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Chloe Simone McArthur

I'm not ashamed to be a damsel in distress

0 · 843 views · located in Rome, Italy

a character in “Why I Love You...”, as played by CuteAsKaylah


Chloe Simone McArthur





February 14

Sexual Perference

Love Interest


Chloe is a very confusing person, on the surface she looks like a perfect peppy girl but she's far from it. I mean then again she was raised in a family obsessed with appearance, especially since her dad is a court judge. She is a very honest and chill person at times but she also can be very bubbly and easily excitable. She is very distant and resentful toward her parents. and if you bring them up she'll become cold. She is a good girl at times and often tries to rebel but that usually backfires on her. She easily becomes flustered but usually never becomes angry, she's a pretty level headed person. Honestly she is a more easy going person when it comes to her life, she has no plan she goes day by day. But the one thing she really wants to plan is to fall in love, get married, and be a damned better parent than hers were.

She honestly wants a prince in shining armor to save the day. Because she is whole-heartedly a damsel in distress and she isn't afraid to say so. She wants her prince to save the day and whisk her away to a happier life. She has alot of problems though, one being she suffers from panic attacks. She has been mentally fragile and hopes there is a guy who will accept her even with her disease.

Chloe stands about 5'7 and weights about 110. SHe has golden blondehair that hangs to her lower back (Even though its shorter in the picture). She usually wears it in loose curls or in her natural waves. She has natural light brown lowlights and light blonde highlights. She has lightly tanned skin which stays tan all year long, not that it matters since she's from California where its harder not to be tan. She also has freckles splattered across her nose.She has three tattoos. One is two birds on her lower stomach, which she got on her sixteenth birthday. She also has a white tattoo that has and infinity symbol with love at the end which she got with her best friend. And one more love tattoo on her middle finger. She also has a few piercings. One on her bellybutton that is a dream catcher. And she has twelve piercings on each ear. three in her inner earand nine on her outer ear. She has a pretty impressive hourglass figure that she keeps leaned and toned. Her eyes are a light green almost hazel color.

She has a pretty signature style. She liked to wear alot of preppy clothes but adds a signature accessory that lessens the preppyness. She likes to accentuate her cleavage so she wears alot of v-necks. But usually wears clothes that accentuate her body. You can often catch her in workout clothes too since she works out alot. Most of her clothes are either preppy or super girly. Unless she's going clubbing in which she wears alot of tight clothes that are revealing. She also loves vintage pieces. And is almost never seen without designer labels and heels.


Her mom is Australian and her dad is Greek but he's from Texas

Favorite memory Your Relationships
My favorite memory? Hmmmm I guess it has to be when he took me hiking and I being completely uncoordinated fell and scraped up my leg and he carried me in his arms all the way to the top of mountain we were hiking, where we had a picnic, and then carried me on his back all the way back even though my leg felt better, I felt like a princess.

Worst Memory of Your Relationships
Oh I know this one. When he took me to his moms house, who is a major evil bitch, and we had family dinner. His mom bashed me the whole dinner until his brother told her to stop and my boyfriend sat there and said nothing.

Breakfast at Tiffany's
Disney Princess's
Being spoiled
Being carried "great way to get on my good side"
Hugging people I'm very touch feely
Horse back riding
old movies
My sisters:
My best friends Jenny and Christina


Her panic attacks
People who assume things
fake Hipsters
any sports involving balls (aka baseball, basketball, soccer, etc)
Alcohol (She has a low tolerance for it)

Theme Song
Kesha- Die Young


Going Into The Your Love Life


What Do You Like A Person?
I like a guy who is chivalrous, cute of course, sweet, you know the usual. I love a guy who can take care of me, not with money but who can protect me. I love strong guys. And they have to make me laugh

Do You Believe In Love?
Of course! Love makes the world go round and without love there is no purpose in life

Theme Song For Your Luck In Romance
Beyonce- Why don't you love me

So begins...

Chloe Simone McArthur's Story


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Chloe Simone McArthur

Chloe pulled into her apartments garage and slammed her mint green prius door. Today was not her day, her dad was forcing her to stay with them for a short time and god knows she didn't want to be in that fake house. She rolled her green eyes and walked to the front entrance since the didn't trust the creaky unreliable garage elevator which had been the only thing not updated in the old apartment building. She said she wanted vintage and she got it. When she moved out of her parents home she wanted basically everything they wouldn't let her have. She found a vintage apartment in Orange County, which was still close to home, that she could decorate by any means necessary, since she owned it. And she wanted it to be pink, girly and fluffy and she got exactly that. Her sister Chastity, who was currently fueding with their parents stayed with her though. Not that she minded, she loved her little sister with all her heart.

"Welcome back ma'm," The doorman said, he was young about her age and obviously flirted with her everyday but today it especially irked her so she entered without saying a word. Once she was finally in the seclusion of her home she automatically headed to her bedroom, which was her favorite place in the world. She quickly changed into a more comfortable outfit. Consisting of a graphic tube top, and matching yoga pants. She put her long hair in a ponytail that hung to her mid back. Not to soon after a soft knock came at her door.
"Hey Chloe you alright?" Chastity said in her timid voice,
"Yeah Chas, I'm good" She yelled before flopping on her bed. When she glanced at her night stand she saw a letter. She furrowed her brown in confusion but shrugged and opened it. When a woman appeared she almost had one of her panic attacks and even though she wanted to scream a gasp only escaped her lungs. She listened with confusion and against her better judgement signed the paper. "Ok um now i know I need sleep," She said climbing into her bed and after a few minuets she felt herself drift to sleep.

However when she woke up she was in an unfamiliar place, Am I dreaming? She thought to herself. She climbed out the bed she was laying in and looked around. Soon a post card caught her eye with "welcome to Rome" Written on it. She looked out the window only to see the city of Rome. She left the room and went to look for more people when she heard somebody say "Hello, anyone here?"
She went down a flight of stairs into the foyer and walked up to the girl and asked "Um do you know what the hell is going on?"


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#, as written by S1mon
Gareth Emery

Sometimes Gareth could be one who simply took his work too far, or simply took all things too far without thinking. He was a perfection at times too, which was clear in his drawings and his love for photography, as Gareth was at a photo shoot with a middle aged woman with blonde hair, a bright round soft face and bright blue eyes. It was Gareth's job to get a good photo to put on a fashion magazine, and if there was one thing Gareth took pride in, he took great pride in his work, as it was the only thing really that he didn't fail on.

The woman's name was Leanne, dressing in a new silky blue dress with a pearl necklace and a round straw hat with a dark blue ribbon round the center. Leanne had quite a dashing smile which Gareth thought was exceptional but the way she tried to present herself was just not fantastic enough for his shot. Gareth himself wore black trousers with a sleeveless white top, easily allowing the air to reach him, aswell as looking dashing. Afterall, he couldn't look like a good photographer with an eye for detail if what he wore what in complete contrast.

"Lift your head up a little, and turn your head away from the camera. Your eyes must look at the camera, but everything else you can give a little tilt, show your curves", as he demonstrated himself as his body faced away while his back tilted backwards with his head turned towards her, "I'm not flirting at all. Just follow what I say, and you will look absolutely stunning on the mag, ok?....Shot 1". Yeah, sometimes he got the wrong impression on some of the girls, and when he took photos of the lads, that was a whole other story with the ideas they come up with, in which he simply asks, you want to look fab on paper or what? Simply, and straight to the point. No messing.

Why, Gareth probably wouldn't mind flirting with Leanne. Afterall, it wasn't the first time. Only thing was, she already had a boyfriend, and if she got the wrong end of the stick and told him....well, let's say that Gareth probably wouldn't be looking so dashing as he was today, as he wrapped up his photoshoot and sent the photos down to get developed, as he grabbed his bag and headed to his apartment. It was nothing fancy, and since it was just an apartment, he couldn't really design much in there, except have beautiful light colours to make the space he had bigger, and not to mention a lovely mirror for him to gaze into.

However, today seemed to be different when he got in, as he saw a fancy letter on the floor, a golden letter, with fancy writing. Too posh for him, unless it was an invitation. Maybe he had impressed someone high up. A promotion perhaps? With excitement, he broke the seal and opened up, about to pull up a letter, when suddenly, out of NO WHERE! a woman appears directly infront to him in a beautiful satin red dress which looked absolutely amazing, and so did the woman to. Gareth was in disbelief, as he walked backwards, only to hit himself on his door so he could not move, as the woman drew closer and closer. Maybe she was waiting here for him, she wanted him....finally someone who wanted him, as Gareth embraced himself, ready to swing his arms, only for the woman to pass a silver paper.

Well, that's a downer....just when things got interesting, as he took the paper and then the gold pen, reading it through, sighing as it read hopeless lover. Alright, so his luck only went so far, but still, he wasn't totally hopeless, and he hadn't gave up yet. Nevertheless, he read on, as the letter spoke of her being the Divine Goddess of Love which he couldn't of doubted. Though would of been nice to prove it, as he smirked. Taking the pen, he sighed, before asking, "How we getting there?". However, when he looked up, she was gone...just like the other loves of his life.

Gareth couldn't quite comprehend what had just happened, but if there was a chance that he could find his true love, then it was a chance worth taking, as he chucked in a ready meal, not feeling cooking with alot on his mind, before watching a movie, and then going to sleep. In his hand was the golden envelope and in his other hand was his camera. It was hard to part from it, since it was the only thing that had stayed with him through thick and thin, as he descended into sleep.

When he woke up, he squinted his eyes as usual, and was about to turn on his light next to him, when he felt nothing and instead fell out of bed. "Nice start Gareth. Nice start", grabbing onto his bed and pulling himself up when he heard the sound of steps. It was then that he realised he wasn't at home. Where was he? Instantly, he grabbed his trusty camera, and then spotted the letter. It had said he'd be transported but didn't say when? Could this be it? or had he been kidnapped and taken away for being too awesome. Either way would work, though they'd be missing an awesome photographer back home wherever he was.

It was then that he decided to find out where the noise was coming from, so still in his white sleeveless top and pyjama bottoms, not bothering to change, he rushed out and realised he was on a top floor as a balcony was ahead. He also heard sounds also, and female sounds at that, "Hello, anyone here?...Um do you know what the hell is going on?". Gareth drew near and that's when he could of fell back and fainted. Fancy place. Two hot babes. Definitely Heaven!, as he grabbed his camera, zoomed in, took the flash off so they didn't know, and then snapshot! Oh this was fantastic!

Inside, he wanted to answer her and bellow that they were in Paradise, though that wasn't all, since the letter said they'd be seven others and they were only 2 so the other 5 must still be sleeping maybe, so shouting was not a good idea. Not only that, but despite having a few girls in his time, he wasn't exactly the brightest spark, nor the most confident to shine either, as he made his way down the steps with his camera round his neck. He still couldn't believe how two hot girls were infront of him, both looking stunning. He only hoped he wouldn't freeze up and stutter.

Then again, he wouldn't call Rome the place of love. It was Paris wasn't it? Nevertheless, Gareth persisted, as he wandered over to them, "Why your in paradise of course....", he exclaimed, before he then drifted off into his own thoughts which he said aloud, as you do, "....though more I think about it, the more I think this whole thing is weird". Gareth then turned to the girls, deciding not to dwell it furthur. Focus on the here and blow, blah-de-blah, "Anyways, other than being in a strange new place and wondering where we are and maybe feeling lost, how are you both? and would you mind having your photo done, before everyone else joins us", tilting his head and giving a charming smile as he lifted his camera to see if they would oblige. If they didn't, then he'd know that getting dressed first would of been the way to go, or at least waited for them to relax first.

Maybe he should put them at ease first? "And don't worry, if any creepy-crawleys or monsters come in, I'll keep them well away", winking. Alright, so maybe that didn't sound too well. If it goes pear-shaped, then he can easily retreat to his bedroom, get dressed, and come down less energetic. Being in a massive space, all stunning, and having hot girls on your doorstop, wasn't something that happened everyday....


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Akiharu Satou

Akiharu rubbed his temples with his right hand as he held the company's phone to his ear, listening to the angry customer yell and scream at him over an unsatisfactory product. "Ma'am, ma'am, please calm down. I can't help you properly if you won't let me help you," he said calmly, trying to get the customer to calm down. Akiharu smiled victoriously as she calmed down, but prepared himself for another onslaught of curses and screams. "Now, ma'am, is the product plugged in?" he asked calmly. "Well of course its plugged in! I'm not an idi-" the customer exclaimed before pausing and mumbling a thank you before hanging up. Akiharu sighed and stood up from his chair after placing the phone back on the hook. He walked to the clock in/out station and clocked himself out before grabbing his jacket and bag before leaving his work.

He slipped on his jacket as he walked down the street quickly, hurrying to the subway station quickly so that he wouldn't miss the train back to his house. He smiled softly as he stepped onto the train and found a spot to sit. He looked around the train quietly, his eyes landing on a happy couple that was laughing and giggling with each other. He wanted to look away but couldn't for a few minutes, when he pulled his gaze away and looked down at his lap silently. The train pulled to a stop and Akiharu stood up, quickly making his way off the train and out of the station before practically running to his small apartment. He walked into his apartment and dropped his bag and coat on the couch as he passed before collapsing onto his bed after changing into his pajamas. He stared at the ceiling for a few minutes before letting his gaze fall to his bedside table on which a letter lay.

He blinked and sat up slowly, reaching over and grabbing the letter. He stared at it for a couple of seconds before carefully opening the letter, letting out a small scream as a woman appeared. He covered his mouth as he listened to her. Frowning slightly, he took the contract and debated about whether to sign it or not. He wanted to find his soulmate and true love, but what if he couldn't find him in time? He didn't want to live his life alone. He bit his lip and decided to risk having to live alone for the rest of his life and signed the contract. Once the woman had disappeared, he laid back and fell asleep.

Waking up, he sat up and rubbed his eyes before looking around the room quietly. His eyes widened as he realized it wasn't his apartment. He slowly stood from the bed, his hair sticking up in every which way from his sleep, and slowly walked to the door to look around and find out where he was. He pulled at the sleeves of his baggy long-sleeved shirt to hide his old scars from cutting before walking out of his room. He looked around the house in awe as he walked down the hallways, having heard some voices and decided to walk towards them. He stopped outside of a door on which the voices were on the other side, and peeked his head around the corner. Akiharu frowned lightly when he saw two females and a male standing in the room. "Where are the others? Still asleep?" he mumbled quietly to himself before he walked into the room quietly, not wanting to disturb the conversation too much.


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Come on baby! We're going to be late!" said a whinning girl from the living room of Aim's Korean apartment. Yea, babe. Hold on, let me check my mail real quick and besides the club will be there when i'm done." He rolled his eyes as he checked the mail that he layed in the king size bed which was half made from the pervious night the he spent with the love of his love.... of the week, Hana. Aim saw a letter in what he guessed was.... English? Maybe, which he couldn't read to save his life. Sure, Aim could understand it and speak it but couldn't read or write it what so ever. So, Aimee rolled his eyes and ripped in up before throwing it in the trash can next to his dresser. Then shrugged.He looked in the mirror to see that her bandages flattening her.... upperbody, weren't able to be seen. He then winked at himself before walking into the living room and wrapping his arms around Hana. Who seemed to look a bit pissed off for having to wait. Aim smirked before tilting her head, kissing her. I'm sorry, Hannie. Come on, you know you can't stay mad at me." She raised her lip only to see Hana roll her eyes and smile.

[i]"Just come on. Let's go, Aimee."
Hana gabed her boyfriend's hand and intertwined their fingers. Aim opened the white door leading to the hallway before closing it after the pair exited. As they walked to Hana's car, Aim got in the passengers seat before putting the music overly loud, just to mess with Hana knowign that she liked her music soft and quiet just like herself. But, Aimee was the guy in the relationship and Hana just wanted to make him happy before herself. Which of course made him feel bad about the thought of him breaking up with her after the night was over. Hana drove them to a club that they went to a lot. the place where they met and how they frist hooked up before getting together. Aimee watched as Hana gave the keys to a valet before telling Aimee to get out. He undid his seatbelt and got out of the car before shutting the door and heading inside with his girl by his side.

When they entered, the music was blasting. Just as Aim liked it, but looking at Hana she was irratated. Aimee nugded her before pulling on to the dancefloor, pulling her close to her and wrapping her arms around her waist. He could tell people were looking at the pair, wondering if Aimee was a male or a female. And honestly, they could suck it. He didn't care, if he wanted to have one of his guy days then he was going to be a guy. Weather people approved of it or not, Aimee didn't care.

After a couple of hours of grinding and dance with Hana. He was sick of people looking at him with disgust like he was a kind of freak. But, hey whatever. He didn't have to explain his life to people he didn't even fucking know. Hana looked at her boy and kissed him lightly. "Don't worry about it, babe. They don't understand and they never will." Aimee smiled a small smile and lightly kissed her again. They then walked to valet who gave Hana her keys and drove the two to Aimee's apartment. When they got to her door, he just looked at Hana and sighed. Knowing he couldn't do it, not to her she seemed so sweet and like she would never-- "Baby, I have to tell you something." Aimee raised an eyebrow and nodded. "Ok, go head? What is it?" What she told her next, pissed her off so much. Hana had told her how she cheated on him with another guy. A guy who was actually born a guy just days before. Aimee bit his lip before scoffing. "Aimee, I am so sorry. But, I want to have children and I want to be able to give birth to them. An-and to get married and let my parents approve of the person I marry." Aimee stopped her right there before he raised his voice. "And just when were you going to tell me I was just a little experience to you?! Huh, when I was going to tell you I loved you. If that's what you were looking for than good luck with that. Because I cheated on you too."

And then, Hana had the nerve to try and slap Aimee. If he did not move out of the way. "You must be forgetting I am a girl and if you put your hand on my face. I will hurt you back." That was a lie, Aimee would never be able to hit anyone. He couldn't do it, not to a girl he thought he actually cared for. Hana just stomped away, trying to seem strong. Which they both knew, she wasn't. Aimee slapped the door before walking to his bedroom. He took off his bandages and took a deep breath,being able to breath easily. Aimee sighed before grabbed a sports bra and his favorite pajamas. A muscle shirt with the arm holes cut very far down and a pair of plaid pajama pants.

Looking a the bed, he saw a envilope he could have swore he ripped up and put it in the trash. But, when he looked into the trash, it wasn't there. "Oh fuck it." Opening the letter and seeing the woman speak. Only one thing went through Aimee's dirty little mind was: Please be lesbian! But, seeing that the woman wanted her signature. She sighed. Damn, not my night. Huh? She signed her name in Thai, which was the easiest for her until the woman disappeared. Aimee rolled his eyes before crawling into the huge bed, alone. Nice.

When Aimee woke up in the morning, he yawned and looked around knowing it wasn't his room. What the?! He looked around and looked at the beautiful view that was laying out of the window. Getting out of bed he raised an eyebrow heaing a few other people. Two guys, boring and two girls, thank God. He smirked before heading into the closet and seeing so many clothes, all his size. Aimee decided that in order not to freak the others out, to dress like a girl and to go as a girl today. As in she, her, and Aimee. She grabbed an outfit out and walked outside her room to see the others. And as she looked around she looked at a guy who seemed to be alittle shy and well, he was Asian so of course she went to his before the others who seemed to be talking English. She looked at Akiharu as he spoke softly. "Where are the others? Still asleep?" She shurgged before looking at him. "That would be my guess.' She said softly not wanting the others to look over at the two who did seem a bit.... different than they did.


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The night was young, as they say. It was about two when he pulled into his driveway, actually. He yawned and stretched as he got out of his silver jag convertible. He'd been driving for about an hour, coming back from a band gig he had. They mostly played at bars, and they didn't have some big dream of being something someday, they just liked to play. The band itself consisted of four. They had John, the lead guitarist, one of Nick's best friends, Dan, the bassist, and Cliff the drummer. They all had met in high school, and often met up to perform somewhere. Nick played the piano, and was the lead singer. Truthfully he'd never found himself to be a very good singer, but everyone else seemed to enjoy his words and his voice, whether it was extremely amazing or not.

He strolled up to his apartment building's entrance, his hands in his pockets, humming one of his songs. He owned a studio apartment that he'd bought just after college. It had a lovely view despite the smallness of it that might've bothered others, he personally loved it. It was a gorgeous layout, beautifully furnished, and his parents did help him out a bit with the costs. It was pretty modern, the living area connected with the kitchen, and a office loft area above the kitchen. There was a bedroom leading off the living area, and a bathroom in the bedroom and one off the kitchen. The apartment was where he spent a good amount of his time.

He unlocked the door to it, the lights were all off, but the moon shined brightly into the place. He walked to his kitchen, throw his keys on the counter and opening up the fridge. Unsatisfied at what he found, he took out a beer and opened it by using the side of the counter. He took a gulp and walked to his bedroom. There he looked around, it was mostly neat, only a few stray objects. He finished his beer after a few moments of just standing around, realizing his tiredness. He rubbed the back of his neck, and pulled off his shirt, throwing it towards the closet. He collapsed into his bed, which wasn't made, but still very fluffy and comfortable. He was asleep in seconds, but he had an odd dream..

A beautiful woman in a red dress came to him, telling him of how he'd find his true love, soulmate, whatever. She told him that he would find her, and they'd be happy forever and what not. But, if he didn't decide she was the one, he'd live forever alone. He was shocked, and amused, and not thinking it was anything more than a dream. He eagerly signed it, and drifted back to slumber.

It was the next morning when he woke up from being too warm when he realized he wasn't in his bed. Usually his covers were strew and about and off of him, because they were fairly light and he often tossed and turned in his sleep. The covers on him were heavier, and the room itself was different. He sat up, rubbing his eyes, not quite believing what he was seeing. The room was nice, but not his own.

Sliding out of bed, his head throbbed, aching a bit. He kept remembering the woman and the contract. Had it been real? Maybe he was still dreaming? He walked over to what looked to be a dresser, and opened a drawer. It was filled with his clothes to his surprise, and he found something to wear. A light colored V-neck and tan jeans. He looked in the mirror, fixed his hair a bit, and walked out of the room. Looking into a hall, he found that seven people already stood outside another door. He wondered if they knew anymore about what was going on than he did.

Casually he walked over, standing next to a long blonde haired girl. She stood with a brunette girl, and a man. "Hey." He said to them, with a smirk.


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Anya looked around for awhile before seeing a girl walk into the room. Correction, a girl with lightly whitish hair to her. Which meant she was blonde. Great. Just what Anya needed to ruin her mood, a blonde girl who probably couldn't do shit for herself. Anya sighed and cracked her neck so it didn't look like she as rolling her eyes, which she was. "Why? Why a blonde!?" She thought in her head. She never knew why she didn't like blondes, maybe it's because every blond girl she met was a bitch and had a guy do everything for her. Ever heard of taking care of yourself? Either way, she was going to give this girl a chance no matter what she was wearing. No matter how.... revealing it was to her compared to her own pajamas.

"Um do you know what the hell is going on?" Wow, obviously intelligent. Anya was trying to say it but it just came out, "If I knew what was going on would I be asking if anyone else was here?" She said kind of in a dumb girly voice before raising her eyebrow. She didn't mean to seem rude, but this girl just irratated her even if she didn't know her what so ever. God, she was hoping someone would hurry up and come down before this girl made her really become a bitch. "Why your in paradise of course. Though more I think about it, the more I think this whole thing is weird" Anya smirked at the guy as he met them down the stairs. What could she say? He was a cutie.

And when he smiled, it sealed the deal for her. He was a photographer and he was charming. "Anyways, other than being in a strange new place and wondering where we are and maybe feeling lost, how are you both? and would you mind having your photo done, before everyone else joins us", She raised an eyebrow before seeing him smiling. She smiled and exhaled. She hated taking pictures and she wasn't going to take pictures with a Barbie she didn't even know. "I am not very big on photographs. I am sorry." She said with a small smile on her face before shrugging and looking around seeing someone else join the group. She waved not hearing what he said before going back to the man with the camera and the Barbie next to her. But, the second she did another blonde gi-- That was a girl right? Yea, yea it was a girl, joined the quiet one who seemed to be kind of to himself.

She wasn't going to lie when she frist looked at the short haired blonde girl, she thought she was a man. Then she started to wonder if the others were sleeping or if maybe they didn't want to come down to meet their housemates. Until she saw one last man walk into the room and offer a quick, "Hey." To the group. She looked at him and wasn't going to fib. He was good looking, but not her type. He seemed the the Ken doll for the Barbie girl. She crossed her arms before looking at everyone. Wondering where did the woman in red find these people. Hello. She cleared her throat, trying to think of the words she wanted to say in English since she always thought and spoke in Spanish. "My name is Anya. Anya Di Francescantonio. Nice to meet you all." Ok, maybe almost everyone. But, she wans't going to start anything with the long haired blonde girl just so she could probably play the freaking victim. She looked at everyone and offered them a smile.