Joe/Seph Broliny

"I wonder. What makes a person bad. What deems them good?"

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|| Joseph Broliny ||

"Please, just call me Joe."

||Street Name||
|| Age ||
|| Gender ||
|| Sexuality ||
|| Role ||
Veteran, Distraction, Self Proclaimed Moral Raiser
|| Face Claim ||
Ezreal, League of Legends

|| Hair Color ||
Gold Blond
|| Eye Color ||
Lime Green
|| Skin Tone ||
Light Sun Tan
|| Height ||
|| Weight ||
152 lbs
|| Appearance ||

With shaggy gold locks and innocent looking lime green eyes, Joe looks to be at least in his mid teens. He even has the matching height of one. However his giveaway for his age would have to be the weird tattoo like symbols, or as he likes to call them, tribal markings on his face that no parent in their right mind would let their child dawn. Notable wear with any of his clothing would be the gloves that he keeps on his hands to hide scars he received when he was trying to retrieve something from a burning fire. Though not completely burned he doesn't enjoy the imperfection they show. He also has an OCD for wearing something on top of his head, whether it be a scarf, a hat, or earphones, though he is mostly seen wearing goggles. His usual clothing consist of a tee-shirt, a short sleeved jacket, and jeans. Dressing more for comfort than for style it is rare to see him wearing the latest fashion and you will find no luck getting him to wear a suit. In fact, the only jewelry he owns that might grab someones awe is the sapphire stone on one of his gloves.

His appearance is said to change. This has only been seen by a couple of people, not enough to be more than a rumor to this day, but the word is, his hair turns grey. It may have been hair dye, however, Joe has never dyed his hair. If you see a person that looks like him with grey hair then there is a chance it might be him.

|| Personality ||
The easiest way to describe Joe is simple. He is in a state of mind that may seem peculiar to some. Doctors have called that state Schizophrenia. However, the case of it is abstract to the usual definition. He doesn't see or hear voices or things. He doesn't black out and wake up in a different area than the place he was last conscious in. Nor does he make others think that. So why is he diagnosed with this disease? Not even he himself knows. He figured that his parents just wouldn't settle for him voluntarily acting the way that he does sometimes. He constantly thinks about it. Being hard to explain in detail it's best you know of his action, thoughts, and feelings from the worst to the best as rated by natural way of living.

Joe, or Seph, as he likes to call this curtain side of him, enjoys splurging on his power. He enjoys destroying things and watching things crumble. Although he takes so much joy in letting his abilities go out of control, when he is acting as Seph he doesn't smile. He displays on his face the feeling that he has inside. Emptiness. It's hard to explain, but no matter what he's doing, no matter how fun or enjoyable it is for him, he can't seem to get the satisfaction out of it. In truth, even though Seph is secretly the one who he is afraid to call, but wont deny is his real self, he try's to stay as far away from acting like the Seph side of him as possible. For he knows, he'll become an "Other" if he does. Sometimes, when he is Seph, he wonders if he isn't and "Other".

Joe is a creation of the boy as a whole. A limiter, so to speak. Joe is aware of everything he does as Seph, but unlike Seph try's to use his powers for something other than destroying. Joe acts just as innocent as he looks and even though the emptiness is still there in his heart, he smiles not for himself, but for those around him. For Joe believes that one day he himself can become happy by making others happy. It's this attitude that makes him come off as sometimes an overly friendly guy to some people and a best friend for others. He gives compliments of beauty to women and constantly tells the males around him how cool, or awesome they are. However, he doesn't give regard to himself at all and doesn't know how to just say "Thank you."when a compliment is sent his way. Instead he denies and blows it off with a laugh. Another trait Joseph has when he is Joe that is the same as when he is Seph, is that he prefers to be alone allot. However, as Joe he always ends up finding at least one person at a time to hang around.

Deep inside Joseph knows that both Joe and Seph are the same person. He knows that he needs to find a middle ground between the two, but for some reason, he hasn't succeeded yet. He laughs at the doctors excuse for it. A chemical imbalance? Yeah right. Maybe he just hasn't decided if he wants to be a bad person or a good person. One thing could be said for sure though. After becoming a Wicked One, Joe has been around much more than Seph has. However, when it comes to Joseph, Seph is a needed part of his life in some ways.
|| Likes ||
Fighting Sports
Using his powers (For what depends on who he is at the time)
Watching anything on T.V. as long as it's not a Documentary
Being apart of the Wicked Ones
|| Dislikes ||
Having to choose between what to do and what not to do.
Having a so called illness.
The burns on his hands.
His family.

|| Personal Weakness ||
Dual personality disorder(On paper.) Something close to it.(He believes.)- Along some path in his life he split himself into two different people. The flaw within this one flaw is that he did it intending to get rid of one of them, but doesn't fully understand that he needs to accept himself.
Emptiness- The feeling he has in his chest that always appears when he does something he would otherwise enjoy. It keeps him from truly being happy.

|| Abilities ||
Energy Manipulation:
Basically speaking, Joe has the ability to let loose balls of energy that smash into objects like a cannon ball. He's able to control these balls until he dissolves them or detonates them. That being the basics of the technique and his go to, he can also manipulate the shape of energy. For example, if he needed a ladder, he could make a short one out of energy. A more situational example would be making needles and flinging them at his targets.

Energy Guard
Joe also has the ability to create an invisible energy shield around the outline of his body. With it on, he can still interact like a normal human would in everyday situations such as grabbing a glass, or shaking someones hand. However it works as armor that protects him from outside sources. Like the rest of his energy, he can manipulate the shape and size of the shield, making it into a dome that surrounds not only him, but someone else who may be around him too.
|| Weakness ||
Energy Manipulation
The energy ability may seem strong, but it is only as strong as Joseph makes it. That being said, he can only make it as strong as the energy inside of his own body. To date he has only been capable of ten explosive shots. The explosions radius's have always been 15 by 15 meters. About the same as a grenade. However on one occasion, Seph had an idea to try using "The Big One". As you can tell by the name it is one shot that makes an explosion as big as a C4 charge. Enough to blow up a two story house.

That's where the limitations and consequences for them come from. The limit is above. Ten normal shots and one big shot. The consequences differ.
1.The ten normal shots cause heart chest pains should Joe go over the limit. Note: This is only for explosions.
2."The Big One" caused Joseph so much fatigue that when he went to sleep for the night, he didn't end up waking until 3 days later. Even when he did wake up he still felt exhausted. The heart pains lasted for a longer period of time then they do if he tries for eleven normal shots.
Conclusion: It seems that Joe may not go over the limit. However, should Seph try something like "The Big One"plus half, he may be facing either a comatose state, or even worse a heart attack. The end result in over using his power is a swift death of loosing consciousness, or a his heart exploding.

If he doesn't use detonations then usually he just feels fatigued if using his powers for too long. This depends on the size of whatever he creates with the energy and how long he has it materialized for.

Energy Guard:
As for the shield, the outlined one is pretty safe, besides from it cracking just from a mere bullet. However, something he had experienced in the past lets the man know that if he uses the dome and refuses to let what ever is hitting it break it, his heart might explode. Surviving from an actual heart attack from this happening, he has deemed the offensive safer than the defensive.

Lastly, Seph seems to be the only one who can explode his creations. Meaning, Joe's fighting ability is weaker than his counterpart.
|| Biography ||
As far back as Joseph can remember, he was always a somewhat rowdy kid. He would start fights and end them. Some fights of course were ended with a lose, but the result never mattered to him. To this day those past matters had no real meaning to them. He doesn't even remember why they happened. That's how insignificant they were. However, there was one fight he wish he could take back. It happened around the time he turned ten. A bigger kid at his new school started this fight. Joseph, just having been made to transfer schools because of his behavior actually made the decision to not be as aggressive and violent in this new one. He didn't want his single mother to have to worry about him. Little did he know that acting too nice, which was the way he acted to make friends instead of enemies, was also a way to become picked on. Of course, he was never the type of kid to let another person beat on him. He had to fight back right? Though it seemed like the right thing to do at the time, it also seemed like the right time for his powers to show up. He didn't know what the glowing around his fist meant. As he struck the boy, the blood followed. Behind each punch was a wall of energy that made his fist feel like stones. In the end there were two unconscious boys. One from energy failure and one from concussion. Luckily for him at the time, he was the only one who had to spend the night in the cities hospital with the IV.

After that, no matter how he would try to do right, something of the same occurrence happened again and again, each time his powers getting stronger, and each time his mother trying to hide her shame from him. No, she never told him, but he knew that she was shamed of him and his powers. The only thing she could do as a normal person was to send him to a psychiatrist and other doctors. Thinking back on it, maybe it was the idea of Schizophrenia that made him split himself into two halves. Over time he even learned to change his appearance depending on which one he was acting as at the time. It still didn't seem to matter though. Whether he split himself up or not, it just made his violent thirst more hungry as he tried to deny it from himself. It wasn't until one incident that the hunger suddenly stopped growing.

It was when Joseph moved to L.A. with his mom. They once again couldn't stay in the city they were living at before because of him and his mother went into a depression of her own. She still hid it from him. One day, coming home from the store, he found his new house was set ablaze. He could somehow tell his mother was still inside and ran inside the burning building to find her underneath some fallen wood. He pulled the burning logs off of her body and shielded her, unknowingly with his power as he escorted her out the house. Sadly, her injuries, mixed with the smoke in her lungs, caused her body to go into shock and she died not to long after the ambulance came to take her to the hospital. She did however leave him with one thing. It was a simple phrase that probably wouldn't have meant anything to anyone else if said to them. "See. Your power isn't only for destroying things." He didn't know how she could be so wrong. So Naive. He, the son who had ruined her life. He, the person who had destroyed his last remaining family after his good for nothing father ran out. How could he possibly have any type of ability that wasn't meant only for destruction. As these questions grew harder to answer, so did his want for giving the answer. He wanted to give an answer so big and so direct that the questions wouldn't have to be asked again. However, "The Big One" just wasn't as big as he guessed it would've been. Nothing was really destroyed. He was still alive. Life went on. It was empty. He walked as Seph, alone for a long time. That's when he met the Wicked Ones. He didn't know how they found him. Maybe by the "Big One". Maybe, just maybe. He was the one that found them. One thing was for certain. Upon meeting them, the emptiness filled a little. The hunger didn't grow. He was able to stay as Joe. He was able to stay as he had always wanted. To this day, that is where he has decided, he will stay.
||Why they joined/want to join the Wicked Ones||
He feels like being around others like him, or somewhat like him, takes fills the empty space in his chest. Basically, he believes that as a Wicked One he can be a better person.


"It doesn't matter what people call you. As long as you want to be a good person, then you are good."

So begins...

Joe/Seph Broliny's Story


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#, as written by Damioa
|| Joseph Broliny ||

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep!!!!

"Ugh," A tired groan came from the mouth of the young man sleeping on the twin mattress next to the alarm that had been buzzing for what seemed like hours. A zombified hand reached out and tapped the off button just in time to stop the ringing sounds from creating an ulcer in his head. Slowly rising from his slumber and smacking his lips he stepped out of bed with only one thought in mind.

"Foooooooooood." Yet another moan escaped his lips in the form of words. He was hungry and the only thoughts in his mind were eggs, bacon, apples, oranges, lettuce, bread, and fire. If you would put them all together with a pan, you could tell he was planning on making a five star meal. Still half asleep he managed to make a the closest thing to gourmet food he could, and swallowed the sandwich almost whole, chugging on juice to keep himself from chocking.
"It seems I'm awake now... But why did I set my alarm. I never do that. Let's see." Joe took out a calender book from his pocket. He never did have good track of time after sleeping so long, so he always wrote down important dates.

"Oh yeah. Recruiting day at the mall.......... Oh jeez. That was in the afternoon."

He quickly ran back to his room looked at his clock. "Damnit. Noon was twenty minutes ago. How did I oversleep through an alarm I set to eight a.m." He through the clock at the wall and quickly put on sweatpants and a jersey coat, something that he had back from the time he was in high school. He also put his earphones in and then proceeded to run throughout his gangs headquarters looking for at least someone who had overslept just like him. "Oh dear. Not here......Not here either..... Come on, I can't be the only one." The last room he didn't check happened to belong to Mei. He skipped the room on purpose because he was sure, if it was anyone then maybe she would be there. She might get to meet other girls. He shrugged off the thought and went to her room to see she was still in bed.

"Hey. Psst. Wake up." He nudged her. "Ah well." He gave up on waking her and picked her up. "If I bring you with me then I can make an excuse as to why I'm late. So you can sleep for now."

That being said he opened her window and created a platform made out of energy to stand on. As soon as his feet settled on the platform, it moved across the sky toward the mall.

"Hm?" Joe looked down at the squad of police and the mass of people running for their lives. "So this is what happens when you miss a team meeting huh? Complete chaos."

Managing to go through an open Ceiling window, Joe hopped off the platform and walked to the isle's of the mall, people still inside running around like animals to escape something. Looking down, he could see the food court which he was sure was the meeting place and saw the usual members of the Wickeds and also a usual person who wasn't quite a member, but just as wicked. He sighed and shook Mei, who was still in his arms, around to wake her up. "Hey. Now's not the time to be sleeping. What should we do princess?" He asked, not really wanting to go down there. It seemed like a real tiresome job was coming for him if he did.


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Rolling around in bed Mei's eyes snapped open and she stared up at her ceiling. Rubbing her eyes she glanced at her clock 2:35 rolling her eyes she curled up in her bed and went back to sleep. Soon enough she felt someone shaking her. Groaning she tried to roll around in hopes of swatting away the arms that were shaking her awake but she found she was unable to.

In that moment Mei began to panic. Green eyes snapping open, they made eye contact with equally green ones. Her eyes widened in surprise as her body twisted at an awkward angle to get out of his grip. In doing so he let go of her and she fell to the floor. Letting out a yelp she sat up rubbing her shoulder. Looking up at Joseph she glared at him, "Thanks a lot idiot. Why in god’s name did you do that for? Where are we anyway?"

Slowly getting up Mei brushed herself off. Looking around she took a step back a scowl on her face. " Joseph why are we at the mall? Wait did you really bring me to the recruit meeting! In my pajama's! You couldn't wait until I got up." Rubbing her arms, Mei pulled at her nightgown and went to the guardrail to see what was going on. Looking down Mei hadn’t realized the large commotion that was going down below. A lot of people were running away from the food court and she could see some of the Wicked members. But it wasn't just Wicked members there were faces she didn't recognize.

Mei could see Cain doing something and all the new faces stood behind him. Frowning Mei leaned over the guardrail and saw something or rather someone approaching the Wicked and the new recruits. "No way. It's Aini!" a small smile crept onto her lips at the sight of her old friend. In her excitement Mei began to run towards the group but then stopped once she reached the top of the stairs. Looking over at Joseph she beckoned him over, “Hey are you coming or what?’ Not waiting for an answer Mei continued her decent.

She knew full well who and what Aini was capable of. Morgan warned her many times, when the monstrous woman was a Wicked, to stay away from her, that she was dangerous. Not that Mei listened to him. Mei was somewhat heartbroken when her friend left the group and she knew why. Aini had given into her urges as an Other but Mei still didn’t care she knew somewhere inside there was a good person.


Morgan watched with a solemn face as the woman he once knew headed their way. She was quite large, Aini that is, and even now despite the distance between him and her she still seemed so massive compared to him. Gulping Morgan remembered all the times he would stand beside her or simply being in the same room as her. Every time he found just how small he was compared to his comrade but now Aini was no longer a comrade but an Other, an enemy for him and his Wickeds to deal with in the coming future.

He had hoped it wouldn’t be anytime soon, or never at all if he could help it. But it seems fortune wasn’t on his side not any more anyways, It never was on your side. Pushing his glasses back up to their rightful place, Morgan watched as Cain did his own thing. Somehow despite the oncoming chaos Morgan felt a calm befall him. All he could do was watch as Cain began to offer up his blood to one of his cards. As the inky substance before him began to take shape Morgan realized it was the cat familiar Ches. “Hmmp you’d think i would have received a bit better soldier. But I guess you’ll have to do eh Ches? Don’t worry I won’t have you do anything to extraneous.” he said jokingly to the gloomy cat.

He looked up at his old friend, nodding his understanding to his concern, “Now when have I not been careful eh? I got death right in the eyes remember” he replied in an equally quiet whisper. Morgan’s attention then drifted over to the new recruits, he was somewhat curious as to how they were handling the situation and from the looks of it they were doing alright. He did raise a brow upon hearing Asteria’s request. A request even Morgan found relatively odd, “Now what in the world would make me want to knock you out? Hmm we have a lot to discuss when we get back to base.” His last few words were mainly directed towards the smoker and now he was truly curious as to where she got the frying pan from.

Looking back to Mercy, all Morgan could do was stare at her for a moment. A slight frown pulled the corners of his lips downwards before opening to show some teeth. Morgan took a deep breathe then released it. He ran his fingers through his hair, ruffling it up a bit then took off his glasses to rub the bridge of his nose. Morgan made a big show of it too, of how tired he was with dealing with these sort of problems. Blinking a couple times he made sure not to look at Mercy until the clear lenses of his glasses fell across his eyes. “Alright I guess now would be a good time to great our old friend.” Sniffing Morgan rubbed his nose, rolled shoulders while taking off his jacket. He threw the jacket in the direction of one of the recruits, the blonde one, “Here hold this. I wouldn’t advise trying to be all heroic or anything sweetheart. It’s bad enough I gotta deal with Aini, I’d rather not have to knock out such a pretty little lady.”

“Mercy take them away from here. I don’t want them getting in the way of this and Cain you too. Keep some distance from me but well you know how it goes. I’ll deal with Aini which shouldn’t be too hard so long as I don’t get to close right? And Ches just keep a look out, if something funny happens do your thing so long as it doesn’t involve someone losing an arm.” he gave them a sheepish look. Turning his attention back towards Aini Morgan began to walk towards he but took small steps in doing so. “What is it that you want Aini? You know you can’t just go about demolishing malls. You know very well what’ll happen if you do. But then again I guess that’s just in your nature am I right.”

Putting his hands up as a sign of peace, Morgan approached her when something caught his eye. A small figure was running down a nearby staircase and his eyes widened upon realizing who it was. “Mei?” faltering in his step, Morgan paused long enough to leave an opening.


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Morgan, Mei, Joeseph & Mercy

In that moment, that single moment, Morgan knew it was over. Not for the Wicked Ones or the girl he swore he's give his life for, no the man with the glasses knew it was over for him. Suddenly large rough hands clamped down on his throat and he could feel the steady pressure of Aini's power as she crushed him like a bug. Morgan's hands went to the source of pain, as if holding his throat would stop Aini. Nothing could stop this mammoth of a woman, nothing not even him.

Scrunching up his face, Morgan gasped for the air that would not come. His face slowly began to turn red and his vision slowly fading at the edges. Then a new pain came, this was far worse than any other. Pressure rained down on his face, mainly his eyes. He felt his glasses shatter the moment Aini grabbed his face, and just like that Morgan screamed in pain as the broken shards of what used to be his glasses dug into his skin.

However almost as soon as it had started; the pressure slowly went away. Morgan on the other was glad for it but that feeling didn't last long as his vision grew darker and darker. A single syllable rang through the air but he couldn't make sense of any of it. Soon enough Morgan felt his body fall to the ground and new pain kicked it but it was dulled by him barely being conscious. He rolled over to his back, one hand on his stomach as he tried to breathe. Eventually he succeeded but it hurt like hell. His face hurt like hell from all the cuts it received from his glasses. Damn this was not the way I wanted the Recruits to remember me by

All Mei could think about was it was her fault Morgan was in that position. But she didn't care not right now, hell deep inside Mei knew she wanted Morgan to feel pain but not like this. Her bright green eyes widened in shock as she watched her old friend slowly crush her sisters’ lover like an egg. Mei stopped in her tracks but after a while she started to take clumsy steps forwards. "Aini! Aini! Stop! You're hurting him!" Seeing no visible reaction from Aini, Mei changed her words up. With a shake of her head Mei called out to her friend, "Aini! Stop! Stop! You're hurting me! Me! Aini! Aren't we friend!?"

This time her words seemed to work, if she looked close enough Mei could see that Aini's grip on Morgan lessened until finally she let go of him altogether. Mei watched as Aini panicked, her eyes shifting everywhere anxiously. Seeing her moment of opportune, Mei rushed to Morgan's side to check if he was still alive. Mei put on hand against his nose and could barely feel the air leaving his body. A sigh of relief left her lips and Mei turned her attention back to Aini. In that instance all Mei felt was pity for her friend, She's so lost, like a puppy born into a world without its mother.

Upon thinking that a look of determination spread across her face and she stood up and took a few steps towards Aini. "It's okay Aini, you don't have to be scared. I'm here and I believe in you, now go before more cops come and they waste bullets on you. Go!" although her words were soft in the beginning as she ended her plea they became hard, so as to show Aini the urgency in getting away. Turning back to Morgan, Mei questioned him to see if he was still awake or even alive.

Morgan's eyes fluttered open looking up at the smudged vision of a girl with red hair. He quickly shut them to keep from killing her. Mei? realizing his words didn't vocalize, he tried to speak but found he couldn't. After a few more failed attempts a flurry of coughing fits came. In all the coughing Morgan turned to his side and began to cough up a little bit of blood. Mei watched on in what looked to be horror when she saw the blood. Morgan shifted positions so that he was now sitting up, however he kept his eyes shut. "Mei help me to the rest of the group. We need to get out of here before the cops try to get us." Nodding to his request, Mei lead him to the rest of the Wickeds were As she did so Mei turned around and beckoned Joseph over to them.

Soon the unfitting duo stood before the Wickeds both old and new. Morgan had another coughing fit, clearing his throat he spoke, “ “Well sorry you guys had too witness that, it isn’t like that all the time. But we need to split into groups so the cops don’t catch up to us. Mercy your coming with me, bring Asteria and Shadow. Joseph take Mei with Kelsier and Qynna, did everyone get that? Cain I need you to do something for me but we’ll need to talk in private.” Mei let him go ad began to round up her group with Joseph. Once he was sure they were alone, Morgan spoke to his old friend, “I need you to look into something for me, can you do that?” After a moment of hushed whispers, Morgan set his friend on his way and he groped around for something to grab a hold of. Hopefully Mercy or anyone really would take his hand and lead him out of this place.

Joe watched with tired eyes and a lazy smirk as Mei became excited from waking up in a strange place. "We're at the mall silly. Where else would we be," He asked. It seemed Mei had enough time to react to her new environment but, not enough to tell him off as he expected before seeing their group and an old friend. He never actually thought bad of Aini because he knew the pain of wanting to use the destructive power given to him so, he gladly followed Mei downstairs. By that time Aini had already attacked Morgan, making Joe's sleep squinted eyes grow wide awake. "Wow Aini. You're as tough and beautifully destructive as ever," He commented while Mei on the other hand was trying to calm her down.

After a short while, Aini did actually let go, making the young man think she wanted another sparring partner, but seeing the environment and how Mei was trying to calm her down, he realized he'd have to save the fun for another day. Brushing his hair back and sighing, he walked a little closer to the muscular woman and said, "You know, Mei's right. You should get out of here while you can. Don't worry, I'll make sure no one will follow you, 'kay?" Even though his friend was running loose like a madwoman, he still couldn't bare for the cops to catch her.....if they could catch her.

After he was done, Joe went to Mei and Morgan, who didn't look to be in good health. As Morgan asked, he helped Mei take their injured leader to the rest of the group. Seeing the new comers up close was really a sight. Each had their own distinct feel about them. Though it was mostly the hair colors he was paying attention to, he still wondered what each person could do. However, he kept quiet for the time being due to the urgency of Morgan’s words. There was now so much he wanted to say and so little time to say it almost hurt, but he managed somehow.

"Oh cool. I get to team up with the new kids huh? Nice. Don't worry boss man, I'll take care of them." He happily said walking over to the short white haired boy. "Hey, cool hairstyle," he said. "I'm Joseph, but please, do try to make an effort to call me Joe. I like it better, and this is Mei." Walking over to the pink haired girl he looked at her up and down in a serious way. "Hmm, seems we have a model in our midst. Hehehe. I'm just kidding." Joe looked around to see which direction they could take to get out of the building before realizing that he had three options. They could wither use the doors and walls as exits, the underground subway, which would probably cause a mess down the line, or he could create enough discs for them to travel in the air. Though he wasn't sure about the last plan. He didn't want to concentrate on both the disc and the cops, if they decided to shoot. Not knowing what plan to take he simply turned to Mei. "So, what's the plan princess. Do you want me to destroy some of the building for our escape, or do you have a better idea?" From what had happened in the last few minutes, there had to be cops surrounding the building, though, it's not like Joe would hesitate should the need arrive to blast them.

There was undeniable fear in the presence of Aini, and Mercy knew well that she wouldn't be useful in any way. She watched, blank faced at the situation unfolding. Not a single motion or command coming from the freak Wicked. Much to her surprise, Aini, for whatever reason, released Morgan from her steady grip and leave the man to wallow in pain.

“Morgan...” Mercy whispered, watching the poor sod be dragged to the small group of new and old Wicks, murmuring commands and requests to everyone. They needed to leave while they could. It wouldn't take long for those slowpoke bluehats to come out and shoot anything that didn't look natural. As Morgan took Cain aside for some private talk, Mercy approached the two she was supposed to bring. “You two,” She spoke, almost commanding, pointing at Asteria and Shadow and beckoning to follow her. “You're with me.”

Staring Cain down as he ran off, Mercy approached Morgan with a bit of a worry on her face. “Look at you,” She said calmly, grabbing his arm. “You're a mess.” It wasn't something to joke about, surely. From what Mercy could tell, Morgan wasn't too keen on enacting the helpless fool routine in front of the rookies.

“You don't think they'll be kind enough to let us waltz out of here without a peep?” She asked, though swiftly answered her own question. “Didn't think so. What's the plan then, Morgan?” He was still the leader, and Mercy couldn't for the life of her tell others what to do, so she hoped Morgan was able to do just that.

Mei looked over at Joeseph for a brief moment before looking around at her surroundings for the first time. By the looks of it they would have to go with Joe's last suggestion. "Yeah but not too big, we don't want them to notice. I'll get Morgan so his group can go through the same exit but we'll have to split by then." Turning her back to her teammate, Mei quickly walked over to Morgan and explained the plan to him and Mercy. "Alright then we'll take Joesephs exit strategy and split once we get out. Mercy you'll have to lead us back to the base. I can't risk accidentally using my ability on the others." Mei listened to Morgan's command and for a moment she felt hatred for him but it only lasted a moment. Walking back to Joeseph she looked around once more for a good spot and lead the whole group. "Here will be good. Just make it fast but nothing to flashy okay."

Looking around, Joe realized that options were small. Very small. He looked at his older companions faces and then looked at the newer ones, trying to make sense of their emotions. After Mei's suggestion about going out the same exit and splitting up, Joe already had a plan about where they would go to lose the police. It wasn't the classiest route, but, having ran from the cops on more than one occasion, it was definitely the best way for his group to go. Heck, even if the others followed there were dozens of tunnels to go through. "Sounds good to me. I already know where we're going," he answered. After Mei left to talk to Morgan and returned, Joe couldn't help but to giggle at her request of nothing flashy. "I'm not going to destroy the whole building," he grinned. Raising his hand as if holding something already, little dots of light slowly came together; forming into a ball that soon looked like it was absorbing the dots. It kept on going, getting brighter and brighter until it was the size of a basketball. Rearing his arm back, as if he was going to through a punch, Joe shoved the ball at the wall, bursting through the concrete and making a small hole. Small, but big enough to fit through. The ball, which was still present on the other side of the wall, slowly turned back into dust particles of light and disappeared into nothingness.

"Alright. My team, we're going to go there," He said pointing to the sewer pan on the ground. After prying it open he looked up at his crew. "Well, what’s taking you guys so long? Let’s ditch."

Mercy didn't respond, merely nodded at the plan and Morgan's request to have her lead the flock to safety. Although... she was unsure that she could do so successfully. When Joe had 'subtly' created an exit for the Wickeds and led his group down into the sewers, Mercy beckoned for her team to follow while she made sure to keep an eye on Morgan. [color==#6f00ff]“You sure you don't want Joe and Mei to carry you? They've got the safer route.”[/color] All they had left to choose were the alleyways, not the safest escape with Morgan in this state. “Stick close and don't lose sight of me.” Mercy urged to everyone, guiding them into the nearest alley.

Morgan smiled at Mercy's concern. "You know I can't do that, not right now. But thanks for the concern." As they made their way to their Headquarters, Morgan did have some trouble but not too much trouble. On the other hand, Mei and Joe led their group through the sewers until they reached their destination.


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Qynna sat frozen, her cigarette slowly burning down as she watched this unknown woman crushing Morgan. She was unsure of what to do. Run? That certainly would be the easiest and her most common response, but it had taken her a long time to come this close at finding someone to...help. Fight? Obviously that would be a brilliant idea as this woman destroyed most of the mall by herself. Just sit here and watch? She may not be the most "law abiding citizen", but that is just horrible. Thankfully she didn't have to decide before a young red-head came scrambling up to the scene, along with a blond haired boy. The scene quickly unraveled itself after that. The attacker ran off, leaving a bloody and barely conscious Morgan in her wake. There was a lot of whispering going on between the older members of the group and then they split up. The blond guy walked over to the one with white hair and then her. He commented about her being a model, she just rolled her eyes at that.

Apparently they would be splitting up into groups. It was the white haired boy, the little red head girl that had run up to miss super strength, and the blond guy who who called her a model. Qynna just sort of sat still while everyone figured out how to get out. At over-hearing that they were trying to get out as quietly and quickly as possible, the pink haired girl did try to speak up, as that was completely her thing, but they just kept talking over her. Joe blasted a hole in the ground and called for his team to come over. Qynna rolled her eyes, getting ignored was not something she was used to, or even liked. This put her in a bit more of a sour mood as she walked over to the hole.

She looked down, they were taking the sewer it seemed. Great, Qynna thought to herself as she dropped down. It would have been just as easy for her to drop down and just wait for them somewhere else, but there were too many complications with that. One, they didn't know where she was staying so they couldn't meet there and two, she didn't know where they were going so she couldn't just beat them there while they drudged through sewage.

"If you bothered to ask, I could have helped out with sneaking away," Qynna called up to Joe, then adding under her breath, "Instead you've doomed us to walking sewage, bravo genius."

She moved out of the way a little, giving more space for the others to drop down, without splashing her even. You would think that with her red eyes and pink hair, that even in the dark she would be easy to spot, but that wasn't so. There was a reason they called her 'Night Ire' and it wasn't completely because of her power. She has a knack for disappearing into shadows. Even now the only thing that suggested she was still there was a thin outline of light around her.

Qynna plugged her nose, regretting now not using her power to sneak out just by herself. "Can you guys hurry up? If I stay any longer I may pass-out," she called up. Yeah it was a bit of a dramatic and even a princess-y thing to say, but it was also kind of true. The longer she stayed down there the more light headed she became.


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#, as written by Renmiri

"Hey blondie think this will work in knocking you out? That is if the time came,"

"Right, yeah, sure," she replied distractedly, side-eyeing the frying pan with a mixture of distrust and... mild curiosity? She'd almost thought that her illusions had finally gotten out of hand for a moment there-- enough to do a double-take, anyway. 'But seriously though, what the fuck.' Aster was spared an equally inattentive comment on the last bits of conversation (zoning out seemed to be becoming a habit) when everything, not in the least predictably, started to go to shit. In retrospect, maybe watching that half-suicidal kid actually run towards Psychopath should've been a sign to wash her hands of this whole 'Wicked Ones' business. It certainly seemed like a good enough time to walk away, especially when Spiky 'Do was getting burned out there. What did it say about the gang when their leader-figure got himself owned in front of his lackeys?

'When did I stop taking my own advice?' She could almost feel the years and decades slide off her lifespan and down through her fingers. Really, just reassuring. And so was the mounting screech of her headache, fuck if she would ever sell bloodlust short again, 'Jesus fucking Christ this is getting ridiculous--'

'-- wait what.' The pain left as quickly as it had come, the silent ringing in her ears almost jarring compared to the dull roar that it had been. By the time that Aster could look up in disbelief (she hadn't exactly been watching), there was already a crowd of two at Morgan's side and a suspiciously absent Psychopath; that, and a somewhat concerning amount of cops spilling over. From then, they seemed to be splitting up and finally getting the hell out of there-- by all means, a brilliant plan if it involved running. She didn't really think much of contributing, then, (not that she knew much of L.A. anyway, or where they were headed) and kind of just stood near the back until one of the dudes finished blasting a hole in the mortar.

She wondered if it was a good thing, that she was starting not to get surprised. 'Weird shit, anyway.' At least it seemed as though... Mercy? knew her way around. Spiky 'Do, though. Worrying.

At Mercy's command to 'stick close and don't lose sight' of her, Aster gave a lazy, two-fingered salute before following behind; making some comment like "Ay-ay, captain. After you." on the way. She was certainly spry when compared to her condition just a few moments prior, and for all her doubt-filled worth watched carefully as they made their way through the streets. It wouldn't do to get themselves caught, after all, and so she occasionally made use of a few illusions when it ever counted-- as subtly as she could, anyway, and shrugging it off (for the rest of the group wouldn't have necessarily understood) if any of them happened to notice. It was just a convenient thing, seeing as how they couldn't have made good time with Morgan half-down for the count.

Aster was in a good enough mood, anyway. She'd always been at home in the streets, so far as anyone could tell. After what seemed to be a while of inconspicuous back-alley sleuthing, she asked (in what would be a well-natured, mildly sarcastic tone): "So, where are we headed? Let me guess, the Wicked Ones take with underground tunnels and have a bottomless budget?"


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Okay so this is taking far too long. I don't have the luxury of sending out pms to every one of you so please respond by Posting for your Character! We need to move things along now so that I can bring in the other characters. Although I know some of you are just waiting on the rest.


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Morgan overheard Asteria’s comment and couldn’t help but chuckle to himself before giving the girl an answer. “Sadly we don’t have the greatest budget but we make do with what we have. We’re heading somewhere that should be safe for the time being, hopefully for many more years but with what happened today that may not be the case. Does that quell your curiosity?” Morgan kept his head facing forwards or at least he assumed it was forwards since he wasn’t too sure at the time. What he was sure about was the throbbing pain from where Aini had nearly crushed his head in those gigantic hands of hers. Thinking on it a bit more Morgan shudder, hopefully Mercy wouldn’t notice and worry.

Eventually Morgan felt them come to a stop and from what he guessed they were nearing their hideout. The sounds of a passing train roared by quietly and not long after the first drops of rain fell from the sky. “I guess we better hurry before it starts coming down hard.” letting Mercy guide him to their home, Morgan couldn’t wait to walk through familiar hallways. Once they got there, the group was met by a large building that may have been a hotel at one point in its life. Now it was a bit rundown but still in decent enough shape to take on the brunt of their activities and still stand. Pushing open the doors, they were met with quiet hallways that were surprisingly occupied by a few individuals, most of which flocked around Mercy asking what had happened. Morgan being the kind of guy he was, he waved them away saying he was fine. “Hey Mercy could you take me to my room?”
~ ~ ~ ~

On the other hand, Mei and Joseph were having the time of their lives navigating through the labyrinth of sewer tunnels. Of course Mei would have said this sarcastically but it was only on occasion that she enjoyed being down here. Thankfully this was the quicker route but also the most dangerous since there were places were the pavement had erode and could collapse into the sewage water, although it wasn’t particularly high. But looks could be deceiving as Mei on her first trip down this way had made the mistake of jumping into the low waters only to fall into a drop that had reached up to her armpits. Just thinking about how hard it had been to get rid of the smell made her want to puke. They walked for what seemed like forever but since it was just her Joeseph and that one kid with the funny hair it was somewhat boring.

Looking back behind her, Mei gave the kid a hard look over, “So what brought you out this way?” Whether he answered her or not Mei turned her attention forwards happy to see that familiar step ladder that would take them back to reality. Mei let Joeseph go first, then the kid while she came in last as she liked to do whenever they went out on patrol. Once she climbed out Mei couldn’t help but stretch and sigh loudy, “Fresh air, gosh I hate going that way sometimes.” she folded her arms briefly before motioning to the both of them to cross the tracks. Their home wasn’t really that much to look at, at least by Mei’s standards. They came out from the back which was why they had to cross the tracks and now that they were across Mei giggled a bit before running off ahead of them. “I’m gonna go up on ahead you can deal with the newbie Joeseph as payback for taking me to the mall.” She couldn’t wait to get back inside on clean floors, she had been walking around everywhere in her pjs and only wore socks, which were now ruined, when she had gone through the sewers. The other reason she had run off ahead was to see if Morgan and his group had arrive yet and it seemed they had.

~ ~ ~ ~

“I can take him if you want Mercy, I kinda need to head up that way since as you can see I am not prepared to deal with these guys.” Not bothering to wait for her friend to agree, Mei took Morgan by the arm and lead him to his room. “So how do you feel? We didn’t get as many people as we had hoped but it’s something right.” she said while guiding Morgan on where to sit down. “I feel like absolute crap truth be told, but you are right a few is better than none. Hey can you reach into that draw with the missing knob, I may have spare glasses I can use.” Nodding, Mei went through the doors and pulled out a case for glasses. Opening it she inspected the glasses and frowned, “Um I’m not eye doctor but I don’t think these will work Morgan the left lens is missing and the right is cracked.” she said carefully while handing them to Morgan. The older man took them from her and also inspected them but with his hands since he couldn’t open his eyes least he use his ability on Mei. “Tch, you’re right. Damn I thought I had fixed these but I guess not. Well um I guess you’re gonna have to help Mercy and the others deal with the newbies. I can’t exactly lead people as I am now.” he said with a shrug of his shoulders.

Folding her arms across her chest Mei gave him a scrutinizing glare before leaving him with a huff. Rushing to her own room, Mei quickly changed clothes, slipping into her favorite pair of boots and washing her face and hands with scented soap in hope of getting rid of the musty sewer smell. Look at herself through the mirror before going back to where she assumed the rest of them were still waiting.


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Shadow E. Loveheart

It looked like this Aini fellow was once part of the group judging by how the others had reacted, soon Morgan told the others to take the new recruits away he and Cain were probably going to fight Aini alone it seamed that they alone could take her on and since they where the best of the best no one could doubt them. Soon as we began to evacuate two new entities appeared out of a open window in the roof a small girl and a guy probably here to help though as soon as Morgan saw then he froze slightly that was all it took for that Aini to grab him by his face and neck, Shadow though it was over one fell swoop was all it took to kill him one simple mistake. But that was not the case Aini also seamed shock as if something dug its way into her head she let go of Morgan and took a few steps back obviously shaken up, and strangely enough it was because of the little one that appear only moments ago.

The whole event was reaching its climax Aini seemingly left, Morgan was thankfully alive all thanks to that girl that brought a bit of relief to Shadow but other people had already died so that was another factor. And soon the Police would be after them too, Morgan quickly divided us in groups to head back to the base, I was with Asteria, Mercy and Morgan.
Mercy came of quite harsh when confronting us but that was probably who she was Shadow followed her without saying anything to not hinder our time in any way. Mercy began to go over with the injured Morgan and began to talk on how to get out of here; we joined up with the other and one of the Wickeds made us an exit using his ability which Shadow was interested in it since it was one of the few he'd seen so far it made him remember that everyone here also had an ability like him.

It took a few minutes but with the guidance of Mercy we made it through and reached our destination with little to no problems, Asteria did make a few comments along the way but Shadow was completely lost in his own thought while still able to follow Mercy he literally payed no attention if they were speaking about him or at him. Soon Shadow snapped back to reality as they reached the hideout looking at it it seamed like a run down hotel but hey beggars cant be choosers right?

"So this is the Famous hideout somehow I though it would be something like this , this is so exiting I'm finally here!" Shadow thought as he and the other new recruits waited inside the Hideout for the older more experienced Wicked ones to come out and tell us what to expect and you know give us an explanation and all that round about.


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#, as written by Damioa
Joe, who was happily escorting a quiet person, a diva who seemed to dislike walking in the sewers, and his friend who he knew wasn't going to have any problem in the usual path of transportation. Eventually once they arrived to their exit area, he realized he was missing someone, but shook it off. Morgan wouldn't realize. Not in his current condition. Thus, good job. He patted himself on the back for being able to guide at least one hopeful recruit through the messy trail. Walking up the ladder well and waiting for everyone to exit the underground tunnels before closing the grate back over the hole in the ground. Once his short friend cheered about leaving the sewers, Joe couldn't help but to frown. "But... I thought you liked going that way. Awe." He knew she wanted to go check on Morgan an also had no problem looking after the new guy, so he nodded when she told him she was going on ahead. "Hmm. Well I guess we should meet up with the other new person and Mercy," he said giving the white haired male a lazy smirk. It wouldn't be too far off to say he looked as if someone who hadn't slept in days, the tribal markings on his face, giving the illusion of bags. "Come on bud. After we get with the other newbie I can show you around. Oh this should be fun." He then turned humming to himself, walking slowly towards the same direction as Mei. Once inside the building he turned to his, hopefully, new ally and said, "Well this is it. It looks like crap from the outside, and pretty much a warehouse from in this area, but the rooms are customizable. Though, anything is if you put forth the effort. Am I right. Hehe. Oh cool. They beat us here."

Walking over to his other old friend and the spunky looking new girl he waved. Giving a quick glance at "Silver Hair", a name he secretly named the kid until he learned his name, he grinned. "Wow Mercy, I see you wore your best gear to impress the new guys, hmm." He was only teasing of course, as he did mostly with everyone. "You know what? I'm pretty stumped on what we're supposed to do now. It's been a long time since anyone has been "new" here, and I'm pretty sure at that last time, I was either sleeping or doing a hobby or something. Soooo. It looks like you two might just have to wait for the boss man to recover. Yeah that sounds like a neat idea. We have food in the fridge, games hooked up to peoples t.v's, not mine though. I kinda blew up my t.v. Oh, and we also have year old tickets to Six Flags. Though, I'm sure those tickets aren't viable anymore seeing as they're a year old. Hmm. Oooh. I know what we should do. Man I'm like a leading genius or something. Hey Cee-Cee," Cee-Cee, being a nickname he made for Mercy, "How about we introduce ourselves, and then we let these guys introduce themselves. Or do you know them already? Well whatever. I don't know 'em. You see. My name is Joseph. Don't call me that though. Please. Just call me Joe. I'm twenty-one years old and I like sleeping, meeting people, and making up names for people. Hmm. Let's see. I'll call you Silver," he said pointing to the short boy with the white looking hair, "and I'll call you.... Ummm." Joe had to look up and search for an answer in his brain. There wasn't anything that stood out about the woman to him. At least nothing he could nickname off of her. He then looked slowly around the room to avoid it being known that he was having an issue and then looked at what was on her feet. "Boots." He said it without thinking really. Though, it was too late to go back on it now. "Yup. I'm gonna call you boots. Though, I might switch nicknames later one. I use to call Mercy, Greenie, until I realized that was an ugly name. Though, Boots is the name of that one kids monkey huh?" Again, he wasn't thinking while talking, which made conversations easier for him, but caused him to make blunders. "Ummmm. Soooo," he started to say to end his own awkward silence. "What's your names and what can you do? Can any of you guys fly. That'd be so cool. Flying by myself is pretty lame. Ohh ohhhh. Can any of you guys do what i did early. That'd be sweet. We can learn how to use our powers together and stuff. Well? Why's it feel like I'm the only one talking here?" He asked to no one in particular.

Looking over the area once more, Joe's eyes widened. How could he miss the guy who stood out more than any of the others. "Oh geez. How could I forget about you. I guess it's cz you look like a natural fit for our group and all with your cool hair and everything. You know what, just so you don't feel left out, I'ma call you Ruby. You know... Like the Gem that's red like fire. . . Cuz your hair. . . ." Joe looked at everyone around him realizing that he was really at the point of needed to clear the floor to let someone else talk, so he gave an awkward laugh and said, "Okay. I'm done I think. The floor is all yours..... Whoever wants it....... Don't be shy...."


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#, as written by Byte

Home. Mercy couldn't be more glad that they had arrived at their safe haven, especially after all the shit that had happened. As soon as the young woman entered the building, dragging the blinded Morgan along with her, they instantly found themselves swarmed by a colony of other Wicked bombarding the two with concerned questions. Luckily, Morgan was quick to assure them of his good health – Whatever that meant.

“Hey Mercy could you take me to my room?”

“Of co-”

“I can take him if you want Mercy, I kinda need to head up that way since as you can see I am not prepared to deal with these guys.”

Mei wasted no time and snatched the leader from Mercy's grip without leaving much room for her to object in the first place.

“Bu-” Mercy simply let things pass by as they came. She managed a smile as it warmed her heart to see little Mei so genuinely concerned about Morgan's well-being. For all the hard time she gave the poor sod, she did have a soft spot for him underneath that cold attitude.

Giving the other members a dismissing wave that they were free to go, Mercy turned her attention to the new recruit who seemed pre-occupied with staring at the wreckage of a hideout.

“Exciting? This shit-hole?” She commented under a stifled laugh. “Well, it's a bit of a mess, but it's as good a home as any for us misfits...” And that it was. It managed to keep prying eyes away from them, and it served its purpose as a place for mutants to gather well enough.

Motioning for Shadow to follow her lead, Mercy planned to meet up with Joseph for the official introductions and initiation into the Wicked gang. The finding part being the least of her problems, since the loud-mouthed fellow was usually easy to locate.

Speaking of which...

“Wow Mercy, I see you wore your best gear to impress the new guys, hmm.”

“You know you're the only one in my life, darling~” She retorted with a tease of her own, throwing a wink at Joseph's direction. Of course this whole charade was an inside joke between the two Wicks.

As the awkward pause was broken by Joe's continued japing, Mercy remained somewhat quiet as her friend did a good enough job to introduce themselves to the rookies with his hyperactive tendencies and tangents of coming up with nicknames for the new batch.

“Get used to this, kiddos. He never, ever stop flapping his gums.” Mercy butted in, holding a hand in front of Joseph's mouth as she continued the conversation.

“Ahem... Like mister talks-a-lot said, you can call me Mercy. Let me be the first to officially welcome you into our home.” She stepped forward, making sure to look the small group in the eye before proceeding. “Initiation will have to wait until the boss gets back, but feel free to make yourselves comfortable while Joseph and I attend to our usual duties.” She turned to the man in question. “I'm going to check up on Morgan.” That, and she was curious what kind of mission he had given their second-in-command and if he was going to return any time soon. Leaving the group behind, Mercy made her way to Morgan's room, gently knocking on the door.


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Shadow E. Loveheart

"Well I've never had an actual home so I'm actually quite happy." Shadow commented to Mercy and gave a smile, he followed Mercy until finding the other recruits and members seeing the other wickeds, there were quite a few of them here which made made a little more calm seeing as there are more people with abilities like them. Then, came the other Wicked One introducing himself as Joseph or Joe like he likes to be called, he ran his mouth to no ends he could see he was the happy go lucky guy of the group; Shadow smiled at the name he had given him "Ruby...huh?" he thought, then said "My hairs natural ya'know, and I'd prefer Scarlet as a name haha!" he said jokingly following his happy mood "Well I can't fly but I can jump pretty high, hehe. If that counts for something." Shadow continued and chuckled a bit, Joe reminded Shadow about his late little sister Sonic she was a lot like him, happy go lucky but that was due to a slight sunny disposition, so he has grown to like people like Joe and Sonic.

Like Joseph said, Mercy introduced herself, looking at the others a bit he decided to go next, "Well seems I'm next... My names Shadow E. Loveheart, the E. stands for Emilia by the way, my mom wanted another girl and you know where that went. Anyways as for ability mine is that I have a more resilient body, as in I'm stronger, faster, more durable you know the works." Shadow said and gave a smile at them, he did keep himself from saying that he could also freely control and Manipulate the Air but he still didn't know whether to trust them or not until he knew what their goal was and frankly speaking he didn't actually like using his ability around other people since its so unpredictable, but when he warms up to them he will eventually. Shadow did like Josephs idea about learning to how to use our powers together if he actually joins he will take him up on his proposal.
Then Mercy left seeing as she was busy having other things to do since Morgan was pretty banged up,"I wonder if they got someone with the ability to heal...that be awesome..." that thought came to mind but quickly shook it off.

"So what know guys?" Shadow said to the group.


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Running down the stairs like an excited child, Mei held onto the rail to swing herself onto the next flight of stairs. Thankfully there were only two flights of stairs for her to go down, although the building itself was pretty big. Walking through the halls the small girl came across only a few Wickeds, which was surprising since it was still a couple hours before the sun would go down. Passing by a clock, Mei back pedaled to get a better look at the time keeper. “3:48! It’s still early.” scratching the back of her head, Mei continued to wonder the halls in search of the new recruits.

Eventually she found them but it was really only thanks to Josephs blabbering mouth that she realized that the group she heard talking were the people she had been looking for. She rounded the corner just in time to catch the last words of “So what know guys?” Standing behind them she coughed into her hand folding her arms across her chest in hopes they’d notice her. Scowling a little bit Mei tapped Joseph on the shoulder before calling out to the small group. “Well I finally found you guys. So are you going to have them stay standing in the hallway Joseph, or are you going to take them to their rooms?” poking him in the ribs.

Turning to the other two, it made her a bit gloomy knowing only two people had joined in on the recruitment. Looking away for a moment she stuck out her hand a smile on her face, “I don’t think I’ve introduced myself. I’m Mei, Mei Kulakov, and if you haven’t noticed it yet I’m Russian. Any how I guess I’ll be taking one of you guys to your room and Joseph can take the other.” Looking back and forth between the two of them, she chose to go with the kid with the white hair. Turning her attention back to Joseph Mei frowned a bit, “Well I guess I’ll be going then. I have stuff to do.”

Mei led the kid to his room, not bothering to say a word to him. Leaving him shortly afterwards, Mei went back to her room.

A Few Days Later

By now most of the new recruits should have gotten used to the idea of living amongst others like them. Mei had gotten tired of answering questions and having to find people. Morgan on the other hand was looking forwards to the events of the day a certain person was coming by to help with Morgans problem. For the past couple of days he had been forced to wear an eye patch so that he could look through the one lenses that worked in his old glasses. Rubbing his face Morgan leaned back in his chair before taking a bite out of an apple. Ever since Cain had gone off on that mission of his, the whole building had been forced to make their own food. The realization of having relied on his close friend for so long made him chuckle. Tossing the apple core into a nearby trash can, Morgan shuffled the papers in front of him into a neat pile. “Looks like we have some stuff to do.” recently he had gotten word of an Other who had taken hold of a nearby area, rendering just about everything in a sickened state.

With that in mind, Morgan thought about Mercy who was similar to this Other however hers was a bit more controlled it seemed. Rubbing his hands together a grin spread itself across his face at the surprise he had for his friend. Morgan grabbed the papers and quickly left to find the other Veterans from recruitment day. Hmm maybe I should bring in some of the new recruits, might as well get them ready for the times ahead. Yeah that Shadow kid would be useful. The first room he stopped off at was Mei’s room, knocking on the door he poked his head in her room only to close it quickly before he got a shoe in the face. Chuckling he explained to her the mission that they would be going out on later that day. The next person was Joseph and seeing as that Shadow kid was nearby he knocked on his door as well but only to inform him to go the kitchen area with Joseph.

The last person he went to was Mercy. Knocking on her door, he waited for a moment before opening the door cautiously this time in case he got shoe thrown at him again. “Hey Mercy we got a job that needs to be done. So when you’re up and ready come to the kitchen area and I’ll explain then.” closing the door he went to his office of sorts making sure he had everything ready for later that day. Once that was done, Morgan rushed back to the kitchen area glad to see everyone was there already. Taking a seat in front of the group Morgan smiled. “Well I’m sure you guys know what this little gathering will be about. We have a job that needs to be done. An Other has taken hold a certain area nearby, rendering just about everything in a sickened state. From what I understand the closer you get to the source the worse off you get and there have even been some fatalities but mostly from small animals and birds. “ Morgan looked over them but focused his attention on Shadow who was the only new recruit of the group. “Any ways this is how it will work. Mei you’ll have to hang back from the warehouse as far as you can but close enough for you to get a shot at them if need be. Joseph I want you to keep her company, make sure she doesn’t get distracted. As for you two’ he motioned to Mercy and Shadow, ‘Mercy seeing as you’re really the only one who would be immune to this stuff you’ll have to lead the way into the warehouse. And that is where Shadow will come in, you will need to keep Mercy safe since you’re next in line in resistance. I won’t be going as there is a certain person who will be coming by today that requires my whole attention. So Mercy I’ll be leaving you in charge of the mission. And I think that’s all, you guys should be back by tonight. Oh and Mercy I have something to show you but that will have to be done later.”

Leaving them to think about what has just been told to them. Morgan walked out into the nearby hallway and to the main entrance to welcome an old friend.


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#, as written by Byte

Mercy was never really a fan of being woken up. Despite the good will of Morgan, she appreciated it more when left on her own merits to spring into gear. And under normal circumstances, she would. After about a month with the Wicked Ones, Mercy had made it a habit to rise bright and early to prevent having to half-consciously toss the nearest object at the door and scare whoever did wake her up. However, since Cain was gone for undisclosed reasons, reasons that Mercy had tried to pry out of Morgan to no avail, she had willingly taken up some of his duties so Morgan had less to worry about and could take some time to recover from his injuries.

Although from the looks of it. He already had.

“Alright, alright...” She murmured under a failed attempt to hide a yawn. “I'm coming.”

About half an hour later of stumbling through the room, Mercy had managed to dress herself without missing bits and pieces of her 'usual' attire and carefully entered the kitchen just in time to hear Morgan brief the group on a new job.

This job, however, piqued her interest more so than the others before it. Someone with a similar ability to hers? Well, it hadn't been disproven that two individuals could develop a similar type, if not completely the same ability.

With a quick nod, Mercy waited for Morgan to leave before speaking her piece. “Plain and simple. Stick to your job, and everything should work out like always.” And with that, Mercy lead herself and the others to the whereabouts of this mysterious 'Other'...


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#, as written by Damioa
|| Joseph Broliny ||

Joe looked at Mei's frown, dropping his current grin with a questionable look on his face. He really didn't understand why she was gloomy, but just passed it off as her thinking about Morgan instead. "Alrighty then," he said turning to Shadow, "Apparently you guys are in luck. We expected more recruits and honestly made preparations a little too fast. Though, since we did you get to have your own room. Ain't that fun? Follow me while I give you the watch around."

The first room the man took him in was a small room with a big table in the center. Behind the room was a door to another room. "This is basically where we eat. Actually, I eat in my room, or at least try to. Not very much a fan of eating around other people hehe. Oh yeah and this room over here," he said while walking to the bigger open area room, "This is the living room. I suppose you can also call it a wreck room. Tis a place where you can play games and watch t.v. if you don't want to be alone. Believe me, even the most secluded of people come here and you don't even know when. Could be in the middle of the night, or at the crack of dawn. Wanna know why? It's because we can't pay to send perfect cable with recording through this big place. Bad enough we have the internet reaching from floor to floor. So basically, someone will come here to record or watch a recorded show."

After showing the new guy the bathrooms, the empty rooms, the closets and the attic, Joe went the route of his room on the second floor and walked to the room next to it. "Here ya go bud. I was hoping I'd be able to get another next door neighbor. Across from here is Mercy's room, Three doors down is Morgans room, Two doors that way is Cain's, That door over there is Mei's room, this room is yours, and right next to you is good ole me. Oh yeah, if I go missing for a couple of days and come back, don't wake me up for anything, even if it's important. I'll arrive sooner or later anyways. Okidoki, that's my spull. You might want to unpack or whatever. I'll be down stairs. Let me know if you want to play some Street Fighter later, kay? Byeeeee~"

After that, the days went by just as always, and Joe liked it that way. It was better uneventful and peaceful, than rough and violent. It was not only good for his nerves, but also for him as a person not to be around chaos too much. Though Morgan's words made his head drop a little. Mostly because he originally thought the gathering was to discuss what new food they were going to buy for the month. For the most part of the conversation, Joe was looking at Morgan, but his mind was off somewhere else. It wasn't an unusual thing at all. He never did have a huge attention span. Though, in tasks that were given out to him he would only listen for one type of word. Anything to do with the word blowing up or destroying. That's all he was really good at anyway. At least in his opinion.

He did, however, catch the part that he would be in the back with Mei. That in itself wasn't a guarantee he wouldn't have to create any sort of bang, but in most cases, if the the person wasn't a super human, Mei's gun would work. Though he had always wondered, could the girl take a fatal shot. A shot that was meant not exactly for a super mutant, but a person who could be considered a dangerous foe. When was the last time their gang went against someone really dangerous? It rung no bell to the man. Though, he did remember himself being fought against before he joined them. He smiled remembering the event even though he was in conflict with most of the people who are his friends now. That day was really a day he couldn't forget. The day he was saved from being an other.

Joe had never really thought what being an other really entailed until he saw a few. From those he saw he could very well say they were dangerous to themselves and others. All the more reason he didn't mind staying near Mei, since he was sure if the fight got close and personal everyone else would be okay. However, he wasn't sure about the girls close combat abilities.

"Alrighty partner. Looks like we get to post up, military sniper style. You ready?" Joe smiled ruffling up his friends hair.[/color]


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Rolling over to her side a knock sounded on her door causing her to sit up suddenly and grab the nearest thing she could reach. In this case it was a shoe and she launched it at whoever dared to peek into her room while she was sleeping. “MORGAN!!” yelling out his name as if it were a curse. He then began to explain to her the mission but it was a bit muffled through the door. Rubbing her ear Mei yawned, “Man okay I’ll be ready in a bit.”

Falling back to her bed Mei groaned at the idea of actually having to go today. The past few days were like bliss and now they had a mission to handle. Groaning once more the small girl slipped out of bed and quickly got dressed in her usual attire, a hunting jacket over a plain t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans and finally her hunting boots. Taking a look at herself in the mirror she leaned forwards to fix her hair a bit before rushing out of her room. Pausing in the stair well Mei cursed under her breathe and ran back to her room to grab a large case. “Can’t believe I almost forgot that.” Heading back to the stairs, Mei soon joined the others in the kitchen.

Sitting on a stool, Mei ate a bowl of cereal while Morgan explained to them what was gonna happen. She gave a side long glance at Mercy happy to see a change in authority going to one of the female veterans for once. Once Morgan left Mercy spoke her piece which wasn’t much, not that she expected anything more. Knowing that she’d be paired up with Joe Mei frowned a bit glancing at her older friend. "Alrighty partner. Looks like we get to post up, military sniper style. You ready?" Looking in his direction Mei’s frown twitched into a small smile. “Just don’t distract me Joe.” she said before drinking the milk from her bowl. As soon as she said that Joe ruffled her hair, the sudden action made Mei spit out some of her milk. “I’m not a kid.”

Glaring at Joe she slid of the chair and put the bowl in the sink and ran some hot water over it. For now she’d leave it where it was until they came back. Stuffing her hands into her pocket, Mei followed after Mercy as she led them to where they needed to go.

An hour later

It took them a little longer than expected to reach the area that surrounded the warehouse. Just from the looks it was obvious they were in the right place. Even from this distance there were some animals dead or near dead on the ground but there weren’t people on the floor as much as she could see. “Geez just being here makes me feel nauseous.” Looking around she saw the perfect building which to watch from, “Hey we’ll take that building over there, it should give me a clear view of the warehouse.” Looking over at Joe Mei walked to the building. It took them a few minutes to find the stairwell that would lead them to the roof. When they finally reached the top Mei adjusted the large case on her shoulder before opening the door to the rooftop.

Rushing over to the edge of the rooftop Mei brought up one foot and leaned on it. Shading eyes with her hand, Mei activated her ability and her eyes began to glow a pale red. Her normally green eyes widened slightly as she looked around from where she stood. A grin suddenly formed on her face, “Good this is just the spot. I can easily aim for the warehouse but only if they leave through the front entrance. Did Morgan mention there being a back entrance?” stepping back Mei placed her case on the ground and opened it to reveal a rather large firearm. To be more precise an anti-tank rifle.

Setting it up on the ground, Mei quickly got down seeing if she had it in the right position. “Awesome!” sitting back up Mei brought her knees up tucked close to her chest. “Well I guess for now we just wait and see right?” looking up at Joe.


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#, as written by Byte

In hindsight, it might've been a good idea to follow the morbid trail of sick birds and dead mammals since those subtly grew in number as the group came close to their destination. Acknowledging that Joseph and Mei had left in search for a proper vantage point, Mercy lead the remaining member with her into the thick of death and decay. Your average, moral individual would hurl from just the sight of it. Mercy, however, wasn't so much a stranger to dead animals. Worse, she had grown accustomed to dead humans. Luckily, those had not yet appeared, much to the woman's relief.

“Check for other entrances and exits, and keep an eye on them. If there aren't, you meet up with me inside.” Mercy commanded, jutting a finger at the alleyway leading to the back of the warehouse. She could handle this herself. Like Morgan said, if these powers were related to a disease, she'd be immune. If it was a poison, she wouldn't be affected either. Still, she'd be on her toes just to be certain.

The building itself looked old and torn, showing that it hadn't been cared for or used in many years. The inside was much the same, Mercy found as she entered through the door that was supported by a single, rusty hinge. She didn't know what to expect. The initial briefing had left Mercy eager to find this person, it'd mean an opportunity to learn if their powers did end up being similar. But... What if the person was hostile?

Only time would tell...

Mercy scurried through the left over boxes and broken pipes, keeping an eye out to see if she could spot this otherkind. “Hello~? Anybody home?” She jested, proceeding to stand in the centre of the rundown building and patiently waiting for someone to come out.


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Shadow Loveheart

Almost instantly after he spoke a girl appeared before the group and struck a small conversation with us, well mainly with Joseph telling him to get us to our room and and give us a tour of the area. She introduced herself as Mei Kulakov she was Russian as she said, Shadow knew she was already part of the Wicked Ones so she might as well be a veteran as she gave "orders" to Joseph. I only smiled while this happened. Without a moments notice the girl turned around with the other new recruits and showed them to their room, Shadow was with Joseph.

Joseph gave a grand tour of the building showing us the Kitchen, Living room and even the living quarters of the other ones in the building Shadow tried his best memorizing the area so he wouldn't get lost. Shadow was good at remembering but he also had to talk with Joseph and ask little questions and what not nothing to special to mention just the know hows. Finally Shadow was introduced to his own room, Shadow gave his thanks to the man and went inside his room as he left. It was nothing special a average room with a small bed nothing too shabby, Shadow had his very own backpack which held a bit of cloths and essentials, like money, a notebook and pencil, his phone and a few other things; he survived with little things since he was always on the move since he didn't fit in that much anywhere he went. Shadow quickly unpacked his few things, started planning on what to do to "Personalize" his room. "Some posters here and there, a paint job, a few more cloths, a rug would be nice to hide a few of the scratches, a desk maybe for when I draw or write my amateur novels. This could work out, though I will need a job for this to be achieved in the future, but lets take it easy first and socialize with everyone I just can't wait!" Shadow said to himself completely ecstatic he has finally found somewhere where he can be himself without being judged and the sort.

The days passed and Shadow only wandered around and talked with the other Wickeds trying to get to know them better. He would usually get complemented on his looks by other male Wickeds due to Shadow feminine physique and looks he would play along sometimes and the such but nothing to serious. He would have gotten lost a few time walking around the building but know he can find his way in the building easily. He would secretly use his Wind manipulation from time to time still not trusting himself to let the other know of his actual ability....

One day he got a knock on his door from Morgan telling Shadow to go to the kitchen with Joseph, Shadow wondered what would make the leader call out Shadow for but he disregarded this and after putting on his usual cloths, he came out. Shadow headed himself to the Kitchen, Shadow was wide awake seeing as he was awake prior to him getting called he is a early bird that wake us early to train or write on his notebook. upon entering the Kitchen Shadow saw a whole other bunch of Wicked ones heck it was safe to say that out of everyone here Shadow was the only recruit amongst them, "I wonder what this is about?" Shadow thought and quietly looked as the discussion began. We were briefed on a mission an other got a hold of an area and we needed to go and check it out. Shadow was paired up with Mercy who was to take charge on the mission and confront the other with his help, Shadow knew little of Mercy every time he would try to strike a conversation he would get ignored or told to go away or something of the sort. He was interested a bit in the Wicked but out of all the Wicked she and Cain were the only ones he knew almost nothing about "I wonder how this would work out, no matter I have to make a good impression as this is my first assignment!" Shadow thought. The other seamed to have an ability where things get sickened the closer you get it, well Shadow did have an enhanced body so he could get closer than normal but he really doesn't know what the limitations would be he would have to experience it to asses the situation and obviously not try and get in over his head on things.

Mercy and the others left to find the area this "Other" had taken over, finding themselves in a trail of dead animals and insects, "Well isn't this swell?" Shadow said to himself. Soon Mei and Joseph divided themselves form the group to carry out their part of the plan, which left only Mercy and Shadow respectfully. He would follow Mercy and keep and eye out for the surrounding seeing if he could find anything suspicious but to no avail. The trail of dead and decaying animal got thicker as they got closer to the area, "The stink is getting worse as well." Shadow thought but kept strong. He would wonder what type of ability this other had but over thinking it would be a lost cause.
Mercy gave an order for Shadow “Check for other entrances and exits, and keep an eye on them. If there aren't, you meet up with me inside.” she said, Shadow nodded and followed the alleyway without a second thought. It was no use to worry about Mercy as it was said that she would be immune to this sort of ability and on top of that she was a Veteran so she could easily defend herself if need be, but even with all that Shadow couldn't help to feel a bit uneasy.

He cautiously walked through the alley seeing corpses of animals here and there it was repugnant but Shadow could sustain that much. Shadow reached the back of the old warehouse there was a back door there just like mercy said, then Shdow was to stay put and watch it but Shadow decided to inspect said door. He tried to open it but to no avail it was rusted shut, "Wow its rusted shut, I could break it open with enough force but I don't see anyone but me breaking or opening this door..." Shadow said and looked around a bit the warehouse was rusted and old having a few holes on it. He decided to look through one of them but it was dark inside so he couldn't see much nothing out of the ordinary though, just the awful smell of decay coming from the inside. Shadow then took a few steps back leaning on the alleys wall by the shadows and crouched looking at the surroundings. "Maybe I should go meet up with Mercy? Seeing the door is rusted shut." Shadow thought but decided to wait a bit and see if anything happened......


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#, as written by Damioa
Without noticing it, Joe had fell asleep. It wasn't unexpected though. Usually, on matters much like this one, he would fall asleep just because of the silence and the fact that he probably used a days worth of energy doing something already.

With a few loose snoozes, he opened his eyes, realizing that he was slouched over the girl who seemed to take the current job more seriously than he had. A lot of things were foggy from when he first closed his eyes, but he happened to remember her saying something like, “Well I guess for now we just wait and see right?”

That was probably what did it for him. Joe hated waiting for things to happen. Time was way to short to way for everything. Still, he didn't mean to fall asleep on the little sniper, least it ruin her fun. He remembered that he was a heavy sleeper too. The thought made him wonder what would have happened if he fell on her and they would be trapped for days in this dark place. Surely his mind was over exaggerating looking at how the warehouse looked from the inside, but it was still eerie.

Joe made sure to lean in the opposite direction so that he wouldn't have fallen asleep on Mei again, even though once he layed his head on the ground he was suddenly uncomfortable. Looking at his watch, he estimated that they have been there at least an hour or so. Who knows? Heck, he didn't even know the time they arrived, but he was sure it wasn't long ago. With the discomfort he was feeling, he decided that a game might better be in order, so he took his index finger and focused energy on top of it, making a marble out of the matter. Sure it wasn't as hard as a marble, or as soft as cotton. The texture of it was indescribable, if he was asked by another. Not to mention, it also varied on how hard he wanted it to hit. Though, since he wasn't using it for combat, but instead using it to toss in the air, it wasn't dangerous.

"Hey Mei," he said tossing it into the air and catching it with his pinky. "Have you ever shot someone with that thing? You know it's dangerous right? Or are you carrying safety rounds. . . Matter fact, you don't have to answer that. If you tell me otherwise my cute little sister impression of you will change to just another one of those people with powers. Eh.... Forget I said that too. I'ma shut up now."

As talkative as he was, he was even more so when he was bored. Though he didn't think any of the others cared much for the things he said. Sure it could be one thing one day, but the next. Well it'd be a completely different one. He tried to act the part of a good person and overall happy person, but he knew that his team mates knew who he really was. They knew the real him. He sometimes wondered if Mei knew too, or was she just too young at the time to remember.

It was a shame. He did feel as if he had a true family with the Wickeds, but something was missing. Maybe it was the sleep and lack of energy. It was making him depressed. Then again, it could also be that as long as he's around people he'll be reminded of his true self and his powers. The power. How sweet it is. Then again, it wasn't sweet at the same time. There was no one around to join him in his explosions. Then when he joined the team there was nothing he was allowed to explode. At least nothing fun. Maybe a building or a door here and there, but he wanted to take out the really big stuff.

On the other hand, maybe that's not what he currently wants. He thought long and hard about it. Somehow, the word fireworks crept its way into his thoughts. "Yeah that sounds about right. You might want to cover your aiming eye Mei."

The memory of their current mission stopped him from making a big works display, but he did make the small energy ball pop like one work of art. He was even able to slow it down so that it wouldn't make much noise.



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#, as written by duramon

Another day, another stakeout. Mal was reclined on a building across the way, observing the movements of his newest group of observables from The Wicked Ones, absent-mindedly scoring a small wolf's head into the wall with his blades as he watched and waited. He'd expected a fight when he overheard talk of an otherkind but so far there'd been nothing but talking, the one called Shadow had even vacated the room with the Other due to her Miasma and another of The Wicked's had proverbially fallen asleep at the wheel while on their own stakeout.

Another day, another uneventful stakeout, that is until Mal caught movement in the corner of his vision, he paid his dues to the trick of the lighting which was awful, but then he saw something grotesque clamber its way up and smash through into the building near the Miasma girl and Mercy of the gasmask clan. Maybe today wasn't just another day, maybe he could finally stop staking out like so many sad men and do something, and so with a leap and a tumble he was sprinting for the abandoned building.

"Shit. Run!"Rang out from the Veteran Wicked and suddenly his legs were in overdrive, and before he could formulate a plan he was leaping through a window in a hail of shimmering glass, his hood drawn up and his skull-mask firmly planted on his face as his boot similarly planted itself on the monstrosity that had oh so abruptly charged in, sending it skidding to one side. "Damn I make good entrances, you wanna dance ugly?" He taunted, bringing his hands up in a boxing style "Let's dance motherfucker." His voice was low, befitting a veteran fighter with a smooth streak, a streak Mal had yet to begin but one he was sure was coming, he was just a late bloomer.

Mal darted in without so much as a glance to Mercy or a buckled-knee from his leap and Miasma-covered entrance, he danced to his own tune and unless this thing could play White Rabbit he was crap outta luck. He met the fanged mutant with a series of quick jabs and low dodges, dancing out of it's reach before darting in with a full-forced swing to the mid-riff, a knuckleblade glinting from what little light permeated the room. For his trouble he felt a claw puncture his abdomen and hit something important, without a word smashing both his blades down either side in an attempt to slice it's arm in two, his blades sunk in deep before he kicked it as hard as he could and sent it sliding back across the room, blood colouring parts of his black clothing before abruptly stopping as he moved back to Mercy.

"So...should I call your friends in that building or just punch big ugly again? Wait, better idea!" He said, turning to Mercy with a somewhat playful tone despite the situation, bracing himself for a charge from the beast before side-stepping and outstretching his arm, clotheslining the thing with as much force as he could muster to put it into the ground, quickly grabbing it's uninjured arm to (with no small amount of effort) put it out the broken window and outside the warehouse.

"It's a good thing I'm a mutant or I'd be dead huh?...." He mused as he clambered out of the mess of a window, spotting Shadow across the way having distanced himself from the Miasma "Hey, Buddy! I've been pretty lucky so far but I think the element of surprise has worn off, care to give me a hand before I die?" He yelled to The Wicked, relaxing as much as he could into a boxing style.

"Another boring stakeout my ass.."


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Mercy’s words filled her head with sweet thoughts of hope but as usual they were quelled by darker thoughts. It was able to bring up the corners of her lips into a small smile. There was a brief lull in their conversation but Mercy finally came around to answering her question, but she wasn’t able to finish. There was a loud bang that kept interrupting her, which made Monica nervous and when she got nervous the miasma tended to get a bit thicker.

Suddenly the wall exploded in the far corner of the building. Once the debris was gone it revealed a monstrous creature that Monica could tell had once been human. The thing ran at Mercy, who was able to procure a broken piece of metal. She managed to sidestep it while hitting it in the abdomen but she was only able to tear the Other’s hoodie. Monica was simply frozen in place. Unsure of what to do Monica thought maybe she could just hide but Mercy’s orders prompted her to do just that, run.

Just as she skirted the obviously one-sided fight between the creature and Mercy, something broke through the warehouses window and kicked the Other to one side. The masked man’s sudden entrance made Monica trip over her feet in surprise and she landed on her butt as a result. For the moment Monica watched the masked man deal with the monster with a jovial air about him. The young woman couldn’t understand the man’s actions in the least bit but she was almost glad that he had interfered since it meant Mercy, her first friend, would be safe for the time being.

Before she knew it, the man was chatting with Mercy briefly before sending the creature flying through a window with the man following its path. Monica scrambled to her feet, running towards the broken window to watch the fight. If she were to get any closer to those outside they’d experience her miasma to a much larger effect.


"Hey Mei," “Yeah?”
Have you ever shot someone with that thing? You know it's dangerous right? Or are you carrying safety rounds. . . Matter fact, you don't have to answer that. If you tell me otherwise my cute little sister impression of you will change to just another one of those people with powers. Eh.... Forget I said that too. I'ma shut up now."

Mei opened her mouth to answer his first question but as always Joe went on a short rant. In the end he did all the talking for her which made her look back at him with wonder. “Cute little sister? I’m the cute little sister of one person and one person only and it’s not you Joe.” With a sigh, Mei looked through her scope to see if there was any activity nearby. From the look of things there wasn’t any which was good.

“But to answer your question, I have shot people with this but only for good reason. Thankfully it was a one-time thing and yes I do have safety rounds. Morgan got on my ass the last time I used regular bullets.” the young girl was rather happy that he stopped talking since she could focus on the task given to her. "Yeah that sounds about right. You might want to cover your aiming eye Mei." Mei glanced at him with suspicion but upon seeing the marble in his hands she turned her head so she wouldn’t look at the explosion she knew would occur. Surprisingly there wasn’t much noise.

~ ~ ~

Not much time had passed since Joe made his marble pop, maybe about twenty minutes or so. Mei was getting tired of waiting for something to happen. It was definitely a good thing that nothing had happened yet but she wanted to be of some use to Mercy and Shadow. The Russian looked through her scope for the umpteenth time that day. There was movement towards the front of the building but it was just Shadow leaving the warehouse. She deduced his actions to the Other’s ability finally getting to the noob. Even from this distance, Mei felt just a tad bit queasy.

There was more movement but she couldn’t tell what it was from this distance. Mei shifted her gun with her finger hovering over the trigger. The entirety of her focus was on the ware house but she made sure not to make her peripheral vision blur. Suddenly something crashed through a window in the front of the warehouse and in that moment, Mei activated her ability. Eyes glowing red, her gun followed the monstrosity movement however it paused briefly when she caught sight of a different person. A man with a mask was following after the Other but he stopped, calling out to someone she thought.

If only I had super hearing. With a frown Mei spoke to Joe. “I’m going to fire a warning shot. Oh and I might need one of your marbles to throw if it’s possible.” Focusing once more on the Other, Mei pulled the trigger. A loud bang could be heard and the bullet bit into the ground barely an inch away from hitting the Other. Hopefully Mercy understood the message. If need be Mei would shoot the thing down but only if there was no other way to end thei current predicament.


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#, as written by Damioa

Noticing Mei was moving around, Joe looked ahead of him to see a desturbance, which was followed by a few crashing noises. The firework display he had going on in between his hands ceased and he stood up, stretching. "Finally. It's time for me to get some action in hehe." He grinned as spoke and jogged in place a little in excitement.

“I’m going to fire a warning shot. Oh and I might need one of your marbles to throw if it’s possible.”

Turning towards Mei he thought for a second and shrugged his shoulders. "Wow Mei. You don't wanna be my fake sister, but you want my energy. You're growing into a typical woman you know," he jested before snapping his fingers to create a energy orb. "It won't explode and will probably only last for a few minutes after I leave. Try to be careful though. I think raw energy is bad for people. Then again, you're a wicked so you should be fine.... Maybe."

Turning over his hand, the ball floated down until it hit the grown and sat in place besides the girl. Joe saluted the girl and grinned at her before jumping off the ledge from the point they were at, falling head first towards the ground while an outline of energy slowly wrapped itself around his body. Feet from the ground he made a hasty stop and the energy focused more on his feet sent him blasting in the sky like a rocket, headed towards his teams and the others direction.

He raised to a peak height and fell down towards them holding his hands out to catch his fall. Through the roof of the building, there was a loud bang and short flash of light before some of the ceiling came falling down in the center. The dubree missed the wickeds and the other and Joe rose from the smoke in a coughing fit, looking around as if he was trying to sneak away from something.

"Cuughhcuuccough. Damn. . . Cough cough. Wow. I seriously need to find a safer way to travel."

He ignored the monster who was currently being entertained by the new guys outside. He was sure they'd survive another three minutes, and besides, since he landed inside instead of outside he had a greater task to fulfill. "So Mercy. You seem to be one of those people who attract trouble. How many times has something like this happened? You're not hurt are you? Hm?" Before he let Mercy respond he looked towards the other girl with her. "Well well well. You also seem to be a distressed damsel. Well don't worry my two princesses. Me and my fellow knights shall slay this foul beast!!!"

Bowing to both of them individually, he turned his body towards the beast who was in all of its ugliness, growling and carrying on. Or was it actually a man? That, he couldn't tell. He bounced out the window, still with a light coat of energy around his person. He didn't know how stuff like crazy get you sick powers worked, but he was sure he'd be okay if he used his own. Then again, he was sure he'd get a lot of time to test out his theory after this.

At first, he didn't jump to help, for he wanted to see if the two would be okay on their own. He judged by their powers that they should have been okay, but then again their explanations of their abilities and their actual know how could be the difference between life and death in this situation and Joe was not going to be the one to be blamed for the death of two new recruits.

"Heya boys. You two look pretty cool fighting this demon right now." He grinned and paced back and forth, whistling as if there was no danger at all. Yawning, he opened his hand and a ball of light slowly formed, growing larger and larger until he ceased the growth and made it disappear. He was going to blow the think to bits, but he decided that wouldn't be fun, nor would it be a good idea. The boys were too close. Instead he cuffed his hands pointing the top of his closed fist at the other. Slowly, light began to seep through the cracks and a long line of energy began to stick out in the fiends direction. The light continued to move and twist until a glorious sword was made in the mans hands. "Have at thee beast," Joe announced before running to the creature. It noticed he was coming from behind and turned around just to clash with the sword. It was like an animal the way it attacked Joe, but the boy was lucky that his energy guard was still up. After he got a groove for the beasts movements, he wasn't worried. In fact it became more and more like a dance.

Upon closer inspection, the beast was a human who may have been an other. Joe, feeling bad for it, decided not to go for fatal cuts and instead aimed for the creatures arms and legs. The incisions he was making seemed to heal almost as soon as they were formed and by noticing this, Joe began to plan his next mode of action. Most things were pointing to him having to put the creature down and take the human out of his or her misery, but he didn't really like that idea. It wasn't really fun killing something, because once dead, you can't play anymore, but he was prepared to do what he had to.

Letting go of the sword, it began to move on it's own through the manipulation fo the energy that made it up and Joe spun away from his adversary, backing towards the boys.

"Well guys," he explained. "We have a few things we can do here as the men on the scene."

He concentrated, not taking his eye off the sword which was fighting the other by itself. His face was scrunched up and he was beginning to feel the effects of fighting for too long, and not the tiresome ones. Without thinking about it, he accidentally ordered the sword to impale the vile thing and with a forceful strike the energy saber went straight through, driving hard enough to pick it off its feet and slam it to the ground.

"Damn. I didn't mean to do that," he said relaxing. "Ah well. Time to get some Mcdonalds."

The energy saber disappeared and since it didn't explode, the essence of it, flowed back to Joe, who was leaving the scene. He had completely forgotten why they were there in the first place.

Humming to himself he walked casually towards the main street, but stopped when he felt the energy of the other wasn't gone all the way. "Crap," he said as it twitched and began to recompose itself. "I don't want to blow you up man."

He glanced towards the other two to see if he really had to resort to using one of the ten shots he measured himself having. He hoped he wouldn't have to exert that much energy though, for he knew the pains that came with using too much energy. "Well boys. Any ideas?"


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#, as written by Byte

A strange thing happened that day. Two men crash-landed into the warehouse in an almost collaborative attempt to demolish the building like they were wrecking balls. And once again Mercy couldn't help but feel as though fate just didn't want her to play pretend-hero as these bumbling idiots barged in and subsequently engaged the Eldritch horror (which still didn't do the otherkind any justice) with religious fervour, and with an equal sum of glee that left a bitter taste in the wicked's mouth.

She thanked the Gods for this divine intervention, regardless.

As the heat of battle migrated outside the warehouse, Mercy's thought reverted to the only thing she cared about at this point; Monica's safety. The child excitedly ran for the broken window, as she had apparently found a higher priority in observing the spectacle rather than legging it for the nearest safe point, and the veteran wicked couldn't help but fuss more now that Joe had entered the fray. The nutcase had a tendency to hand out explosions like sweets on All Hallows Eve.

“Don't worry. He's an absolute fruitcake, but he can handle himself.”

And so was the other one, apparently. But she wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.

The fight had dumbed down a bit with the bloating man-beast finding its struggle, presumably for dinner, had increased significantly with the addition of another big fish entering the boxing ring and dishing out injuries like they were after-eight mints.

Despite the massive bruises and flesh wounds it had sustained, however, the creature appeared to have some kind of regenerative factor that was enough to keep it alive. Although it wasn't difficult to notice that this particular healing ability was most likely the cause for its hideous shell. Unstable regeneration had a nasty side effect to regenerate beyond what is essential, effectively increasing the chance for the mutant in question to develop tumors all over. They usually didn't live for long...

“Joe! Light a flare for Mei, will you? Tell her to cap this fucker between the eyes.” If she even had a clear shot.

With an echoing sneer, the creature rose onto its feet and hands. Bracing for a leap, but not at the huntsmen who had hurt him so much. No, it had learned from its mistake, and its cold gaze fixated on the only two women within the vicinity...


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#, as written by duramon

Mal was at current still dealing with his Other problem, crouched low in a boxing style, trading blows back and forth until the arrival of a showboating nutjob, Mal almost changed target at the irresponsible showcase of the young man but bit his tongue, waiting for him to finish his little show of energy. "Get useful or get gone! This isn't a game!" He growled, as the energy finally returned to the boy. His eyes widened as he saw its new targets and his jaw set firm, flashing his knuckleblades into place again with another growl.

He darted behind the distracted beast and leaped onto it's back as it leapt, wrapping his arms around it's throat and tackling it back into the ground, Mal flexed his arm muscles against the things throat, pressing them in as hard as possible to partially crush it's throat as he flipped it over his shoulder, slamming it into the ground hard enough to crack the concrete as he released it, grabbing it's hand and forcing it's arm to stretch out as his free hand swung towards its already cut elbow joint, the blade sinking in deep and coming out the other side as an abominable limb found itself by the wayside. As the beast clambered up to continue its charge Mal reached into his coat and braced his shoulder as he rammed into it's side, knocking it back down and sitting on its chest as he pulled a new silver piece from his apparel, a large-framed revolver twisted to the side to face point blank into the creatures face.

For a moment there was sudden silence as the click of the hammer being pulled back resounded, the beast apprehensive of it's death before a final horrific roar, one echoed by the masked man as he pulled the trigger. The hammer flying forward to hit the primer, the explosive force propelling the bullet spiralling through the barrel to find it's target, the bang echoing long after the shot as he got off the Other, pressing his fingers between the as of yet unhealed energy blade wound and dutifully searching for something before removing his blood-slick hand. Mal heaved the mess of a large body onto his back and carried it over to a suitably peaceful spot, spending a few moments to gather it into as respectful a pose as possible.

"You were powerful and unfortunate, I'll at least send you off with a burial by flame." He said to the open air before turning back to the The Wickeds, apprehensive about his next action, these ones were not as he had expected, but he had duties to fulfil. "Malice, I have watched your group for some time. Next time you fight an Other, don't play games, taunting is for tactical reasons not for sport, they're a living thing and if you can't subdue their powers then make it quick..." He lectured, pulling down his hood to reveal his golden hair and pulling off his skull mask to stuff into his pockets along with his blades, revealing his piercing eyes and a blank expression, two fingers penetrated his cheek with no small amount of effort and a pained expression followed as he tore out a large part of his cheek, the skin blackened and decaying much like smaller patches of his features, the skin rebuilding itself in a few seconds as the rest of his decay slowly receded.

Sending an annoyed glance at the show-off he then looked to Mercy and the girl "Okay, so I believe you requested someone 'cap this fucker between the eyes.', mission accomplished to my regret, if show-boat could light that flare for the sniper this conversation will be repeated half as much and we can move on with our lives." He said, brushing down as much dirt and blood as possible from his coat "For now, I'll be over here honouring the dead as long as the young one beside you is okay that is...I came prepared with a medkit in that nearby building, I'll be back with it and gasoline...I'll wait until you've left till I begin the burial." He continued in a kind tone, pointing to his original position before stalking off to retrieve his gear, a dark cloud hanging over his head that roiled with the final roar of his foe.


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Shadow Loveheart

For a brief moment Shadow just blanked out when the beast crashed landed into the warehouse, surely enough Mercy handled the beast for a few instances before Joe crashes into the building after some other person fought with the creature for a few moments. It all happened quite fast for Shadow to react they had called out for help the unknown individual who apparently had been stalking them for some reason; but Joe was there and he was more than enough to deal with most problems that could possibly happen in this situation. In the end the creature was already killed before Shadow stood up to try and help not that he was needed in the most. Shadow shook his head and though "Did I pass out?!" he mentally joked and then looked at the others.

Standing up he got a bit closer to the wickeds as the stalker was leaving to get his med kid and gasoline having said something for a proper burial of some sorts for the Other. "Well that went nicely I can say the least you didn't even need my help, though I would've ended in a second if I stepped in so I didn't so you guys could do something." Shadow said trying to play it off, albeit he did space out and he was probably going to get en earful or worse when they got back. "Might I add that thing just came out of no where so I had no chance of warning you guys before its arrival. ehehe...." Shadow said scratching the back of his head.
That other had shown his ability in attempt to show off Shadow guessed he was another recruit or he wanted to be at least, he was good and skilled Shadow could say that.


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#, as written by Byte

And with a single, resounding bang not from Mei, but the masked man's firearm, the abominable otherkind finally bit the dust and thus preventing its final attempt to acquire an easy kill. However, not everyone was pleased with the end result of this brawl. A puzzled gaze of ruby warily followed the actions of the victor who had taken to lifting the dead weight corpse of the mutilated fiend, observing as he laid it some place quiet, carefully adjusting it into a dignified position that raised more questions than answers.

A curious saviour indeed.

How was this creature's death unfortunate again? From a technical standpoint they had done this thing a favour, it had little life, or intelligence for that matter, to speak of. Killing it was the lesser evil, if it was considered evil at all. Regardless Mercy shot the man a grateful and approving nod, her wariness drowning ever so slightly with a single gulp at the display of the stranger's powers that explained how he too had not yet succumbed to the miasma of decay that still loomed around Monica.

“Do as you please, though I won't stick around for the funeral.” In all honesty, she inwardly ridiculed the idea to give this thing a burial. She had sympathy for its primitive existence, yes, but to give it sympathy after death was something Mercy found... strange to say the least.

It was then that Mercy's gaze instinctively fell upon Monica as the poor girl let out a sudden howl, a screaming plea, for whatever was taking hold of her to release its grip and as if on cue the sickening damp that loomed around the area seemed to withdraw into nothingness. A clout of worry caused the Wick to meet the remaining other halfway, suppressing the urge to express concern when the girl made an inquiry in her usual whisper. A valid question that Mercy had no definite answer for as of yet.

Knees bent slightly to reach eye-level contact with the girl, an affectionate stare calmly examining Monica. “Are you okay?” She asked, though the Wicked woman somehow knew the girl was unharmed.

An air of silence lingered for a moment when Mercy mustered up the effort and words to speak in order to determine their next course of action. “I'll leave that up to you, Monica. I will support whatever you decide to do.” The woman glanced at the other Wicked that were present, wondering if they- and those at home would be okay having a high risk profile in their midst. The niggling threat that Morgan would refuse Monica amnesty momentarily crossed her mind, her inner self taking some time to conclude that such a thing was bogus and implausible.

“Although...” The veteran wicked spoke once more, her voice sweetened. “I'd love it if you came with me.” Truer words couldn't have been spoken. Even if Monica didn't choose to join the Wicked Ones, Mercy would at least try to keep in touch one way or the other... It was the least she could do to help out a fellow misfit of both mutant and human society.


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#, as written by Byte

Mercy merely nodded to at least assure little Monica that everything would work out. Regardless, it would be unnatural for the veteran wicked to worry about off-chances. Still this was Morgan she was doubting, and she just didn't quite see the man doing such a heartless thing. Heck, and if he did Mercy would get right back at him. 'Eat that asshole!' or some crap retort before promptly leaving the Wicked Ones behind. Okay, okay. It wouldn't be that easy, but the woman would certainly doubt her affiliation at that stage.

“Hey, don't look so gloom. I'll vouch for you.” She stated matter of factly, offering the still somewhat depressive teen a smile. Not that she'd blame Monica for not smiling an awful lot, Mercy didn't expect an immediate cheer radiating from the girl as soon as she offered her friendship. Shit! That'd be creepy as fuck, and probably result in the opposite. 'Smile and wave, smile and wave, right?', right. (thinking about it, it was eerie how she was willingly throwing herself off a cliff for a complete stranger. The things we do for people we can empathise with, eh?)

Approaching the remaining Wicks, Mercy hastily beckoned for them to follow her. Their job was done, mission accomplished. Actually, double accomplished on her part. “Let's grab Mei and get the fuck out. I'll bet Morgan is twiddling his thumbs as we speak, ha.” Poor attempt at comedy.

Navigating the group to the sniper's vantage point, Mercy caught the soft whisper of her newest friend, which prompted her to slouch a bit in order to hear Monica's words. (she did whisper an awful lot, didn't she?) The poor girl...

“No worries, right? I'll help however I can, and so will the others. Right guys?” Mercy gave the two fellas a rather... ominous glance, a cold and intimidating stare as if she dared them to even utter something remotely stupid.

Not long after, Mercy asked Joe to get Mei down on ground-level and with the entire group, plus one, back together the wicked woman led them back to the base. She couldn't wait to get a good night's rest...


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The young girl snickered a bit at Joe’s words. “Thanks Joe. Hey where do you think you’re going?” Attempting to stand, Mei watched in horror as Joe jumped off the ledge of the roof, only to pop back up. A look of confusion crossed her face then relief and irritation. “You goddam idiot.” Her eyes followed Joes ascent and soon enough his descent but that point Mei was once again reminded of her bat shit crazy friend’s resiliency.

Focusing her attention back at the battle, she peered through her scope and watched closely. They kept moving around too much for her to get a particularly clean shot and then Joe entered the fray. “Tch. You’re in the way Joe. Either take him down or step back and let me do it.” Her eyes widened slightly upon seeing the Other being impaled by Joes energy sword but even more so when that other kid shoot the damn thing, execution style. A growl escaped her lips and Mei brought her up so that it no longer pointed at the fighting area. They did finish their mission, well something of their mission. The fact that they killed the Other in such a way didn’t quite sit well with Mei. She wasn’t one to play with her targets, always going for a clean and quick shot.

She finally stood after packing her anti-tank rifle into the large case she brought it in earlier. The young girl hated the fact that she wasn’t able to get a clear shot, even with her ability. The Other and whoever it was that was fighting it kept getting in the way. Still a bit angry she stormed down the stairway and burst out of the building. She glanced around for her fellow Wickeds and saw them not to far, and they were heading her way. It was quite obvious by her demeanor that she wasn’t quite happy.

With a frown she joined her motely group of Wickeds. Turning her attention to Joe, the small girl glared at him before suddenly kicking him in the leg. “That’s for jumping off the roof and nearly giving me a heart attack.” Mei adjusted the strap of the gun case and walked a bit ahead when she realized there was a new face. Still with the glare, she looked at the girl and almost at once her expression softened. “Oh hello.” Then turning her attention to Mercy, Mei looked around her. “Hey where did that other guy go?” sending another glare at Joe. After all had been said, Mei followed Mercy back home.

Some time later

For the most part Mei was still a bit upset but she had cooled down, so Joe didn’t have to worry about being kicked again. When they had arrived at their home, they were greeted by a group of the other Wickeds who had stood sentry to their now destroyed entry way. Mei walked up to the busted down false wall carefully running her hand along the edges. ‘Whoa. What happened here?” She looked to one of the Wickeds who stood just inside the entry way. “From what I’ve been told Cain came back. It seems one of his familiars tore the door down to get him to the infirmary.” Mei glanced over at Mercy and Joe with a look of worry. The Wicked noticed Mei’s concern and smiled at her reassuringly, “Don’t worry he’s fine now. I think he’s resting at the moment.” She nodded, biting her lip.

If Cain was resting it’d be rude of her if she went and disturbed him. “Okay. Well I’ll be in my room if anyone needs me.” Soon enough the small girl was bounding up the stairs and out of sight.


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#, as written by Damioa
Joe B.

It seemed that once again, Joe had found himself in a situation where he wasn't on the same page as the people around him. Instead of looking relieved for backup, it seemed like he was actually bothering the boy who traded places with him in combat. Still, he couldn't help but grin at the mans direction. His skills and agility were something anyone who was a fan of fighting would enjoy watching.

"Get useful or get gone! This isn't a game!"

Joe's grin slightly diminished as he was feeling kind weird by getting yelled at. He was wondering if the guy wanted him to kill the thing. As the fight continued, the wondering thoughts all confirmed where the mans anger was coming from. It was definitely something Joe didn't feel like explaining, but he didn't want to kill the other, nor did he want it dead. However, it wasn't like his reasons for those thoughts were enough to make him care deeply about the other getting a bullet in its head. In fact, when the roaring sound of gunfire popped through the outside area, echoing like fourth of July poppers, a subtle reminder of something important ran through his mind. Weighing now on his shoulders, his bright and open day time demeanor changed into his more laid back one. Usually when his personality changed to this mode, he was spent on energy or thinking about something.

He walked up to the man who seemed to be murmuring something to the corpse before addressing Joe.

"Malice, I have watched your group for some time. Next time you fight an Other, don't play games, taunting is for tactical reasons not for sport, they're a living thing and if you can't subdue their powers then make it quick..."

In an instant, Joe lost all track of what he was thinking about and blankly stared at Malice who had given him his name, a lecture, and maybe some good fighting advise for the future. Deep down, Joe wanted to say that he was trying not to kill it to see if it could calm down, but he decided against it. It was better to save time then to ask questions and besides, it wasn't the only reason. Nodding at the guy until he walked away, Joe looked in Shadows direction, making sure the boy was okay before following.

The next few things that happened breezed past as it seemed everything was wrapping up. That was until, Something seemed to be wrong with the girl who was there before them. He really hoped she wasn't going to turn into an other, but if she did... He didn't want to think about it. To his relief, she calmed down and things seemed to be wrapping up again. The girl seemed to be coming out with her feelings as she felt comfortable enough to tell them about why she was there. Joe's eyes narrowed for a second before relaxing. He didn't want to remember that this part of the day happened and he had his own reasons. In fact, the whole day was looking like a sucky one.

Heads so far in the cloud of his own though, he didn't even see a ticked off Mei walking in his direction. With a sharp feeling of pain in his leg hes jumped back and yelped, mostly from the surprise.

“That’s for jumping off the roof and nearly giving me a heart attack.”

"Oh... Hehe. I'm sorry," he chuckled trying to seem innocent.

Joe looked off and around thinking that soon would be a good time to leave. There was a lot of noise, and anytime there was gunfire, good ole LAPD was sure to be close by. "Well, I don't know what you guys have planned from now, but since we're done with what we need to do we should leave. I have some stuff to take care of so I'll see you guys later."

Raising his hand in a quick gesture of passing, Joe turned around and ran away from the group. In his hand he make a disc out of his own energy and through it in front of him, timing his jump at the same time so that his landing was perfect on it and high enough off the ground to keep it moving. Picking up speed, he boosted in the sky, looking at first to see if any cops were around the area yet. They should be good for now,' he thought to himself and continued surfing through the air, headed in the direction of one of the cities deepest areas.

It took about ten minutes of flying, but soon he was able to land and walk the rest of the way to his destination. On his way he passed by dozens of connected houses and apartment complexes, each with their own set of urban art to take away from the fact that some areas in this city were so bland. Even the door to his friends house was sprayed on. He sighed, moving his earphones from his head to his neck and knocked on the door.

The door opened slightly, held back by the chain in the door and a pair of eyes peeked out to investigate who was knocking. Though, the reaction the person had wasn't the one Joe wanted as he slammed the door in his face.

"What the hell?" Joe looked around, checking for cops and spit on the ground. "Hey. I'm all alone out here. It's okay to let me in." A few moments went by and Joe realized his patience was growing thin. He put his hands on the door and blew most of it off the hinges. Though he instantly regretted it. Greeting him at the entrance was the muzzle of over a dozen guns. There was really no point in counting since he didn't care for guns. He just wanted what he was there for.

"Listen, you guys make around one to three hundred all as a group on a monthly basses right?" He asked, stepping back a little.

However, to his surprise, these group of guys weren't ones to talk and faster than he could think about it, bullets were hitting the wall he put up to guard himself. It wasn't funny at first, but he couldn't help it. Laughter burst out of him like jack in the box of his lungs. In all the sound shattering blast of gunfire, his laughs could still be heard. The more they shot the more he laughed. He decided it was definitely their faces. No, it was the fact they thought they were tough with the guns in their hands. No, wait, he had to say it was definitely the fact that he was laughing at all the above while getting shot at. Of course he looked back on the horrible thought that these fools would kill someone all for some dope, but all was fair when you had powers like him.

Click, Click, Click.

There was clicking all around, but no more bullet fire to be heard. Like music to his ears, Joe went from laughing to grinning. "Seriously. All I want is some weed man. You know what I mean?" Joe stepped closer as he talked and the men aroud him moved back, probably still trying to answer for themselves how he was still alive. "You should know. You guys go around angry everyday right? Living that quote on quote, hard life? I feel for you and respect your craft. So respect the fact that if I don't get what I want, I also get violent."

As he spoke, his grin didn't waver, but his voice became more and more aggressive. He almost let a little bit of his true self out, but was luckily able to contain it, save for a few screams, broken property and limbs, but he didn't kill anybody so it was a good visit.

"Thanks guys," he waved smelling his bag. "Maybe next time you guys will learn to hide it. So tire of coming to the same location for the same fight. Oh yeah, any of you try to shoot me in the street, which is pretty dumb, I'll come back and level everything living and other on this street. Okay? Bye!!!!"

In his possession he currently had half a dozen pounds of Marijuana on his person. It was definitely something someone would have to call too much to use and if he took it home, everyone would find out that he smokes and then he'd have to tell them why, or something stupid. That and the dumb conversation that would come from his reasoning behind doing it would be unbearable. That and the sappiness that was probably bound to happen. Either that or everyone would be okay with it, but it was better if they just didn't know.

"Besides, the least they know about why I do the things that I do, the better."

With the wind hitting his face, Joe looked down, looking over the fields miles away from the city. Many of the fields were beautiful and had their own colors from plants, trees, and animal life. One of the fields was a field of something that had to do with growing one thing and one thing only. Marijuana. It was a fairly new thing if you judge by the age of the farms around it, and it was also something the owner faced problems with. Whether it be that of the law or that of the city rough necks who would come and steal the stuff to try to make a profit, the guy sure had hands tied up.

"Thanks a ton Joe," the man said with a smile, taking all but one of the bags Joe had in his possession.

"I came back with so little though. I was sure they had everything there, but I guess they weren't the only ones who hit you this time. I honestly hate how repetitive they're being."

The man, who Joe refereed to mostly as Dr. Flemmings laughed and set his merchandise down. "People of every standing like doing what they know is safe. When those boys come here, I don't call the cops and the only one who comes after them is you. I reckon they like you more than the cops."

"Yeah... They didn't use to like me before."

"That's neither here are there. We're not the people we were before, we're who we are currently, so you're going to have to face the fact that you're actually a gentler person. . . More so than the cops."

Joe glanced at the good Doctor before turning around. "Hehe. Well, before we go back into our old habits for I talk you listen then you explain my thoughts to me, I think I should be going."

"Hehe. Okay then. Still, know anytime you wanna talk..."

"Yeah, yeah. Don't worry, I wont need to. Peace out Doc."

As Joe rushed off back to the air he wondered if the doctor got any dust in his face from the takeoff. The young man didn't usually start flight in front of someone's face, but that guy was a handful. It seemed every chance he had would be taken to talk to Joe about his feelings. The guy was really creepy and, to make matters worse, he wasn't technically a doctor anymore. Though he was the only person who would help the man out and vice verse, so for the time being staying in contact with him was something he could live with.

Another thing he could live with was putting the day behind him. He got shot at without being able to finish his joke, made to look uncool by a cool person and had an other die when he didn't want it to, though that was just the cherry on the cake. However, it wasn't as if good things didn't happen either. He got to fly around different parts of town, met a lot of people, got to fight twice, and also got a refill. Not to mention, no one was on the roof, so he got to smoke as soon as he got back home.

"Man," he said looking at the moon. "This was actually a really good day huh. Yeah. Definitely one hell of an awesome day." With that said, it wasn't long before he fell asleep, drained from all the days excitement.


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A Summary of Events

It had only been yesterday since the Wickeds had accepted more into their ranks. However whether they really planned to stay was up to them, the Wickeds leader, Morgan, was the kind to force others into his group. He let them stay for however long they wanted to and if they were satisfied by how life was as a Wicked then they were more than welcome to become an official member. What was supposed to be a simple investigation turned into a nasty fight with a different Other than the one they were told to look into.

The arrival of new members wasn’t the only thing that had occurred the other day, one of their veterans, Morgan’s right hand man, had returned but in the worst way possible. He had lost nearly all of his familiars but with when he was suddenly engulfed in purple fire he was alright. Esme healed him until there was nothing left to be healed. Not only was Cain healed but Gemma’s charge as well. The kid had yet to wake up but that was to be expected with his wounds. Cain was still resting after his ordeal on Morgan’s orders.

~ ~ ~ ~

A Few Weeks Later

The light was so, so very bright; too bright to open your eyes all the way and most certainly too white to be considered natural. He wanted to see where he was but he felt in unsurmountable pain behind his eyes. Grinding his teeth, he decided to try squinting while looking down instead of upwards. Even this was painful but by continuously blinking he was able to get his eyes to somewhat adjust to the light. He quickly found out the reason as to why it was so bright. The walls were painted white from what little he saw of them for the majority of the room was covered by large mirrors. Just from seeing so little, his head began to throb. With all the mirrors facing each other, they created an endless illusion to the point where he couldn’t tell how big the room was.

Suddenly a figure appeared in his peripheral vision. Dark eyes darted to the figures location but in doing so he opened his eyes too wide. The most rhythmic of throbbing came about and he soon regretted ever trying to see who had entered the room. At first he had thought there was only one other person in the room but he soon realized that there was one other person. It was strange, the sound the second person made. It was as if they were sliding across the floor and he couldn’t feel their movements like he did with the other fellow. Then he realized from the occasional squeak and the final click that this person wasn’t walking, they were being pulled in what he assumed was a wheelchair.

“This is the young man I was telling you about. He was so brave as to volunteer to help us out.” The young man on the table felt a chill caress his body and he shivered at the word choice the man used. He didn’t come close to volunteering for whatever the hell this was. They just came out of nowhere as soon as he locked the door to his apartment. Hands grabbed him, pulling something heavy over his head and then tying something over his mouth to muffle his screaming. Those karate lessons proved worthless by the end of the struggle and he blacked out from being shocked heavily. The young man truly wished he could speak his mind and tell this person that he didn’t want to be there, to protest against his claim but oddly enough his mouth felt heavy and he couldn’t move it. They must have drugged him with something otherwise he would’ve ditched this whole damn place from the moment he woke up.

In response to the man’s proclamation, there was a grunt of some sort and then what sounded like whispers. Despite being so close to the pair, the young man couldn’t hear a single thing. From what he could glean from it the whispers sounded feminine but he wasn’t too sure. Suddenly cold fingers prodded his side and he jumped. Someone giggled and this time for sure they sounded like a girl. The very same hand pulled at his shirt and began to cut away at it. Clenching his teeth, the young man could feel his body tensing in utter fear. He couldn’t see a single thing of what they were doing to him other than taking his clothes off. He could hear the snip of the scissors and feel it brush against his skin. Eventually they finished and the throbbing died down to a dull ache but a bearable one. In realizing this, the young man thought of opening his eyes. Whatever drug they had given him had finally begun to wear off. He could tell since he fluttered his eyes and the light wasn’t as hurtful as it had been at the beginning.

Come on Anthony you can do this. Just look at him and burn him to hell, but he knew he’d have to wait until he was sure the guy was directly over him and the drug had worn off a little more. So Anthony waited, he waited until right after he felt the needles go into his arms and finally opened them when those hands pressed against his head to turn it a certain way. Those dark eyes snapped open, staring up at pale pink eyes with such an intensity they could burn and burn they almost did. The drug was still in his system so instead of burning his kidnapper’s eyes out Anthony began to burn the table. The pink eyed man jumped back, rubbing at his own eyes but was quick to get back up. Fishing around in his lab coats pocket, he produced a syringe and thrust it into Anthony’s arm.

Anthony yelled out and struggled until he could struggle no more against the drug. After his body had finally ceased moving and was perfectly still, save for the gentle rise and fall of his chest, the pink eyed man pulled a hand through his unruly hair. He let out a sigh and chuckled, turning his attention to the small woman who sat in the wheelchair. “I sincerely apologize for that Odette. We were sure that the drug would keep him under for another hour.” He gently laid his hand on the woman’s shoulder and began to push her chair to a location on the wall. Opening the door, he pushed her chair out into the hallway where another pair of hands took her.

The man walked back to where Anthony slept and loomed over his body. He leaned down close to his ear, his grip on the boy’s shoulders tight. “I know you probably can’t hear me but next time you embarrass me in front of my beloved Odette and I’ll skin you alive.” His words dripped with pure venom. As if Anthony heard and felt this strange man’s words, his body jerked and the man chuckled darkly before finally leaving the room himself.


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#, as written by Damioa
Bang. Thumb. Crack.


"Shit. That's what you are Tim. You're worthless. Your mother couldn't even stand you which is why she left."

Tim was sprawled out on the floor. He was sure his jaw had broken this time from the man's fist and was feeling something inside of his chest that felt like fear. He was sure he was afraid; afraid and unable to move. It had to be the worse feeling he had ever felt in his whole ten years of life. Much worse than the constant beating he took on a weekly to a near daily basis. This helpless feeling, it came with extra feelings that would tear apart anyone from the inside out. The lump in that grew hollow in between his ribs, growing out to make his whole body feel empty. The fire that burned within his eyes, mouth, and the tips of his fingers. He wished everyday for nothing but the courage to kill that man. However, he wasn't sure what stopped him from doing it. If anything, Timothy believed it was his own personal weakness that prevented him from saving himself.

So it would continue on. Though the longer it continued, Tim grew more adjusted, placing the fire he was feeling in his joints and spread it through his walking corpse. He could never win, but he grew to the part where he could at least laugh at the man for not being able to down a nine year old. However, the beatings grew more severe with every second Tim remained standing, but he knew it was going to end sometime. It usually did. His father would get tired realizing that Tim didn't really do anything to piss him off enough to hurt his hand on the boys face and body anymore, commenting at times how it seemed the boys bones grew stronger every day, passing it up to puberty.

His father had a girlfriend, Sarah Cunnings. Like them, she also had Italian background. Like Tim, sometimes she would have to take the blunt of his father's drunken stupor. Especially the times when she tried to get the man off of his son and even some of the times he caught her patching the lad up. It had seemed, she was luckier than Tim. After all, she was an adult and had free roam of movement, so when she decided she had enough bags were packed and she was outside waiting for a cab. It seemed his father was going to let her go at first, but once he began drinking he was outside faster than the cab could pull up to the neighborhood. Though when he had her outside the house, Tim was able to push him off of her, throwing the man down the steps and allowing her to run somewhere and call the authorities. Most likely they wouldn't have done anything, for they had past experiences with the law, but Tim was sure that at least she'd get away.

The boy quickly ran inside the house, locking himself in his room. Being only ten at the time, he was unaware of any other options for him and he knew his father wasn't going to be in the best of moods by the time he returned up the stairs. Crawled into the bathroom not hearing or feeling any types of movements around him. Even after the sun fell and nothing but the street lights could be seen from the window on the bathroom wall, there was no word or creak. Eventually he began to feel the need for food and water, forcing him to crawl out of his hiding spot. Once he opened the door he could feel his throat clogging up and his breath being ceased by fear. His father had been sitting against the wall adjacent to the bathroom door. He had a full bottle of booze left next to a dozen empty bottles and began taken a swig from the half finished one in his hand.

His eyes were tired as they gazed at his son, but that may have been because his body was running on fumes. The man had drank himself past his normal limit. He had literally drank himself sober, though Tim was sure his new sober personality wasn't a nice one.

"T-... Ahem," His father's voice was raspy from hours of drinking without talking. "Timmy. Come here son."

Timothy was feeling that feeling again. A feeling he had thought he had gotten rid of. He knew this was it. Out of all the times his dad had beaten him, he'd never approach him so calmly.

"What's the matter? You feeling scared?" His father had gotten to his feet, picking up the full bottle. "Don't feel scared. You're all I got left. Your mother left, my girlfriend left...." Without finishing his sentence he took the half bottle of beer and handed it out to his ten year old son. "Here," he said giving a genuine smile. "You deserve this. Knocked your old man on his ass you did."

Tim didn't move from the bathroom opening. He didn't want to drink the same stuff that was making his father mad.

"Come on.....COME ON!!!! TAKE IT!!!"

With his dad falling back over the edge, Tim saw no choice, but to take his drink. He had never tasted beer before and when he placed his nose over the opening to smell it's aroma, he quickly moved his face away. "I can't... drink this..."

His stutters were heard by his father who sighed. "You know Tim. All I want is a strong son. A son who knows his place in the world like a real man should. You know what I got instead?"


The sound of glass raining down on the floor along with drops of fluids red and piss colored sounded throughout the house as Tim was staggered back. The only thing he could hear was ringing in his ears and he felt as if he had just awoken from a feverish sleep. The lights were flashing around him as he tried to get a grip on reality. It was at this point that the boy had figured death wasn't far behind him.

Just as he thought, his father wasn't done. The man shoved him into the wall, giving him body shots and chocking the life out of him.

"I got a whiny little bitch who can't do anything for me. You see this Tim. You see the man your scared of. You mad him. This is all your," bang, "fucking," thump, "fault."

When all was said and done, Tim was on the floor, apparently beaten to death, with his dad cursing while walking into the other room presumably to get another drink. However, the man was stopped by a sound he wasn't expecting. Turning around to see what the boy was up to this time, he saw him beginning to stand on his feet. At first he was sure the boy was having a hard time, but after he was on his feet, Tim's body rose easily moving around as if trying to stretch out the pain. On top of that, he began cracking various parts of his body, seemingly mocking the man.

"Why you little shi...." His father stopped talking once Timothy turned around. The kid was actually smiling. Blood was running down his face, there was also the shine of glass which could have been lodged in his wound and he was only ten. Only a little baby still. Yet, he was smiling. His dad gritted his teeth, unaware of what he should do about it, let alone what he wanted to do. Though Tim began chuckling and then started laughing. He laughed until he had to cough and when he covered his mouth just to see that blood was coming with the cough he laughed some more.

"You.... You think I'm still scared after all this time. All I know is this," Tim said while licking the blood from his hand. "This taste, this feeling. It's not fear old man. It's excitement."

The walls started cracking around the house and this time it was Tim's father who was becoming afraid. He didn't know what in the world was going on, but he was sure his son was causing it.

"This IS EXCITING!!!!"

Tim had let his instincts completely take over the boy inside him and only thought of what he knew and his journey of learning. It all made sense, everything his father had done. He could understand now what the man had wanted and he was planning on giving it to him, tenfold.

The wall went from being cracked to bursting, sending debris everywhere. His father began to run for the door, but by the time he had approached the knob, the whole door shattered, staggering the man backwards on to his butt. He quickly got back up and picked up his bottle which still had beer left inside. "Fine. You want to challenge your old man. Then come on. What's stopping you?

Tim was too busy looking at his hand which had just been resting inside some kind of strange glove. He wasn't sure what it was, but it seemed like he had no way to back down now. Truth be told he probably didn't want to. Yeah, he was going to relish in the moment. He charged at his father, bursting through the dust and corrosion that use to be his hallway. He screamed as the roof started to cave and threw a punch at his father's jaw. His father reacted as if he had some type of boxing background, slipping out of the way just to pummel his son with a shot of blows to the face.

Tim only squinted at the round of punches, with each one landed, even though they had been harder than any he'd ever received before, he could feel the pain disappearing. With every hardy shot that came, the boy saw that he was becoming someone who couldn't be hurt by his father anymore. His grin formed and became more bestial and he began to want to show his father he had no power over him anymore. With the last punch he let his father throw, he allowed the man to reach his face and tightened his neck, giving the effect of hitting an unmovable object. He was sure the cracking sounds he heard this time weren't the ones of his own bones, but the bones of his father's hand. The man even gave a long agonizing grunt to go with it, which made Tim even hungrier to put the man in his place. His pawed hand grabbed his fathers forearm and he squeezed with all of his might, easily crushing the man's arm. This time the man's scream was more like a woman's. Tim would have thought it was if not for the raspy voice that echoed. The louder his father screamed, the more Tim realized he hated the man's voice.

He did the man a favor by letting go of his arm, but retracted the favor by kneeling and giving his leg a hard hook, bathing the floor in blood and leaving the man with his leg just hanging on for dear life.

With the man now screaming on the floor, Tim was able to get on top of him, keeping him in place by his throat.

"All this time. All this time I didn't know what it was like," he said in his power trance. "You gave me nothing but pain and heartache. You made me like this. . . No. You were trying to break my body. Break my spirit. The only thing you broke was my brain. That's okay. I want to thank you for it."

For minutes that flowed afterwards, Tim began beating his dad with his powerless hand wanting to feel the skin on skin contact. Though, since his body was evolving as well as whatever power he had he still had enough force to break his father's nose in his first hit and break his jaw in the third. He continued to cause irreparable damage to the man. It wasn't until his pleads for the boy to stop was muffled by gargles of blood and sirens from outside that he stopped. It's funny how people part ways. He felt as if he wouldn't have done it any other type of way.

Seven years later and he finds himself finally in jail for reasons that seemed to be zero. He was caged and once again forced to be reformed. However, he wasn't a human, but a beast in a human shell. Instincts had made the drugs ware off. His powers brought him back to reality, and even though he was caged, it was only a matter of time before he escaped.

"Sir. Sir look at this. After two weeks patient RN is finally awake."

"Huh... How's that possible these meds are supposed to work for a year without fail?"

"I'm not sure sir."

"What about his powers? Has he shown any sign of anything?"

"The patient still has shown zero signs of any powers."

"Well that makes zero sense. His blood test say he's one of those freaks."

"No, he seems to just be sitting in place at the time, but his posture changed and his breathing and heart rate are back to normal rating. . . There's one more thing sir."

"What's that?"

"Patient seems to be smiling."


"It could be my imagination, but he seems to be hyping himself up. His heart rate keeps rising and dropping."

"Shut up," The bigger of the two men stood up and fixed his belt. "I'll go down there myself and see what's up with this two week kid. There must be something wrong with his dosage."


Joe found himself waking up, seemingly during the afternoon again. He was intending to sleep the day away, but it seemed like something was in the air. It was familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on what made it so. Though he imagined that the faint life of the corpse he had felt two weeks ago was finally trying to shine. He remembered going back a week before to check to see if any other bodies were around, but the warehouse was empty upon his arrival. The feds and emergency departments had already cleaned up what was there. "Figured that human body was still alive. Probably should have grabbed him before I left the scene."

The man got dressed writing a letter that said, "Hiya's. Lol... Do you even write LOL in an actual letter. Whatev's. Seriously though, that thing we were talking about before with the nature of our powers. Well I kinda did an experiment to see what would happen if I sent a normal person to jail, knowing that he would be sent to the seventh floor. You remember that one right, the one with the big guy who thinks he's one of those warden's off of the movies. Anyway, I'm a go get him now since his energy is feeling off. You might want to prepare a good sedative though. It's only been two weeks, but he's back to full condition and you know those meds are critical. So I'm a need yours to be more critical. Oh. Don't tell Morgan I let the kid get sent there and I'll let you do one test on me. ONE. . . Maybe."

After writing the letter he left his room and placed it underneath Gemma's door. He decided it probably wouldn't be a good idea to go down the steps since he could feel someone's energy down there, so he just hopped out of his window flying on his energy made platform. He still wanted to see the results of his own experiment, but wasn't sure exactly how he was going to go about doing both that and saving the kid from becoming an Other. Still, he knew he could just blow everything up if push came to shove.


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It would seem Aleksej only wished to say hello to the Wickeds. Morgan watched her leave the vicinity of their home. He had offered, as he did often times, for her to stay with them but her answer was the same as usual, just a simple yet sarcastic no. Briefly he thought of the new recruits they managed to scrounge up. In thinking this he laughed at himself for making it seem like they were trying to reach a quota. Which in a sense they were but not for the reasons a normal business had. The more kids, and adults, they brought in the less they were exposed to the harsh reality of being someone with such inhuman abilities. The Wickeds didn’t have to worry about two or three kids turning into an Other because they allowed for their power to consume them or they simply went to the dark side.

Now that Aleksej was nowhere in sight Morgan went back inside. He took note of the busted down door and the makeshift wall they had made when Cain’s familiar unceremoniously entered the Wickeds compound. With a heavy sigh Morgan began to wonder at the damage the griffin had caused. It wasn’t like they had a secure flow of money coming in. If they did the warehouse would definitely look a lot better than it did now. “Ah well what can you do?” he mused to himself.

~ ~ ~

It hadn’t really been very long since Aleksej’s visit but for the most part everyone was a lot more enthusiastic than normal. Maybe it was because Cain, from his bed, suggested, well more like ordered them to head back out to bring in some more recruits. While the idea appealed to Morgan, he just couldn’t find a decent location that would be good enough for them. The more isolated it was from prying eyes the better however that also meant potential recruits were less inclined to come so far.

The sound of running feet made Morgan pause. Just in time to watch a small group of kids speed down the halls. The kids reminded him of the few families that had truly made their home here amongst the Wicked. Some of the people within this building were parents but without a doubt they were all someone’s kid at one point in their lives, no matter how brief. Now that he thought about the place was getting a little bit rundown and not to mention a tad crowded. Hmm maybe we should move? For all they knew a better, more suitable home awaited them outside the city of Angels, as he liked to call it. Maybe it was time for a new start.

To be continued . . . maybe . . .