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White Group.

White Group.


A Steampunk Western RP about a group of Thieves and Assassins. Storytellers who like epically long posts are the target group. We’re all about dark situations and character development.

3,838 readers have visited White Group. since Bosch created it.


The Flats- White Group.

The White Group is a secret society of assassins and thieves that operate in a region called the Flats. The Flats is a steam punk inspired post-apocalyptic world with a distinctly western feel.

In this RP you will play a member of The White Group by writing short stories based on a job my character gives you. The secret HQ of the White Group is a place called the Workshop.

Below is all the information created thus far to do with the RP. It’s big and necessary to understand what is going on in the RP.

Below an example of Old World Ruins
Credit to



History and Geography

The Past.

At an indeterminate time in the past an apocalyptic event occurred that basically ended civilisation. Not much is known about what exactly happened but it’s clear it had a massive impact on the environment. Climates became more diverse with the Flats being a southern desert and the Peaks being a cold mountainous region.

While the “World That Was” is a mystery to most, signs of it are everywhere, from the bastardised technology that keeps the Flats alive to the ruins that act as the grave markers of a society nobody remembers.

Exploration of the Old World isn’t necessarily the goal of the RP it will crop from time to time.

The RP will take place in two regions separated by a lengthy travel time of a few weeks by airship.

The first region and primary focus of the RP is called The Flats, while the second region is called The Peaks.

The Flats.

The Flats is a desert region which is obviously pretty flat. Many varied groups call it home and they live in towns and cities dotted around the place. The days tend to be long and hot while the nights are pretty short. There is no overall governing body on The Flats instead the it’s made up of cities and Towns. Flatlanders tend to be independent and resentful of meddling.

The Flats is made up of many different places and areas which will be described below. Any images provided are only provided for flavour and are not 100% accurate. I wouldn’t make you read all this without a couple of pictures.


The Badlands, The Wastes or The Wide Open.

This is the areas between towns and cities that is pretty much barren desert land with the occasional oasis. It is home to the Tribals, the Ochil and some small settlements. The Tribals are roving gangs of people that are pretty much feral. The Ochil meanwhile are a community of Nomads that wander the wastes taking old world Technology and selling it to whoever they meet.

On the Wastes you are likely to encounter animal life like packs of coyotes, lizards, snakes, insects and sparse vegetation. Of course most are dangerous and some even venomous.


In a lot of ways Farpoint is a divided city, it’s the centre of trade on The Flats and is home to dealers in many different services and goods. The city itself is new world but the amount of beads that pass through it means it is in quite good repair. The most striking feature of the city is the Airships overhead which are often cargo transports. Nevertheless it is a popular destination for the wealthy to dock their own airships. For this reason it’s sometimes called “Shade city” due to the shadow cast by the many Airships floating above.

The town is the wealthiest on the Flats and citizens of Farpoint tend to have an inflated opinion of themselves.


It’s an old world town of cobbles and grand architecture that has been reclaimed from the sands by its religious inhabitants. The town’s people are xenophobic zealots who follow the teachings of a man called Father Singh. Singh believes by keeping his flock pure from the violence of the Flats they can become more pleasing to his interpretation of God and thus leave The Flats which they believe is a form of purgatory.

For this reason the town uses a group called the Guardians as protection, they are made up almost entirely of Orphans that are mercilessly trained to be the best defenders possible. Of these only a few ever venture outside the walls of Hope. These are called the Walkers who are considered to be the most lethal people wandering the Flats, however their small numbers make their threat negligible. The Guardians are considered to be brutal to their enemies and completely loyal to Father Singh. They also carry a mark on their hand which identifies them as Guardians, it is considered to be a trophy among criminal gangs.

Few people ever go inside its walls and all matters of trade with the outside are conducted outside the city’s walls using the Guardian’s as intermediaries. Intruders, if caught, will find their life expectancy is measured in seconds. Alleged crimes committed by citizens are judged by Father Singh and the only penalty is death.

In recent months they seem to have reached an agreement with the invading confederate forces in which Hope remains neutral in the war.

New Mesa

This town is a combination of the old and new which means it has cobbled streets and some beautiful architecture sitting right beside houses made out of repurposed wood.

It was run by a man called Gretch, a Tribal who took over the town in a bloody coup. He lost the town to the Confederate Army who currently hold the town in their iron fist and use it as a base of operations for their military actions on the Flats.

The town was popular for its large Casino Complex called Fat Nick’s after a previous owner who Gretch deposed now the Casino is the operations centre for the Confederate Army as such it is very well defended. As is the whole town.

While some of the Brothels and Bars are still open these days they mainly cater to confederate soldiers.


A small settlement in the middle of the Badlands, its economy is based around the Tarkan Bead Mine which is a mid level mining operation. Recently the town fell afoul of group of Feral Tribals however the situation was resolved due to the intervention of a mysterious stranger. Now The town is reasonably prosperous.


A slaver settlement and trading outpost. It is one of the most northern regions of the Flats and is Confederate friendly outpost on the Flats. The place is made up of a large slavers market, holding cells and an Airship port.


Sometimes this town is called the “Floating City” other times it’s called The “Rat Cloud”. Both are accurate depending on your opinion of Sky pirates.

Skycove is city in the sky that is normally in the south east of The Flats but it can move around a little. It’s completely New World made and started out as a flotilla of Pirate Ships which eventually tethered themselves to each other and became a safe haven for Pirates. Over the years the town grew as more ships docked and never left.

Without any formal government and being populated almost exclusively by drunken Pirates means it is best described as anarchy. Nobody tends to remain in power long enough to really change anything. It’s not unusual to see someone taking a “long jump” after a drunken argument which has led to a small society developing under the city. These are called the body snatchers and they make their living by rifling through the corpses that fall to earth. It’s much wiser to settle an argument over a round of shine.
Skycove is a target for the Confederate army during the war as the town is a haven for pirates. For this reason much discussion is going on in Skycove. Either the Pirates will migrate south and continue eking out a living on the fringes of Confederate regions or Stand as one and take on the Confederate Army using their considerable if leaderless fleet.

The Workshop.

This is the home of the White Group.

The Workshop is a hidden network of tunnels which were made in the Old World. It’s believed the cave network was created as a kind of bunker for the rich elites of the Old world although it looks like nobody ever used them. The architectural style is very grand making the place feel like a Church with a cold beauty of high granite walls and long corridors filled with statues by long forgotten artists.

Even if it’s baking hot above ground it’s always cool in The Workshop.

The Workshop includes several rooms including spacious living quarters for each member of the White Group.

The Training room.

The largest room in The Workshop was selected to be the training area because of its cavernous size. Here Members can practice their skills using a plethora of training devices so as practice locks, Wooden dummies, training weaponry, small practice buildings, Ranges, equipment for physical exercise and anything else a Member may need.

It is maintained by Kincaid the armourer who develops new weapons for the assassins.

The Library.

A room filled with Maps salvaged from the Flats. The Library existed before the White Group uncovered The Workshop although then the shelves were empty. Apparently the delivery of Books never arrived.
It also contains the combined intelligence on each location that the White Group has collected over the Years. The White Group operatives use it to plan their missions.

The Office.

It was Mister Charles’ office but now belongs to Jenner Reese. In Mister Charles’ day the only ornaments where his display of various forms of weaponry collected on his travels, the rest of the office was kept very practical.

Jenner Reese has removed the weapons and turned them over to Kincaid. While the office remains very practical Jenner has a better eye for interior design than her predecessor and the office is now more colourful with many desert plants of display. In general the office now feels less cold.

The Peaks

The Peaks is a very cold mountainous region to the North and is the home of the Confederate Army. Occasionally the White Group will have Missions here.

Igur Penal Mine.

The Igur Penal mine is where those who have broken confederate law wind up if their crimes are considered bad enough. It’s the kind of place that few people make it out of alive. Despite this A recent breakout did occur.


A Cabal Member over looking Mundus

Credit to ... -342798503


The Capital City of The Peaks and Home to the Confederate Army. It is also the heart of Political life in the Confederate State which is closely tied to the Military. It is a large and imposing city designed to be a symbol of Confederate Strength. Many Airships dock on the outskirts and the Town has a distinctly Gothic feel. It is situated on the side of a mountain called Mundus' Rise.


The Tanu Capital City. It is not as advanced as Mundus and is a collection of wooden structures. Given the Tanu's resistance to cold it is rare for fires to lit in City unless cooking. The City sits besides a frozen lake.


The Tanu.

The Tanu are humanoid in appearance but there are a few marked differences. To begin with their Skin is a pale grey colour and is quite tough compared to other races, their eye colour also tends different from that of normal humans with purple or orange being most common. Their hair colour varies from Blue to White although it’s not unheard of for them to dye it.

The other immediately noticeable trait is their extreme height and musculature with an average member of the Race being around 6’7 feet tall. All Tanu are very strong and this is represented by their large muscular frames which makes them a formidable opponent although their size prevents them from being very agile or stealthy.

The saying “To defeat a Tanu it must die three times” does have some basis in fact as the Tanu physiology is remarkably resilient to damage. It is also widely believed they have some natural immunity to poison.

Culturally they are a war like people with little thought given to science or art. This proclivity for war means they have little interest in the Old World and as such their progress has been limited. Tanu are known to get agitated with long periods of inactivity which can result in infighting and increased aggression. Interestingly Tanu poetry is considered to be quite accomplished even if themes tend to be limited to physical violence or tales of old battles.

The Tanu’s history is intricately tied to that of The Confederate Army. When the Confederates first began to conquer regions in the Peaks they encountered the Tanu who are the first and so far only opponent to successfully resist the Confederates. Many in the Confederacy believed they could have defeated the Tanu had they kept fighting due to the Confederacy’s size however most would agree it would have been a Pyrrhic Victory at best.

Instead of continued pointless war the Confederacy offered to allow the Tanu people to join the Confederacy as equal members. The Tanu ultimately decided to accept the offer as it gave them real power and benefits they would not have had otherwise. Tanu culture seemed to fit well with the Confederate one as it was just a far more extreme version. Racism exists though as the Tanu’s size and baritone voice has created a stereotype that they are slow witted, while to the Tanu Humans are considered weaklings and the Ochil are seen as little more than pests.

In the Confederate army the Tanu are used as Shock troops who are unleashed in the first wave against an enemy often this first wave is enough to completely break the resolve of any opponent.

Despite the seemingly happy marriage between the Tanu and The Confederacy some Tanu feel the relationship is degrading to their people as they hold no real political power in the Confederacy, their military units are often overseen by Human commanders and used in meat shield operations. This has led to small groups of separatists springing up across the Peaks.


Pretty much us. Odds are good if you’re reading this you have a fair idea what they’re like. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours and have a pretty diverse set of beliefs and ideologies. Humans are the most populous group.

The Ochil.

The Ochil are a race of nomadic traders who travel The Flats. They are more far rational than the Feral Tribals. They are a hard people who are second to none at surviving on the harsh wastes. Their horsemanship is highly regarded and their use of primitive weapons is the stuff of legend.

Socially the Ochil are divided into clans, each clan will have slightly different customs and each Ochillian can be fiercely defensive of the Clan even if they left it years ago. They are a spiritual people but don’t really believe in a personal God. Most groups see the Flats as a kind of presence or force. For example a standard Ochillian burial involves burning the body to return it to the Dunes.

However their appearance marks them out in a crowd. Most Ochil are only slightly over five feet tall with deep dark skin and blonde hair. This can make life difficult for them when encountering the fervent racists on The Flats. They tend to be more toned than humans and have generally higher cardiovascular health although not as strong.

An Ochillian surveying the Flats

Credit to


Groups on The Flats

If you can imagine it and it fits with the theme I’m willing to accept anything here’s a few that have sprung up as the RP has progressed.

The Sky Pirates.

Farpoint serves as a refuelling station for many Airships on their way south. Given the Flats’ harsh terrain and isolated geography this makes it a perfect place for Pirate attacks to occur. Of course most trade ships now employ some form of guard so pirates have to be careful. In addition the Confederates have a zero tolerance policy on Pirates and those captured can expect summary execution or enslavement.

Their leadership system goes no far than the Captain of a ship. Sometimes ships will work together to take down a big score but aside from that they are a group of independents.

The Guardians of Hope.

Possibly the best trained fighters on The Flats but they are rarely seen outside Hope, the town they are sworn to defend. They are trained from a very young age to be completely loyal to the town and deadly with their chosen weapons. Their greatest strength is their disregard for their own safety as they value the lives of those living in Hope over themselves.
As they are brought up to be soldiers their emotional intelligence is quite low, they also tend to have brutal honesty and stoic attitude. Walkers are Guardians that leave Hope to undertake jobs for the Town. It’s rare to see one alone as they always travel in at least a pair.

Each Guardian is branded on their hand that marks them out as a Guardian which to Tribals, slavers, sky pirates and other nefarious types is considered to be a form of trophy. Therefore on the rare occasion a dead Guardian is encountered it’s not unusual to find their hand has been removed.

The Tribals.

These are disparate groups of completely insane individuals who live on The Wastes and prey on unsuspecting caravans and travellers. The most infamous tribal is a man called Gretch who became known for his brutality and leadership skills. He was able to build his own tribe by conquering other tribes and taking their best warriors. He then used as well as arms supplied by the Confederate Army his Tribe to take New Mesa. Although Gretch won the Battle he lost the War. The Confederate Army swept in before Gretch could reinforce his position and took New mesa for themselves.

Now Gretch is attempting to form a resistance of feral Tribals.

A female Feral Tribal brandishing a blunt weapon.

All credit to ... r-chick-by


The Confederate Army.

The Confederates hail from a region called the Peaks which is very different from The Flats, its characterised by mountains and colder temperatures. The leader of Confderate Forces on The Flats is Colonel Augustus Autumn. The leader of the confederacy as a whole is Grand General Bertram Dunseith who is an aged man living in Mundus the capital of the Peaks.

The ‘Feds are a terrible group known for their brutal tactics and enslavement of conquered foes. On The Flats they are viewed with open distain as the culture they come from in The Peaks is very conservative when compared to the freedoms available on the Flats. Calling them a formal army would be a stretch but they are made up of different units.

The regulars are conscripts although most see serving the Army as they duty they are not professional soldiers and receive limited training. These guys are more likely to be manning checkpoints and as such are the most numerous group.

The Specials are well trained and are the forces used in battles. They have better equipment and tend to be Career Soldiers. Additionally they are used to defend Higher risk outposts.

The Cabal are a small group of Elites in the confederate Army. These guys are sent in for special operations such as assassination. They are under the direct control of the Grand General.

The Confederates largely wear the same uniform which is grey while their officers have an iconic greatcoat which perhaps shows how ill prepared they are for life on The Flats. The Cabal however are supplied with more specialised gear. The ‘Feds have been known to use private contractors to conduct operations such as Gretch although they are not above an old fashioned double cross.

The Confederate Army despite it’s many immoral practices is the largest organised military group on the Flats.

A confederate Officer in full dress.

All credit to ... iew_mode=2



They are the lowest of the low on the Flats and their trade is considered disgusting by many.

Nevertheless as Slavery is permitted in the Peaks where there is a booming slave trade. The poor or the gullible have been told there is wealth in The Peaks only to find themselves in chains and destined for a life of servitude. For some reason Ochillians are popular with the Slavers and fetch a high price on the Peaks it has been suggested this is why The Ochillian Clans are constantly on the move.

They are most likely to be encounter at the Zong on the Flats and everywhere on the Peaks.

The Black Hornets
A small resistance group operating out of New Mesa. Notable members are James Squire who is travelling the Flats attempting to forge alliances. Little is known of the capabilities.

These are only a smattering of groups. Additional ideas are gun fighters, explorers, Traders, Archaeologists, Inventors, Thieves and like I said above anything you can think of.

In this RP though all characters will be members of the White Group however their background is up to you.

The White Group.

Little is known about the organisation even by those working inside it. It’s best described as a strictly amoral and capitalist cellular organisation. The only thing they believe in, outside of financial gain, is reputation. Therefore once a contract is accepted only the client can stop it so offers of more money from targets fall on deaf ears.

It is unknown how many operatives work for the Group and exactly what the hierarchy is. The Director of this cell is called Miss Jenner Reese and it is her job to provide contracts to the operatives.

The name of the group comes from the fact that White Light is a combination of the different spectrum of colours, just like the White Group is a collection of different individuals.



Air ships come in various sizes and shapes from small and manoeuvrable pirate ship, to large Transport vessels and pleasure ships designed for the wealthy. Airships are a common sight but most people on the Flats spend most of their time on solid ground.

The Peaks has rail roads. Yep that’s right Old World Trains have been refurbished and the ‘Feds were able to create rail links between Mundus and the rest of the Peaks. Primarily they are used for transportation of troops and cargo as well as civilian use.

The Skyhook.

Shaped like a revolver but it actually fires a grapple that can be used to get from the ground to an airship quickly. It’s often used by pirate boarding parties.


Not Technology but they are in use on the Flats, mainly by trade caravans.


In general Weapons can be thought of as falling into two categories Old world and New world.

Old World Weapons tend to look handsome and work very well. However it is very rare to find a complete working one. They are based off fine clockwork technology that The Flats has no way to recreate so replacement parts tend to degrade the quality of the weapon.

New world weapons are generally of poor quality and are homemade from scrap parts. If Old world weapons are surgical scalpels New World weapons are Hammers.

Firearms are on the flats and fall into loosely Three categories. Revolvers, Shotguns and Rifles. The weapons should have a Steampunk western feel. So think lever action rifles etc. Old world weapons are far superior to New world weapons. The technology just isn’t there to reproduce these weapons even the best New World efforts are heavy, inaccurate and loud. They have a lot of recoil and create a lot of smoke plus if your gunsmith wasn’t particularly skilled you run the risk of it blowing up in your hand.

Old world weapons are accurate, relatively quiet have less recoil and are dependable but are rare and are often bastardised with new world parts.

Swords are common or the Flats and come in all shapes and sizes while the Technology exists to make them to near Old World Standards the New world swords are better suited to their tasks than New world swords. I’m going to be pretty loose with what’s permissible here so feel free to use a katana or a Scythe or whatever ever else you like. I see swords as being an important part of life on the Flats so of course they’d be customised. Blunt weapons are commonly used as well.

Crossbows and Bows from the New World are probably better because tribes like the Ochil use them as their weapons of choice. Crossbows in particular are very deadly in the right hands.

I’m always open to new weapons.

Toggle Rules

There is no minimum or Maximum post count however I do ask you check into the OOC often as the nature of the RP means we might not be in contact so often. Once a Job is accepted the RPer has one week to submit a post.

I’m not going to get on you about spelling a grammar but make sure I can at least understand what’s going on. I’m looking for good stories and interesting characters.

Failure is always an option and in some cases it may be preferable in terms of story.

Damage should carry. So if a character breaks a leg I expect it affect future situations.

The Workshop
This RP is based around writing short stories but some character interaction is always nice. That’s why we have the Workshop. In the Workshop you can take a more traditional RPing style and interact with others but only in the confines of The Workshop. You can train, talk to others or just describe what your Assassin get up to during down time. The Two RPs will affect each other as they take place on the same timeline but if you don’t want to take part in this aspect that’s ok.

It exists in a perpetual now where the latest short story is assumed to have just happened.

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Mission Objective: Destroy the Leviathan
Mission Location: Over Farpoint

The Pitiful Ruby Gowen

It had been weeks since the showdown at Lonesome Sands. In the scheme of things, Ruby & James, with the aid of Carla and the rest of the Black Hornets had managed to make a significant impact on the forces of the confederacy. They had managed to significantly cripple the Confederacy. With the majority of the known Cabal dead, mostly at Ruby's hands, it appeared that once again the White Group was untouchable and anyone a fool who tried to challenge them...

But regardless of what major victories Ruby and the others had managed to achieve, they all seemed outweighed by the loss of Sarah Hawthorne and Puck. Ruby yet again found herself holed up in her room within the workshop, endlessly spending her days over the past few weeks sobbing and crying in a cycle of self-loathing and pity. Several times James had come to visit her, trying to reason with Ruby that she had done her best to save everyone,

"Sometimes we just can't all be saved..."

Ruby never spoke whenever James came to see her. Not even to Jenner who Ruby knew was just as guilt stricken as she was. But for all the rage and anger and sadness that kept Ruby breathing, nothing seemed to ignite anything within Ruby that warranted her leaving her depression behind. So that's why Ruby stayed day in and out in her bed, clutching her pillows tightly as she cursed herself for not being more attentive and reactive when she could have been. It was nearing four weeks of inactivity when Alexia finally decided to longer leave Ruby to her own devices. Having tried to give her space, Alexia herself had realised nothing was going to move Ruby unless someone did something drastic.

Alexia knocked at Ruby's door gently and when no response came, the timid inventor-engineer let herself in. Alexia was disgusted to see the state of Ruby's room as she entered. Messy, unclean and with bits and pieces smashed around the walls from where Ruby took out her anger every now and then. Alexia approached Ruby with a stern stride and closed the gap standing at Ruby's bed.

"C'mon Ruby. Time to get up."

"Go away" was all Ruby replied.

"Enough is enough. Get your... Arse! Out of bed... There's a war going on out there and look at you!"

"Alexia. Leave me alone!"

Ruby's words dripped with a venom that was spiteful and sad at the same time. Usually passive and very un-confrontational, Alexia under normal circumstances would have nodded and let Ruby be, but not today.

"I said, GET UP!"

For the first time in days Ruby suddenly lifted her head, staring at Alexia with perplexed eyes. Ruby gritted her teeth and responded curtly,

"I'm not going anywhere. I don't care what you have to say Alexia. The truth is I killed Puck and Sarah... Maybe not directly... But It's my fault..."

"I know."

Suddenly Ruby was bolt upright in her bed, staring at Alexia incredulously,

"Excuse me?"

"What? It's what you want to hear right?"

Ruby's jaw dropped as Alexia shurgged nonchalantly.

"If you'd reacted better... focused better... Maybe they might be alive... But the fact of the matter is Ruby, they're both dead. They're both dead and they're not coming back. No matter how pathetically you mourn for them."

Ruby suddenly welled with tears, "Fuck off!"

"No. Not until you get up off your arse Ruby Doom and start acting like you give a... a.... Fuck..."

"What do you want from me Alexia!?"

"What everyone wants... Accept what happened... Accept it happened and be honest with yourself."

"I got Puck and Sarah killed... I know I did.. what more do you want from me!? I know I did!"

"Accept the rest too! You're pathetic right now you know that! You sit here day in and out while more people die out there... If I was brave like... If I had even an ounce of what you and the rest of you guys have... I'd be out there in a heartbeat Ruby! But all I can do is make you the weapons... and hope in someway what I do brings us a step closer to making a better change..."

"You want to be a part of the innocent dying in the process..?"

Alexia was stunned for a moment as she weighed up her answers to a very difficult question.

"Of course I don't! But this isn't a perfect world and you bloody well know that! What happened in Lonesome Sands... What happened to Puck and your friend... That is disgusting, deplorable and heartbreaking for those of us who didn't even know Puck and Sarah well... I can't imagine the kind of heartache it brings you Ruby. But I do know that feeling you are going through... I can't sympathise the situation with you.. But I can empathise those feelings. Ruby, you've spent close to four weeks in here... You wont' talk to us, you won't listen and you just cry non stop."

"So what do you want me to do?"

"Accept that what happened, happened. If you want to believe its your fault... then fine. It is. But you sitting in here day in and out is a waste of something that could stop what happened to your friends, happening again."

Alexia grabbed Ruby's sheets and yanked them hard, leaving Ruby exposed.

"Rise up Ruby. Jenner has a plan... We all do. But it's not gonna work unless you grow up. People die all the time. Good people die more than the bad ones. But we're going to change that Ruby. For Puck... For Sarah Hawthorne... For anyone who the Confederacy has ever touched. Ruby, we are going to make them wish they had never even heard of any place other than Mundas! But to do that... To really, truly accomplish that... We need you to stop being like this. Right now, you're useless and honestly... a waste of space."

Ruby looked to Alexia with her mouth open in shock and awe. Alexia gritted her teeth and turned on heel and made her way to the door, stopping only briefly to pause and speak once more.

"If you're ready to stop this... Everything. Meet us in the armory... I have something to show you all.

The Flame within Ruby

Ruby had stumbled her way through the proceedings with Jenner and the rest. She had mustered up the courage and energy to attend the meetings but had barely spoken to anyone during the whole time. Instead, Ruby just stood close to Alexia who smiled smugly as she followed her. Alexia knew Ruby was gathering herself back together, even though Ruby seemed far away for the most part. It wasn't until Ruby and James were well on their way to Farpoint that Ruby returned to her full self.

The Arcadia was quiet for the most part. The gentle hum of the ship was serene and calming to Ruby as she sat in a corner of the hull of the ship silently preparing herself. The past few days had gone by in such an awkward haze, she wasn't entirely sure she wasn't dreaming;still crying herself to sleep in bed back at the workshop.

"That her?"

Ruby suddenly heard two voices talking just a few feet away from her. Her head was hung low, staring blankly at the ground as the two pirates -part of Carla's crew - started to speak about her like she wasn't there.

"She's about as impressive as your dick aye?" one of them laughed

"Fuck off! 'sides, it's not about how it looks, but how you use it anyway!"

"Yeah well.. from what I've heard, she's supposed to look as good as she works... But look at 'er!"

"Yeah... Ain't much chop there... Wonder if you just need to... get her going?"

"hahaha, pathetic to look at... oh love, you sure you're Ruby Doom? You don't look like much.."

Ruby nodded bleakly, never taking her gaze from the floor. The men kept talking about her, and Ruby just took the berating attitudes of the two men. They spoke back and forth about her accomplishments and the backhanded the compliments with words of demeaning nature and snarky attitude. Ruby was silent the whole time, reveling in their loathing attitudes about her, loving the self-deprecating air around her as the men reassured her of why she was no longer a hero... That was until they spoke about Puck and Sarah.

"You couldn't even keep a little runt and a whore alive could ya!"

The men roared with laughter and suddenly Ruby felt as though a flame within her ignite. They could talk about her all they wanted. They could berate her, degrade her, hell, they could have probably fucked her and done what they wanted with her, at that point, Ruby hated herself so much she felt like she was almost invincible to physical torment. But when the men spoke ill about Puck and Sarah... Ruby no longer had a tolerance for bullshit.

The Return of Ruby Doom.

The doors to the front deck of the Arcadia burst open and two men were thrown into the sunlight. James Squire and Carla Reynolds were forced to turn around to the source of the commotion and watched in stunned silence as Ruby emerged just after the men. Ruby walked into the light, her face tense with rage and anger. She walked to the first of the lanky pirates who had spoken ill of her deceased friends and grabbed him by the scruff and knelt over his chest.

"I'ma show you what Ruby Doom is all about."

The pirate's friend was to his feet and brought a shoe up to Ruby's chest, reeling her to the ground coughing on her hands and knees. The two pirates got to their feet and grabbed Ruby on either side, twisting her arms making her scream.

"Jackson and Gordon! Put her down now!" Carla suddenly shouted.

"She started it Captain!"

"I don't give to fucks if she made you two kiss in the dark! Let. Her. GO!"

The two men pushed Ruby to the ground and proceeded to walk away while Carla shouted commands for them to carry out. Ruby got to her feet and looked to James and Carla with a stern look.

"I'm really sorry Reynolds..."

"Yeah alright... Nice to see you talkin' to us again.."

"No, I mean.. I'm really sorry Reynolds.."

Ruby suddenly turned on her heel and made a b-line for Jackson. The man was tall and lanky and clothed in thick sandstorm-proof type clothing. Ruby leaped onto the man and kicked him square into the kidneys, toppling him to the ground. Ruby rolled over him and brought herself back up into a standing position in time to duck and dodge one of Grodon's attempts at a punch. Ruby grabbed him by the arm and swung him around and flung him into Jackson who now had a knife out.

The two pirates were forced to the railings of the Arcadia and Ruby took a running jump at the two Pirates who were steadying themselves back up. The force of Ruby's power jump-kick was enough to topple the two pirates over the railings, sending them screaming to the the land below. Reynolds was at Ruby's side fast, watching as two of her men went overboard. She turned to Ruby with a bewildered face and was met with a wry smile from Ruby.

"Are you fucking serious!? My crew ain't infinite!"

"And either is my patience..." Ruby replied coyly

James made his way to the two women and looked tense as Ruby and Carla stared one another down. Carla turned to James and rolled her eyes.

"You can stop worrying about her now Jimmy... The Bitch is back..."

Carla looked back to Ruby and looked her up and down,

"Took you long enough."

A Piece of Carla Reynolds Puzzle

The Arcadia was less than three hours from Farpoint. Most of the ship was in preparation mode and Ruby had been on the deck enjoying the ride. James Squire had left alone since the incident earlier, she had guessed he'd sensed that Ruby needed a few hours to get to know her old self again. It was an odd sensation she found herself in right now. There was still pity and guilt for herself present... But it was like for the first time in a long time, all the deaths surrounding Ruby's life were put into one perspective or another. Alexia's words also replayed again and again in the back of her mind. Ruby knew she was right too.

Ruby had dedicated too much time to mourning the dead these days. it wasn't that it wasn't deserved, or even that she was being dramatic... The fact of the matter was that Ruby's time and place to do it was out of whack.. and she now knew it. Everyone else had just as much of a reason to be laying in bed like she had been... But they all knew the prices they were paying, they all felt the same sense of hopelessness at times... Those two pirates down in the hull. They were definitely out of line, and Ruby was a little guilty about sending them over the side of the Arcadia, but then, wasn't their deaths just a metaphor for the bigger picture...?

Ruby was going to have to send a lot more people and see a lot more people topple of the side railings of life yet. Some people she realised she wasn't going to want to see fall, and others, Ruby could feel herself wanting to push harder and harder each time she saw them. The lesson Ruby realised though was that in order to stop any more lives being lost, she was going to need to be her old self again... Her life was always the best when she played the game exactly the way she wanted - explosions, commitment to the job - regardless of it's many outcomes and no more regrets.

Shit happens, and arseholes cause it.. In this case, Ruby was going to cling to the belief, the Confederacy were the arseholes.

"I was wondering when you'd come back.."

Ruby turned around and saw James feebly standing by, a small smirk across his face.

"What made you.. come back?"

Ruby shrugged nonchalantly and pursed her lips.

"A lot of stuff... Realised I ain't the only one who's hard done by."

"Yeah I suppose..."

"Sorry about everything..." Ruby said

"Nah. No one needs to be sorry anymore I reckon... As long as we got each other, that's all that matters.."

Ruby looked taken aback and suddenly James corrected himself,

"I mean, we all got each other... We all got each other is what I meant... Y'know... Friends and.."

James was cut off suddenly as Carla Reynolds and a woman similar in height and age appeared from the ship's captain station, averting everyone's attention who was on deck.

"No way in hell are you going down there Fiona." Carla sneered

"'An what are you gonna do? Tie me up until it's over?"

"I just fuckin' might." Carla replied

"Just try it!" Fiona shouted as she stormed off.

Carla turned to the crew on deck and glared at them all.

"You so much as let her off this airship and I'l personally take all of ya dicks."

Carla stormed back inside the Arcadia, the door slamming violently as Ruby looked to James in confusion.

"That's Carla's girlfriend..." Jame said in a matter-of-fact tone

"Girlfriend?... You mean?"

"Yeah... as in, they like each other's company a lot"

Ruby went red in the face, how had she never heard of this before. James seemed to have cottoned on and began to give her an explanation.

"They're in a.. sort of open relationship I guess is what you could call it.. Haha! Carla doesn't usually like Fiona coming along, y'know.. protect your loved ones and all that... But Fiona insisted this time and apparently thinks she'd be the best pilot for the MAW.."

Ruby raised her eyebrows as if to say oh really..

"Yeah, I thought it a bit odd too... But Fiona is adamant she can do it... Reckons she'd be a natural.. But Carla won't even hear her out.. Honestly.. I just assumed you'd be piloting it..."

"I honestly hadn't even thought about it myself..."

The Battle for the Leviathan

It was after sunset that the Arcadia came to a standstill in the clouds over the Leviathan. The darkness and overcast day had provided the ship with more than ample cover to provide a surprise attack on the Leviathan. Most of the Arcadia's crew and the Black Hornets who were accompanying the rest were on deck as Carla and James took turns explaining the plan.

It was pretty simple in concept really. Free fall towards the ship and use skyhooks to catch the Leviathan and board it. The Black Hornets were to place bombs along the side of the ship and detonate them once they were all placed. The Pirates that were headed down too were to distract the ships armed forces as much as possible. Finally Ruby or James were to pilot the MAW and be directly dropped onto the decks at the front of the ship where the gateling gun was placed and go to town on the motherfucker.

Everyone seemed to understand the plan perfectly, but it all changed when suddenly the Arcadia dipped violently. That was when Carla began to scream violently and aggressively.

"What the fuck!?"

The Arcadia dove through the clouds faster than anyone was prepared and without warning suddenly an all out aerial war was waged as the element of surprised was ripped from everyone's hands. It took the leviathan less than thirty seconds to realise that they were trying to be ambushed and soon the plan was out the window as James yelled,

"Do your best! We'll take care of the Gateling gun!"

Ruby was in full motion as she grabbed James by the arm, watching as Black Hornets and Pirates proceeded to jump ship and start the battle for the leviathan. Ruby turned towards the direction of the captains station on the Arcadia,

"What they hell is Reynolds doing?"

"I don't know... getting the Arcadia out of sight of fire I think!... Lets just get to the MAW.. we're right over head where we need to be!"

Ruby nodded and the two proceeded down into the hull of the ship where the MAW was situated. Ruby was the first into the hull and had to hold tightly to the rails of the staircase to stop herself from falling onto the Leviathan below. The bay floors had been opened and the from where James and Ruby were they could see the MAW in full swing down below.

"Who the fuck is-"

Carla was suddenly behind James and Ruby,

"Fiona! Have you seen- YOU STUPID BITCH!"

Carla suddenly turned on her heels and was moving back up the stairs to the steering wheel of the Arcadia.

"James! Look down there!" Ruby called out over the now deafening gunshots on the Leviathan,


"It's Wydle! He's on the deck! Look! He's headed straight towards Fiona and the MAW!"

"Fuck... What do we do?" James called out

Suddenly the Arcadia veered violently to the left as it started to shift and lower towards the Leviathan. Ruby noticed though it was veering away from the deck. She figured Carla had something in store but needed the Arcadia to be parallel with the Leviathan.

"We jump!" Ruby called out

James was about to object, but as the deck came within a five or so metres from the hull of the Arcadia, Ruby took a leap and landed with a roll to be almost side by side with Fiona and the MAW, joined a minute later by James.

Fiona was moving slowly across the deck. The constant firing of Fed Soldiers at the MAW was making her nervous and hesitant to progress. Ruby ducked out in front of her and started to shout commands. It was no use in swapping pilots for the damned machine now, it took too long to swap under this amount of heat and they'd probably both be dead trying to do so.

"Head towards the Gateling gun! James and I will keep cover!"

Ruby looked to James who nodded and the two proceeded to open return fire on the Fed's on deck. The whole time Wylde casually closed ground while Ruby and James were distracted. It was slow going getting to the gun. Every few steps a soldier would break through James and Ruby's defense and Fiona had to initiate the saw literally cut through the man or woman trying to stop her.

It wasn't until they were only a feet away from the Gateling gun when Wylde managed to finally break through the hectic battle on the deck of the ship. He came from now where and with a swift punch sent James to the ground, rolling away. Ruby turned herself around in time to be able to duck Wylde, but when he missed he simply ignored her and kept on towards Fiona. He managed to jump onto the back of the MAW and proceeded to pull a knife from his person and started to jab violently and without any consideration into the machine itself, Ruby could only guess to either wreck it, or kill the person piloting it.

Ruby aimed Coleman high, right at the back of Wylde's head, but suddenly another soldier grabbed her from behind and the gun fired, only startling Wydle and forcing him to fall from the MAW. Fiona proceeded to turn around and Ruby kicked the soldier from his grip and turned around to bring her own knife up into his rib cage. As Fiona turned, she caught sight of Wylde moving towards Ruby.

"I was gonna wait to kill you Ruby Doom. But once again, you've proven why I am too generous to your kind."

Grievous closed the ground pulling a gun from beneath his coat and suddenly a spray of bullets forced him back in confusion. Another sudden hail storm of bullets crossed the deck this times behind Wylde who reeled around to face Fiona and the MAW. Ruby staggered to her feet, looking up and across the deck to locate the hailstorm's source. Then she saw it; on the deck of the Arcadia. Reynolds, with a determined look on her face and standing behind her smaller version of the Leviathan's gateling gun aimed onto Wylde.


As Fiona started to turn the MAW back around the Cabal member decided to take his chances with Reynolds and started to run towards her. The Gateling Gun started to trail behind him, unfortunately, like the Leviathans Gateling gun, Reynolds's gun was too powerful to move at a whim. The hailstorm followed just behind Wylde, tearing up the decking of the Leviathan and Confedearte soldiers unlucky enough to be quick enough to avoid the shredding. Luckily the pirates and Black Hornets on deck in the fight had had sense to duck and so it was the opposing forces loosing more men that Ruby's side.

Wylde took a leap towards Fiona who fired the first shot at the Gateling gun, successfully hitting it, but who was far from making an unfix-able, permanent damage. Wylde grabbed a hold of the MAW again and started to stab erratically at it's frame. Luckily for Fiona, she seemed protected from where Wylde was trying to get to.

Reynolds had to cut her gun fire at Wylde at that stage. Ruby knew as well that Reynolds would have to either kill Wylde and Fiona or neither of them at all. Out of nowhere James suddenly lunged and tackled Wylde from the MAW. Fiona then resumed her assault on the gun she held the firearm arm of the MAW up and unloaded the next five shots into the gateling gun, causing a minor explosion from the gun itself.

Ruby was at Fiona's side as James and Wydle went toe to toe with one another.

The MAW was not enough

Ruby and Fiona both looked hopefully towards the gateling gun as the smoked cleared from the gateling gun. Unfortunately, the gun it seemed, was still in tact.

"Shit! What do we do?" Fiona called out over the gunshots and yelling

"You're gonna have to use the saw on it! CUT THE FUCKER UP!"

Fiona shouted an ok! to Ruby and proceeded to head towards the gun. Ruby turned her attention back to Wylde and James. Closing the ground, Ruby dropped to the floor and slid into Wylde, toppling the man to the ground. James, proceeded to run to Wylde, grabbing his arms and pinning them above his head. Ruby got to her feet and sat on top of Wylde's chest.

"You're losing game!" Ruby chided

She brought a fist down to Wylde's face breaking the Cabal's nose. Wylde spat at Ruby who punched him again. A loud earsplitting screech filled the air and Ruby was forced to look up as Fiona proceeded to hack and slash at the gateling gun with the MAWs saw.

"Looks like you're outta luck Wylde!"

Suddenly another loud screech filled the air and the MAW stepped back from the gateling gun as it turned on it's axis to suddenly face the MAW and everything behind it, including Ruby, Wylde and James and the pilot station further back across the deck of the Leviathan.

Wylde started to laughed though the blood on his face as the gateling gun turned around. Ruby gave a look to James, confused as to why Wylde was laughing.

"What's so hilarious fucker?" James asked to Wylde

"FIRE!" was all Wylde needed to call out.

Suddenly Fiona went back to hacking at the gun, assuming she had just loosened the gun's stationary position.

"you should have made sure to have killed the gun operator below deck!"

"FUCK!" both James and Ruby shouted.

Suddenly Wylde kicked violently, forcing Ruby off of him. He swiftly turned around and kicked James to his back.

"I'll be back for you two in a-"

Suddenly the Leviathan rocked with an almighty explosion, the Hornets had succeeded.

The Destruction of the Leviathan

It was like everything happened in slow motion for Ruby as the ship was rocked violently as the Hornet's explosives took effect. Everything seemed to happen all at once... Fiona had managed to turn the MAW so its back was to the gateling gun, satisfied she'd destroyed it. But as Wylde had yelled fire, the pilot for the gateling gun attempted to use it. Luckily for Fiona, the gun had been destroyed beyond comprehensible use, but it did explode rendering the MAW useless. The explosion of the gun itself had not affected Fiona who was protected by the now useless suit, but ultimately, the punishment the MAW had received had now made it impossible for Fiona to simple get out of.

As the explosives littered around the Leviathan went off, the ship was rocked back and forth and started to break apart as the weight of it's sections buckled. Ruby and James were sent rolling across the decking as the Leviathan veered violently towards the ground. As James and Ruby steadied themselves they quickly noticed Wylde was nowhere to be seen.

"We've gotta go! Come on!"

"You go, I'm going to get Fiona!"

James gritted his teeth, not wanting to leave Ruby alone. Ruby just shouted for him to go and the man eventually complied. Ruby turned on her heels and made the struggle to move towards the frozen MAW as the ship started to descend.

It was chaos on the deck as Black Hornets and Pirates made their way to the deck edge and used their skyhooks to connect with the Arcadia and escape to safety. Ruby watched as countless Confederate soldiers started to panic and as the Leviathan started to dip towards the ground, watched as they lost footing and plummeted over the side.

Ruby reached Fiona just as the Leviathan started a steep decline, prompting Fiona to get out. The woman, who Ruby now was really able to look at her, was terrified and had an apologetic look across her face.

"It's no use!" Fiona cried out "It's stuck! I can't get out!"

"No! Bullshit! We can get you out!"

"No you can't!"

Ruby started to panic, the Leviathan started to dip harder and the MAW fell onto it's back. Suddenly out of nowhere Carla hit the deck of the Levithan next to Ruby, ignored her and ran to the MAW which started to edge slowly,

"get back on the ship Ruby!" Carla commanded

"I can help!" Ruby rebutted

"Just go!" Carla shouted

Ruby wasted no time, and aimed her sky hook up to the Arcadia which was just above the crumbling leviathan. Ruby aimed it high and hooked onto it's side, reeling herself in, she made it to the deck of the Arcadia and to safety, greeted by James suddenly.

"Where is Carla and Fiona..?"

"The MAW! It... it jammed... Fiona is stuck!"

"Oh shit! What is Carla doing?"

"I don't know..." Ruby replied

Suddenly Carla appeared from over the side of the Arcadia and landed squarely on the deck. Her eyes were tearful and red as she looked to Ruby and James with a stern face, then spoke to the crew with an authority Ruby had never expected the woman to possess.

"Get the ship down to Farpoint now! We're only just gettin' started!"

The Razing of Farpoint

As the Arcadia descended, Carla put herself once again, behind the mini gateling gun she'd installed on it. She began to fire wildly and angrily down into the town as the Leviathan crashed into various parts of the town itself. Ruby and James watched in a silent agony as Carla sought her own vengeance on the Confederacy.

As the Arcadia made it's rounds across Farpoint, both Ruby and James made it to ground to offer support to Gretch and Alexander as they fought to make the Confederacy pay. All the while Ruby took strength from the courage and fire within Carla who continued to fight regardless of what had just happened to her... Something now knew she definitely had to do no matter what, until the end.


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#, as written by Bosch
The Outsider.

Wylde woke on a sand dune to the South of Farpoint. In the sky above Farpoint He could see the burning wreckage of the Leviathan raining over the town as Gretch’s forces attacked from the North. He clicked his tongue and thought deeply for a few seconds before standing and walking away from the town.

“Good Luck Autumn.”

Wylde knew New Mesa was next and there was no point it throwing his life away trying to defend Farpoint. Besides command was supposed to be Autumn’s skill set by the end of the night they would know if it was deserved.


The Colonel

Autumn’s forces were in disarray but he understood this was simply a phase in the battle. There was no doubt first blood had gone to the Rebellion but there was no reason for the battle to go their way as well.

His commanders were already reorganising their forces to attack the threat posed by Gretch’s army.

While he had focused a lot of his force on the perimeter of Farpoint he had also decided, given the threat of sabotage, it would be prudent to station snipers in tall buildings around the town. Those snipers were holding Gretch’s forces from pushing south into the town and giving Autumn’s forces time to get into position.

He quickly gathered together his command team and A group of runners to deliver his messages. They were on the top floor of the tallest building in town. It was the recently purchased Kane Hotel. Property of Ernst Kane the son of the late Mary Kane. Ernst had used the inheritance to purchase the building, evict the previous residents and turn it into a hotel.

Autumn had taken out a lease on the top two floors so he could over see the town. A move he was now glad he made as it gave him almost complete tactical control of the battle.

“Alright A, C and D company are in position and seem to be capable of holding the attack. Send B company to flank from the right and deploy those Mortars on the roof. We want to focus our fire on their left flank. Stop them flanking us.”

“Very good sir.” The runners said in unison before taking off to deliver their orders.


The Gunslinger

Squire was taking cover in bombed out cafe and couldn’t keep the smile from his face. About five hours ago there were a lot of Sycophantic traitors in this place rubbing shoulders with the Feds. Now the place was a war zone. His smile was cut short however when he heard a low whistle from above.

The mortar detonated overhead but the building held strong.

“Fucking artillery!” Squire cried.

He looked around but couldn’t see anywhere to move. The sniper fire was keeping them pinned down and he could see more Feds getting into position.

“Fuck. Ruby!” He called out. “We need to take out those snipers their causing Gretch’s forces to lag. We’ll get separated if we don’t move together. We’ll cover you from here and give you a chance to slip between their lines. See if you can’t cause a little havoc.”

James waited for her response and they worked out how they were going to do it. Once Ruby was in position Squire called to his men. “Alright Hornets keep the fire on them!”

The Hornet line erupted in a cascade of fire that caused the ‘Feds across the street to take cover.

Squire turned and looked at Ruby. “Go then!”

Ruby stood and began running. She understood her objective was to take out the snipers causing Gretch’s forces to lag.

She kept low and the Hornet’s guns were able to keep the Confederates heads down. She ran to a door way and threw herself against it but it was sturdier than it appeared and she bounced off the wood and onto her back. She quickly pulled one of her revolvers and fired a single round through the lock. She got to her feet and this time the door swung open. She quickly made her way up to the top of the building.

Sitting in chair one of the confederate snipers was taking aim at Gretch’s forces below. Without hesitation Ruby fired a round into the back of the man’s head. Moving quickly she grabbed his rifle and turned it on the other snipers. Once she had taken as many as she could she turned her attention on the Artillery raining down fire on James Squire and the Hornets.


The Mad Man.

Gretch’s forces had breached the town of Farpoint thanks to Alexander and the Force from Hope. They had become snared by the snipers but thanks to Ruby Doom he was now free to move.

“Fucking Rush em Boys!” He cried and roar went up from his men. This began the next phase of Gretch’s plan, get right up into the face of you attacker and keep stabbing until there’s nothing left to stab. It wasn’t classical strategy but Gretch wasn’t a Classical guy.


The Colonel.

The sniper had held up the main force of Gretch’s army but they hadn’t lasted long enough and Autumn’s force had been split in two. On one hand this could be good as Gretch’s force was now fighting on two fronts, it could also be bad however as Autumn had now lost control of his force and it was down the commanders on the ground.

He turned to his command staff. “Go get out there and command the men.”

The commanders shuffled nervously and glanced at each other.

“Go now!” Autumn cried.


The Swordsman.

Lancaster saw his opening when Gretch’s men roared from behind him. He had been holding a building with Avers and the Guardians from Hope waiting for reinforcements now he saw his opportunity.

“Avers let’s go we’re taking Autumn!”

Avers nodded and called his group of Guardians to follow him. The force fought its way across the chaotic town square towards The Kane Hotel. Alexander was twirling like a top as he cut his way through the Confederates. He arrived at the doorway and collapsed through the entryway. Followed by Avers who was wounded.

“I’ll be fine.” He muttered.

“Hold the staircase, I’ll take Autumn.” Avers nodded and arranged his men while Alexander climbed the stairs two at a time. He was on a balcony overlooking the entrance hall when a set of double doors blew open and massive Tanu emerged.

“End of the line.” He said as he lifted mighty warhammer and swung it at Alexander’s head.

Of course the swordsman was far too fast and easily rolled out of the way. He lashed out and caught the Tanu in the knee. He gave the blade a quick twirl that made the giant scream in pain and drop to its knees. He then pulled the blade free and got to his feet.

“Only one kneecap I see.” Alexander commented.

The Tanu roared with rage but was cut short by a flash of Alexander’s sword. A second later the head was on the floor wordlessly looking up at its own body.

“I really don’t have time for this.”

Alexander continued through the broken door and up the staircase to the top floor. He stopped about half way up when he ran into a group of confederate commanders.

The men looked terrified at the sight of Alexander his sword dripping with Tanu blood.

“Oh this is just going to be too easy.” Alexander said with a smile.


The Colonel.

The battle was almost over. The Confederates couldn’t compete. Gretch was throwing Tribals at them while the Guardians and Hornets flanked them. They were getting simply overwhelmed.

Then he heard the screams in the staircase behind him. He knew the voices, it was his command staff. The door to his room bust open and Captain Cole staggered through clutching his throat while blood glugged from between his fingers. He then fell to the ground and breathed his last.

Seconds later Alexander strode in.

“Sometimes they get away but they never get far.” He quipped.

“So you’re the one. Alexander Lancaster. The Butcher of the Wastes.”

“I’ve been called a lot of things.”

“Turncoat among them. At one time you were the darling of the White Group but you turned your back to work with Gretch. Why?” Autumn asked.

“Everything I did, I did for the Flats.”

“Whatever assuages your guilt.”

Alexander had his sword drawn and Autumn’s hand was hovering over his revolver.

“You know everything I did was the Flats as well. Can you really say life in the Confederacy would have been any worse than it was before? The chaos was terrible, random killings, we sought to bring order.”

“Look outside that seem very orderly to you?”

“The Flats will fall.” Autumn said simply.

“You won’t live to see it.” Alexander said as he adjusted his grip on his sword.

“Maybe not. I am curious though. Did you know I was invited to join the Cabal?”

Alexander remained silent.

“Of course I didn’t join, I have political ambitions. I was considered because of my skill with the blade. I understand you are considered or rather were considered one of the best sword fighters on the Flats. You must be curious.”

“Not in the least, I’ll cut you down. Then go about my day.”

Autumn’s smile dropped. “Just me then.” He unclasped his gun belt and let it drop before walking to the table in the centre of the room and lifting a sword.

“To the death naturally.”

“Naturally.” Alexander agreed.

Autumn lunged but Alexander hit his attack away with his own blade and kicked at Autumn who was able to twirl out of harm’s way. Alexander pressed the advantage and slashed at Autumn.

Autumn felt the blade slice his Bicep but didn’t cry out. They broke and Autumn inspected his wound.

“First Blood, very good.”

Alexander shook his head. This wasn’t sword fighting to him it was play acting. It was clear Autumn wasn’t a skilled swordsman.

He lunged but Autumn side stepped and ran his blade down Alexander’s back.

“Over confidence.” Autumn said with a smirk and Alexander realised Autumn had been hustling him.

Enraged Alexander turned and swung his blade. Autumn was able to block each of his strikes but the younger man was pushing him back. In desperation he kicked out a caught Alexander between the legs. Alexander howled in pain and seeing his opportunity Autumn drove his blade forward into Alexander’s stomach.

Simultaneously Alexander drove his blade forward into Autumn’s chest.

The two men made eye contact and both pushed on their blades on erupting out of eachother’s backs.

They were head to head and both mortally wounded.

“A good fight.” Autumn muttered.

Alexander brought his head back and drove it into Autumn’s face in a brutal headbutt. The colonel fell backwards with Alexander’s blade still sticking in his chest. Autumn’s blade felt like fire running through Alexander and already he was covered in blood. He had severed and artery. Alexander fell to his Knees and watched as Autumn breathed his last.

He looked out at the night sky and thought of Tarken, Balder and the rest of his orphans.

He knew he had an old friend that would see to them. At least he hoped she would.

He collapsed as the last of his life drained from his body and Alexander Lancaster passed on.


The Gunslinger.

In the end Ruby Watched the Battle of Farpoint through the scope of a sniper rifle. It wasn’t what she intended but in the end her contribution was invaluable. Her focused fire on Confederate commanders had reduced the army to a rabble no better than Gretch’s. She had provided cover for the Guardian’s and Hornets during their flanking moves and in the end that was what won the battle. Now Gretch’s people were mopping up.

“They should call you dead eye.” Ruby turned and saw James Squire standing behind her.

“They already do in some places.” Ruby said with a smirk.

“I’ve just come from the hotel. They found Lancaster and Autumn in there. Looks like Alexander took out the entire Command unit single handed.”

“That would be his style. How is he?”



“Dead. Killed each other.”

Ruby nodded. She had known Alexander well as a contemporary and respected his work there was something about him and his leaving of the White Group that always bothered her. She resolved to talk Jenner about it later.

“So what now?”

“Reese is calling a big meeting I think they might move on New Mesa tonight.”


“Yeah something about pressing the advantage.”

“Well let’s get down there.” Ruby said as she let the sniper rifle clatter to the floor.


The Rich Kid.

Jenner Reese looked at the assembled war weary faces in front of her. Squire, Doom, Reynolds, Avers and Gretch had made it. They did look to in a mood to beat around the bush and neither was Jenner.

“New Mesa. Tonight.” She said.

“Fuck yeah! First fucking smart thing that’s passed your lips since I’ve known you.” Gretch said.

Jenner looked at the other faces who seemed undecided.

“We have reclaimed a lot of weapons and the ‘feds are on the back foot now we can push them back.” She explained.

Avers shook his head. “We must regroup.”

“You know the Hornets will go with the White Group.” Squire said.

“Fucking Regroup Avers?! You’re a Guardian you’re supposed to be a mean motherfucker.” Gretch cried.

“I understand your concerns Avers but I’ve received some disturbing News. Wylde is starting to execute prisoners in New Mesa. That’s our future Army.”

“What are you suggesting then?”

“Three things. First a small team of the best Guardians, Hornets and Ruby infiltrate New Mesa and take out their Anti Air Guns. Second The Sky Pirates collect as many weapons as they can and drops them over News Mesa. That will arm the populace. Third Gretch hits them with his Army.”

Avers slowly nodded. “What about Transport?”

“This is Farpoint, we’re going to take the Civilian Airships.”

“Wait a second you’re telling me not only are we gonna retake New Mesa but we get to throw rich turncoat fuckers off their Airships? I fucking love it!” Gretch cackled.

Reynolds cracked a smile as well, this plan appealed to her Pirate roots.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Jenner said.


The Gunslinger.

Five hours later the Hornets and Guardians were assembled in the middle of nowhere while Ruby Doom and James Squire searched the desert floor.

After a few minutes Squire finally stopped and let out a low whistle. The small team assembled on him as he was clearing dirt off a large metal door.

“What is this?” Avers asked.
“The back door to New Mesa.” Ruby said.

It was actually a long forgotten access point to the New Mesa Sewers.

“We know all the ways into New Mesa.” Avers said.

“Not all of them.” Ruby smirked. It was good to know the White Group still had some intelligence the other Groups didn’t.

“We make our way through the Sewers and emerge in the Charmant Madame. From there we should be able to get access to the buildings with the Anti Air guns.”

Avers nodded while his Guardians helped Squire and the Hornets lift the heavy Grate.


Ruby gently pushed open the sewer in the Charmant Madame and peeked into the room. She recalled her previous visit here when she had encountered the Grey brothers.

Slowly she pulled herself into the room. She ruffled her hair and opened the door that led out into the hall. The place had changed a lot since she had last been there, all the rooms appeared to be locked and it was quiet as a morgue. She crept through the halls but couldn’t find anyone. Eventually she found herself in the main hall looking at a Confederate Soldier flicking through a book while looking bored.

“Hey what are you doing out of your room!” Ruby turned as saw a short solider looking angrily at her. He reached out and tried to grab Ruby’s arm but she pulled free.

The Solider that had been reading walked towards his comrade.

“What the matter?”

“This one’s out of her room.”

“Maybe she just wants some action. Is that right whore?”

“Excuse me?” Ruby said.

“I said...”

He didn’t finish his sentence.

Ruby took them silently and neither of them saw it coming. Both were dead before they hit floor. She found a set of keys on one of the bodies and went to open the first bedroom door. The smell was over powering as she entered.

A very thin and badly beaten woman dressed in little more than rags was chained to the bed. She tried to whisper something to Ruby but was too weak to be heard clearly.

Rage flashed through Ruby as she unshackled the woman.

“Fuck me. What the hell is this place?” Squire said from behind her.

“I thought you and Avers were waiting while I checked the place out.” Ruby said.

“We were but you were taking forever. What the fuck is going on.”

“Comfort women.” Ruby said simply. She tossed Squire the keys. “Release them.”

“Bastards.” Squire muttered as he looked around the squalor of the room. Deep red stains on the carpet made him ponder the horror.

“Now James.”

Squire left and began opening doors a freeing women.


After fifteen minutes all the women were free although some were so badly beaten they couldn’t be moved.

Ruby was speaking to a young girl who was in a better shape than most, she explained she had only been there a week.

“Pulled me outta the internment camp, they did. Said they needed me for Morale. Are we leaving?”

“Yes but not yet you need to stay here. Help is on the way we’re taking New Mesa.” Ruby told the girl.

“You’re her ain’t ya? You’re Ruby Doom?”

Ruby looked at Squire who shrugged.

“Yes. Right now I need you to stay quiet though. We have a plan.”

The girl looked at the collected force of Hornets and Guardians. “There’s an Army out there Missus. Plan or not you don’t have enough guns.”

“We’ll worry about that. You just keep the other women safe and try to be ready to move. Help is coming.”

The girl frowned. “Ok Miss Doom but only because of the stories I’ve heard about you.”

Ruby nodded.


Getting to the AA guns was easier than expected most of the Feds were looking out towards the Flats and were not prepared for the assault coming from inside their lines especially considering the attackers were able to use the sewers under the city to move around. The Hornets took one position, the Guardians another while Ruby and Squire took the last one.

The Guardians got to theirs first despite it being the furthest away, the Hornets Gun was the next to explode while Ruby and Squire were making their way up the staircase to the roof Fat Nick’s Casino. The Gun Crew was finishing preparations on the weapon when Ruby and Squire crashed onto the roof.


The Mad Man.

The Anti Aircraft guns were little more than smouldering wreckages and Sky Pirates were moving in. Dropping supplies and troops into Farpoint. Avers’ Guardians after taking out the AA gun made a run for the Interment Cells where they began releasing and arming the prisoners who were desperate for some kind of vengeance.

Gretch’s army was being dropped by the Pirates outside New Mesa and the remaining Confederates soon found themselves fighting two armies. One outside the city and the other inside it.

Gretch however was not with his troops, he was on board the Arcadia high above the fighting where Reynolds and Jenner Reese were watching the fighting unfold. The Arcadia was down to a skeleton Crew after the Pirates had commandeered the civilian ships from Farpoint. This would make Gretch’s work far easier.

Of course he wasn’t supposed to be there but in recent months people had forgotten that before his rise to power while Gretch may not have been the strongest tribal he was the most lethal. He succeeded because he shared many traits with the White Group, he the stealthy and ruthless. Now he was using those skills to kill Jenner Reese.

It was easy sneaking on board the Arcadia as the crew was greatly reduced so he was able to find a hiding spot in the bowels of the ship quite easily. He remained hidden until he could hear the explosions from the city below. He then began his hunt.


Gretch had taken out around half the remaining crew without being detected, a job made far easier by the reduced numbers on board, when he arrived in the steam room. A large muscular pirate was rapidly shovelling coal into the large furnace that powered the Arcadia. The noise in the room meant Gretch didn’t even need to sneak up behind the man, he simply walked up and slit his throat. For all his musculature the man died just as easy as the rest.


He finally arrived at the Bridge where he found Reynolds calling into her speaking tube enquiring why power to the Arcadia had dropped. Gretch quietly crept behind the woman as she kept the Arcadia in the air and cried to the Steam Room.

“We’re losing height here get those fires hotter!”

“I think your man is sleeping on the Job.” Gretch said as the startled woman quickly swung around. Terror filled her eyes for a second as her hand dropped to her gun belt but Gretch was too fast.


The Gunslinger.

Ruby was trapped on the Roof of the Casino with James Squire. They had successfully taken out the Anti Aircraft Gun but the Casino was full of troops running up to engage the pair. Squire had been wounded in the arm while Ruby was starting to feel the fatigue of constantly fighting. They were happy though, the more Confederates that they killed, the less were able to engage the other forces. Soon though they would be out of bullets.

Avers Guardians were liberating the internment camps and arming the prisoners who were all to eager to strike out at the Confederates that had been their captors. It had increased the total force by a quarter. Gretch’s troops were also joining the fray and it was clear the battle was going the way of the Flats. Ruby just wasn’t sure if she’d live to see victory.


The Mad Man

He had some fun with Reynolds but he was hurried, she wasn’t the main target after all. He’d enjoy Jenner Reese, that’s where he’d have a good time.

He left Reynolds on the bridge of her ship and made his way down to the room Reese had been using as an office. He was quite pleased with himself, he’d taken out an Airship crew on board their own Airship without being detected. It was sad in a way that nobody would ever know as he would be the only one to get off the ship alive.


The Gunslinger.

Abruptly the waves of Confederates making their way to the roof stopped and Ruby and Squire felt capable of moving. They were almost at the doorway when Grievous Wylde stepped through.

“Ah Miss Doom. I had hoped it was you.”


The Rich Kid.

Jenner Reese was studying a map of New Mesa when the door to her office swung open revealing Gretch picking his nails with a small knife.

“Gretch, you finally made it.” Jenner said calmly.

“Kept you waiting did I?” He said as he sloped into the room and closed the door behind him forcing Jenner to impulsively take a step backwards.

“Well we both knew this was coming.”

“Ha. You’re just like Charles you know that? So fucking superior but what are you without your assassins to order around? Without Doom, Lancaster, Costner, Nyx or Webspinner?” He laughed as he stepped further into the room. “Nothing just a girl planning a man’s game. At least Charles was challenging, he fucking thought about things. You? You ran the White group into the ground. Hell even Lancaster turned on you.”

“Did he?” Jenner said with a deep smile.

Gretch stopped his pacing. “What?”

“Lancaster never betrayed the White Group. He was my spy, Gretch and he played you like a fiddle. You think I’d leave myself exposed like that? If Lancaster had been a threat to the White Group we would have killed him.”

“What are you talking about bitch?”

“Lancaster was always in the White Group. He told me all about your plans for the war. You thought you’d pick me off, destroy the Hornets and make peace with the Guardians. Then take New Mesa as your own and run the city just like in the old days.” She explained calmly despite the fact her heart was racing.

“The thought had crossed my mind.”

“I know it did because Lancaster told me so. You see your friend Lancaster was actually my friend Lancaster. He told me everything you’ve done in this war of yours, including the Guardian Massacre out in the Badlands that brought them into the war.”

“Massacre? That was Lancaster’s fucking job! Nothing to do with me.”

“Was it? Ooops details like that sometimes escape me being a girl in a man’s game and all. I must have forgotten to tell Avers that... which is probably why the Guardians are cutting down your tribal army as we speak. The Hornets were more than happy to help as were the Ochil. You’re the leader of nothing Gretch.”

Gretch had been out manoeuvred and he knew it. It may have cost Lancaster his soul and ultimately his life but the Swordsman got Gretch in the end.

“Still enough time to gut you.” Gretch said as a smile crept onto his face.

Jenner glanced at the door and panic spread across her face.

“Looking fer help? It’s just me and you, sweetheart. I took care of those fucking pirates down stairs. Saved Reynolds till last. Slut fought to the end but I put her down.” He produced a bloody cleaver and whistled a jaunty tune for a second. “Goona take my time with you, sweetheart. I’ve been aching for it.”

“It won’t change anything Gretch. The Guardians won’t stop till they find you.”

“Yeah well if they’re down there killing my army I guess that gives me a head start.”

Quickly Jenner reached for the gun on her side but Gretch was too fast, a small dagger flew out of his hand and caught Jenner in the back of her right hand. The point was protruding out of the palm of her hand.

Gretch quickly crossed the room, grabbed Jenner by the throat and slammed her onto the desk. He leaned over and gently caressed her face with a knife blade as he drew a path lower.

“Now where to start.”

The door of the room exploded open and a badly wounded Carla Reynolds stood in the frame clutching a Shotgun.

She woozily took aim and shot wide but the interruption had given Jenner the opening she needed. She drove her palm into Gretch’s right eye and jerked down, obliterating his eye and carving his cheek from his face. Gretch howled and staggered backwards. Jenner sat up and quickly pulled her revolver from her boot with her left hand and emptied it into the mad man. All six shots found their mark in his chest, Gretch collapsed to the ground and convulsed for a few seconds before finally stopping. Jenner reloaded her pistol fumbling a little because of her wounded right hand and adrenaline before firing another six shots directly into the man’s head.

She wasn’t taking any chances.

When she was finished she ran to Reynolds side.

“Did I get him?” The Sky Captain asked lamely and Jenner could see blood was running into her eyes blinding her.

“Yeah you got him.” Jenner said as she cleaned the woman’s face.

Jenner tried to patch up Reynolds but she batted her away.

“Cut it out. The piece of shit killed my crew. I need to get the bird down, help me to the bridge.”

Jenner took the shotgun and helped the woman up to the bridge.


The Gunslinger.

Wylde smirked at Squire and Doom. “So this is it. I must admit I didn’t think you had it in you. Organising all this, bringing together the tribes.”

“Funny how an asshole like you can really pull a team together.” Squire said.

“It is funny really, this is exactly how the Confederation started. Separate groups pulling together to fight a common evil. I wonder if in fifty years...” Wylde mused.

“The Flats will never end up like the Confederation.” Ruby said cutting him short.

“Can you be so sure? Think of the sacrifices you’ve made already to combat us? If you want to stop the possibility of counter attack you’ll need to do even more. You know this Doom.”

Ruby shifted her weight and Wylde smiled, she was getting ready to draw. In response Wylde twirled his blade.

“21 feet. On average it takes an average man less than two seconds to cover that distance. I think we can all agree I am anything but average. I wonder if the Gunslinger Ruby Doom can draw and fire before I plant this blade in her chest?”

Wylde smirked as Ruby dropped her hand to Coleman.

Then time slowed.

Ruby’s hand found the weapon but her eyes didn’t leave Wylde’s.

Ruby’s fingers curled round the grip and started to remove the weapon.

Wylde was holding the blade high and close to his chest, he just going to go for an explosive jab that would penetrate deep.

The gun was clear of the holster and she began to depress the hammer to cock the weapon.

Neither recognised fear in the eyes of the other only bloodlust.

Wylde was bounding with the grace and speed of a sprinter.

The gun was rising and Ruby was ready to fire but first she needed to line up a shot no point shooting wild when she wanted to shoot Wylde.

He was a step away now and started pushing the knife forwards. The momentum and his weight would be more than enough the puncture her sternum.

Ruby had him lined up when Squire threw himself between the two.

Ruby jerked her aim clear to avoid hitting him while Wylde drove the point of blade deep into Squire’s chest.

Then time returned to normal.

Squire grunted but drove a strong fist into Wylde’s face sending the man backwards. He then collapsed to his knees. Wylde recovered and delivered a brutal kick to the man’s face knocking him unconscious immediately.

Ruby had recovered her aim but Wylde was now within striking distance. He dropped to his knees and swept Ruby off her feet. She landed with thud and Coleman clattered from her grasp.

Wylde laughed as he pulled his knife free of Squire’s chest causing the wounded man to gasp and open his eyes with the pain.

Ruby rolled onto her stomach and reached wildly for Coleman but a swift kick to her rib cage stopped her.

On the other side of the roof Squire woozily checked his holster for his gun but it was gone. He saw Ruby was in trouble but any weapon was too far away. His hand fell to the wound in his chest and brushed against his skyhook.

He pulled it from his chest holster and took careful aim while trying to ignore the pain in his chest. Wylde was gleefully stomping on Ruby but gave a sidewards glance towards Squire. When he noticed the gun in the wounded man’s hand’s he stopped for a second.

A second was all Squire needed.

The skyhook screamed as the claw shot forward and the wire unspooled behind it.

The crawl tore through Wylde’s chest and erupted out of his back as it threw the man backwards. The claw lost momentum and arced down the side of the casino.

Ruby seeing her chance grabbed Coleman and fired off a quick five rounds. Each one hitting Wylde.

Wylde gasped and fell to his knees. His chest was a gory mess and he couldn’t catch his breath which probably had something to do with the fact his lungs were splattered across the roof. Squire dropped the grip of the Skyhook while bubbles of blood formed at corners of the Man’s mouth.

Ruby got to her feet and looked at the broken man. Their eyes met and Wylde’s flash with hate before going glassy and then the man slumped over.

She ran to Squire’s side and checked his wound.

“You’ll be fine. He missed the heart.”

“I don’t feel like I’ll be fine. Bastard near took my head off.”

Ruby helped Squire to his feet and the pair limped to the roof off the casino leaving Wylde on the roof.


Reynolds had successfully got the Airship down but she couldn’t be moved from the controls as her condition had worsened. That was why Ruby was surprised to see an armed Jenner Reese getting off the Airship to help them aboard.

“Didn’t expect to see you, Miss Reese.” Ruby offered.

“Gretch moved up his time line. Took out Reynolds crew and tried to get me.”

“How’s Reynolds?” Squire asked. He was now walking under his own steam after Ruby had patched his wound.

“She’s up in the Bridge. It’s not good.”

Ruby stepped aboard followed by Jenner who quickly handed over the shotgun.

“I think this is more your kind of thing.”

Ruby smiled and nodded.

“Wylde?” Jenner enquired

“Dead. Gretch?”


“Well looks like we got a full house then.” Jenner beamed.

The Airship jerked as it lifted off from the Casino roof and quickly rose.


Ruby was looking over the prow of the Airship at the burning city below. The Guardian’s, The Ochil and The Hornets were finishing the last of Gretch’s Army and taking whatever Confederate prisoners they could. Ruby had no doubt the streets were still a chaotic mess but from this high they looked peaceful.

“Reynolds just died. She told me enough to get this thing back down but it won’t be pretty.”

Ruby turned to see Jenner had joined her.

“Dead?” She was shocked Reynolds had seemed so cool and collected it was impossible to imagine her dying even if it was at the hands of Gretch.

“I thought you would want to know. Squire is keeping the Ship in the Air but I’m going to bring us down somewhere outside of New Mesa. Last I saw The Guardians, The Ochil and the Hornet were cleaning up. We won.” Jenner said with a weak smile.

“I don’t think we’d survive another win like this.” Ruby said glumly.

“I know the work is really only beginning, but for now we’ve run them out of the Flats. We’ve captured a lot of their command structure and with all the groups working together for once we might be able to protect the borders of the Flats.”

“What about the White Group?”

“The White Group? No idea what you’re talking about. They’re just a spook story.” Jenner said as she patted Ruby on the back and made her way back to Squire on the bridge.

Ruby nodded and looked down at the burning city below her. New Mesa wasn’t in as good a shape as Farpoint and the rebuilding work would take time. She wondered about what Wylde had said about the beginnings of the Confederacy and if she was witnessing the birth of something similar. The Flats was a changed place and there was little she could do to reverse it. She didn’t even know she would if she could. There was freedom in the way things had used to be done but that freedom had let men like Gretch size power. Maybe they were moving into a new Era on the Flats, an Era of cooperation, where individual strength meant less and people like Alexia Coleman could flourish.

A renaissance of sorts.

On the other hand maybe things would go back to the same they had ever been leaving them open to Confederate Attack again.

Those were worries for later. For the time being Ruby was happy watching the sunrise over the devastated city.


She turned and James Squire was standing behind her.

“I had Wylde in my sights you know.” She said playfully.

“Not a chance he was on you. I had to do it.” He said smiling as he joined her in admiring the scenery.

“So that was your grand plan, take a stabbing?”

“Well it was supposed to be more of a push you to the side sort of move but he was too fast.”

“The bodyguard moves are more Costner’s forte.”

The mention of the missing man brought the playfulness of the conversation to a halt.

“I had no idea about Lancaster. He was a spy the whole time, I hated him.” Squire shook his at the memory.

“He wanted you to. Part of the cover.” Ruby said simply. “The White Group wasn’t all about explosions and shooting people.”

Squire shook his head. “Coulda fooled me.”

Ruby shrugged and just looked at the scenery. Squire leaned on the rail and allowed his hand to meet Ruby’s. She interlocked her fingers in his but they both remained silent and watched the sun rise.


The Rich Kid.

The White Group had ended but that didn’t mean the Flats had no use for people like Jenner any more. In fact now they would need the people working in the shadows more than ever. Now she understood where Mister Charles had gone wrong, he had been motivated by greed and power, that lead him to working for people like Gretch. Jenner now understood that there had to something more, something higher.

She couldn’t articulate the feeling yet but she knew she wanted to put her energy towards making the Flats a better place. While her goal was lofty she knew that to achieve it the tactics of the White Group would have to be employed.

These were concerns for another time though, at that moment she was more concerned about getting the Arcadia back down to the ground.

It was going to be a bumpy ride.

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