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White Lotus: The New Breed

White Lotus: The New Breed


"When the nations need you the most, where will you stand? Choose wisely."

371 readers have visited White Lotus: The New Breed since Dumisa created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

avatar: the last airbender, legend of korra




Bending is only a recent discovery in comparison to the time of Avatar Aang and Korra, in a world where there is no such thing as the Avatar, yet benders live everywhere. Originally, the four nations all lived on the central continent know known as the Earth Nation. The Airbenders live atop the highest mountains of the land, where they cut themselves off from the other benders. The Waterbending tribes are split into three, in the Western, Northern and Southern Bays. They take their fishing business very seriously and rely heavily on trade with the Earth Cities. The Fire tribes are spread throughout the land, however one is located to the West in a mountain range. They split off from their roots, the Sun Warriors, seeking fortune in the great continent and became a part of the culture for hundreds of years. Meanwhile the Earth Cities, not anywhere near the level we know them as today, but still hold a particular beauty of their own. Notice that I do not refer to them as a Kingdom, because then, they were just cities and held no common alliance. They were the most intermingled of the bending tribes, where all four bending elements just lived together and held no displeasure with each other. Not in quite some time.

However in the recent years, the cooperation they once had has become rare. The Earth Tribes stay inside their cities built with bending. The Fire Tribes are bandits and thieves who live along traveling routes all over the continent. Water Tribes are mostly isolated near the oceans and nearby rivers, focusing on fishing as their main trade but have begun to tap into resources that the Earth Tribes claim as their own. Lastly, the Air Tribes stick to mountains and forage the forests surrounding them. And the Earth Tribes, feeling more established and boasting the largest number of people, have turned to tyranny. Claiming that for their protection, the tribes have to pay. Including their own people. The Air Tribes have resisted this for many years as they have fewer numbers, but the best training; The Fire Tribes have the most experience through battle; The Water Tribes are illusive and extremely good at hiding, or just playing coy. Note that not everyone from each tribe is this way, many of each do not participate in the crimes of their people, but are discriminate against all the same. Like a Fire Tribe member in the city, would be shunned and labeled a thief, having never stolen anything in their life. Maybe even killed, just for being of the same lineage.


Our story starts in this time, when even the elements fought each other, before the Avatar ever showed the world what a little balance could do and when the Spirits were commonplace beings that could be found without ever trying to look. Right now, the discrimination is the worst it has ever been. A secret organization, named The White Lotus, are rebelling against the war in small strikes that the tribes are blaming on one another. We will be playing characters from each nations, who have joined The White Lotus, in secrecy and are willing to fight or die until the end of the war.


1. Firebender Representative - Orange. Reserved by aarondalea & Bugbuster.

2. Waterbender Representative - Blue. Reserved by Naught and Snowdrift.

3. Earthbender Representative - Olive. Reserved by Dumisa.

4. Airbender Representative - Wheat. Reserved by Miyer.

5. Swordsman Representative - Silver. Reserved by Roku Mushabuki.


1. Respect - This rule is the most important because we are all adults here, so can we please act like it. Also, respect my roleplay, rules, other people's characters and others, in general. By respecting other people characters, I simply do not kill them or beat the living shit out of them without their consent.

2. Have Fun - This rule is also important. Isn't roleplaying suppose to be all about fun anyway? So, let us, as writers, come together and create a beautiful, creative and fun story.

3. GodModding, Autohitting - Please do not do this or whatever else fall underneath these categories.

4. Activity - Please be active in both in the In Character and Out of Character. As a matter of fact, I only want active writers only.

5. Characters - Make them realistic, for one. Everyone, even people in the Avatar world, have weaknesses and flaws. If they don't then they will not be accepted. Make sure that you only use an anime pic for your pics in the character sheet, please. Also, before submitting your own character sheet make sure that you review the previous character sheets so that your characters are not the same. I want all of the characters to be unique. I also want this to be a small roleplay so if someone reserves the spot before you, don't hesitate to challenge them for that spot. I'll pick the writer for that role who has the best character sheet.

6. Character Sheets - Please fill out all of the areas that I have provided. And when you see a recommended amount of paragraphs, I really mean that recommended amount of paragraphs. Also, to show that you have read the rules, include your favorite avatar moment in the Other section of the sheet. This can also be found in the OOC section of the roleplay. Wherever you seen color=??? in the sheet, put the color of your respective role, please.

7. Posting - This is meant to be an advanced literate roleplay, so please be able to post a minimum of 300+ words per post. Also, for you speed posters out there, before you post again make sure that three people have posted after your last post before you post again. Please try to post within a two day time span, if you cannot then please let me know so that we are not waiting for your post. If you are going to be gone for three days or more, please let me know so we can discuss a way to take your character out of the events that may be going on at that time. Thanks.

8. Reservations - Reservations will last for 48 hours, two days unless to kindly ask for an extension. Also, in order to reserve a character, please include your favorite Avatar character in the Out Of Character.

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Most recent OOC posts in White Lotus: The New Breed

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

@Miyer: It's okay - She's accepted.

@Naught: Okay. ^.^ Please hurry and get him done because I got a feeling he is going to be awesome.

@Tran Quil: Consider your reservation reserved. :)

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

I'm on a path to start and try to finish him off. But, I don't want to put half of my heart into it! I've been trying to finish him though so, I am still here ^ ^

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

Sorry Dumisa, I have been kind of put off finishing sky because I got to the bio and stopped... I can't think anything! Don't worry, I have an idea of what to write now and am finishing her off!

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

I'm still interested in it! (I'm actually working on my character right now haha)
I think you should just with it as it is! And if people are inactive you can just kick them and look for new people. That way we'll end up with a solid cast of active players.

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

Are you guys still interested in this because if not then I need to reboot it so I can get me a new cast? Just saying, didn't intend to make that sound mean. :/

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

I'm not sure how many authors you are allowing, but would it be possible for me to reserve a swordsman representative?
Also, my favourite character is Iroh. Iroh for president 2014.

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

@Everyone: How is bio creating coming? Anyone need any help with anything? If so, be sure to ask me. :)
So ready to get this started and off of the ground.

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

Okay thank you ^ ^ I think I just need the personality and history now. I'm so excited for this! :D

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

@Naught: Wow. Finish him up and he'll be accepted. I love the uniqueness that you are giving him. :) Nice work, so far. :)

@Roku: Please remove the brackets [] from your completed character skeleton. Can't really give you much feedback because, well, you know. :P

@Miyer: Wheat seems like a eye squinting color so let's change that color to brown, please.

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

What ._. I thought it was bearable. Obviously not ATLA quality (especially the Finale. GOD that finale. I was in tears- too beautiful), but it was pretty good, especially since Korra actually developed some character! (as opposed to Makko and Bolin- God the creators ruined the brothers)

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

My campus has poor internet so I had to submit my character sheet before the server went down. I'll finish it soon

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

I dragged through the second. The only thing worth it was wan(first avatar). He was around when cities weren't built, people lived on lion turtles, spirits were around, and later people started fighting with the spirits when they got their bending. That was kinda cool.

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

@Aaron: I didn't even finish watching the second season because I didn't like it, like, at all.

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

@Dumisa: Oh, really? The main thing I had against it was when Korra got all angst with Makko and broke up with him. I had faith in Makko to not do something stupid, but no- he immediately went back to Asami!

I feel sorry for the girl: loses her father, loses her corporation and money, goes bankrupt, finds a business partner only to be absolutely screwed over by him. And to fall in love with one of the most horrible player-characters of all time. Sheesh.

Hahaha sorry, but, yes. I thought that the second season was rather well thought out besides the huge love-triangle (oh, and Bolin was a huge arse) thing. Loved the Wan-little-series- loved Uncle Iroh's appearance :D

sorry, i rant a lot about LOK/ATLA ._.

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

@Miyer: Looking good so far, just finish her up and I'll give it one more look over and I'll accept her.

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

Could I possibly reserve the water bender?

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

Could I reserve the Firebender?

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

@Everyone: Consider all your character reservations reserved. I'll put your names by them when I leave work today. Also, welcome again, Miyer. :) And Aaron, you might just become my new best friend because I loooooooooove the Avatar series except season two of LOK. By the way, I have a lot of Avatar roleplaying ideas. Just saying.

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

You forgot Iroh.

I'm reserving the swordsman representative.

Re: White Lotus: The New Breed

CRIPES, MAN! I already have so many WIPs on my belt but this role-play just calls to the depths of my soul because I FRIGGIN' LOVE ATLA/LOK. Like, please, I need to take a breather for a second.

Anyways, I would love to reserve the fire bender (seeing as the water bender has already been reserved). Truth be told, I'm not sure if I can really choose a favorite character. I LOVE Iroh (the Uncle, not the Zuko-imposter), and I LOVE Aang, Zuko and Katara! Especially Katara- Christ! I still remember that scene when she almost kills the man who took her mother away. That was some emotional stuff there.

And I love Sokka.

I can't believe I forgot Toph.

Sorry, you sort of just unlocked the Chamber of Secrets here hahahaha! So, yes. :D

P.S. will be we be able to meet the lionturtles ._.