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Nick Wren

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a character in “Why I Love You...”, as played by ChristyLovesYou


Nick Wren





December 13th

Sexual Preference

Love Interest
Probably leave blank in the beginning.


Nick is a relaxed guy. He's laid back, and easy going. Going with the flow, he's up for anything and everything. He's pretty easy to get along with, being friendly to almost everyone he meets. He meet everyone with open arms, he's easy to gain the trust of and he can be very loyal to his close friends.
He's somewhat of a leader, and though he's up for anything, if he feels what's happening is wrong, he'll voice his opinion and not participate. He's pretty charismatic, and is generally good with people, which is why he's somewhat popular. He's a good listener, and tries to take time to get to know anyone he wants. He tries to make things more simple and clear, which may seem a bit boring, but he's a cheerful person to be around. He's not exactly shy, he doesn't really have any shame. Being outgoing he likes having attention, and being in the spotlight for almost anything, even if he's making an idiot out of himself, he likes to see people laugh.
He has good empathy, which is probably the reason he gets along with others so well. He's not very self centred, mostly thinking of others. Alright, he does have his moments of being a bit conceited, but mostly when he's got a girl he wants. When he see's that, he may be a bit ruthless in trying to get what he wants. He's not really the obnoxious cocky type, but he will brag a bit when asked about something he's good at.
Being very caring, he tries to be helpful, whether it be a good friend, or a stranger. Maybe it's holding the door for someone, going out of his way to cheer someone up, or maybe just giving you a hand when you need it.
He has a good sense of humour, and is quick to laugh at any joke, clean or dirty. He likes cute stupid jokes, best, just because. He likes to make others laugh as much as he likes to laugh himself. He feels it's the best medicine. Seeing other people happy because of him makes his day easily. Though, he's honest and he won't lie to you even for your own benefit. He tries breaking the truth to people a bit blunt, but still carefully.
When it comes to girls, he's very flirtatious, but sometimes leads them on unwillingly. When he has a girlfriend or someone he likes, he can be very romantic and cute. He's protective though, and gets easily jealous, though he won't act on it. He likes to make sure the ones he cares about are safe, and if it came to it he would get in a fight for them.

Nick stands at 6'1", with dark chocolate brown hair, and brown eyes. He's pretty fit, somewhat muscular but still pretty lean, weighing about 160 lbs. When it comes to what he wears, he usually likes to keep things classy, but also casual. He likes giving a good impression for his family, but also being comfortable enough to talk to anyone he'd like to. Mostly he has a distant look, like he's staring off somewhere daydreaming maybe. Since he likes to joke around, you'll often see him laughing or talking to someone.
You see confidence in his walk, charm in his smile, effort in his hair, and class in his style. He usually wears v-necks, dark wash jeans, or a collared shirt and jacket, with them fancy pants. He's got a witt to his attitude toy can see by looking at him, and a relaxed cool that just his presence can spread. He's very friendly, and a bit touchy, so he may be standing too close to someone, or hugging them. He takes pride in his looks though, and will spend time on it. He's not a total slacker when it comes to personal hygiene.

His father is half british, half irish, and his mother is french-canadian.

Favorite memory Your Relationships
Well, I think it might of been the sex.. With that girl.. Uh.. Sarah? Yeah Sarah.. Great times. We did it everywhere and anywhere.. But actually? I think my favorite moment was when we'd go to a convenience store at 2 in the morning and buy whatever the hell we wanted.. Just goofing off with her seemed as much fun as anything else. But I guess that changed once she found a new guy to fuck around with..

Worst Memory of Your Relationships
Well. When one of my girlfriends and I were kissing in my car, when she stopped, looked me directly in the eye, with that serious look.. And told me she loved me. I froze, completely. My eyes widened, and I said, 'I love.. cake'. Yeah she wasn't happy with me, and I still had to give her a ride home.


+ Sunrises+
+The sky+
+The cold+
+Bright colored shoes+
+Long hair+
+Seeing your breath in the cold+
+The smell of new books+
+Dressing up fancy+
+Outgoing people+
+Sleeping in+

-Careless mistakes-
-Unreasonably loud people-
-Annoying noises (tapping a pen, chewing loudly, ect.)-
-Being too hot-
-The beach-
-Dead things-
-Obnoxious colored hats-
-Country music-
-The Summer-
-People who overreact-
-Flashy girls-
-People without class-
-Guys who treat women badly, or anyone for that matter-
-Things that seem pointless to him-
-Making choices-
-'Tree huggers'-
-Being told to do anything-
-Thinking about the future-

Theme Song
Things I Don't Understand

Nick has one younger sister, and then there are his parents. His childhood started alright, his dad was his hero, and his mother was the prettiest girl in the land. He lived a fairytale, tons of home videos of Holidays, and everyday happy times fill up their hall closet. Things were great, even when his sister was born. Things started going downhill when Nick turned 13. At this point his father had become much more strict, and always pushed Nick to do more, and better. At the time, he played soccer, and the trumpet. With that he had to juggle his school work, and his dad wouldn't take anything less than straight As. Because of this constant feeling Nick had to prove himself, him and his dad grew somewhat apart, where it was only his Dad telling him he wasn't doing good enough. Nick never felt good enough for anyone then, and feels in school that he has to prove himself always, if it's teachers or friends. But I guess somedays are better than others. This went on, and a little bit of the same for his sister, but not as much. Nick's father also did this to his mother, which ended them up getting a divorce when Nick was 17. Since the divorce him and his father don't talk much, an occasional call. His father realized what he'd done, and felt bad about it. He tries to make it alright with his son, but it doesn't work out very well after all that's happened. Nick's sister often talks with him, and goes to see him, but Nick only drives her there and says hello before leaving.
Nick had a few girl friends, but they all ended in an odd way. He never felt good enough for the girls, and sometimes he could seem clingy since he was afraid. Both of them seemed to end up somewhat heartbroken, because he was a great guy but he was a bit insecure, which he's worked on. He wants to find someone who will love him with his flaws and imperfections, so he doesn't feel like he has to try so hard, and he can just be himself. Though now, he's much more confident, but is still cautious when it comes to dating.
Going into the girl's he's dated, one was named Beth. Beth was a nice girl, he'd met her in the 4th grade, and didn't really see her again until freshman year in high school. It was the summer before actually, when he asked her out. She accepted, and they were together going into high school together. This was a year after his parents had gotten divorced, and his behaviour with his future girlfriends could somewhat be blamed on her. In high school, Beth got into things like smoking and drinking, which Nick also did, but Beth got a little crazy when she drank. And she drank a lot. Their relationship ended when he found that she'd cheated on him multiple times, drunk or not. Hurt and heartbroken, he focused on others things to keep his mind off his first love.
It was towards the end of Sophomore year when he met Lauren. His best friend John was dating a girl named Christine at the time, and he met Christine's best friend, Lauren. They called her 'Ren' as a nickname, and used to joke about Nick and her getting married, making her Ren Wren. It was all just a joke until he fell hard for her. She was a year under him, and more of a shy girl around big groups. He thought she was perfect though, and treated her like a princess. Their relationship was good. They were the 'it' couple, mostly because there was just something about being around them that sent off 'happy' vibes. It was tragic when they broke up after a year and a half, when she moved across the country. He wanted to keep a long distance thing, but she said she wasn't into that, and he let her go. He thought he loved her, but he never really knew.
The girl he met in his Senior year was named Heather. She was also a Senior, but he didn't know her well. She was nice, and well liked by many people. She was homecoming queen, and he'd been her date. She was very much of a social butterfly, and he was a bit too much of a follower for her. Though he was fun and outgoing, he was a bit clingy, which later ended the relationship.


Going Into The Your Love Life

What Do You Like A Person?
I like.. Girls who can be themselves. And they're proud of it. They like just enjoying life, and maybe not wasting time on the stuff that brings us down.. I think I should be more like that too. Honestly I just like a girl I can easily get along with. Who I feel comfortable being around. I don't generalize myself to 'types' or certain characteristics. It's the way they make me feel that gets me I think. So I can't really say I prefer brunettes over blondes, it's just them. Then again I can't say I need a girl with a sense of humor, I just like someone who is easy to talk to.

Do You Believe In Love?
Of course.. Maybe not.. Eternal love.. But I think there's something to everything that seems to be talked about. 'Love' is everywhere. I think there's definitely something. I thought I'd experienced but I guess I don't really know if I have or haven't.

Theme Song For Your Luck In Romance
The Hardest Part

So begins...

Nick Wren's Story


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The night was young, as they say. It was about two when he pulled into his driveway, actually. He yawned and stretched as he got out of his silver jag convertible. He'd been driving for about an hour, coming back from a band gig he had. They mostly played at bars, and they didn't have some big dream of being something someday, they just liked to play. The band itself consisted of four. They had John, the lead guitarist, one of Nick's best friends, Dan, the bassist, and Cliff the drummer. They all had met in high school, and often met up to perform somewhere. Nick played the piano, and was the lead singer. Truthfully he'd never found himself to be a very good singer, but everyone else seemed to enjoy his words and his voice, whether it was extremely amazing or not.

He strolled up to his apartment building's entrance, his hands in his pockets, humming one of his songs. He owned a studio apartment that he'd bought just after college. It had a lovely view despite the smallness of it that might've bothered others, he personally loved it. It was a gorgeous layout, beautifully furnished, and his parents did help him out a bit with the costs. It was pretty modern, the living area connected with the kitchen, and a office loft area above the kitchen. There was a bedroom leading off the living area, and a bathroom in the bedroom and one off the kitchen. The apartment was where he spent a good amount of his time.

He unlocked the door to it, the lights were all off, but the moon shined brightly into the place. He walked to his kitchen, throw his keys on the counter and opening up the fridge. Unsatisfied at what he found, he took out a beer and opened it by using the side of the counter. He took a gulp and walked to his bedroom. There he looked around, it was mostly neat, only a few stray objects. He finished his beer after a few moments of just standing around, realizing his tiredness. He rubbed the back of his neck, and pulled off his shirt, throwing it towards the closet. He collapsed into his bed, which wasn't made, but still very fluffy and comfortable. He was asleep in seconds, but he had an odd dream..

A beautiful woman in a red dress came to him, telling him of how he'd find his true love, soulmate, whatever. She told him that he would find her, and they'd be happy forever and what not. But, if he didn't decide she was the one, he'd live forever alone. He was shocked, and amused, and not thinking it was anything more than a dream. He eagerly signed it, and drifted back to slumber.

It was the next morning when he woke up from being too warm when he realized he wasn't in his bed. Usually his covers were strew and about and off of him, because they were fairly light and he often tossed and turned in his sleep. The covers on him were heavier, and the room itself was different. He sat up, rubbing his eyes, not quite believing what he was seeing. The room was nice, but not his own.

Sliding out of bed, his head throbbed, aching a bit. He kept remembering the woman and the contract. Had it been real? Maybe he was still dreaming? He walked over to what looked to be a dresser, and opened a drawer. It was filled with his clothes to his surprise, and he found something to wear. A light colored V-neck and tan jeans. He looked in the mirror, fixed his hair a bit, and walked out of the room. Looking into a hall, he found that seven people already stood outside another door. He wondered if they knew anymore about what was going on than he did.

Casually he walked over, standing next to a long blonde haired girl. She stood with a brunette girl, and a man. "Hey." He said to them, with a smirk.


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Anya looked around for awhile before seeing a girl walk into the room. Correction, a girl with lightly whitish hair to her. Which meant she was blonde. Great. Just what Anya needed to ruin her mood, a blonde girl who probably couldn't do shit for herself. Anya sighed and cracked her neck so it didn't look like she as rolling her eyes, which she was. "Why? Why a blonde!?" She thought in her head. She never knew why she didn't like blondes, maybe it's because every blond girl she met was a bitch and had a guy do everything for her. Ever heard of taking care of yourself? Either way, she was going to give this girl a chance no matter what she was wearing. No matter how.... revealing it was to her compared to her own pajamas.

"Um do you know what the hell is going on?" Wow, obviously intelligent. Anya was trying to say it but it just came out, "If I knew what was going on would I be asking if anyone else was here?" She said kind of in a dumb girly voice before raising her eyebrow. She didn't mean to seem rude, but this girl just irratated her even if she didn't know her what so ever. God, she was hoping someone would hurry up and come down before this girl made her really become a bitch. "Why your in paradise of course. Though more I think about it, the more I think this whole thing is weird" Anya smirked at the guy as he met them down the stairs. What could she say? He was a cutie.

And when he smiled, it sealed the deal for her. He was a photographer and he was charming. "Anyways, other than being in a strange new place and wondering where we are and maybe feeling lost, how are you both? and would you mind having your photo done, before everyone else joins us", She raised an eyebrow before seeing him smiling. She smiled and exhaled. She hated taking pictures and she wasn't going to take pictures with a Barbie she didn't even know. "I am not very big on photographs. I am sorry." She said with a small smile on her face before shrugging and looking around seeing someone else join the group. She waved not hearing what he said before going back to the man with the camera and the Barbie next to her. But, the second she did another blonde gi-- That was a girl right? Yea, yea it was a girl, joined the quiet one who seemed to be kind of to himself.

She wasn't going to lie when she frist looked at the short haired blonde girl, she thought she was a man. Then she started to wonder if the others were sleeping or if maybe they didn't want to come down to meet their housemates. Until she saw one last man walk into the room and offer a quick, "Hey." To the group. She looked at him and wasn't going to fib. He was good looking, but not her type. He seemed the the Ken doll for the Barbie girl. She crossed her arms before looking at everyone. Wondering where did the woman in red find these people. Hello. She cleared her throat, trying to think of the words she wanted to say in English since she always thought and spoke in Spanish. "My name is Anya. Anya Di Francescantonio. Nice to meet you all." Ok, maybe almost everyone. But, she wans't going to start anything with the long haired blonde girl just so she could probably play the freaking victim. She looked at everyone and offered them a smile.