Marcella Mancini

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a character in “Wig Party”, as played by Florenai


Name: Marcella C. Mancini
Gender: ♀
Age: 27

Weapon: The Barrel

Personality: Marcella has an explosive personality, and a lot of times she does not know how to define herself. She is quite the bombshell, and takes pride in everything she does. She is has quite an ego, and she wants to make herself better then everyone. Because of that she does not have many friends. A lot of people see her as annoying. She does not know how to start a 'normal' conversation and when she does everything seems to go down from there. Although she is intelligent. She can tell a lot of things from nature itself, and inside of her head she is thinking in all seriousness. However she does not show it on the outside, which is not good for her, or anyone else. She is a nice girl, and rarely will she insult someone or be rude to them. She was taught better then that! She is very unique, and she really wants to get to killing some people with her magnificent barrel so she can get out of this competition.

Appearance: Marcella is relatively tall, but not too tall, she stands at 5"9. She weighs around 110 pounds, and she has a long slender body, although she prefers to cover it up. She is not a fan of promiscuity, and especially when her mindset should be towards survival - she dresses in dresses and pants. Under her wig, she has no hair - being a cancer survivor and all the chemotherapy got rid of her hair, and she has a nice pair of feet. Her palms are quite grand, as well.

Wig: Her wig is made from the finest hairs in the world, with goat hair from Indonesia and sheep wool from Canada. This long red flowing wig has unique bangs and it only goes down to about her shoulders. She is particularly fond of her wig, but of course she has not seen any of the other resident's wigs yet.

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