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Who Dares Wins?

Harlow High


a part of Who Dares Wins?, by S1mon.


S1mon holds sovereignty over Harlow High, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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this roleplay is my original idea


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Harlow High is a part of Who Dares Wins?.

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Sven Amilio [52] "A smile a day keeps the fears away"
Pierce Hayes [40] "It's like if the music is loud enough I won't be able to listen to my own thoughts."
Nicki Coal [30] "T or D!"
Jamie Higgens [20] "Selfish people are not very nice people."
Sherry Villewski [18] "My whole life is pretty much uncharted...."
Alyssa Novak [8] work in progress, I just wanted to save it, I had to go for a bit. o:

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An hour? He couldn't imagine being stuck in a bathroom for that long, not unless he was locked in there to begin with. Pierce raised an eyebrow at the comment, and it didn't really surprise him that Devin wasted so much time, water and money. Right, he was certainly much more efficient than that nutcase, honesty he didn't even want to begin to think about what went on in Sven's elder brother's mind. It was probably a terrible place, and not in the the sympathetic way. More like a traumatizing one that was full of bad deeds and deplorable thoughts. That was what a bad seed was though, and thankfully Sven didn't seem to be tainted, it would be hard to believe after seeing him in colorful clothing and his hair tied up. For some reason he looked innocent, even if that couldn't be true. No one was innocent at that age, not in the twenty-first century.

"Yeah, it was good." He answered, half distracted by the finer details of the room. Instead of taking the offer of going to Sven's lounge Pierce lifted himself up on a counter, far out of the younger boys way. His ankles rested against the cupboards and his hands cured around the edge of the surface, his body leaning forward. This was normal behavior to him, and he didn't stop to think that it might be seen as rude. "It's alright." He replied bluntly with a shrug, eyes traveling over the kitchen again before settling on the other male. "I'd rather just hang out in here with you." This was the honest truth, he didn't want to be by himself like that in another persons house, especially since this was his first time in here.

The thought of just minding his own business in the lounge when one of Sven's parents came up to him or worse, Devin finding him, made him want to shutter. Even if he was to only enjoy his own company alongside the fire the situation sounded awkward, where he would be staring at a clock and counting the seconds rather than just relaxing. This would be much better, he didn't need to be entertained, and he still needed to get to know Sven a bit more. If the other boy was quiet, consumed in his culinary task, then Pierce would think everything over. He would reply the scene from earlier over and over again in his head, enjoy the memory and survey for anything that he might have missed before moving onto other thoughts; school, the band, friends, and his chaotic family that he hadn't even seen for a few days.

He should probably go back to his parents house after this, just to check up on his younger siblings at least. The blacked haired boy bit down on his cheek as guilt began to bite at his heels. Here Sven was, cooking him dinner, and he hardly ever took care of his own siblings. Granted that they spent plenty of time away from home like he did, he taught them how to manage that, how to stay out of their father's way. It didn't always work, but he couldn't be in that toxic environment for long, couldn't take it, needed to get away. Pierce found his gaze focusing on the floor, and then as the noise of pan began to rang he looked back up, trying to push away, seal off that guilt. They would be fine, he knew they could manage. They weren't helpless, but that couldn't stop him from feeling like an absolute shit brother sometimes. How dare he suggest that he was a better person than Devin?

These thoughts were successfully thwarted by the exposure of skin, just the slightest lift of a shirt that allowed his eyes to caress a smooth torso. Pierce was beyond his heart skipping a beat at such little bare skin, but he also couldn't help himself from looking or thinking about it. Then he was snapped out of the reverie when a question was asked, and his pupils suddenly found the ceiling very interesting. "Well, now that you mention it, I would fancy a cup of water." Pierce looked into Sven's eyes for a moment, and the corners of his mouth raised. "I'd get it myself, but I don't know where your cups are." He explained further, eyes looking away from Sven and around the room, gesturing how he hadn't been able to spot anything to hold the liquid in. They must be in a cupboard or something, but he didn't want to go digging around in all of them, simply because it would be noisy and might annoy Sven. Or at least, it would annoy him if someone was making noise while he was trying to work on something.

For a moment he hummed, an attempt to get himself to stop wondering what Sven might look like without a shirt. Probably fine, lovely even. Was this wrong? He didn't think so, he may be older than Sven by a couple of years but did that really matter much at all? What was two years? A whole lot of life experience, for a teenager at least, but he had seen worse. Junior High students that went out with people in University, even fucked them. Pierce nearly cracked a smile, he had been one of those kids, way back when he was quiet, young, terribly impressionable and also horribly illegal jail bait. Those were rough years for him, self-loathing, homophoic (Therefore, extra self-loathing), insecure, and a million other things. Oddly enough, he liked to think it made him stronger. At least he wasn't on the road to jumping off a building anymore.

What dull thoughts, what was going on in his mind right now? Pierce thought over some things to say, looking at Sven's back as he worked. He didn't want to mention Devin, nor did he want to talk about parents - who did? He was surprised to notice that he was actually struggling with something to say, like he didn't want to say the wrong thing, when usually he wouldn't care. What was up with that? "Do you have any hobbies?" He questioned, and was taken aback by what he said, as if his mouth had formed words without consequent of his brain. "For example, I play bass and sing, they're my passions. What about you?" Despite how awkward it might sound from someone else Pierce was able to speak in a manner that was normal, calm and collected, relaxed, but not so much that he was apathetic. A moment later he realized why he wanted to know, and how simple it was; he wanted to know what kind of things Sven enjoyed, what made him happy, and why.


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#, as written by S1mon
Having company was always nice, and even more so, to cook for them and be as hospitable as he could. The cooking part and cleaning part was the easy bit, since he was used to it over the years from being told to do this and do that. Sure it was unfair and Sven at first saw it as unfair since all Devin did was bark orders and then influence his parents' decision by being the eldest and saying that Sven did it, but in the end, he learnt to look on the bright side. Whenever things didn't go as they should, when things went wrong, when situations were turned on their head in a negative way, he tries to identify a positive and keep such on the top of his mind.

It was hard to keep positive with Devin around, always being the negative, but his demands and all the time that Devin told him to do his dinner all over again to make sure it taste right, had helped him in the end to actually cook decently and it only improved from there. Not for Devin of course, even though he himself had benefited from Sven's cooking, but he then got interested in the whole world of cooking, of flavours, of different tastes, and the huge variety of what he could create and what delicious dishes he could produce. Normal people would usually buy a tub of pasta sauce, but that wasn't enough for Sven as he would make it from scratch and he loved doing it.

"Well, now that you mention it", as he turned to Pierce and seeing his smile, "I would fancy a cup of water. I'd get it myself, but I don't know where your cups are", before seeing him looking around to see if he could find himself. Sven smiled himself in response, "It's alright", before leaving his things where they were and moved over to a small cupboard which was a few centimetres in length but pretty high in height. Once he opened, there was a few shelves as tiny shot glasses were at the bottom, then cups on the next, then mugs, then glasses and plastic glasses, then at the top wine glasses. Afterall, their parents did get around but most of the posh glasses were gifts but they were too proud to admit such.

Sven took a glass and closed the cupboard door, before rinsing with tap water, and then moving to the fridge and pulling out a jug of water which he then poured into the cup. It wasn't that he disliked tap water, but filtered water was alot more healthier and was more good for you, and Sven certainly liked to keep healthy as well as keep a balanced diet and exercise there and then. Even if Devin was evil, he was slim and slender and did keep fit, and it was that trait that Sven had adopted since Devin often worked on himself while he was working for him in the kitchen and doing his clothes etc but he didn't mind. It all helped him be a good host for Pierce, which was something he didn't do often since he was more like the butler rather than the Lord of the Manor.

Putting the jug back in the fridge, he then took the cup and passed it over to Pierce once he was in sufficient range to, before returning to his work station where peppers, tomatos, onions all awaited the chop, until he heard Pierce again, "Do you have any hobbies? For example, I play bass and sing, they're my passion. What about you". Sven couldn't help but smile as he told him his hobby, though unfortunately, the fact he played bass illustrated that he played the 'modern' music, whereas he prefered the classical. Then again, Pierce was cool and only cool fitting music was suit a guy like him. Playing the trumpet, something that he could have fun with, while at the same time produce something nice was what Sven enjoyed, as he replied, "I'm not much of a singer, but I do play, but not the sort of music to go with yours. I like the old classical music and love the brass, why I play the trumpet". He found many instruments were far too easy to play. All you did was drums was bang them, and pianos just involved pressing a key and a guitar, you were just good with your fingers, but with a trumpet and trombone, it was all in your breath and breathing and was particularly hard when you had a play a stressed note as he often did. It was all entertaining and fun though.

"I also love to cook and playing around with different flavours and seeing what I could come up with. Used to be a chore that Devin sent me...", he told him until Devin once again reigned in his mind, why couldn't he just be put aside for a little while, "...but then I got used to it and enjoyed doing it". As he said such, he grabbed his onion and then held it up to him, "These certainly are pains to chop, but the trick is...", as he put the washing bowl in the sink and began filling with water before putting the onion inside, "Chop in water, as prevents the.....whatever its called....from eritating with your eyes", as he took the knife after shredding the papered skin and then chopped the ends, before taking all the paper skin and ends out of the bowl and began chopping as usual.

However, before it gets extravagent with his cookery mind, he then asked, "You like it hot?", before thinking he may have to be more specific since hot could be the temperature which everyone would want, "taste-wise. I don't mean hot as to burn your mouth out, but you mind it having a bit of a kick or not?", glancing occasionally to Pierce, before draining the water and putting the onions on the side, before taking water from the kettle that had just and poured in a saucepan, followed by pasta shells and put on the hob for it to start cooking while he worked on the sauce.


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((Hey I know I haven't been on RPG for a long long time but is there a way I could get Nicki back in the plot?))


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Nicki was in her sister's room digging around for her driving license. Nicki needed ID to back her up if she was going to get away with buying the cigarettes but she knew a fake would be too risky and anyway Nicki was the spit of her big sister so tricking a shop owner should be easy.

Nicki would have to wear sunglasses though because Nicki had brown eyes instead of green. Nicki put on a lot of make up like her sister had done in the photo and put on heels and a leather jacket.It reminded her of being twelve years old and sneeking into the cinema to a see a fifteen, however that was easier when you were tagging along with a load of kids who were actually fifteen or fourteen.

Nicki put her hair down and walked out the door in a rush so her mother didn't question her outfit choice or make up.

She headed to the local corner shop keeping her head down in case someone might shout out to her and give her away. Nicki pushed open the door clenching her teeth when she heard the annoying ding of the bell.

"Good afternoon young lady!" The coffee skinned lady from behind the counter greeted.
"Afternoon." Nicki grumbled. She walked over to the fridge and picked out a coke and walked to the till.
"Ten Malborough Lights please..." Nicki said picking up some gum off the disply on the counter. She put the coke and gum on the counter trying to act casual.
"Sorry love but I'm going to have see some ID, Your lucky enough to look under eighteen..." The woman stated. Nicki smiled and nodded.
"Sure one sec...Is a drivers license ok?" The woman nodded and Nicki preteneded to search for her license before picking it out her pocket.
She showed it to the woman and after some consideration the woman nodded and gave Nicki the cigarettes. Nicki paid quickly and hurried out the shop before the woman noticed something was off.

When she got home she gave a woot of victory. I win! She thought and for the first time ever was looking forward to school.