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Valvatorez Lute Herminium

"I Am Valvatorez Lute Herminium, At Your Service."

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a character in “Wicked Ones”, as played by Setsugie


||Valvatorez Lute Herminium ||

"You think you're special?! Sorry to break it to you but I hate everyone equally you little twat!"

|| Theme Songs ||
Normal ||Waltz With Vampire||
Psychotic ||Fallen||
Fighting ||Awe Of She||
Fighting ||A Solitude That Asks Nothing In Return||
Pissed Off ||Controlling The Iron Beast||

(<- The Right One)
|| Alias/Street Name ||
Ghost Babel
|| Age ||
|| Gender ||
|| Sexuality ||
"There is no one alive that can comprehend my Sexual Preference."
|| Role ||
|| Face Claim ||
Add - MasterMind/Diabolic Esper

|| Hair Color || Light purple grey (Refer to third Pic)
|| Eye Color || His right eye is bright violet while his left eye is colored deep purple with a black cornea.(Suffers from both Heterochromia and Cornea De-coloration.)
|| Skin Tone || Fair
|| Height || 70 cm(5'10 feet)
|| Weight || 63 kg(138 Pounds)
|| Appearance ||
His hair reaches his waist and is kept in a pony tail most of the time, it has an ever so slight natural curl to it; he has shoulder length sidelocks and slightly down spiked front bangs which reach his eyes(Usually keeps most of his hair covering his left eye.), a hairstyle that was inspired from the Hime-cut from Japanese Culture(Refer to the first Picture). He has a slender yet muscled physique, having the right muscle tone for his body while still retaining a formal and quite attractive look. At first glance he is your average handsome looking person, although he usually doesn't stand out due to his Live Zero skill when he does people can't help but to stare at him due to his strange hair color and good looks.
His choice of clothing is quite peculiar but in a good way, he wears dark gray colored dress pants held by a two belts one well placed and another dangling from his left side with a untucked deep marine colored long-sleeved dress shirt under a dark purple vest with silver buttons(both of which are well fitting). He wears a black tie under his vest, wearing a white open tench coat with azure blue trims, the sleeves role up to form cuffs revealing the interior azure blue color of the coat and it sports silver colored shoulder armor and a hood with integrate cat ears. The coat bears at the back the symbol of a wilting Rose flower and dark red flame-like accents at the bottom. Wearing white colored dress shoes with armor modifications on the heels, sides and tip also colored white and white silk gloves. He wears a a necklace which he calls Fall Wing it is a locket which inside there is a picture of him and his two best friends and sworn enemies, and he wears wireless earphones dangling around his neck, they are quite loud serving as mini-speakers and are connected via greentooth to his Icell phone. Also he keeps a small pocket watch inside one of his vests pockets.
Finally he has two tattoos on his body, first, a single cybernetic vertical line across his left eye and cheek(Refer to the Pictures) pink in color, second, around his neck in Latin writing the words "I can neither live with you, nor without you." which explains with relationship with his two best friends red in color. He is seen wearing frameless light blue tinted glasses.
(Compared to how he looked in the past, he has changed quite a lot over the years you could say he's a completely different person, the only thing he retains from his old days is his locket Reference Picture)

|| Personality ||
He seems to be somewhat arrogant and confident in his abilities, he is shown to have little regard for the lives of innocent people. Usually describing himself as feeling completely justified in how he went about making the world a better place. However, his vision for a perfect future did not include everyone, and people began to believe that Valvatorez himself was becoming a monster in the process of trying to obtain it. He also appears to enjoy moments when he's at his most powerful as demonstrated before he almost broke Morgan, laughing as he did so. He is full of confidence and is straight forward not feeling the tiniest bit of remorse in what he has done or will do. He is ruthless and brutal, all the while maintaining complete composure. He fears nothing being cold and barbaric during battles having no problem in executing his enemy be it man, woman or child to achieve his goals. He was rotten to the core since the beginning wanting to achieve his own personal goals at the cost of anything envisioning a free and peaceful future for those who deserve it.

While still capable of showing a gentle nature, he can automatically turn merciless with a blink of an eye against his enemies or those he does not trust. Morgan hypothesized that Valvatorez has developed some form of mental instability over the years he spent with him. He comes off as trustworthy, loyal and devoted. Do to his strong will he can achieve anything he puts his mind to with some time, he never gives up or surrender no matter the odds. Letting off an aura of confidence and self assurance like that of a natural born leader. He has no qualms in being destructive as well being able to easily come up with plans to demolish whole buildings just to get his point across to others. While he still is a calm and composed individual even within battle this leads to excellent strategies during battle and keen observation of his surroundings and opponents, though if this concentration is broken he quite vulnerable to counter attacks and he becomes more reckless with his attempts. While not quick to anger he has been shown to have terrible mood swings from time to time, remembering his past attributes greatly to this.

He is often associated with the tarot card XIII Death which brings forth endings, beginnings, change, transformation, transition. This being shown with his complete change in personality over the years he spent in the Wicked Ones.

|| Likes ||
Listening To Music
A Good Fight
Achieving My Goals No Matter The Cost
Breaking My Opponents Both Mentally And Physically
Torturing People
Conversing With Friends
Chocolate In General

|| Dislikes ||
The Wicked Ones
People In General
Not Being Able Not To Do What I Want
My Two Best Friends
Getting My Cloths Dirty

|| Personal Weakness ||
Overconfidence- He believes in his abilities to the fullest and without a doubt is able to show it, even when confronting the Wicked Ones he believes that he is superior than his opponent(s), even if this is clearly not true.
Wise-Cracking- He has no problem having with a snappy comeback for everything and insulting others is a strong suit of his be it direct or indirect, this usually leads to fights breaking out.


|| Abilities ||
Major Ability:
Will-Power Projection:
The user has unnaturally strong will, enabling them to be immune to all forms of temptation. Through their sheer will the user can face great physical pain and psychological trauma and will refuse to surrender no matter how much the odds are stacked against them; users are brave, fearless and strive to make their goals a reality no matter what and can overcome their own limitations. The user is unable to be bound by anything and lives free without any need of dependence. His willpower is so strong that it can be projected as a physical force onto others and it can even be used to dominate those with weak willpower usually making them pass out.

|| Major Applications ||

Untempting Offer: The user is immune to all forms of temptation be it seduction, mind control, subordination etc. Essentially having an indomitable Will.

"Wind" Wall: The user condenses his pure Will to create a small invisible barrier for a short instance(about 2 seconds), it can withstand the hit of a baseball bat going at 70 mph(An average MLB players swing, enough to break a few bones.) anything stronger will break the wall and go through it. This wall can be projected a maximum of 2.5 feet from the user. Those with stronger than normal will power need less force to break said wall. Prolonged usage will weaken the barrier and cause it to break more easily, it needs time to "recharge" after prolonged usage, only 2 barriers can be made at a time.

Forceful Sentry: Directs ones Willpower to a single target or multiple targets and uses it to dominate theirs, if the target is weak of will or in a very weakened state he will lose his consciousness for a few minutes. Usually projected as a ripple through the air to those targeted before it affects them.

Blood Faust: Concentrates ones willpower to better physical acts, increasing ones strength, speed, etc. The way this works is by unlocking ones physical limitations for explosive bursts of speed and power, this augmentation is explosive not constant in which it will only last for an instant and not for an extended period of time. The augmentation of this technique is equal to the users current maximum strength essentially this only makes him twice as strong in peak physical condition. Using this skill many times without resting will cause physical strain on the body which may lead to pain or bodily damage.

Standing Ovation: The user chooses a single target(Required) and focuses on only him/her via eye contact(also Required), and concentrates his willpower to stand in the way of and obstruct said target, and also quite literally pull their legs down by imprinting doubt and fear into their mind and hearts. This technique requires the user to concentrate on one single target making him/her have his undivided attention. This technique can be broken by the targets sheer willpower like all will reliant technique but this one is quite hard to break free of particularly.

Live Zero: This skill comes from the adept usage of ones willpower and is usually kept active, it makes the user able to partially erase his presence or aura making himself not stand out in the least and for people to partially ignore his existence. This make him a hard person to find, even if he's in plain view it takes a bit of time to notice his presence. If one person is able to notice him everyone present will become able to; those who have met him before have a much easier time finding him. However, if he gets serious he can completely erase his presence making it nearly impossible for people to see or find him.(It's thanks to this particular skill that he has escaped from the Wicked Ones with his life time and time again.)

Minor Abilities:

Synchronicity: The user is able to sync up with objects and people to use one's apex/full potential. User can sync with people or objects to use their full power, merging their soul or mind. The stronger the bond with the object/person stronger the sync in which more power can be brought out. By matching what people think, their habits, their strength and weaknesses a link can be performed. When a link is established with a person, both can adapt to their partner and fight with almost perfect synchronization almost to the point of as if they have been together their whole lives, both having knowledge of each others mannerisms, quirks, strong points and weaknesses, and can act accordingly to the situation.

Perfect Tune: The mind's imaging systems and muscle control are perfectly in tune with the motor skills center of the brain; this grants flawless aim, perfect balance, greatly enhanced motor skills and senses, and perfect synchronization between thought and action. They have a perfect mind to body connection in which they have full control over their body. Feats such as contorting the body, balancing on a wire, performing acrobatics and the like are possible, remembering past events with extreme accuracy, spotting irregularities in speech and dialect are also possible with this ability.

||Minor Applications||

Masterful Blasphemy: After linking up with the same object for a prolonged period of time(usually a few weeks) one can instinctively perform masterful techniques that would without prior knowledge or training with it. [Objects already in this category are: flexible pole arms/staff, knives, wires, chains, cloths, coins and himself.]

Arms Dealer: When the user links up with an object he can instinctively bring out its full power using adept techniques with relative ease. Example of things one can link up with are but not limited to: swords, knives, guns, a rock, cloths, forks, spoons, rope, remote controls, coins, etc.
Twin Dragons: When syncing with a person after the procedure is made gives both parties instinctual knowledge about each others habits, quirks, weaknesses, strength, etc. making them able to face adversities together with great cooperation and skill. Links are usually not that strong, but can be strengthened by, knowing things(what they like or hate, any phobias, etc.) about your partner, sharing past memories and experiences and other of the such.

Twin Dragons: When syncing with a person after the procedure is made gives both parties instinctual knowledge about each others habits, quirks, weaknesses, strength, etc. making them able to face adversities together with great cooperation and skill. Links are usually not that strong, but can be strengthened by, knowing things(what they like or hate, any phobias, etc.) about your partner, sharing past memories and experiences and other of the such.

Combat Expertise: With the Combination of Synchronicity and Perfect Tune abilities this makes the user extremely adept in close quarters combat be it hand to hand or with a weapon. He has a high level of combat adaptability being able to fend off and beat two thugs while still seated in his chair he can easily match or surpass his opponents fighting style. Using his senses to the fullest he is able to recognize and counter others attacks quite effectively having a great reaction speed while in combat helps greatly with this. The user has a near encyclopedic knowledge in hand-to-hand fighting styles; therefore understanding and analyzing opponents style of combat and flaws in the opponent's attack and defense. Being exceptionally proficient in many forms of martial arts has become his last line of defense against the Wicked Ones as he has become aware that most of his Will Based abilities are not that effective against them.

Cold Reading: These are a set of techniques that can quickly obtain a great deal of information by analyzing the person's body language, age, clothing or fashion, hairstyle, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or ethnicity, level of education, manner of speech, place of origin, etc. Cold readings commonly employ high-probability guesses, quickly picking up on signals as to whether their guesses are in the right direction or not, then emphasizing and reinforcing chance connections and quickly moving on from missed guesses.

|| Weakness ||

Will-Power Projection:
-Any of the Wicked Ones Veteran Kin or of higher rank are resistant to most of his Will Based assaults due to them developing stronger than normal Wills and having witnessed and experienced his abilities time and time again.
-If the user is clouded by doubt his abilities will weaken greatly.
-Some skills require concentration and for the user to be calm, if any of these are broken skills will progressively become harder to perform and near ineffective.

-To establish a link the user must have at least been in direct physical contact with the object or person once in the past 24 hours.
-The user is needed to accurately observe the target beforehand to gain information about him/her to perform a link between the two.
-A link can be performed with up to 4 people per 36 hours, but there is no limit to how many non-living objects one can link with as they are easier to link with than living ones.
-Can link with only 1 person at a time.
-Knowledge of the partner is still kept for both parties.

Perfect Tune:
-The user is prone to develop major migraines, body pain, nose bleeds, etc. after prolonged usage of skills the body is not used to performing(Such as contorting, high diving, performing aerial acrobatics, etc.)
-Actions that go beyond the bodies physical limit will cause muscle pain and risk of, broken bones, ripped muscles, dislocation of bones upon others.

|| Biography ||
Being born in London the capital city of England and the United Kingdom he was raised there until he was able to speak, roughly at the age of 8 he and his parents move to the calm outskirts of Okinawa Japan and lived there for most of his lifetime. It was there when he began to feel different from most boys his age something he just couldn't just place his thumb on his parents disregard this and tell him it's just puberty. Believing his parents for another 2 years, at the age of 14 is when it just came to him he was very special indeed, he could make others do what he wanted to with enough concentration and drive. He knew that and he would often take advantage of it, making his parents not scold him if he did something wrong, getting others to give their possessions to him and things of the like. Another few years passed and he moved out of his parents house to make his own life soon finding himself in USA, L.A. where he met a set of peculiar individuals can you guess? It was Morgan and his friends.

Valvatorez befriended them and live with them going through tough times and good times all the like. Soon The Wicked Ones was born at the hands of Morgan,

(Will add more later after my condition gets better.)

||Why they joined/want to join the Wicked Ones||
Simple and easy, he joined his friends Morgan and Cain for fun shortly after the Wicked Ones was founded. But after the years passed he began to resent them and ultimately lead for him wanting to destroy what The Wicked Ones are and stand for.


"Senkiku nana wa?(What is one thousand minus seven?)"

So begins...

Valvatorez Lute Herminium's Story