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Nicholas Markov III

"Long have the people suffered under the Bolshevik rule. It is time for a new leadership."

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a character in “White Guard, Red Devil, Black Banner”, as played by StormerJohn




Name– Nicholas III of House Markov
Age– 35
Gender– Male
Occupation– Captain of the Equites Division and Baron of St. Petersburg
Faction– White Guard
Species– Human

Personality– Nicholas is a firm follower and believer in the Russian Orthodox Church. He loves the green plains of Russia, usually riding his trusty steed across the grass. He also loves hunting game. Being an aristocrat and self-proclaimed ancestor of the extended Romanov family, he is a decent man. Though he can be sometimes boastful in front of friends, he is kind to his people and to his men. He abhors communism, as he grew up hearing of the horrors and atrocities committed in the name of communism. Nicholas is also considered a non-liberal, unlike his allies in the White Guard, as he wishes for a return to a more monarchic form of the consulate. He is also considered by many to be a Tsarist, as well, opting for a monarchy lead by a man who truly knows how to lead. He is a caring and loving person, but is never emotional. Nicholas is also a well-known officer because he treats his men with respect, but never fails to punish them if it comes to that.
  • The White Guard
  • Monarchy
  • Space travel
  • Conquering
  • Equestrianism
  • Mobility
  • Order
  • Tradition
  • Family
  • Truth and honesty
  • Disorder
  • Chaos
  • Slugging
  • Delays
  • The Bolsheviks
  • Communism in general

Physical Description– Nicholas Markov, being a person of nobility and great wealth, is unlike most of his soldiers. His skin is pale, and he sports a moustache that contrasts him with the rest of his men. His hair is short, and like his eyes, are coloured black. He is an average-sized man, standing at 175m, and weighing in at 70kg. His body is fit and slightly muscular.
Equipment and Weaponry–
  • Saber
  • Pistol
  • SMG
  • His horse (I'm adding that here)
History– Nicholas Markov was born in the Markov Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia, after the destruction of a majority of the city by Bolsheviks in their most recent attempt to attack Russia. Nicholas III's father, Nicholas II, lead part of the Free Russian Army against the Bolshevik invasion force, which attacked through Sweden and invaded Federalist Finland. His father defeated the enemy advance after the Russians delayed the Bolsheviks. The Bolshevik tanks got stuck in the mud, and Russian mounted cavalry and motorized infantry, with the help of anti-tank weaponry, succeeded in crushing the stuck Bolshevik spearhead.

Nicholas was born a year after the attempted invasion, and grew up with loving parents. As a child, he was taught many things. He was taught how to ride horses, how to fight with swords, how to shoot guns. Of all these three, he vastly excelled in horse-riding. Nicholas was also brought up into a charitable Orthodox Christian family. He joined military school at the age of 18 after several years of education in governance, politics, language, and religion. He was a lieutenant by 20, and that was roughly the same time when the White Guard was formed to replace the Free Russian Army. Nicholas found use of cavalrymen in modern warfare as recon units that joined with light tanks. He regularly joined along these reconnaissance missions just so he can ride his steed off and combat enemy recon units. He used tanks occasionally, but he used his horses effectively to also draw out enemy troops and get them stuck on soft ground that got their heavy equipment stuck, delaying the enemy. For years, this was what he did, and because of this, he was considered one of the best. He refused any type of promotion, instead wishing to serve in the front to fight his men's battles alongside them.

He was first distinguished in combat against the Bolsheviks in Titan. Though he was unable to use his horses in foreign worlds with different pulls of gravity, Nicholas performed well with his tanks, as well. He used the same strategy, setting a trap in the battlefield that was strong enough to support the tank of aluminum Nicholas and his recon crew, but would eventually turn mushy as heavier machines step foot on it. The trap worked against the Bolsheviks, leading to the victory in Pluto. He had always been confident in himself in his endeavors, but remains ever careful to prevent any mistakes. Now, he waits in Terra for the arrival of their general once again, for one final push against the Bolsheviks, for the retaking of Terra, and for the reestablishment of the consulate.

Skills and Hobbies–
  • Horse-riding
  • Playing cricket
  • Hunting in Siberia

So begins...

Nicholas Markov III's Story