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Matthew Donahue

I...I... Hi... I'm Matthew, but you can call me Mattie...

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a character in “Who Killed Sarah Kaplan?”, as played by CriminalMinds


[color=#YOUR HEX CODE]Matthew "Mattie" Reese Donahue[/color]

Gender Male
Age 16

Appearance Mattie has reddish brown hair and blue eyes. He is a thin build with no muscles what-so-ever. He wears glasses over his slightly crooked nose which a bully broke back in 5th grade. He's not all that confidence with his looks where he makes up with his brains by being very smart, especially in science and math. His clothes are normally a checkered shirt and plain trousers. Nothing out of the ordinary, just comfortable and slightly boring. He has braces to keep his trousers in place.

Personality Mattie is a very shy and reserved person but once you get to know him he is loveable. He's nice, kind and can be funny when he wants to be. He's definitely a guy that you want to get to know. He is very quirky, and one of his quirks would be his nervousness when talking to anyone for the first time, or to someone he likes, like Sarah, or to people he doesn't like. This happens even when bringing up uncomfortable topics. He is a sweet guy in general and he always means well even if he doesn't go about it in the best way.

Since he started seeing Sarah, he's more social, outgoing and more confident. After Sarah's death he's gone back to the reserved and quiet guys.

History Mattie was born on July the 4th 1995 to his parents, a doctor and a lawyer. They were quick to realise that he was different from most kids, especially from his older brothers and sisters. By two and a half he could read and by five he was reading most children's books. He was accelerating through school and because of it lacked social skills because of bullies. When Mattie was 10, they decided that it was time to put him into a new school that could cater to his smart brains.

At this school he met Sarah. There were still bullies, but he fit in a lot better and he has a few good friends with him as well. He's big on the science fair and the math quizzes. He's a lot happier at this school. He's been here for the last 6 years and has been seeing Sarah for the last few months after getting some courage to talk to her and then ask her on a date. He's completely head over heels in love with her as she's his first ever girlfriend. When she's found dead, he's distraught.

He's a computer wizz
He's a math wizz

Water. He can't swim and he's terrified of pools, the ocean and large bodies of water.


Jerks and the popular kids at school.

He'd love to work as an engineer or in a science field one day.

How they know Sarah Kaplan

Other Important Details

So begins...

Matthew Donahue's Story

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A week wasn't enough. He didn't want to go back. He'd begged his parents to change schools. He didn't want to remember. Mattie wasn't ready to face what happened to Sarah. She was the one girl he'd actually allowed himself to fall in love with. He'd taken a chance and opened up his heart. And what had happened? Life had taken it and stomped on it. His mother was worried about him, seriously worried. All the progress they'd made when he'd changed schools and become a happier person seemed to be for nothing.

Mattie had gone back to that quiet and withdrawn boy once more.

They knew that he had to face what happened. He couldn't just run. He needed to come to terms with it all and get closure. Except Mattie blamed himself for it all. After all, surely if she was happy with him, this wouldn't have happened. That meant that it was all his fault. He should have seen a sign, or something should have went off in his mind; alarm bells something.

But nothing had.

So now, here he was standing at the entrance to the school that had once made him so happy now made him down right depressed. Sighing, he looked at the stuff he'd received regarding rooms and any changes that had been made. Why did he have to come back? Well now he was only going to do one thing. Concentrate on school. That's all.

No girls.

No friends.

Just school.

With that, Mattie headed to his room. He made no effort to greet old friends or make conversation and was grateful that most left him alone to cope. Most people probably didn't know what to say to him and so kept their distance for that reason.

Good... he thought, I don't need anyone now

But one thing couldn't leave him. The guilt, and the question: Why? What had been so bad that made Sarah kill herself? Was it something he'd done, or more to the point something he hadn't done? Who knew? He probably never would. And that hurt the most. Hadn't his love being enough?

Why didn't you tell me, Sarah? I could have helped... I could have done something...

Sighing, he dumped his bag on the bed and started to unpack his things, determined to get his mind off of the past.

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Character Portrait: Matthew Donahue
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So far, so good. Mattie thought.

He'd been in his room for some time now and hadn't been interrupted by anyone. He could be in his own little bubble for a while longer too, hopefully. Mattie just didn't want to be interrupted by anyone. His head was buried in this years math book in hoping that the equations would dislodge Sarah from his mind.

That was his current problem. Sarah was continuously on his mind. She hadn't left his mind. Even solving math equations had her voice in his head, talking to him, asking him questions. Part of him thought that he was going insane. And then he felt his pocket vibrate and he frowned. No one except his parents had his number due to changing his number, and surely they wouldn't be texting now. Or maybe they would be. They were really worried about him.

I'm still here

He dropped the phone in shock before scrambling to pick it up and find out who sent the number. It was from an unknown number. But that could be one-- no it couldn't because only his parents had his number.

Sarah? Could Sarah have found a way to contact him from the afterlife?

Maybe he really was going crazy. Shaking his head he decided to delete the text. He was going to drive himself insane. He was already overcome with guilt over the whole situation. He didn't need idiots sending random text messages to him now. He just wanted to get on with his life and try to cope with losing the one girl he'd allowed himself to love.