon you got there. I'll put it in the back and you can get it as soon as you leave. What do ya say?" She asked, danging the bottle by the neck. "Cold, fresh, and I opened it myself."

He looked down at her. His brown eyebrows lifted curiously. "Well, that ain't such a bad idea." He said, resting his rifle up against his shoulder. "Arent you looking mighty pretty tonight, Miss Enna?"

"Mm, let's just focus on the trade, alright?" She asked. "Beer for the gun, Walker." Enna's voice was stern, but soft at the same time. She didn't want any fights. The man stepped forward and his hand found her waist immediately. He pulled her, almost right off her feet. She shook her head. One word, and the guys would be on over. She knew this well enough. She cleared her throat and lifted her knee up and into his groin. He hunched over immediately, sputtering from the inpact.

"Let's try this again. You take this here beer." She pried the rifle from his hand and slipped the beer into his open grasp. "And Ill keep a good eye on the gun, alright buddy?"

"Oh c'mon now, Enna." He coughed, standing up as she took a step back. "Just wanted a little kiss."

"Well you can kiss my ass, cause these lips? Already taken." She headed back to the counter, dropped the gun on top and her eyes looked into Maggie's. She gave a helpless shrug.

"Done and handled."


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Kaiden was busy chuckling at his friends' responses and trying to listen on the conversations of customers that he hadn't cared much about the man's appearance... until he said something about cigarettes and Maggie.

His eyes narrowed as he slowly turned in his seat to size the man up.

'Jacob...' Kaiden said to himself mentally. He said it nice and slow as if he were attempting to connect the man's name to somethin--

'Ah, one of Forrest's special pal' His eyes widened slightly as the realization hit him.

The look he gave Forrest and the comment only served to prove his thought right. He had seen the boy around a couple of times... and always with Forrest. At first he thought that they were friends but as time passed, and as people began to speak, Kaiden managed to put two and two together. What he had not been sure of was if the rumor about Jacob being a regular was true or not. By the looks of it... it seemed true.

"So you're the one giving me a headache..." Kaiden sighed as he propped his elbow on the counter and rested his cheek against the palm of his hand. "Maggie, I better not see you smoking and Forrest--"

Kaiden put his drink down in order to swipe away Forrest's cigars. "-- you either smoke or drink. Jacob is it?" He asked, now looking at the man.


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(don't worry Roo I didn't forget your post. Kai has his hands busy with Maggie and Forrest and the moment but don't worry, Enna isn't safe from a lecture.)

"Here." Kaiden raised his hips enough in order to dig his hand into his left back pocket.

He fished out an empty open envelope and placed it on the counter. "You get rid of those Angel and I will give you the letter... until then that envelope is the only thing you're getting from Woohyun."

Kaiden had informed Woohyun of Maggie's little method of dealing and, of course, Woohyun was both filled with worry and guilt. After all, Maggie didn't begin smoking, at least nowhere near as much, until Woohyun left. Ever since finding out, the man had made his priority to stay in contact with her as much as possible. He even managed to start writing to her weekly.

Though Kaiden only knew that it was costing the man sleep.

For a moment Kaiden turned to back to his previous relaxed, flirty, and social butterfly state. "Oh yeah?" Kaiden smirked, and leaned in slightly. "How about you make me?"

And then he was looking at Jake. "Right..." He replied.

Kaiden leaned back and frowned. "Jacob... exactly why is it that you are here? I don't think Forrest has time for you... and you can take back your cigars." Kaiden pushed the box to Jake with a sigh.

He knew he had the Johnsons at his throat and probably Jake as well but he didn't care. If he had to act like a mother, teacher, and father to his friends in order to keep them in line, then it was a very small price to pay.


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#, as written by xRoo
[[Oh I know. Sorry but I have work today and I wont be back for like five hours.. then I can roleplay some afterwards. Work is kicking my ass.]]

She runs wild with the horses...

Enna just rolled her eyes. Kaiden always had a thing for telling Maggie and Forrest they couldn't do something. It was almost as if he had no idea who they were. Sure he had some memory loss, but she was sure that even with memory loss, one would still know how stubborn the Johnson's were. Enna wasn't even blood related and she was just as bad as they were. She couldn't help but shake her head and return to her stop on the counter, her foot resting between Sammy's knees as she looked down at her boyfriend. And it happened again.

There was just moments where Enna would lose herself. She'd forget the world and get lost in his eyes. They were her favorite color, and because they belonged to him, she loved it even more. It was the way he looked, the way he connected with her, their history, every day she just fell in love with him more. She was a lucky girl, and she would admit that. There was no use in denying it. Sadly, she just wished Maggie had it again. There was Woo. She knew he'd return and the two of them would just mesh well again, but it was the time up until that point, she hated Maggie being alone. Hell, she hated Forrest being alone but in a way, he was making do. Sure, Jacob was keeping him company and Kaiden wasn't too far away... but, sometimes she just felt...bad for them. No pity, just, uneasy for her family.

The corner's of Enna's lips perked up slightly and her hand raised to Sammy's face. She traced his jawline for a moment before sliding her empty glass across the counter. She needed a refill and she knew either Maggie or Forrest would fill it up. She'd do it herself but, she truly just didn't feel like moving, she was perfectly content to where she sat. She couldn't help the way he made her heart race or the air choke up inside her throat. That man was hers.

"Ah." She said abruptly, shaking her head. She looked at Jacob and gave him a stern look. "Now I don't go around making comments like that, you best keep them to yerself Jake or I'll spray you down with a hose, so help me." She warned.
Enna knew she was a tough girl, but there are times where she just made threats that...were a bit out there. But that didn't mean she wasn't going to follow through. That was Enna. She would always follow through.

Walker had taken his beer, for the time being and plopped himself down at a table near where Naomi sat. The Korean just ket her eyes fixed on her lap as she lifted her feet up and propped them onto the surface. The man took a long swig from his beer and kept his eyes on Enna, who still stayed with her family and friends.

Sure, he was a bit upset by the way Enna kneed him, and he knew a lady should act like a lady. But at the moment, he just didn't care, yet.

Enna's attention was fixated on Sammy Pate. Her foot rested against his knee and her lips held a smile. She listened to Kaiden's lecturing, not on her, but on Maggie and Forrest. She didn't want to intrude, or step in but she certainly wanted to. She just kept her silence though, as her eyes fixated on Sammy's. "An hour or so and we can go home?" She murmured. She took a drink from her glass. Enna had a busy day tomorrow. A new horse was coming in and Enna wanted to make sure everything was in order. It already was, but the girl was a perfectionist when it came to animals.


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Like always, he was brushed off. Trying to help them is like waving your hand in front of a starving gator. Kaiden knew this. He knew all to well that no one was going to both listen and obey... and it hurt. It wasn't that he enjoyed ordering people and that he was saddened because he was ignored... it was the fact that he was the one that was happy and healthy. He was the one staying out of trouble, bending over backwards to be the perfect citizen, and sacrificing himself to help those around him. Everyone else seemed to be either stirring up trouble, like Enna and Forrest, or calling Death... which was pretty much all of his friends... excluding Sammy perhaps.

Kaiden sighed softly and ran a hand through his hair. Even Maggie, the least stubborn of the bunch, was giving him hell. He didn't like the idea of using Woohyun's letters against her but he was at the end of his rope.

Forrest was, of course, worse. Forrest normally was kind and playful with him but whenever Kaiden turned the guardian switch on, all he got from Forrest were glares and threats... at times he thought that Forrest would get physical with him.

He couldn't even have a conversation with Enna anymore. It would always end up with the two ready to jump at each other throats... and he wondered.

He wondered if it was always like this. If all he ever did was argue... was he always the third wheel? Kaiden raised his head and jumped slightly.

Kaiden leaned back, green locking with green, and held his breath. "I wasn't-- Forrest..." It was barely a whisper and he found himself inching forward as Forrest turned to leave.


He leaned back against the counter, exhaustion washing over his face.

"Yeah... sure thing Marg-... Angel." He turned around and with a forced smile, stuck his thumb out to the door. "Probably should do this somewhere more quiet?"


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Character Portrait: Kaiden Valentine Vincent Character Portrait: Maggie Johnson
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0.00 INK

Kaiden watched Maggie pull out the sign and prop it with the same forced smile.

out for a smoke

"Maggie--" Kaiden began but soon fell silent when she took him by the hand.

He sighed but managed a small smile. It was tiny but at least it was a real smile. As he was guided out, Kaiden took his sweet time to observe the people. It made him wonder if he could ever have a day like that. Just a day full of laughter with his friends and talking about the past.

God it was horrible. He hated how everyone walked on eggshells whenever he showed up. How they gave him a look of discomfort whenever he wondered about the past... his past. There was nothing worst than living like a caged rat... and being placed in that cage by people that you cared for because it is for [his] own good.

Kaiden stretched his arms over his head the moment Maggie released his hand and watched Maggie settle down on the porch.

"Am I alright? Well,--" Kaiden sat down next to her and beamed her a flirty smile. "-- I haven't received my cheek kiss from you nor my hug... so... no?"

He fished out the letter and placed it on Maggie's lap. "Sorry."


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'Smoking puts a blank over his worries. They stay there Maggie... and when he blows...'

"Yes, you're right." He said, smiling at the kiss.

He wanted to push it. He wanted to poke around and see what would unfold but he new all too well that he wasn't getting anything out of anyone... at least none of them. Not in a sober state anyway.

Kaiden draped his arm around Maggie when she cuddled up to him. "Don't worry Maggie, take it nice and slow."

The writing, he noticed, was somewhat sloppy. It was shorter than usually as well. Obviously Woohyun had been in a rush. Though he usually wrote very little so not as to overwhelm Maggie.

To Maggie, my one and only love,

I'm sorry that my letters have gotten shorter.

How have you been? Kaiden wrote to me, telling me that you have been smoking. It's not true... right?

I understand that living with Kaiden can be very stressful but you could exercise instead of smoking.

How is the little one doing? Not causing trouble I hope.

Forrest must be walking on eggshells around you.

Speaking of eggshells. How is Kaiden doing? Is he well? Tell him to stop flirting with you. Break his hand if he tries anything.

Stay out of trouble. Stay healthy.

I will be home soon and you can expect a call from me coming soon.

I love you Maggie.

Kaiden rolled his eyes as he scanned through it. "God, he sounds more like your father than your boyfriend. Why isn't he asking about what you're wearin-- oh he would love to see you in this beautiful dress."


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#, as written by xRoo
Enna looked back at Kaiden and Maggie as the two disappeared. She sighed heavily as Forrest left to smoke as well. She took a deep breath and held it for a moment. She hated when people left like that. They never resolve anything, just left it there to deal with later. It was just a thing they all did, she did it too at times. Enna bit her lip softly and nodded after giving it some thought. "Let's just go." She muttered, hopping off the counter. She downed the rest of her Whiskey and slipped the glass into the sink. She ran a hand through her hair and picked up a few empty bottles and tossing them in the sink too. She looked back at where she last saw the rest of them and shrugged. "We'll see them tomorrow." She promised silently, holding her hand out to Sammy.

"Let's just go home." She added. "I'm ain't sure if I'm tired."

Eggshells. Oh they all walked on them. They all had a past that was troublesome but she was trying to move past it. The young woman knew damn well she was trying to. Enna didn't have any bad habits, expect for her sailor tongue and the drinking... and her tempting danger all the time. But that was who she was. Enna had a good buzz, she wasn't drunk but she was loose enough to not really care what was going on.

"Sammy.." She started. "When we get home, I think I want to take a bath." Her fingers linked with his once he took her head.

Naomi finally had the courage to stand from her chair. She was going to head to the bar but stopped as Walker placed his leg up in front of her. The ex assassin stood still and looked down at the drunk. He gave her a grin, as if asking her a silent "Where you goin?" Naomi didn't want to deal with any drunks right now. She wanted one drink and to talk to Kaiden. Kaiden would know about her brother, and maybe Trent... maybe. No one had seen her for awhile, and she wondered if she looked too thin. She was definitely tired. She hardly ever slept.

"Excuse me." She said, through a clenched jaw.

"But ma'am, I think you'd be a perfect fit for this old man's lap."

"You may have drank a bit too much, pal." The Asian noted. "Move your leg.. and your hand off my ass before I do it for you."

"What is up with ya'll Asian's and your damn attitudes?" Perhaps he said it too loud. Some of the chatter ceased, focusing their attention on the two's argument. "Ya'll come around the country side and ain't polite enough to give a man some company."

"Look, I-"

"You looky here. I am kind enough to offer you my company and you're denying it. Why's that? Can't handle an older man?"

"When you see one, let me know." Naomi blurtered and Walker stood up immediately.

"Those pretty little lips should only do one thing. And that don't include insults."


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Kaiden laughed at the smack. "Does too."

He stood up along with Maggie, humor still dancing in his eyes. "I uh... want to go talk to Forrest. I'm sure he couldn't have gone far..."

"Maybe that guy knows where Forrest usually wonders off to smoke."

It was clearly written on his face that he didn't want to ask the man responsible for Forrest's and Maggie's increase smoking for help. Not only was Jake the greatest cause of his stress but he was also someone that knew more about his best friend than he did.

"Guess I'll be going in then..." He grabbed Maggie's hand softly and looked at her with a serious expression.

"You do know I was joking... about Woohyun, right?"


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Kaiden slowly released her hand. The kiss made his worries fade away. Maggie tended to have that effect on him. What would he ever do without the precious little Angel of his?

He was going to turn on his heel when Maggie slammed the door at his face. Maybe it had been an accident? With that thought in mind Kaiden managed to turn to his right but froze at the shout.

"Oh hell, him again." Kaiden's head dropped.

And once again, Forrest would have to wait. It seemed like it was always like that. Something was always getting in between him and Forrest.

Kaiden yanked the door open and immediately set his eyes on Walker.

"Hey, whoa there--" Kaiden placed his hand on the middle of Naomi's back. "-- you alright?"

"And you know what, Walker? I agree with you. I need to teach Naomi how to make you squeal like the disgusting little pig you are. What happened between you and me?"

He dropped his hand to Naomi's and gently pulled her behind him. "I thought you and I had something special Walker. If I remember correctly, last time, I practically had you crying out. I enjoyed that immensely."


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#, as written by xRoo
Kaiden had caught her. Oh, she didn't expect him to be there. The contact caused her to cringe, but nothing more as he pulled her behind him. She watched as he stepped forward, talking to Walker about some time they shared. Was Walker really the type? She watched as the man turned to a deep crimson shade of red, or was it purple? He looked from Maggie to Kaiden, to Naomi, to Kaiden again. She couldn't read his face. Was it disgust, as if Kaiden's words weren't true? Or was it shame, for they were? Walker glared at Kaiden long and hard before his eyes lifted to Naomi.

"She oughta get whipped." He warned, cocking his chin towards the girl. Naomi's eyes widened slightly before her lips parted to retort. However, Walker cut her off. "I ain't drinking too much, and Kaiden you keep that trap of yours damn well shut."

Naomi shook her head. She didn't care if it were true or not, it was just funny. Walker turned to Maggie. "You really gonna deny me another drink? I ain't that drunk, babe."

"I can smell you from here." Naomi muttered.

"What was that?" Walker snapped his head back to her direction.

"I said you'd better go before you hurt yourself."


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"Whipped?" Kaiden's eyebrows raised. "Oooh..."

The Japanese man began chuckling. "Well aren't you a kinky little fuck. You won't mind if I take her place, mm? I want to see just how you'll tame me."

"Whips excite me you know?" He took a step forward after releasing Naomi. "Maybe it'll be your turn to make me cry. I know just how sadistic you are... though last time, I think you proved to me that you can be very masochistic. With all the begging and moaning of 'please... stop' oh but the look on your eyes begged for me to continue."

From the far back there was a whistle and Kaiden bet his all that it was Lucky. Sure enough his loud voice burst through the fits of laughter.

"So the big bad Walker is a lil bitch, huh?!" Lucky, or Drunk Lucky, spat out.

The crowd began to roar with laughter. It was unavoidable when Lucky and Kaiden both teamed up... especially against someone that wasn't liked... well at least at the bar.

"C'mon, bring your sweet little ass over here and I'll give you some sugar."

Kaiden wasn't a good fighter. He could defend himself against a fellow rookie and fight if he caught someone by surprise or managed to counter the attacker's first hit.

He knew Walker could fight... and that he was one hell of a shot. So all he was hoping on was that Maggie, or Kuro, would take control.

He was surprised that the man hadn't grabbed a bottle yet and smashed it over his head.


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Kaiden saw it coming. He could see the way that Walker was slowly losing it. The way that he gritted his teeth, clenched his hands into fists, and when he changed his posture-- well, Kaiden was prepared... except that he wasn't.

He had intended to dodge the first punch but when he took a step back and bumped into Naomi he knew that it couldn't be done. The second he would have moved, the man's fist would have collided with the woman's face.

So he stood there, waiting, for the punch to come.

It never came.

Walker was yanked off his feet and gone from his sight in a matter of seconds. Forrest. Oh that was bad... very bad.

Kaiden turned to follow Forrest, try to calm him and reason with him, but the crowd was an impenetrable wall. He hear Walker hit the ground and managed to catch Forrest's name coming out his mouth. The man was silenced by a blow that sent him off the porch. How did he know that he was off the porch? Well, he couldn't see what was going on but he could most definitely hear Forrest's heavy footsteps as he slowly stepped off.

"Forrest..." Kaiden said in a warning tone.

'Don't do anything else or so help me god I will lecture you to death!'

"Hoo! That boy is gonna be feelin' that for a couple days!"

Kaiden glanced over at Lucky. He was kneeling on a sofa and watching through the window. "You wanna see?" Lucky turned to Kaiden, feeling his eyes on him.

"No... I want to get out there and stop that idiot before he--"

"Too late!" Lucky raised his beer, as if cheering on Forrest's attack. "Right on the nose! Hooo whee!! Alright boys, who's up for a lil bet?!"

That single word turned the heads of many.

"I bet ya that he's gonna be feelin' like shit for four days!"

"Hell naw man, I've been kicked by Forrest before and that shit right there is at least two weeks of feelin' like shit!" Another shouted back.

The crowd gathered around Lucky, all screaming their own opinions at the elderly man.

Kaiden mouthed a thank you to Lucky before rushing out the door, careful not to step on Kuro's tail or knock over Maggie.

He only stopped to look over at the Asian woman. "I'm so sorry you had to witness this. I'll be with you in just a moment."

Kaiden was usually the one that ended up apologizing to the customers and making sure they were both physically and mentally OK after and trouble that would rise up... that and she looked very attractive, a bit too skinny for his taste, but attractive nonetheless. He wouldn't mind seeing if he could get to know her better.

That would have to wait.


His voice was stern. "Can I please have a word with you?"

[[Kaiden remembers very little about Naomi. Since her appearance has changed and all, she's practically a total stranger until he gets her name.]]


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Kaiden sighed and led the way.

"Forrest," Kaiden began, not even waiting to make it to the back. "You didn't have to take it that far. You're always saying how violence isn't tolerated but you always end up beating the living day lights out of people and don't you dare tell me that it doesn't count because you 'usually do it outside'. There's no loop hole in this, Forrest."

He turned around and leaned back against Forrest's truck. "Maybe it's because I'm an outsider in all this, Forrest... but you're changing and not for the better. Everyday you seem darker and darker. This whole drinking and smoking thing isn't getting any better either. If you would just please think about what you are doing I'm sure you would see things my way."

Kaiden pushed himself off the truck and walked towards Forrest. "Please Forrest, listen to me. What you're doing is not... it's dangerous."


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Despite the seriousness of the situation, Kaiden found himself smirking. "Yeah Forrest, you're a big boy."

There it was, that playful tone. Kaiden draped his arm around Forrest's shoulders and patted the man's abdomen. "Tall, strong, and damn sexy. Trust me, I know." He chuckled as the draped arm slid off Forrest's shoulder.

He gave Forrest's back a good hard, yet friendly, slap. "Though right then you sounded very childlike. Just... not caring about the consequences and thinking about the now."

"Look," He sighed. "I'm not trying to treat you like a child... but if you keep acting like one, what do you expect?"

"I'm glad. Honestly, I am. I'm happy that you're doing better but you need to understand that the place you're at right now is not a safe place. It's not the best you could do Forrest. I know... I know I've changed too... and it hurts not to know if I've changed for the better or the worst but I'm trying to live a long, healthy, and upright life. Why can't you do the same?"


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"Jesus Forrest--" Kaiden ran a hand through his hair, a clear sign that he was trying to keep himself calm.

He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled it. For about two years and a little over six months, he had been trying to get Forrest clean. To quit turkey was asking for the impossible. Even he was incapable of doing it. All he wanted was to see his friends live a long and healthy life. To be able to have the American Dream.

Kaiden's right hand went to his left bicep where he squeezed tightly as his eyes settled down on the ground. "Forrest," He began, now somewhat calmed. "I'm not-- I-- I'm just worried Forrest. You keep telling yourself and everyone else that you're doing better but you're not. You can't fool me. Bandaging your wounds with lies, temporary forgetting with alcohol, and using the smoke to hide everything else... how can you ask me, your friend, to respect that?"

He grabbed Forrest by the wrist and pressed his forehead against his friend's back. "It hurts to see you like this. Everyone that cares for you and loves is dying a little every time you do those things. Why can't you let go of the past? Why can't you let us try to help you? I don't want you to die young. I don't want you to die alone."

He knew quitting an addiction was hard. He was once an addict and sometimes, just sometimes, when he was stressed, tried, or talking to Forrest about his own demons... the crave came back. The desire to have just a little bit of heaven once again. He didn't know how he had fallen so low but damn it had been the best feeling in the world. But he knew the consequences far outweighed that momentary feeling.

It had been rough. He had asked for help from two people and begged them to keep it a secret.

Kristen, one of the two he asked for help, told him that people probably already knew that he was using... though probably didn't know that he had been an addict. Aikiko, the other person, said that the side effects he had shown weren't blatantly obvious.

The good? Well, no one knew he had been an addict. The bad? He couldn't use himself as an example when approaching Forrest's case.

Either way, they were two completely different things.

Kaiden released Forrest's wrist. "Can you at least decrease the amount you drink and smoke? Little baby steps?"


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He knew Forrest wasn't happy about it and Kaiden didn't like the fact that Forrest was forcing himself to cut back but it was for the best.

"H-Hey wait up!" Kaiden shouted as he began jogging up to Forrest.

Forrest wasn't fast, or at least the man never made an effort to be, but his long legs covered a lot of ground in very little time. "So," He draped his arm around Forrest's shoulders again and smirked. Definitely had something under his sleeve.

"Anyone special in your life? Anyone that I should get to know... just in case?"

He doubted Forrest would tell him. When he found out that Sammy and Enna were a couple, he made it his goal to test the man's loyalty every chance he got to. Apparently, he was the same with Woohyun. He was told that his relationship with Woohyun was odd. They were really good friends but always ended up riling each other up. Always pulling pranks on each other or rolling around just... wrestling.

"I heard that Jacob is the one that you always allow back into your bed... any special reason?" Kaiden continued to press on. "You know I won't tell anyone."


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Kaiden arched an eyebrow, disappointment written all over his face. "That's it?"

He stopped there. Where was all the juicy details? No one special? Just a good time? Honestly?

Oh, he wasn't leaving it at that. If there was one thing that hadn't changed it was his unwillingness to move on. "C'mon Forrest," He was practically using that whining voice so many people hated to hear coming from.

He jogged until he was a a feet or two ahead of Forrest. Kaiden then turned on his heels, folded his arms behind his head, and started walking backwards. "Where's all the good stuff at? How can you like that boy so much and not... you know."

Well they couldn't get married but they could decide to be in a relationship.


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Kaiden rolled his eyes. "You're a walking contradiction, my friend."

"Jake's young." Kaiden mimicked Forrest, tone and all. "Man, you're young too and from what I hear you're a beast in the bedroom. He's like a slightly younger version of you Forrest. Really, you too are much more similar than you think. That's why I'm shocked that you guys haven't made it official."

"Don't tell me that the good stuff is just sex. Judging from that ring--"

"Yamete!" Cold, sharp, and clearly pissed.

Kaiden nearly tripped over his feet at the sudden shout. "Sorry..." He whispered to Forrest.

Now it was his turned to get an ear full.

"Aikiko-chan!" Kaiden spun around, a big smile on his face. "O hisashiburi desu n-"

Aikiko dodged the man's hug. "Do not try to brush it aside. Have you forgotten what I've told you?"

"It was just a little slip u-"

"Stand up straight."

Kaiden, out of habit, immediately straightened up. Probably too fast.

"Forrest-sama, it is very good to see. All is well I assume?"


"Kaiden-kun, please wait for me inside. I have important things to speak about with Forrest." Aikiko, frown in place, walked past the sulking Japanese man, if he could be called that, and to Forrest's side.

She loosely wrapped her arm around Forrest's. "Please Kaiden-kun."

"Fine... I'll continue this conversation with Jacob then." Kaiden shoved his hands into his pockets and walked back into the bar.


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Aikiko giggled at his grunt. How she had missed Forrest and all his Forrest-like ways.

She stayed still, frozen almost, when she felt Forrest pressing against her. She waited patiently until Forrest straightened before moving. The movement was simply raising her head to meet her friend's eyes.

"Hello to you too." Aikiko dropped her gaze to her plain ankle-length skirt at the word beautiful. Her cheeks turned a pale pink and her fingers began to rub

She couldn't help the bashful reaction. Aikiko still had... something for Forrest. It was stronger than simply 'liking' him but she wouldn't dare call it love. She had seen what love was. She had seen how strong it could be through Forrest and Kaiden, how sweet it could be through Enna and Samuel, and how life changing it could be through Woohyun and Margaret. She wanted that.

"I... there is nothing up. I was... simply stopping by."

Still avoiding eye contact.

Truth was that she was there for business. That could wait. She was sure that Maggie did not want to see her.

Aikiko had taken the role of the mother in the group and, surprisingly, she was the one that could get away with it. Perhaps because her approach was gentle and understanding... a large contrast to Kaiden's.

"You look better, Forrest-sama."


"Jacob, I want to talk to you." Kaiden blurted out the second he opened the door. "Oh--"

His eyes landed on Naomi. With a smile in place, he headed towards the woman. "Hello gorgeous."


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Aikiko looked up, watching his hand go up to the spot where the ring rested behind. She reached, slowly, and gently placed her hand over his.

"What you are doing, what you have moved from... it is wonderful progress Forrest. Do not forget that I am here to help. This is not something you have to do yourself." She added the last sentence hesitatingly.

"You and I could talk more. It would do your mind good. We could take a walk and you won't have to say a single word. I could do all the talking, yes?" Aikiko gave his wrist a small squeeze and smiled.

"I--" She shook her head and allowed her hand to slide away. "I am sorry. This is meant to be a happy talk. It is that you have been who I have been thinking about lately."

Kaiden barely managed to catch the dirty bar cloth. "Hey Maggie there- wait did you say Naomi? This is the Naomi?"

"I take all of that back." Kaiden tossed the cloth back to Maggie. "I apologize." Kaiden said, bowing to the woman.

Then he popped up and turned his attention to Jacob. "Look at you kid, making such a mess..."

"You didn't get any on yourself right?" Kaiden approached Jacob with a sly smirk. "Be a pity if you ended up getting all wet.."


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Just when the color of her cheeks were going back to their normal color, Forrest had to say something so sweet again. She smiled and entwined her fingers with his.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. How she loved nature. The closer she was too it the calmer she became. The cool wind through her hair and the birds chirping brought a smile to her face.

"I... you promise not to tell Kaiden?" Aikiko said once her eyes were open.

Kaiden hated seeing people in dangerous situations but sometimes people needed to take that path and it was something she wished he would remember.

Kaiden was surprised. He expected him to at least roll his eyes or brush him off but... this?

"It would be my pleasure... unless you want to help, mm Maggie?"


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Her freehand went up to the rosary cross resting over her breasts. Long delicate fingers wrapped around the cross and a different smile graced her. A smile of pure bliss.

"I have... been looking for my son." Aikiko whispered softly. "I have been making very good process."

"I should perhaps start from the beginning. When I was disposing of all documents of Kaiden-sama, documents that could reveal something of his past, I came across one that caught my eye. Apparently, Kaiden-sama had been searching for my child. I do not know how long he had known about my child being alive and I was... livid... upon realizing that he had not told me. Later, I told myself that he did not want me involved in case my child was... in case my child was not alive."

She fell silent for sometime.

"It's a boy." She finally said. "I am sure now. I... saw a picture of him. Would you like to see?"

Kaiden arched an eyebrow. "But... we are behaving. At least I am. If I wasn't then his sweet little ass would've been on that counter--"

"I'm saying too much, aren't I? Alright alright, we'll go somewhere private. Don't worry Angel, I'll make it up to you."

"You lead the way, Jakey."


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Aikiko dug into her shirt, slid her fingers into the left of her bra, and slowly brought out a folded black and white picture. "It is an old picture but... I strongly believe it is him."

She loosened her fingers around the picture as she passed it to Forrest. "Careful." Aikiko immediately brought her fingers to her mouth. She hadn't meant to say that. It was just that... it was the only thing she had of her precious little boy.

She would never say it out loud but she was very happy that he resembled her more than his father.

"I think I am getting closer to finding him. Does he look happy? Does he look healthy?"

"I would never, Maggie... well as long as I'm sober." Kaiden replied as he followed Jake.

His eyes were glued to the man's derriere. Though Kaiden had seen better, he wasn't going to lie. It was a cute little butt. That didn't surprise him. If he could summarize Jake in two words it would be cute and flirty.

He didn't know much about the kid. All he knew was that the kid loved sex. Forrest confirmed that for him.

"So, Jacob... what're you expecting?"