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Wild Cards

Wild Cards


When an organization with the power of a small nation, originally designed to protect those with supernatural powers, goes corrupt, few things stand between it and the domination of humans.

538 readers have visited Wild Cards since SkyeBreaker created it.


This is a complete revival of an old RP I was once part of. I would hope that this could manage to become one similar to it but with new characters and new developments. Hopefully everyone can like it and we can get this rolling.

For the past three generations a minuscule quantity of humans have been born with a genetic fault leading to abnormal activity within the body, causing almost superhuman qualities. This defect has been come to known as a S.U.I.T. Standing for Supernatural Utilization Incursion Technique. The carriers of said gene malfunctions are simply known as Suits. Humans immediately viewed this new breed as a blight on existence and demanded their annihilation. The Hierarchy was an organization founded by humans to protect these unique beings from civil inequality and seek their worldwide acceptance. Because the populace would never have to live with or see these monsters, The Hierarchy was quickly accepted by all nations and openly took Suits from any decent. The organization quickly grew into a nation and offered a place for Suits to live without concern.

Suits live excellently in these conditions. A calm and successful new world in the making. A world without poverty or gap in demographic. A nation of industrial, scientific, and medicinal prowess. All Suits found or born were taken to the Hierarchy to be marked and live in the nation.

With such a vast myriad of powers the Hierarchy organized each power under a symbol found in card suits and marked them with a scar to represent their grouping.

Suits of Hearts: Powers dealing with or affecting the mind. Scar is a Heart on the chest.
IE: telekinesis, illusion, mind control, psychic, or telepathy
Suits of Clubs: Powers dealing with physical manipulation or stimulation of the body. Scar is a Club on the feet.
IE: Super strength, speed, shapeshifting, sensory, invisibility, healing
Suits of Diamonds: Powers dealing with manipulation of the elements. Scar is a Diamond on the back of hands.
IE: Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Aerokinesis, Terraforming, Aquaforming, Metalforming, Electrokinesis
Suits of Spades: Unique, almost indistinguishable powers. Scar is a spade on the back.
IE: Necromancy, Infection, Dream-walking, ect.

Using this classification system, the Hierarchy has marked all Suits in existence. Not all Suits live within the Hierarchy, but are simply marked and attempt living normal lives although these are few. Those that are within the Hierarchical Nation are ranked by number or face in addition to their suit. For example 2-4 are worker ranks. 5-7 are soldier ranks. 8-10 are elite soldier ranks or management work positions. Jacks are soldiers that have also transcended into a position of political power such as Generals. Queens are female elitist soldiers, so adept as to acquire a position of aristocracy. Kings are elitist male soldiers that are adept as to acquire a position of aristocracy. Aces are the rulers of each suit and the controllers of the Hierarchy at it's core. While these numbers and faces exist the social gap between them is almost nonexistent.

As the original human founders of the Hierarchy passed away, leaving their positions to Suits, the organization became corrupt. The new Aces seek not social equality, but rather a world dominated by Suits. Although nothing has occurred yet, the Hierarchy plans to enlist or murder any Suit that is not under their grasp. Only a few short of a full house, the Hierarchy has not a great deal to fight until nothing can impede their power. The humans will fall to the Hierarchy and be dominated by them if nothing is done. However, many Suits see issue with that.

Suits that are not currently within the Hierarchy are about to be hunted mercilessly. As a character you have the option to live within the Hierarchy, or outside of it.


Ace of Diamonds: (Reserved for myself, SkyeBreaker)
Ace of Hearts: (Open)
Ace of Clubs: (Open)
Ace of Spades: (Open)

King of Hearts: (Open)
King of Spades: (Open)
King of Clubs: (Open)
King of Diamonds:(Open)

Queen of Clubs: Aisling Grace, played by Sweetiebelle
Queen of Hearts: Deirdre Yuben, played by OtakuD1213
Queen of Diamonds: (Open)
Queen of Spades: (Reserved for AvaLovelace)

Jack of Clubs: (Open)
Jack of Hearts: (Open)
Jack of Diamonds: (Open)
Jack of Spades: (Reserved for Thundergod1020)

6 of Diamonds (Reserved for Mosswine Leader)
9 of Hearts (Reserved for GenericUserName)

1. Characters WILL die. If a character is in over their head they could very well lose their life, and there are no exceptions if a GM says it occurs. However, this does not mean GMs are exempt for this rule. Aces are just as mortal as everyone else, just much greater in power. But they can die, (I still don't recommend it :P.) We have decided though that if your character perishes, IE: A jack is killed in battle, they are allowed to make a new character, so long as the new character is not a Face. New characters will need to be approved just the same. Please do NOT make a 2nd character just because you fear for yours, and do not be overly cautious of your character, play as the character would anyway. Let the story play out, even if your character must die, and you will be rewarded in some way.

2. PLACE ORGANIZATION IS KEY. Post in the area which your character is currently at. IE: A Queen in the Spire is having a conversation with a King. We can't have 16 characters posting in the same place. Feel free to move between the areas, and be sure to keep up on the events of the other places to know what's going on.

Character Skeleton:
Picture: a picture of your character, anime, real or otherwise.
Eye color:
Hair color:
Appearance: brief description of what character wears, wields, and carries themselves
Personality: brief description of how character acts, likes, dislikes.
Suit: Suit marking character carries in accordance to their power
Power: in-depth description of characters power, be specific and nothing outrageous (ask in OOC if need be)
Bio: Brief story of your character and their life/ backstory.

Toggle Rules

1. As always no godmodding, no exceptions.
2. No unauthorized character control of another's.
3. Must be willing to post once every 2 days. (in actives will be kicked)
4. No fail grammar.
5. At least 2 paragraph posts, aside from conversation in which details should provide at least 1. In short, this is a literate RP guys. Be smart and use the English language correctly.
6. What the co-GMs say goes.
7. All questions accepted in OOC.
8. Put the word Dueces In equipment to show you've read the rules.
9. Honestly, I want this to be an adult level RP. Blood/gore/profanity go wild. Romance, as high as R, but please no sex scenes.
10. Enjoy it. :)

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Character Portrait: Aisling Grace
0 sightings Aisling Grace played by Sweetiebelle
Friends call me Ash. Do you want to be my friend?

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Character Portrait: Deirdre Yuben


Character Portrait: Deirdre Yuben
Deirdre Yuben

"I only wish to do my job properly as the Queen of Hearts. So please, don't take this to heart."


Character Portrait: Deirdre Yuben
Deirdre Yuben

"I only wish to do my job properly as the Queen of Hearts. So please, don't take this to heart."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Deirdre Yuben
Deirdre Yuben

"I only wish to do my job properly as the Queen of Hearts. So please, don't take this to heart."

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Most recent OOC posts in Wild Cards

Re: Wild Cards

When are we going to start the RP? No rush, of course, but I'm wondering.

Also, is it possible to make two characters?

Re: Wild Cards

Could I reserve the Ace of Hearts? I have some interesting ideas for my character.

Edit: I made the Ace of Hearts!

Re: Wild Cards

Okay so to answer everyone's questions, using your abilities is like using your muscles the more you train, the stronger you get. I think that's pretty good description.

Also, @GenericUserName, I feel like auditory would be sorta of abused both ways. People would shake it off or it could be ridiculously hard/easy to deal with. So on the most part I would recommend avoiding auditory stuff. Its a bit sketchy.

Re: Wild Cards

Ahhh Everyone I'm so sorry. I've been so busy but I am back! :D Since Christmas is upon us I have more time for myself and I can keep track of the RP now :3

Re: Wild Cards

Oh? Now that's interesting, seeing a roleplay I was once part of get revived like this.
Last time, my character's position was the Queen of Hearts. I dunno why, but that roleplay was abandoned quite early =S
So, I'll keep an eye on this one, and let's see how well it will go.

Re: Wild Cards

Submitted my charrie?

Um. Skye, where are you? We haven't heard anything thus far

Re: Wild Cards

I'd love to reserve the 9 of Hearts, if that's alright with you~

Edit: Right! I meant to ask about power. I was thinking of having a character that creates auditory hallucinations. I'm just worried that might not work out very well, considering a lot of people may pull the "Shake it off because it's just a sound" thing. Any opinion? Perhaps I should do auditory and visual...

Re: Wild Cards

Looks great! I'd like to reserve the Queen of Hearts, please!

Edit: Submitted my character! Hopefully she's not too overpowering- but most of her skill set is passive anyway. But if I need to make any changes, just tell me.

Also, since her background has her pushed up to Queen, that will sort of affect whoever is the Jack of Heart, in a sense that the Jack didn't kill the Jack to become Jack. Just a note.

Re: Wild Cards

This sounds so awesome! I think I'm going to be a Queen of Spades :3 I don't usually go for roles like that but I wanna try it out!

Edit: Also, could you list a couple more powers for Spades? I have a general idea of a power I want my character to have.. And since there no limit of how many powers, is having two ok? Or just strictly one? Sorry for all the questions, thanks!

Re: Wild Cards

I would love to reserve the Queen of Clubs please! Her ability would be to heal.

Quick question--does using their ability effect them physically ?

Re: Wild Cards

I'd like to reserve the 6 of Diamonds.

Re: Wild Cards

I'll go for a spade, might as well be the Jack.

Wild Cards

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