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"They say it’s better to tell the truth then to tell a lie. They say the truth can set you free…their right. But, when you’ve started a lie, it just seems to grow bigger and bigger until it snowballs out of control and your left to pick up the pieces and you think to yourself if I’d only told the truth in the beginning, maybe I wouldn’t be in this mess.

We all knew what we were doing, we knew the second we invited her to the old abandoned cathedral on Winchester Road. It was like we couldn’t control ourselves. We knew she’d take the bait, we knew she’d do whatever we asked of her and that was the sickest part about it, she wanted so badly to be one of us, but if she only knew what monsters we really were... She was so sweet, so naïve. I know, now that Serena was only jealous of her and that’s why she had come up with this whole plot. We were only supposed to scare her, but deep down I think I kind of knew she would end up dead…I could have, I should have stopped it. But, Serena scares me, she scares all of us. A girl with that kind of power is untouchable, a girl like her is invincible. And, I guess that’s why we follow her, that’s why we do everything she says, and I guess that’s why we killed Lilly Ann Hansen.

I just wish that I had listened when they told me Serena was a bad girl, but who knew bad really meant evil. But I made a pact, we all did. It’s Blood in Blood out, we all belong to Serena Blackwood, we are all just pawns in her life, players in her Wicked Little Game. She gives us the power and we give her our lives. We sign our souls over to her, without really knowing what we’re doing.”


The story takes place in a Modern, Gothic, Victorian like era, on a college campus in a small southern town known Caldron County, a town known for its dark, black magic history. But those are just stories right? Wrong, they have been made out to be old legends to scare locals and attract tourists, but the legends are true. One in particular of a young and beautiful seamstress by the names of Elena Blackwood, she fell in love with the mayor’s son and him with her, their affair lasted several years, she even bore him a daughter. But, he was already betrothed and she…she was a witch. You can guess that the story ended tragically and they burnt Elena at the stakes, leaving their five year old daughter to fend for herself, no one even knew that their daughter existed.

That was over two hundred years ago and that is only one story. Now Caldron County is known for its gothic buildings, legendary ghost tells, and it’s well known university UCC. UCC is one of the best colleges and the oldest in the country. But every town has its secrets and Caldron County’s may be the darkest. There are plenty of clubs, Sorority, and Fraternity’s at UCC Also Known as University of Caldron County. There is a club for almost everyone, one of the most popular Sorority’s at UCC is one known as E Θ Σ (Epsilon Theta Sigma) This Sorority is the top sorority at UCC everyone is “dying “ to get in. The President of the Sorority is Serena Blackwood a senior at UCC and well known in Caldron County for her controversial last name. It is an absolute honor to get into E Θ Σ. But, past their lineup of beautiful college girls and fake smiles there is something much darker at hand. E Θ Σ is a sorority of witches, black magic is their specialty. Their souls belong to Serena, when you join E Θ Σ your giving your very existence to her and in return she grants you dark powers beyond your wildest dreams.

Though after the death of a young freshman, E Θ Σ has earned a slightly bad reputation seeing as the girl who died was last seen with the girls of E Θ Σ and this isn’t the first time someone has gone missing in fact E Θ Σ has built up quite a body count 6-7 girl maybe more. But no one has ever really question the girls of Epsilon Theta Sigma, because in all honesty everyone is terrified of Serena Blackwoord. As long as the Epsilon Theta Sigma girls stick with Serena, there untouchable, they have it all. But…how much longer can they continue to get away with it, how much longer will their Wicked little lies continue before someone finds out the truth, maybe someone more powerful then Serena.


[center] ☥Okay first and foremost, I’ve been working on this Role Play for over a month now and I’ve worked really hard, so I would like to finish it seeing as I’m already thinking of a sequel so I need EXTREMELY dedicated Role Players!

☥ No Godmoding, No fighting, Respect other, Post as often as possible, warn us if you’re going to be gone or if you would like to leave he Role Play and we can kill off your character!

☥WARNING, This will be a pretty dark role play due to it's Gothic, Victorian feel as well as the use of dark black magic.

☥There will be face claims and YES, they can be changed. UNLESS, they are siblings, but I may still work with you!

☥This will be an Adult/College RP With Sexual Themes, Cussing, Partying, Drugs, Witch Craft, and Fantasy/Supernatural elements.

☥Reservations will be 24 hours, I will only PM you once to remind you, you are allowed one extension of another 24 hours period if you just let me know your still involved, after that your spot will be opened up.

☥Romance is encouraged but will not be the main plot, the main plot is for the other characters to find out the truth about Epsilon Theta Sigma and what really happened to Lilly Ann Hansen. Their will be lots of drama and side stories! Also Finding out everyone else secrets!

☥You may compete for a role, but know that I am fair in that the first person who reserved will have a better shot.



The Girls Of E Θ Σ

Serena Blackwood||College Grade: Senior ||Role: President of E Θ Σ ||FC Deborah Ann Woll||Taken By ME

NAME||College Grade: Senior||Role: Vice President of E Θ Σ/Serena’s Best Friend/She is also the narrator in the begining ||FC Kristen Stewart ||Reserved by Horseygirl

_____ Parlor ||College Grade: Junior||Role: The Innocent One ||FC Jennifer Lawrence ||Reserved by Horseygirl

NAME||College Grade: Junior||Role: The Bitchie One ||FC||Reserved by orchestraofwolves

NAME||College Grade: Sophomore||Role: The Slutty One ||FC Ariana Grande ||OPEN

NAME||College Grade: Sophomore ||Role: The Smart One/Doesn’t Like Serena ||FC Emma Stone||Reserved by bandgeek

The Boys Of K Ω M (Kappa Omega Mu)
(The Top Fraternity at UCC, Equally as popular as popular as E Θ Σ. They have a few dark secrets of their own)

____ Peirce||College Grade: Senior ||Role: President of K Ω M/ has a Sick and unhealthy obsession with Serena ||FC Cam Gigandet ||OPEN

NAME||College Grade: Senior||Role: Vice President of K Ω M/Ex-Boyfriend to the Vice President of E Θ Σ ||FC Joseph Gordon Levitt ||OPEN

NAME||College Grade: Junior||Role: The Womanizer ||FC Chris Evens||OPEN

NAME||College Grade: Junior||Role: The Drug Addict ||FC Emile Hirsch ||OPEN

NAME||College Grade: Sophomore||Role: The Monster (Split Personality) ||FC Taylor Lautner||OPEN

____ Peirce||College Grade: Sophomore ||Role: The Sadistic Psycho/Presidents younger Brother||FC Max Thieriot||OPEN

(These Characters don’t belong to a Sorority or Fraternity, all though they’d like to they are still trying to get in.)

NAME||College Grade: Sophomore||Role: The Witness (May have seen too much)||FC Taylor Swift||OPEN

_____ Parlor||College Grade: Freshmen||Role: The Desperate one (Wants to be a part of E Θ Σ)/ The Innocent One’s younger sister ||FC Hailee Steinfeld ||OPEN

NAME||College Grade: Freshmen||Role: Witness 2 (May Have seen too much) ||FC Leda Monster Bunny ||Reserved by orchestraofwolves

NAME||College Grade: Freshmen ||Role: Cousin of The Womanizer||FC Oli Sykes||Reserved by bandgeek

THE MYSTERY ROLE||FC Saoirse Ronan||Reserved by BleedingLover


Please make it pretty!!!! It must have the following feel free to add to it but it must have what I am providing. I will not be giving all the coding cause I realize some people don’t like it or know how to use it.
Code: Select all
[b]Include plenty of pictures![/b]
Full Name (First, Middle, Last. For Siblings the last names have been provided but…you can change them if you discuses with whomever is playing your sibling or family member.)
Age: Seniors; 24-26, Juniors; 21-23, Sophomores; 19-21, Freshmen; 18-19
Theme Song
Love Interests (Some say in the description, others you can discuss later or pick who you’d like to be your love interest, or wait till later in the role play)
Powers (WITCHES ONLY, E Θ Σ GIRLS. Pretty Much your characters strength, what powers Serena gave them stick to black magic be creative)
Secrets (At least two please! Make them dark and twisted!)

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Re: Wicked Little Lies

Everyone please try and get your characters in ASAP!

Re: Wicked Little Lies

I'm a little hesitant to work on my character too much without seeing Serena first, but I'll do my best and if I have to change anything afterwards I most certainly will!!

Re: Wicked Little Lies

All characters have been reserved!!!!

Sorry last night was my 21st and I didn't really have time to get on! SO please submit characters as soon as possible.

Re: Wicked Little Lies

I promise my characters will be up today, I had an essay I had to do yesterday. >.<

Re: Wicked Little Lies

This intrigues me. I'd like Cam's FC please (the frat president), and I could take Chris Evans FC as well?

Re: Wicked Little Lies

I think I am going to compete for The Innocent One spot (Jennifer Laurence) :]

Re: Wicked Little Lies

I'll submit my characters tomorrow, I've been a bit busy today sorry c:

Re: Wicked Little Lies

I would still love to be the Mystery Role and I can handle two so, I'll take.. Hm, Hailee Steinfeld too. :D

Re: Wicked Little Lies

May I reserve the monster

Re: Wicked Little Lies

Oooh this looks fun..
Could I reserve Taylor Swift ?

Re: Wicked Little Lies

I would like to reserve for Ariana Grande please?

Re: Wicked Little Lies

Hey Everyone welcome! All of your spots have been reserved and I am very happy to have you!

@Horseygirl I assume you mean the VP of Epsilon Theta Sigma? And yes her FC can be changed.

@BleedingLover, In the rules it says that whoever takes the Mystery Role will need to take two roles simply because The Mystery Role will not be in the entire RP also if you would still like the role let me know so I can fill you in on the Mystery!

If you guys have any other questions feel free to PM me or write here in the OCC! I will be gone most of the day so any other reservations know that your character will be reserved when I get home from work!

Love you guys and thanks again!

Re: Wicked Little Lies

May I reserve Saoirse Ronan please?

Re: Wicked Little Lies

I think I lied. D: Instead, I'd like to reserve Oliver Sykes[My Oli <3] and The Smart One.

Re: Wicked Little Lies

Can I reservate the bitchy one and witness 2 please? :)

Re: Wicked Little Lies

Damn Horsey, any roleplay I look at, you've already taken the role that I want. Um, could I steal the Mystery Role? If I could figure out what it was? xD

Re: Wicked Little Lies

Can I please reserve the Vice President and the Innocent one? Also, can I change the Vice President's face claim?

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