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0 · 259 views · located in Bluffington, Minnesota

a character in “White Picket Fences and Apple Pie”, originally authored by Cayleen, as played by RolePlayGateway



♂|Jun30|♋|18|MN|Faun & College Student



Physical Description
Height- 5'4" (3 inches shorter than Leo)
Hair- Light brown, dirty blond
Eyes- Dark brown, basically blind
Antlers- Twig-like, deer
Fur- Solid black, dark brown

Above average smarts, a bit ditzy, quiet
Generally liked by others
Generally likes others

Shares an apartment with Leopold
Works at Crabapple's bookstore

So begins...

Sal's Story

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#, as written by Cayleen

“Did you hear that bitch? She asked if I got my hooves buffed by the local goblins. Goblins! Like I’d ever stoop that low. And I mean even if I did, I most certainly wouldn’t let the local goblins touch my babies. Have you seen their claws? Honey, I don’t think so.” Leopold looked up from his phone screen to see Sal nod sagely. That’s what he liked about Sal; he was cute and he listened. But mostly he was cute.

Speaking of attractive people, Leopold had a certain water nymph to see. He went back to his phone and turned abruptly on his hooves, effectively cutting Sal off and causing him to stumble. Without looking up, Leopold continued into the forest, leaving Sal all by his puzzled self.

“Uh-um, so I’ll just be going then?”

“See ya, Sal.” Leopold pocketed his phone in his open cardigan and lit a cigarette. Health warnings be damned, he looked cool as hell. The forest was relatively peaceful, and by that Leo meant loud-mouth birds and gross-ass bugs infested his space and air. Ugh. Why did nature have to be so gross. He frowned down at the bramble. Bluh. He was probably gonna get twigs and shit all stuck up between his toes. And he had just gotten them buffed and trimmed, too. Sigh, the things one does for love.

Leopold hummed to himself, lost in a lover’s reverie, and tilted his head back and exhaled. He watched the puff of smoke drift and curl through the leaf-filtered light. Damn. He should have brought his camera. That would have been such a choice snap for his blog… add a little photoshopped triangle in the center, maybe even an inspirational quote… ‘My brain hums with scraps of poetry and madness‘. Yeah, something like that. So choice.

A high pitched screech tore him from his daydream and Leopold’s ears folded back against his skull. “Jesus!” He gripped one of his throbbing ears and cursed. Stupid fucking oversensitive ears and stupid fucking nature. Why couldn’t Mother Nature teach her creations not to squawk in unsuspecting passerbys’ ears? Is that such a hard concept? He huffed and stubbed out his cigarette on a neighboring tree, tossing it to the floor. What, it’s not like he was going to stub it out with his hoof in the underbrush, that could potentially start a forest fire. He couldn’t let that happen, he was a forest deity after all.

Righting his beanie and tugging his cardigan back into place, Leopold started back on his trek to the lake. He had future-boyfriend stalking to do.

The setting changes from Bluffington, Minnesota to Downtown


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#, as written by Cayleen

“You go for a swim recently?” An inquiring voice sounded from behind, sending a spark of tension through Leo’s shoulders.

“Oh, you must think you’re real cute,” he said with a harsh snort, “’Did I go for a swim’ Ha! I’ll have you know I work very hard to perfect my stylishly casual look every morning and that’s not something you just-just throw away by jumping in a goddamn lake.” Leo’s voice cracked with emotion, “My life is so hard and no one understands.”

That not-quite-campfire smell returned and before Leopold could complain, he was hit with a scalding blast of heat. “W-what do you think you’re doing,” Leo shrilled at the walking furnace, “Oh, no, absolutely not. If this mud dries it will be even harder to wash out!” He huffed indignantly, lifting his nose to the air, “Not to mention the shrinkage that could occur if these are not properly handled,” The ‘were you raised in a barn’ was left unsaid.

“Now why don’t you go fuck off before you set something important on fire.” With a huff and a twirl Leopold clomped off across the road towards his apartment building. Fucking Forge-Walkers, think they can solve everything. A bunch of hot heads is what they are, clunking about with their hulking mass and raging temperature. Bah.

The floorboards creaked as Leopold navigated the narrow halls, his clomps and frustrated grumblings muffled by the plaster walls. Leo reached for his apartment’s doorknob, eager to save his damp clothing, only to find it resisted. Sal must have locked up before work, the overcautious deer. Leo dug in his wet cardigan pocket, hunting for his keys, only to find his fingers found nothing, “No, no nononono,” Oh, gods show him some mercy. Where were his damned keys? “Sal, you in there?” He called through the door, still futilely turning the handle. When no answer came, Leo jiggled the doorknob violently one last time before thumping his horns against the door in defeat. Gods dammit! His keys must have fallen out in that accursed lake. Freaking mermaids. There was absolutely no way he was going back into the forest to find them, but he certainly wasn’t going to stand around and watch the mud dry.

Leopold stomped back out of the apartment building, rushing towards Crabapple’s and grumbling over the injustice served to him by the universe. Hopefully Sal was still there. Sal better fucking be there, there will be hell to pay if Leo is forced to scour the town for him in such a tragic state. Thank the gods the bookstore wasn’t all that far from the apartment, only a few windows away from Reynolds’ Records, actually. Leopold’s angry trot did not slow as he threw open the doors of Crabapple’s, murderous gaze zeroing in on the startled faun behind the counter, “Sal! I need your key.”


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If there was anything that annoyed the hell out of Lendri the most that didn't end in her breaking faces, it was those that thought they were better then everyone else. Usually, she had fairly good relations with the local satyrs. She was often invited to bonfire parties and such and given food every now and again. Or maybe they were fauns....either way they never treated her with the respect she gave them.

She huffed, an obvious raise of her brow. "Excuse me for going a kindness. Maybe I should find an ice nymph to freeze you next time. Jerk." She said in a matter-of-fact tone before heading toward downtown. For her, being downtown was always something of a mixed bag. Depending on the people here, it was either looks of fear or a simple greeting like old neighbors. This time was the lucky one, no one ran from her in fear , though small children ran up to her wanting to pet her. "Momma! Momma! Can we keep it?" One child said as he pulled at the end of her tail, she looked back, smiling to herself as she lifted the child and plopped him on her back. "Kayle! Don't be rude, she's not a pet!" The mother scolded as she lifted the child into her arms. "I'm so sorry Lendri. I thought I taught him some manners." Lendri smiled and waved her hand in casual dismal. "It's fine. I don't mind really. He can ride on my back any time he wants, he just caught me off guard is all." The mother smiled and child waved at her as they went on with their day. It was spring break for the younger students this time of year after all. More situations would arise like this.

She made her way toward Crabapple's. A bookstore she adored since arriving to town and the couple there always welcomed her and she sated Mr.Crabapple's inquaries with questions about her kind. Harmless questions and it always started a conversation with them. She had a decent relationship with them, so wandering inside the bookstore and reading in place wasn't something that was out of the ordinary. But running into an angry satyr again that she had tried to help was something that...wasn't intended. She muttered something under her breath before heading over toward the mythology section, satifiying her need for knowledge. "Afternoon Sal. Hope your morning was decent." She greeted as she peered over the shelves, crouching on her hind legs for the books on the upper shelves.


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As i struggle to control my blood flow, i feel like my cover is blown. I back away behind the shelves and stuff the sticky book regarding lizardfolk erotica back to the shelf. Maybe i can get at close range some other time. That butt won't stop haunting me. Some people would say that i should get my mind out of the gutter. I feel like my mind is the gutter.

I spot a strange metal creature pulsating with heat amongst the shelf. My mind fills me with confusion as i try to comprehend the creature before me. Man, the creatures of this world are a gift that keeps on giving. Like that Ettin back in Norway, he was a blast. After some observation of it's shiny forms, i decide to back away.

A shout catches my magical demon ears, a young voice. I peek behind a shelf to see an angry faun shouting at a scared faun. Psh, creatures of the woods are always fighting aren't they. The angry one has a nice frame though, not to mention rather long horns..

The setting changes from Downtown to Bluffington, Minnesota

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C a s s i u s

I didn't pay much attention to the population growth within the musty store until I heard the sweet shrills coming from the front of the store. I whirled around and grinned broadly at Willow, hair flopping into my face to obscure my perfect vision. “Welp, I hear the delightful screeching of my arch nemesis so I'm off to go piss him off some more!” I bid my goodbyes to the fellow teenager witch, completely dismissing the chilling sensation experienced moments ago into the “random things that don't make sense but are probably due to adolescent magic being haywire” pile.

Spinning on my worn heels, I snatched the cheap but interest-quipping novel (not that cheap isn't also a wonderful quality for a book to have, but I digress) from the shelf it resettled itself upon when my momentary romp with the wooden, scuffed floorboards. The torn cover seduced me with it's block font and blindingly yellow everything. So, logically, I stopped walking, leaned against a conveniently placed bookcase, and flipped through the pages. Quickly stumbling over the words that were in English but seemed like a different version of English only spoken on Jupiter, my face contoured into a mixed look of horror, amusement, and confusion. My eyes, which were a lovely shade of dark brown if you wanted to know, narrowed in sudden determination to finish this potentially convoluted novel and cause other people suffering along the way.

Rubbing my closed eyes because rubbing open eyes would hurt obviously, I meandered my way over to the cash register, which was maned by the lovely Sal, a calm, shy faun who was all frazzled up by the shouting of my favorite person in the world. The last time I encountered my favorite person in the world, he ended up slapping me with the strength of a butterfly until I started rolling around on the forest floor laughing my guts out. Which, in turn, caused him to stomp away in a huff.

“Sal! How's my favorite cashier doing and my lovely friend Leo?” I smiled my dazzling dimpled smile that made me look more goofy than usual while slinging an arm over Leo's damp T-shirt giving him a friendly squeeze.

“Went for a quick swim, huh? Welp now you've ruined your lovely shirt. Hope it wasn't expensive,” I smirked at the short goat-man, who on closer inspection was flushed with fury. Eh, self-preservation is for losers and those who get more than three hours of sleep but that's besides the point.

“Al-alright, well other than running into that pole....oh! Did you want to purchase something? Or do you need help looking for a book?” the faun inquired before adjusting his over-sized glasses.

I handed him the book, Naked Lunch, and replied “Nah I got this place mapped out on the back of my hand, just wanted to procure this book.”