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Whitechapel: The Ripper Returns

Whitechapel: The Ripper Returns


After the dreadful attacks in Whitechapel, London. The citizens are coping and moving on. They believe that the murders are over, but perhaps they've just begun. Welcome to Whitechapel.

847 readers have visited Whitechapel: The Ripper Returns since peace_of_mind7 created it.

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Will You Survive? Or Will The Ripper Claim You Next?


In 1888, Jack the Ripper roamed the streets of London, taking the lives of five women in Whitechapel. The district was in a panic, going on a wild goose chase for the allusive killer. It's been a year now, and the streets of Whitechapel feel safe, now that the murders have stopped. Unfortunately, The Ripper is still at large and he hasn't quenched his thirst for blood...yet.

You receive a letter which reads:

You are cordially invited to 1233 Whitechapel Lane. Dress formally and prepare to a night to remember.


You are confused as to who this mysterious host is, yet you are compelled to attend this event, little do you know...this could be the last event that you'll ever attend.

Guest List


1. Jameson Little
2. Sean Alexander Backfield
3. Nathaniel Jenkins


1. Angel Ramos
2. Victoria Winchest
4. Jacklyn Hanson
5. Ester Rose Winston

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Toggle Rules

There are a few rules, but they are easy to follow. Let it be known, that I will kick people out of the roleplay if I believe that the rules are not being followed.

1. I will be choosing one of you to be the infamous Jack the Ripper. Your deadly identity will be a secret and I will PM you to tell you that you are the chosen one. When I PM you, I will include Jack's restrictions, abilities, etc. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.

2. Please respect one another as roleplayers. We are all writer's here, so let's get along. Your characters, however, are free to be as mean to one another as you please.

3. I'm asking for literate players. I'm not going to be a Grammar Nazi and pick at all your posts, but I'll need to understand what I'm reading. I expect at least 250 words, NO ONE LINERS!

4. Sex scenes will not be descriptive. You can fade to black or PM, just don't keep it here.

5. Regarding reservations, I will hold them for 24 hours, if an extension is needed then PM me and I will give you an additional 24 hours.


7. Real People in the appearances, please.

8. If you've read the rules this far, write the word 'RIP' anywhere in your character application.

9. Please use the character sheet that I've provide, feel free to add any additional information, be as descriptive as you want. You can even change the layout of the sheet, but keep the information that is required.

10. Try to post regularly, if you are unable to post for a longer than 3 days then notify me. I won't bite, I'll understand, we all have lives outside of this website.

11. Please be creative!

If you have any question, don't be afraid to ask :)

Warning: Blood, gore, and violence will most likely be apart of this roleplay. If you are opposed to this, then this is not the roleplay for you.

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 4 authors

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Character Portrait: Angel Ramos
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Angel Ramos

Angel opened her big brown eyes and pushed herself off of her knees. The smell of jasmine and freshly baked tarts surrounded her in a cloud of wonder as she stood up from the floor. Soon enough, her mother scurried in with a silver tray that held a steaming pot of tea and a plate of lemon tarts. Angel smiled gratefully as Mrs. Ramos gingerly placed the tray onto the small mahogany table that reside on the other side of the parlor.

"Have you finished your prayers, my Angel?" Her mother smiled sweetly, placing his wrinkling hand on Angel's smooth delicate cheek.

"Yes, mum," she nodded, leaning into her mother's hand. "I prayed for you, for father, and for all the families that ever lost a loved one or ever will."

"Good, I'm proud of you."

Angel sat down on the floral patterned love-seat before picking up a cup of tea and inhaling it's beautiful scent. "Jasmine..." she sighed happily.

"I know it's your favorite," Mrs. Ramos said with a bit of an edge to her light voice. Angel furrowed her brows...something was up. Since when did her mother ever make her favorite tea and dessert without wanting something in return. She took a small sip of the scolding liquid coolly before looking back up at her mother, who was now standing behind the chair across from Angel.

"You want something," Angel said with a look of uncertainty. "Something...that I most likely won't approve of. Just tell me and we can get this over with, mother."

Mrs. Ramos' smile grew two times it's average size. "I've met this fine man that would be perfect for you," Angel said nothing, just stood up and prepared herself to walk out of the room. "Before you try to dismiss it, Angel, please...just talk to the lad."

"Time and time again, I've told you that I am not interested in marriage. Please accept that."

Mrs. Ramos gently grabbed her daughter's shoulder, forcing her back onto the love-seat to Angel's dismay. "I understand, sweetheart, but I think you just need to meet the right gentleman. Give this one a chance. Do it for your poor aging mother that wants to see her grandchildren one day." Angel sighed, but didn't respond instead she bit into a lemon tart. Her mother, however, took that as a yes. "Sebastian," her mother chimed. "It's safe you come out now, love."

In walked a tall man with thick sideburns and a mustache that looked like he cemented a squirrel to his upper lip. He seated himself across from Angel and smiled from underneath his hairy lip.

"I'll leave you two to chat," Mrs. Ramos said excitedly then left the room. Angel held back her annoyance by remained silent. She bit into her lemon tart again. The suitor watched her awkwardly for a minute or two before speaking. "Your mother tells me that you are a catholic girl."

Angel sipped her tea nonchalantly, "My mother tells the suitors at least."

He shifted uncomfortable in his seat. "So this isn't the first time this has happened?"

She sighed, placed her tea and tart on the table then looked the suitor right in the eye. "Let's just hurry along, shall we? I don't wish to be married and let's face it, you are not comfortable in the slightest. Let's just...accept that this won't work and you can go on your marry way." The suitor was at a loss for words. Angel shook her head in annoyance and stood up, making her way towards the exit. "I would say that it was a pleasure to meet you," she said sweetly with a sympathetic smile. "But God doesn't like liars." She left the room and entered the real world. The London sky was gray, but lovely and the breeze gently brushed her skin. She sighed yet again as she took a step out of the doorway. Her heel caught on something, causing her to almost slip. After regaining her balance, Angel peeled the paper from her heel. It was a letter that was addressed to her. She opened it, feeling the curiosity flow over her. She read the single lined text and tilted her head to the side. "Who is...R?"

2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Nathaniel Jenkins Character Portrait: Sean Alexander Backfield
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#, as written by yuffey
Sean opened his eyes as he stared at the window. The yard was looking more yellowish and dry due to the fact that there was a small drought. With a sigh, Sean moved his blanket off of his body and stood letting the night gown fall in place around his waist and his knees. He scratched his head, roughing his hair in a more ruffled way. “Please bring some rain, God,” he grumbled, stumbling into the hallway to knock on Nathanial’s door.

He allowed the man to stay since the house was so empty and he was lonely. The man was nice enough to stay on his side and away from Sean, but there were times when that changed. Sean enjoyed the little talks they had while sitting at the dinner table. He was usually the one that cooked, since the maids and the house workers left.

With a sigh he stopped at the bright white door and knocked. “Nathanial, time to get up,” Sean said. He turned around and walked away as he moved down the stairs. The house was a decent size, nothing spectacular, but decent for a man with his amount of money.

Sean walked downstairs which entered into a hallway with mahogany wood as the walls. It shined brightly as there were no maids, but Sean kept himself tidy and busied himself with cleaning when he felt like it.

However, as he stepped down the last step he stopped short. The den door was closed, something that never happened. He stepped towards the door and opened it, glaring at the sight. A woman’s knickers were on the floor beside Nathanial. “Nathanial what is this?” Sean asked as he reached over, picking up his cane, using it to pick up the knickers.

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Character Portrait: Jacklyn Hanson
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Will fix

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Character Portrait: Nathaniel Jenkins Character Portrait: Sean Alexander Backfield
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There was one thing that Nathaniel hated more than boredom and it was mornings. The sun blazed on his face through the glass of the window that resided on the wall next to his bed. He groaned in annoyance, turning onto his face to shield himself from the bright sunlight. He found himself slipping back into the state of vulnerability: sleep. It wasn't until Sean entered his quarters that his annoyance flared into full-blown aggravation. "Nathaniel, time to get up," Sean's voice assaulted his ears. Nathaniel frowned, peeking one eye open, but then retreating back under his blanket, due to the bright light.

"Must you wake me?" Nathaniel groaned. "It was a long night, Sean."

"Nathaniel," he could hear Sean's movements. "What is this?"

Reluctantly, Nathaniel pulled the blanket from over his head and eyed Sean tiredly. His face was void of any and all emotion as he stared at the knickers that hung from Sean's cane. He blinked his droopy eyes, rubbing them with the back of his hand before finally building up the strength to sit up straight and answer his companion's question. He glanced at the knickers quizzically.

"I believe those are Molly's," he answered with a yawn following closely behind. Just then there was a stir underneath his blankets and a woman pulled the covers off of her body. Her brown hair was tangled and her powdered face wasn't as attractive as it was through the haze of alcohol from last night. She stretched her freckled arms and yawned loudly, letting the blankets fall from her bosom. "Good morning," she said tiredly.

"Good morning, Molly," Nathaniel said with a crooked smile. She furrowed her thin brows and frowned through the fog of sleep.

"My name is Eliza," she told him with a deadpan tone.

"Oh," Nathaniel shrugged. "My apologies, Molly was here the night before last...or was that Nina?" He paused in thought, recalling the past couple of nights. When he couldn't get a handle on the past, he dismissed it with a wave of his hand. "Anyway, you can go now, Dana."

She stood up, clad in absolutely nothing. She gathered her belongings and sneered at Nathaniel while snatching her knickers from Sean's cane. Before she left the room, she turned around and spat, "My name is Eliza, you arse." Then she left.

Nathaniel gave Sean a lazy grin, "Beth is a wild one, she is."

2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Nathaniel Jenkins Character Portrait: Sean Alexander Backfield
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#, as written by yuffey
Sean sighed as he looked at his friend and scratched his head; today this was going to be his habit. "Again?" He asked as he stepped forward after the woman left. There was a vase broken with water on the floor, the cushions were in disarray, and a side table with a lamp was on the floor. "How many times are you going to bring girls into this room?" He picked up the table, setting it right up and walked around still holding the cane.

"At least she left a souvenir this time," he said while tossing the knickers with the cane to Nathanial. "I do wish this would stop. Using women like this, really Nathanial?" He shook his head and set his cane down to pick up a vase. "At least take her to your room so that you can mess up that."

He wiped his hands on his night gown with a look of disgust. He wasn't fond of getting clothes wet or dirty, but where else was he going to dry his hands. Sean may have grown up poor, but he turned into a rich man quickly. Moving towards Nathanial, he picked up the man’s shirt with his hands and tossed it to him. "You ought to get dressed; I'm going to cook breakfast this morning."

With a quick turn of his heels, this was a habit due to being in the orphanage, he took quick steps to the small kitchen and saw that he forgot to buy items for breakfast the other day. An exasperated sigh came from his lips once more as he walked out. "Nathanial, I'm going into the market. Is there anything particular you want for breakfast?" He asked peeking into the den.

2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Nathaniel Jenkins Character Portrait: Sean Alexander Backfield
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"The red haired woman from the fruit stand would be splendid," Nathaniel replied with a lazy smile as he pulled the shirt onto his body. "And a bottle of brandy." Nate picked up a pair of stray trousers, pulling them up and over his legs. He could feel the sun's rays warming the exposed skin that showed through the unbuttoned dress shirt. He went to the window, looking out at the streets of London and squinting against the bright light.

"Lovely day," he yawned, stretching his arms wide. His eyes drifted to Sean, "I think I'll join on this venture."

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Character Portrait: Victoria Winchest
Character Portrait: Sean Alexander Backfield


Character Portrait: Sean Alexander Backfield
Sean Alexander Backfield

Entering the silent and brooding, Sean Backfield


Character Portrait: Sean Alexander Backfield
Sean Alexander Backfield

Entering the silent and brooding, Sean Backfield

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Character Portrait: Sean Alexander Backfield
Sean Alexander Backfield

Entering the silent and brooding, Sean Backfield

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Re: Whitechapel: The Ripper Returns

I just wanted to remind you all that this RP takes place in the 1800s, so please try to be accurate with the time period.

Re: Whitechapel: The Ripper Returns

We can start the roleplay today. I've chosen Jack the Ripper and whatnot so everything is set. If we get more characters later on then that's great too.

All of your characters will start out the day they receive their letters. Not all of them will no one another. Some may be old friends and some may just be strangers. Once everyone has posted their intros then we can go to Ripper Manor.

Re: Whitechapel: The Ripper Returns

That's not a problem. I've accepted him so all is well.

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Peace, I do not know how to private message, but I will not be able to post my character or finish it until 4th block.

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pennydreadful wrote:I'd like to reserve a male role please :)

Sure. It's all yours.

Re: Whitechapel: The Ripper Returns

I'd like to reserve a male role please :)

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Could I reserve a lady please?
RIP to the girl you used to see, her days are over.. (Sorry I couldn't help it! >.<)

Re: Whitechapel: The Ripper Returns

yuffey wrote:May I be a gentleman? Or shall I fall into a grave of despair and sorrow with RIP written on the top?

Of course! I love the use of RIP.

Re: Whitechapel: The Ripper Returns

May I be a gentleman? Or shall I fall into a grave of despair and sorrow with RIP written on the top?

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orchestraofwolves wrote:Can I reservate a female role please? (:

Consider it reserved.

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Miss_Dreamer wrote:May I have a male and female role?

You got it.

Re: Whitechapel: The Ripper Returns

May I have a male and female role?

Re: Whitechapel: The Ripper Returns

Can I reservate a female role please? (:

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bandgeek wrote:
May I steal one of the ladies? Thank you! <3

Go right ahead.

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May I steal one of the ladies? Thank you! <3

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