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White and More White

White and More White


The world is going through an apocalypse, caught in the middle of a nuclear war. Some were experimented upon illegally to become enhanced soldiers, and currently being held in "prisons", soon to be shipped out. Off to battle, or somehow escape?

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The year is 2068. Much of the world is caught up in the war between America and China, due to America's long-standing debts. America, facing a losing battle, began experimenting on its own citizens without their consent in an attempt to make enhanced soldiers. This took place in what was once Canada, before the USA took them out in 2053 for economic reasons unknown to the public, aside from lies fed by the media. The survival rate for experimentation was 47.2%. The facilities had created over 2,000 "successful" soldiers, each able to take around 20 average humans. There were many animal hybrids and several with cyber-implants. Some had nerve reconnections and connections in the brain, neuron-experimentation, gaining vast opportunity for intelligence or phsycic abilities. Some had more than one implant. They were kept under control by being watched by those who voluntarily were experimented on. Those who did so voluntarily often gained tremendous abilities not given to normal civilians. Solitary confinement was frequent, since some were labeled "insane", and often hurt cell-mates.
The story takes place in facility 15, one of the most successful facilities. It is said that no one has ever escaped that facility, compared to the dozens of other facilities who have lost some over the years. Most are without hope, and freedom usually never crosses their minds. Those there are to be transported to another facility in less than a day. Go along, or make a half-baked escape plan?

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Taking place in...

Somewhere Cold and Snowy our primary setting

You pass white... More white... Some more white... Oh! Look! A random gray cube-like building! It's Facility 15.

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"Rock, Paper, Scissors!" Trevor 0 exclaimed.
"Rock, Paper, Scissors!" Trevor 2 exclaimed.
"Rock, Paper, Scissors!" Trevor 3 exclaimed.

Three voices repeated in unison. There was not much to do in J Cell today. Just like yesterday and the many, many days before. So Trevor did what he could to entertain himself. After the doctors had taken away one of his "buds" he created two more and started playing ...

"Rock, Paper, Scissors!" T0 repeated as he got louder.
"Rock, Paper, Scissors!" T2 repeated as he got louder.
"Rock, Paper, Scissors!" T3 repeated as he got louder.

Trevor usually started his day off by this little mental excercise. It was just tricky trying to outsmart himself and himself. The stalemates go rather long. It is actually hard lose too, because whenever He wants to op out, the others usually get to the same conclusion. Trevor usually got louder so that he wouldn't be able to hear any possible screams as one of his "buds" were experimented on. He looked at his clones as they looked at him, and they were pissed at the fact the scientists were grateful enough to give Trevor enough clothes for his clones. But that only meant they were going to come back and grab the other ones later.

Trevor continued thinking of someway to get out considered to do his exercising early before "breakfast" was delivered.

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Character Portrait: [NPC] Bartender Character Portrait: John Miller
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#, as written by dethlok
::he would make his way to from daily visit with the doctor to see if his body would reject the new implants.His body would throb with pain as he was slowly getting use to the nerves being splice into knew plugs for his exo suit.Even that he complied ,and volunteer for this the guards still kept his shock collar on him which if would not normal kill someone..for someone that has metal and a semi life support into his body,it could be very much fatal for him::...::his red eye would flash under his helm as the guards brought him back to the common.he did enjoy his new abilitys but he was more glad with that he was able to walk still::take something out and put something in......cut cut cut right fella's?::he would say in a dry tone that could dry the deepest sea::...see you later..

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Character Portrait: Trevor Pratt
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Trevor 3 & 4 were sparring as Trevor 1 observed. He did this normally to see if anything could be improved on. He had tried to escape several times but was overwhelmed by the number and skills of the guards. Of course the punishment that followed made he stop for some time before he could build up enough anger to give it another shot. He noticed the guards treatment was varying between two ways of treating him.

The first would simply avoid going in there with him due to they were losing confidence in the rate of his combat adaptation. The other school of thought and treatment was to beat him black and blue to instill fear into him. This second group were proud military professionals and obvious sadists.

Though Trevor became more cautious his fear was always quickly replaced by rage. He didn't lash out though. He let it smolder quietly like a dormant volcano. If he became too unruly they would simply confine him or worse.

He glanced around to check the expressions of those around him. It would do him no good if he didn't have more support, but he needed people with enough spirit to actually give it a shot.

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Character Portrait: Trevor Pratt Character Portrait: John Miller
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#, as written by dethlok
::he would walk with new limbs and his new exo skeleton that would be a perminate fused part his body::....::he would remain silent as he would only hear the metal of his feet hit the ground.He could not really help the idea that his body seemed a bit heavy at 1st,awkward and clumsy ,the lack of non feeling left him a bit empty on the inside::....::then the shock collar around his neck.The bane of his life right now,knowing that if he even tryed to escape it could if not most likely kill him.::....::he would come to hear the sound of sparing as he would round the corner to see Trevor or Trevors::...a little chaotic...::his voice came out a little cold and electronic,as his helm would fold out and cover his head and lock into place.this was more of a defense reaction than for a fight as his combat system would scan all the clones in the room::.....interesting...::even if he did not have his weapons he could still easly defend his self with his new skin and cybernetic limbs that work in tandum togetheir but he really did not want to fight today.For one reason his body still was killing him with pain and another.the guards would be on them in no name is John..::offers his robotic hand to who ever the real Trevor is::..John Miller

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Somewhere Cold and Snowy

Somewhere Cold and Snowy by Mint07

You pass white... More white... Some more white... Oh! Look! A random gray cube-like building! It's Facility 15.

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Character Portrait: John Miller
Character Portrait: Nimyo Raine Abott
Character Portrait: Trevor Pratt


Character Portrait: John Miller
John Miller


Character Portrait: Trevor Pratt
Trevor Pratt

Hard working and out going character who hides his rage and thirst of vengeance behind his smile and carefree attitude.

Character Portrait: Nimyo Raine Abott
Nimyo Raine Abott

Neither kind, nor mean. She just doesn't care much of the time. She distances herself from others unintentionally.


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Somewhere Cold and Snowy

Somewhere Cold and Snowy by Mint07

You pass white... More white... Some more white... Oh! Look! A random gray cube-like building! It's Facility 15.

Somewhere Cold and Snowy

You pass white... More white... Some more white... Oh! Look! A random gray cube-like building! It's Facility 15.

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well i can try to make a post day if when ever i can get time for it but year i am fine with that.not sure i want to use animal DNA but i am trying to make a Cyborg ninja like char...

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welcome aboard.

Nice post too. I figure we are aiming for 1 post per day. Give others a shot.

I just want to add for those that have joined as well as will join. Feel free to control my clones slightly. Each one has the same power. So it can replicate a new "buddy", as long as one is alive. So deaths will occur.

Also. If anyone is looking for animal DNA for their major modifications. I would Suggest checking out the manga terraformars. I could list some abilities or animal facts tht they mention if you don't want to go through the trouble of reading it.

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hello new here to..

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I look forward to joining this RP of yours and make is it splendid as you imagined.

Saying that. Are we going to wait for more people before we start?

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