Why Do We Fear the Dark?

Why Do We Fear the Dark?


This is a horror story so all is welcomed, except horror-haters -_-

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Interview: After a 911 distress call, police officers and an ambulance was dispatched in order to come to the help of four teenagers. On arrival the police was not ready for the scene they were soon to witness. The bedroom the four teens were in had the walls, ceilings, and floor decorated in blood with a lifeless body sprawled in the middle of the room. The interview that came soon after with one compliant teen went as followed.
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Detective Smith: Now explain to me what exactly happened here?

Natalie Cruz: I don't know.

Detective Smith: What do you mean you don't know?

Natalie Cruz: I don't know what just happened, all I know is that me and my friends were playing a game then all of a sudden the lights went off.

Detective Smith: A game caused this?

Natalie Cruz: Yeah, one of those creepy spiritual games. We're getting off subject!

Detective Smith: Okay, okay continue.

Natalie Cruz: Well, the lights went off and we sat still completely scared, the only sounds made were our breathing and a weird scratching noise.

Detective Smith: Scratching noise?

Natalie Cruz: Yeah, you know the scratching noise a dog makes when it runs along tile floors. At first we thought it was our friend's dog then we remembered that his dog died a year ago.

Detective Smith: And what happened after that?

Natalie Cruz: We began talking all at the same time, we were scared and Richy got up to turn the lights on.

Detective Smith: Richy? The dead now?

Natalie Cruz: Yes... that's Richy.

Detective Smith: Okay, carry on.

Natalie Cruz: He... we couldn't see anything it was completely dark but we could hear it.

Detective Smith: What?

Natalie Cruz: It was everywhere.

Detective Smith: What was everywhere?

Natalie Cruz: It was doing things to him but we could do nothing but scream and claw at dark space.

Detective Smith: What is this "it"?

Natalie Cruz: We didn't even know what it was doing to him, until the lights came back on. The thing was doing horrible things to Richy around us, to our best friend no more then five feet from us.

Detective Smith: What was it doing?

Natalie Cruz: All we were able to do was stumble in the dark until it was finished with him and the lights came back on only for us to witness the aftermath it left behind.

Detective Smith: What are you saying?!

Natalie Cruz: It... it was killing him in the dark.

This is basically an overview of the events that took place before the incident.

As suspected five teens toy with a spiritual game; this game involved a golden tribal knife, a type of board that contained four vials and a centerpiece, and a odd white stone. Each person is to cut their hand and pour their blood in the vials and the blood run down the tubing to the centerpiece where the white stone sits. The stone is bathed in the blood and it is said the trapped spirit within the stone is only released when the stone comes in contact with a worthy individual's blood. When the stone makes contact it turns a black color and shatters and the spirit is free from its imprisonment. Well, after doing these things the stone did as the rumor says and the lights immediately go out and the events above took place.

There are multiple plots that I will list as we progress in the story but the most general and primary one is listed.

Primary: You and your three friends are trying to prove your innocence in the murder that took place in December 5th, 2012 but how can you when everyone already label you guilty. To make matters worse strange things are starting to happen especially in the dark, it's as if you're being hunted down... one by one. So, can you survive the unknown force that seek your life and save your life from a life of prison or will the burden be too much for your puny self to handle?

Characters: These are the slots available, might add more if I am convinced. Also, pay attention for your location in the list because this might be the posting order if I make one.
Teen 1: -Natalie Cruz/4ever 4gotten-
Teen 2: -Katherine Brooke/Elena-
Teen 3: -Rolland Carter/The Protagonist-
Teen 4: -Gylfie Hoole/LoveHateKindOfGirl-
Teen 5: -Richard Neil/Deceased-
Witness 1: -Mason Owens/Zombicide93-
Witness 2: -Available-

Character Sheet:
This is the layout your skeleton must be in and if not I will reject it and do not omit any information unless you clearly state it unavailable in some way. Also, be careful of how you fill out this sheet it will effect your character within the story and the things that happen to them, you shall see ;].

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Role: (Teen or Other)
Grade: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
Blood Type:
Appearance: (Written description)
Status: (Jock, nerd, skater boy/girl, prep, outcast, loner, etc.)
Illness: (Allergies, disease, etc.)
Skills: (Photography, cheating, eavesdropping, brainstorming, chess, etc.)
History: (Short history of your character, don't tell us everything about him/her)
Dark Secrets: (Simply place "Yes" or "No", if "Yes" PM me the secret if "No" do not PM me -_- )

Toggle Rules

Rules: These are the Golden Rules, you must read them and I will know if you do not...

One: No godmodding. I dislike it and I know you dislike it so I know you will not break this number one rule.

Two: Be literate. I expect at least a paragraph from you on majority of your posts, but writer blocks happen so I will be lenient to a degree.

Three: No excessive profanity. Yeah this is a mature RP, but there is a line between angry cussing and plain out stupid posts with profanity all over the darn thing.

Four: Fair amount of romance. romance is allowed and promoted but to a degree, keep all your sexual posts to the PMs.

Five: Stay active. No, this is not a story that you have to post every two hours, but it's a story that require a post once within a day or two.

Six: PM me. Don't be scared to PM me I'm rather nice, I think. Anyways, PM me when you're taking a leave or break so that I get time to prepare for it instead of finding out you ditched a week ago... be considerate of others.

Seven: No flaming. I understand that your character is a jerk but that does not allow you to be a jerk so be nice or shove a broom up your rectum and leave the story.

Eight: PM me again. If you have an idea that affect the story then PM me I will allow it and work it in if I allow it, only if I allow it so don't be scared to throw up an idea.

If you wish to have a role whether custom or not simply place at the bottom of your post in the OOC a color, any color.

Ten: Have fun. Please?

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Richard's House
December 31, 2012
Sunday, 11:27 p.m.

Detective Smith, a young man with dark short hair and dark sunglasses,walked toward his partner that stood at the doorway of the living room. He asked the teenagers to come to the living room so he could interview them as the police officers that arrived earlier examine the crime scene. Once he reached his partner he stood directly in front of him to get his attention as he spoke, "There is something not right here, there were no force entry and the stories I'm getting from these kids are the same but it's all useless."

"Maybe it's true?" Smith gave his partner a disgusted look, "well, you know what we have to do,"

"Yeah, I guess we better go and kick the officers out of our crime scene...," Smith said to himself as he made his way out of the room, but before he left he looked back one more time "this is truly wrong."

Natalie watched as the two detectives left the living room, there were two other police officers within the room and her friends were with her but she still felt unsafe. The thing that took Richard's life could easily take theirs if it wanted to and what made it worse they didn't know what it was or if it was a once time event. Walking to a free seat on the couch she sat down and pressed herself against the couch. She couldn't help but to stare into the kitchen which was unlit and only a couple feet of the entrance was lit, the rest was dark. Shivering at the thought of that thing hiding within the kitchen she curled into a ball but her eyes remain on that darkness, that inviting darkness.

It felt like hours but eventually the detectives came back downstairs with grim faces as if they saw a nightmare, then again that had happen was a nightmare. Four police officers walked downstairs as well and they walked into the living room as the detective spoke, "These officers will take you home, don't worry you'll be fine."

"What's going to happen?" Natalie spoke out as she uncurled herself form her tight ball.

"For now you are going to go home to your loving families and have a good night sleep and when morning comes it will be all settled," She knew he was lying but she kept it to herself, there was no point in scaring the others, "we'll stay here and inform Richard's parents of their loss once they get home." Smith's partner shoved him in the side and they had a whispered conversation before he turned his attention back to them, "And we're sorry for your loss," and with that they walked away.


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"No, I don't know the people who live there", Mason said to a police officer, who scribbled something on a note pad.
"What did you see again?", the officer asked him for the second time.
"All I saw was some crazy light-show going on in one of the windows, followed by some screaming and a lot of blood spraying onto said window." Mason said, rubbing his face.
Again, the officer scribbled something down.
"And what were you doing here?", the cop asked, looking up from the note pad to look to give Mason a slightly hostile look.
"You asked me that already, sir.", Mason responded, looking the officer in the eye.
"Answer it again", the officer grumbled.
"Jogging, I do it three times a week to get ready for the state MMA championship".
"Uh huh..why this particular neighborhood?".
I swear, if you weren't a cop, I'd tear your damn head off and scream in your face, Mason thought about saying.
"It's quiet and safe,. Came the response.
"Yeah, so much for that", the officer grumbled.
Yeah, no kidding, Mason thought as he looked over his shoulder at the house, now riddled with crime-tape.
"Alright well, lemme give my notes to the detective in that house, I"ll be back", the officer began to walk away but turned around.
"Would you like a ride home kid? I wouldn't feel safe walking out here after this".
"Yeah, thanks".\
Mason sighed. This use to be a nice neighborhood, full of upper-class and the brighter side of middle-class, he had jogged through here three times a week for the past five years and never had any trouble.
He looked back out the house and felt a cold shiver run down his spine. He wanted to get home.


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#, as written by Elena
Katherine was leaning against a near by tree that was near the house.
She had blood on her face but she ignored it.
The blood and sprayed from the now dead boy, She thought that the cops were annoying, They asked her so many questions like ''What did you see?'' ''Did you hate him?'' ''Why were you there?'', She was a little confused at what had just happened, He had been killed in the dark and we had no idea what or who did it, It could be either one of us...Nobody saw each other in the dark, one of us could of killed the other. Katherine watched the cop asked Mason questions, She looked over at the others.
She brushed her now stained with blood straight blonde hair out of her face. Well, She knew it wasn't her that killed him. She stuck her black hood over her head and stuck her hands in her pockets, She had enough being here. She wanted to get out of here in case that 'thing' came back to kill more people.


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Gylfie rested her head on her legs that were pulled up to her chest, her white hair had been stained crimson and her clothes were covered in blotches of Richards blood. she looked forward, her gaze never ending as what happened replied itself over and over again through her head. she wasn't even truly with everyone as the officers asked them a couple more questions and said they would contact their parents. she stood up and walked outside and breathed in the cold, crisp air. she walked over to the side of the house, where she was alone. Richards screams finally faded from her head as she looked down at her hand, three little starches across her palm, deep enough to leave scars but not anything a giant band-aid couldn't fix. she got them when reaction told her to reach after Richard. she couldn't understand why she only got three little scratches and Richard was completely mutilated. she slide down the wall and sat down again, hoping that she would wake up from this nightmare and everything would be back to normal.

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Character Portrait: Natalie Cruz
Natalie Cruz

"Just because I don't feel pain doesn't mean I don't hurt."

Character Portrait: Katherine Brooke
Katherine Brooke

''In darkness one may be ashamed of what one does, without the shame of disgrace''


Character Portrait: Katherine Brooke
Katherine Brooke

''In darkness one may be ashamed of what one does, without the shame of disgrace''

Character Portrait: Natalie Cruz
Natalie Cruz

"Just because I don't feel pain doesn't mean I don't hurt."

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Character Portrait: Katherine Brooke
Katherine Brooke

''In darkness one may be ashamed of what one does, without the shame of disgrace''

Character Portrait: Natalie Cruz
Natalie Cruz

"Just because I don't feel pain doesn't mean I don't hurt."

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