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"My name? My age? What do I like? What do you intend on buying me a present?? If not then shut the hell up!"

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a character in “Why So Serious?”, as played by Sophia & Sovia


Mastermind in Disguise

Name: -Locked-
Nickname(s): He appears to answer to anything other than an obvious insult.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: -Locked-
Nationality: -Locked-
Age: -Locked-
Grade: -Locked-
Personality: -Locked-
Likes: -Locked-
Dislikes: -Locked-
Fears: -Locked-
Habits: -Locked-
Hobby: -Locked-
Special features: Certain masks allow the viewing of what appears to be facial scars.

Mastermind out of Disguise

So begins...

Mastermind's Story


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Remi Winters: Remi was yanked out of her deep slumber when she heard the sound of a loud bang, realizing she was still in her bed she sat up and examined the room she slept in. It was still fairly dark but even though she only been here for a week it felt homey. Moving as silent as possibly in an attempt not to make too much noise she slipped out of bed and made her way to the dresser. Picking out her clothing for today she snatched her towel from her bedpost and tiptoed out of the room silently closing the door behind her. Walking over to the bathroom she noticed sounds from downstairs assuming it was Alik, he was the first one up ever since they got here, she continued onward to the bathroom. Once inside with the door locked she stripped and began the showering process.

Alik Vasin: Alik was sitting at the dining room table eating a bowl of honey nut cheerios, not his favorite meal but a meal nonetheless. Hearing the sound of someone showering he looked up to the ceiling wondering who it was, but smirking at the thought of having the ability to see through walls drew his thought away. Unlike the others he woke up early, too early this time, to shower and get dressed for a quick trip to town but from the looks of it he was not going to get his wish. Shrugging off the worries of today he wolfed down the rest of his cereal and made his way to the kitchen.

"Good morning early bird," Remi's voice stopped him in his track, turning towards the brunette that was making her way to the kitchen he noticed her wet hair giving away the fact that she was in the shower. Sighing at the thought that it might of been Kat he walked after her into the kitchen. "I'm surprised you're up this early after last night, my hangover is killing me."

"Eh, I just grown immune I suppose," He remarked as he went over to the sink and began washing his bowl out of habit. This was his grandparent's home and they embedded into his head that he was to wash each plate and only to use the dishwasher if dealing with multiple plates. It was the small things that made him love his grandparents and this house.

"So, is there a reason why you're dressed like that?" Remi's questioning look brought his eyes to his own attire. He was dressed in winter boots, tight fitted jeans, plain white tee shirt, a buttoned up winter jacket, and a scarf.

He began laughing as he began unbuttoning his jacket and threw it over his shoulder, "Well, you see I was going to head into town but seeing the weather out there I doubt I'll make it in my car. I knew I should have brought my Land Rover... too late now."

"I'm sure it'll let up, it better because it would really suck if we were stuck here all winter," Her comment sent chills down his back, ignoring it he watched as she looked up and down the fridge.

"You know what go sit down I'll make breakfast."

"Seriously?" She said as he lightly shoved her out the way and she slowly made her way back to the dining room, "if you insist I won't stop you."

Smirking he began his attempt at making his mom's version of marinated beef and noodle stir fry, he never could get it right but then again he didn't have much people to test it on and this was his chance.

Mastermind: The blizzard was coming, he could feel it in the way the harsh, cold wind pricked at his exposed skin even through the thick layer of a fur coat. After escaping that dreadful place he's been looking for a perfect getaway, a place to call home even if temporary, a play he could play. After walking for what seemed to be forever he finally came across this two story home far away from civilization, he assumed it to be a winter home a getaway house... it had to be he was sure of it.

He's been staking it for almost a week now, he practically knew the house and the unfortunate teenagers that decided this would be their fun house as well... but they were mistake. This was his fun house and he was not going to allow them to have it, he claimed it and it was his. Yes, it was almost time now to begin the fun he has gotten ready for this for the past couple of days. He already rudely awakened one of them, the sight of her jolting awake and the small panic in her eyes for the briefest of moments was enough to make his blood boil. It was what he fed off of and he was so hungry... it was almost time now.

He lowered his head allowing the snow to bury his legs as he sat a little ways behind the treeline directly across from the dining room. The trees granted him cover and the snow allowed him to blend in but from there he could watch them, he knew the area so well that he could get a visual on whoever he wanted whenever he wanted. This was his home as far as he was concerned.


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Remi Winters: Remi waited silently as the others came down one by one, it was slowly getting lively and she couldn't help but to smile even through the slight hangover she had. She had seated herself at the table with her back to the window and propped her feet at the far corner of the table. She observed as the smell of Alik's cooking brought the other beckoning.

"Hah, and I'm the one he's cooking for," She said to herself with a smirk, it wasn't to show off she just felt special but she was not that interested in Alik in the first place and by the look of it he already attracted enough attention. She eyed Kathrine then Bella and with a shrug she stretched in her chair and at that exact moment Alik walked over and place a nice large bowl of the meal he cooked up and by the look of it, it was delicious.

"Bon Apetite, or however they say it," Alik said with a smile and she couldn't help but to notice how his Russian accent came out more when he attempted to fake another accent.

"Thanks," She said a bit surprised at what he cooked up, placing her feet on the floor tile she took her first bite, "Oh, my this is great."

With that he smirked and turned away and headed back to the kitchen with a wave of his hand, "You are welcome."

Alik Vasin: Making his way back to the kitchen he was surprised by Kathrine's kiss but simply brushed it off as she bound off to converse with the others. As he took a fork to poke at his food to take small bites he smirked at Kalara's little tease but he didn't let it get to him as he ate.

He glanced over when Bella entered the kitchen and when she asked about his hang over he smirked and said, "I'm not going to let some darn hangover to ruin my morning." Glancing at her mug he said, "I like your little mug it's adorable, just so you know I might of used it once or twice while we were here and depending on how you react it might be true or false," before she could respond he turned his attention to the meal he made twirling the last bite with the fork and pointed it at her, "taste, Remi can't be the only taste tester ad plus I noticed your rush down the stairs. Either you were excited to hear my voice and wanted to be the first down here with me or it was the food." he teased.

Mastermind: Feeling the chill down his spine he knew it was time, this was the chill of the need to inflict pain or simply kill. Slowly standing up the snow on the mastermind slid off only when all the snow slid off did he reach down for his large machete, the rest of his equipment was already within the house except for one specific tool that he left with his left hand... the jamming device. Walking slowly towards the house he made a path that allowed him see his victims but they still could not see him.

He slowly made his way to the front door and once there he made a slow, spaced three knocks that echoed throughout the winter home. Once he placed his hand down he reached into his coat and pulled out the walkie talkie that would connect him to his Right Hand man.

"It's time to turn on that phone jammer," He said to the right hand before placing back the walkie talkie.