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Samantha Johnson

I don't belong here

0 · 249 views · located in Sky-Linked Tears Psychiatric Hospital

a character in “Why I Hate You”, as played by FanastyLife



Name: Samantha (Sammie) Johnson
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Current Diagnosis (please list all if more than one): ADHD and Bipolar
Current medication(s) (if any): She refuses to take medication


Personality: Samantha is a true rebel and wild child. She has never let anyone stand in here way of getting what she wants and if anyone ever tired she made sure they regretted crossing her. If you were to read her record you would think that she was self-centered bitch that cared about no one and belong in prison. Even thought you wouldn't be exactly hundred percent wrong to assume that you wouldn't be a hundred percent right. Those who she has chosen to befriend in her life know the other side of her that is hidden by the hard outer shell that she wears. Samantha can be friendly, and does just like to have fun and hang out with friends, and if she truly thinks of you as one of her friends she will be there for you no matter what, through the goods times and the bad because that's just who she is.

Criminal Record (if any): Domestic Violence (Between her and her mother), Distributing Child Pornography (Made a sex tape and apparently that illegal for a minor to do), Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Police crashed a party she was at and she was to high and drunk to get away), and Assault (attacked a girl in school because she called her a slut)


History/Important Information: When Samantha was three she was kicked out of school for the first time, when she was six she punched her mother in the face, at the age of twelve she cut school for the first time and lost her virginity, when she was thirteen she made a sex tape, at the age of fourteen she began drinking and experiment was drugs and that's were things really started getting out of hand. Since Samantha was a little girl she had always be a free spirit not letting anyone tell her what to do or who to be, her father she never met after her mom got pregnant the dude mysteriously vanished into thin air and was never seen or heard from. When she was three she physically hit her mother for the first time she has no idea why she had done it but she is pretty sure it had something to do with her mother not giving her something she wanted. Samantha and her mother never had that close mother daughter bond, as she grew up she found that she hated her mother and never wanted to be around her. As she got older she also found that the fights between her and her mother got a lot more heated and violent, it always started with an argument and exiled to the point of things getting physical and from there either Samantha got kicked out, she left, or the cops came and removed her. The last incident that happened between her and her mother landed her mother in the intensive care unit of the hospital and after that the courts began involved and feels as they feel Samantha needs "help" they have sent her here. Samantha feels that hospitals like theses are meant for the crazies and freaks of society and she doesn't belong here because she is neither crazy or a freak.

Why are you seeking treatment?: She is not seeking treatment she was sent her by the courts.

So begins...

Samantha Johnson's Story