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Kim Haneul

"Yes, I'm Asian. Yes, I'm smart. Yes, I can dance...Let's just assume I can do anything?"

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a character in “Why I Love You...”, as played by PrincessBoy


Kim Haneul





June 21st

Sexual Preference
Guess you could say he's bisexual since he's slept with a male...long story. Though, his interest has been mainly towards males lately...

Love Interest


Haneul is just one bundle of energy that takes a lot of power to control. He loves to talk, sometimes you just have to yell at him to stop. He's very loyal to friends, he is very easily trusted by others. Though (thanks to his ex), he has trusting issues. He may seem like this social butterfly, but he has his flaws. Until he gets to know somebody real well, he gets the instinct that people are out to kill him. Not to intense levels of insanity, just little bouts that make him really dizzy and incoherent to stuff. He wears his emotions on his sleeves, crying about anything and getting angry with anything that deals with his friends. Though he may be fast to put a smile on, but it always doesn't mean it's real. Most of the time, his smiles are fake or forced. With his weak emotions, he doesn't like to bottle them, but he doesn't like talking about his problems. It makes him feel weak. He's not a depressing fellow, he just in dire need of someone to cry on and listen to his problems and maybe his smiles will be real.

Haneul is...well built. He was blessed, lets just say that. He stands roughly almost 6'3" which is pretty rare for his ethnicity to be that tall. He's muscular from working out (six pack, woo), but he doesn't like to flaunt the fact that he muscular. So he wears lots of layers to make him seem lanky. His skin is pale, but he's healthy. His eyes are almond shaped and are the color of dark chocolate. His teeth are white, making his smile bright and clean. His hair is almost black, a real dark brown which reaches just past his ears. He styles it depending on his mood, most of the time it's bed head. He has three piercings in his left ear and five in his right. His hands are quite long, his fingers are nimble. His voice his warm too, it can soothe anybody in a heartbeat. His clothing style is quite expensive. He's always had an eye for the rich type of clothing which he was always able to buy or have plenty of. He has a scar on his back from when he was cut with a long knife. He can do much since it almost paralyzed him, but he can go around like a normal person. Though, we doing work liking moving things or putting any type of pressure on your back, he couldn't do. Thanks to the wound, he can't go on roller coasters anymore.

100% Korean

Favorite memory of Your Relationships
"It was Valentine's day and I was taking my girlfriend of three years to her favorite amusement park. She was so happy, so it made me happy too. I bought whatever she wanted, since this was their happy day. Then we took a ride on the Ferris wheel, where we...ahem, made up when we were at the top. It was the most intimate thing we done at that moment in time."

Worst Memory of Your Relationships
"After making love to my first love, getting knocked upside the head and then getting cut by a knife in the back. Talk about back stabbing...It was horrible...I don't want to talk about it."

Food, snacking, fancy restaurants, napping, mooching food from others, hanging out with friends, corny jokes, comedy movies, roses, romantics, talking, reading, and guys.

Blood, knives, sharp objects, hospitals, needles, starvation, depression, seeing romantic couples, getting sick, injuries, small places, TV, and speaking English.

Theme Song
Balloons by TVXQ

Haneul lived in a fairly rich household. Now, he wasn't a spoiled brat. His parents may have found his talking a bit annoying, they still paid attention to him and gave him the right discipline. Living with lawyers who are also your parents set goals on you. It makes you think you have to be just as smart and awesome as they are. Though, Haneul had a hard time in school. It wasn't that he was learning, he was slow. Not dumb, just slow and really one minded. His parents felt very annoyed and soon became a bit distance with him, angry at the fact that their son had a learning disability. He never knew about his disability until he graduated high school and was given a scholarship because of his disability. He was very angry and sad that his parents never told and so cut all traces with his parents when he moved to America for college. Even though he did that, his parents always made sure he had money and that he was being taken cared off.

Now moving to America was easy for him...speaking the language? Not so easy. Even though he passed English, he was mediocre speaking it. He understands and can read it, just speaking seems to be part of his disability (but since his mother is partially Japanese, he was taught it when he was little, so he can speak it better than English). It was hard for him to make friends since no one could hardly understand him and he was way to touchy feely. It wasn't until he met a girl named Xia, a part time model who was in the same Chemistry class as him. They got along right away and well, it was love at first sight for Haneul. They were always seen with together, they completed each other. After three years of dating, Haneul asked politely if she wanted to go that extra step with him. Xia was very nervous at the question and stuttered. Thinking she wasn't ready, he told her to forget about it, though Xia shook her head. She wanted to go that far, but she had a secret. Haneul having no idea what the secret was, he was surprised, but he could tell she didn't want to say. Though Xia really wanted to tell him. So on their next date (at his apartment), Xia told her secret to Haneul. Her secret being that her name isn't Xia, it was actually Junsu! She wasn't she, but he! Though he was very naive and didn't really no what to say, he said that he didn't care and still loved her/him. So moved at his comment, Junsu and Haneul made love for the first time (Haneul was top of course). Though that next morning, he found Junsu trying to still everything he had and in the middle of trying to stop him, he was attacked and was cut with the long knife. A neighbor quickly called police, but Junsu committed suicide before they got there. Because of that, Haneul has never truly loved another...he built a mental block made sure no one ever gets passed it, maybe someone could break it down and find the real Haneul waiting inside of him.

Going Into The Your Love Life


What Do You Like A Person?
"Someone who knows how to listen and really care about others. Maybe someone just as social as me and won't get annoyed with how much I talk? ...and then maybe they know how to cook? That would be nice also..."

Do You Believe In Love?
"I do and I don't. You see...because of my last run with love, I haven't really tried to open up to people. My trusting issues have gotten worse since the incident and I just can't help it."

Theme Song For Your Luck In Romance

So begins...

Kim Haneul's Story


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Kim Haneul

"Hey, Haneul!"

Haneul looked up from his book, his big brown eyes staring right at the big blueberry muffin in front of him. "" The blond girl who called out to him said with a smile, nudging the muffin closer to him. He gave a lopsided smile as he took the muffin. "Thank you very much!" The girl giggled and blushed, watching the Asian devour the muffin. "I-I was wondering...if y-you...are going out with someone...?" He gulped down the bite of the muffin that was in his mouth, trying to understand what the American girl had said.

"'m not...not r-ready" The looked really sad, but she understood. Everyone knew about the horrible news about his last run in with dating. He and Xia were the top couple of the college. "S-sorry...we can be-be friends?" The blond attempted to smile before waving bye, trudging away. "I make sure to eat muffin good!" The giggled finally as she said her goodbye before officially leaving. He felt bad now. The girl had asked him out, but he wasn't ready for that yet. It would be too much for him. Plus...after Xia, he didn't think he would love a woman the same way again. He finished the rest of the big muffin before packing up and making his way back to his small apartment. He heard his stomach rumble. "Foooood...,"but before he could make his way to his fridge, he noticed the letter on his coffee table. He cocked his head at the pretty letters of his name in Hangeul. He opened the letter, seeing the woman and letting her speak. He felt his cheeks heat up at the thought of finding soul mate. It was foreign to him, but felt right. Without question, he signed his name in Hangeul and that was that. He blinked a couple of times before making his way to his fridge, eating a pudding cup before taking his clothes off so he was in his boxers. He crawled into bed and immediately fell asleep, dreaming about finding the right one.

Waking up wasn't a perfect thing for Haneul seeing that he wasn't a morning person. He woke up by falling on the floor. "Aish! Auuuu!" He rubbed his head, wincing at the pain that was coursing through his head. As it went away, he noticed that this wasn't his room. This room was a lot cleaner. He could hear very faint voices and his heart sped up. People? He got up quickly and hurried a pair of sweats and a random T-shirt. He looked at himself in the mirror and noticed his hair had some major bedhead (though it looked very sexy on him). He didn't do anything with his hair as he made it down stairs, noticing the gathering of three girls and three guys (which one of the guys was rather adorable looking). Thinking of what to say, he simply ruffled his own bedhead and sheepishly smile. "Uh, uh...Herro?" He hoped no one would make fun of his limited English.


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Akiharu blinked as he noticed one of the girls wave to him. He lifted a hand slightly and waved before jumping slightly at the sound of someone answering his mumbled question. He looked over at her and smiled softly. "H-hello," he said softly. He wasn't normally shy but it was a bit intimidating to think that out of all of these people, one of them was his soul mate. He looked back towards the group and felt his cheeks heat up as a male with a pretty bad case of bedhead walked in. He smiled and quickly looked down to hide his blush as the male said hello. He noticed that he seemed to have a hard time with English and found it pretty cute.

He stepped forward a couple of steps and bowed slightly. "Hello, I'm Akiharu Satou. You may call me Aki or Haru if you don't want to use my full name," he said in English before smiling slightly at the cute male. "Annyeonghaseyo, Akiharu imnida," he said in Korean with another bow, having caught the details that pointed out that he was Korean specifically. He felt his cheeks redden once again and fought the urge to hide it. He was slightly nervous around all of these people, and bit his lip lightly to keep himself from running out of the room.

He was nervous that he might not be able to find and confess to his soul mate before the time is up. He didn't want to be alone for the rest of his life, so he truely hoped that he would be able to find least he was pretty sure it was a him. What if it was a she? What would he do then? He never really found himself attracted to girls, so he could spend all his time thinking that it was a he when it was really a she and he could end up being alone. His gaze dropped to the floor as he had his small mental breakdown of the fact that he was probably never going to meet his soul mate, okay well he's probably met them, but he probably wouldn't confess because he would be so unsure about whether or not he was confessing to the right person.

He certainly hoped that it was the cute, bed-headed male though.