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Bobby Gunner

"Eventually you get bored of trying to prove them wrong."

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a character in “Wild Flowers”, as played by unicorns.are.real



~"If they're going to expect the worst, give them the worst."~
Another Brick in the Wall | Pink Floyd

Bobby Gunner

Most people call him Gunner, or occasionally B.



The Mastermind



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Social Injustice
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The system
Feeling Insignificant
Being Insignificant
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Preachy people


Bobby is incredibly resourceful. He's always been very smart and very clever. He used to dream on using his intellect and talents for the greater good, now however he is perfectly content on using his brain to his own advantage and gain. Bobby is always finding new ways to make things work for him. Bobby thinks his way out of almost any situation and problem. Of course his smarts aren't only for his own benefits, all his friends get to reap the benefits of his schemes and plans. He believes the systems broke so its his job to make it work for him. He's always finding himself and his group abandoned places to make their hangout, and coming up with secret knocks and basically making everything into a game of spies. Of course his resourcefulness makes him the perfect person to come to with your problems, he won't lend you an ear or comfort you but he will come up with solutions, which he thinks is just as good.

Bobby loves puzzles. Since he's so smart he likes thinking through puzzles and solving them. Any puzzle he can't solve will just continue to bug him into solving it. He's spent many sleepless nights working on puzzles. Bobby loves anything thought provoking. He likes to understand things on a deeper level. Hence he loves most, late night spent on roofs watching the stars. There is nothing like talking shit about the universe after a late night out.

Bobby is rather rebellious. He hates the system and refuses to become a zombie to it like everyone else he sees walking around his city. They all work 9-5 jobs so they can what? Buy a house and a car and support children like the government tells them they should. To him it's all bullshit. The system never worked for him so why should he work for it? Bobby refuses to be just 'another brick in the wall'. Bobby can't stand ignorance about what's really going on the world. He believes in having a social conscience and he cares deeply about protecting the planet and social justice.



Unlike many of the people in the same situation as Bobby, he once had potential and a bright future in front of him. He was born to an alcoholic mother and a father who was in and out of his life. Though it was honestly better without his father around. All Bobby's father ever did was yell and throw his fists around. Despite all of that though, Bobby was exceptionally smart. He loved school and always did he best, trying to make parent's who were too consumed in their own addictions proud.

It didn't matter though, Bobby's acedemia was noticed by the people who mattered. He got himself a scholarship to an elite school with preppy rich kids who always got whatever they wanted. Bobby was a handout, an outreach program, but he didn't care. He wanted to be a doctor so he put his head down and kept working. Unfortunately, his little sister Shelley, wasn't able to break free from the family mold. Even at 14 she was barely attending school, drinking, hanging with a bad crowd. Bobby did what he could for her but he was determined not to be dragged down by his family. He was the one with potential. The shining star of their neighborhood.

Then when Bobby was 16 and his sister was 15, she came to him crying one night. At one of her many parties when cetain illicit substances had rendered her wasted out of her mind two guy had forced themselves on her. Bobby convinced her to report it. Except no one wanted to listen. What was she doing at the party so late? What drugs had she taken? Why hadn't she worn more clothes? She had begged Bobby to let it go. She didn't want to go through it anymore. That was the first time the system had failed Bobby. What it did to Shelley was worst. She seeked comfort in harder drugs and more frequently. She died from an overdose only 5 months later. Her friends had left her body thrown next a dumpster like a discarded piece of rubbish.

As you'd imagine, Bobby took quite a bit of time off school after her death. It hit him hard, he'd never known a grandmother or father well enough to see them die. Death only ever happened to people in newpapers and tv shows. Then it cast it's shadowy hand over his sister. When Bobby returned to school all the rumors about his sister and his family had spread all around school. It became known that he wasn't the type of scholarship kid they wanted, he was from troubled waters. Though his dream of becoming a doctor was only strengthened. He felt to the need to prove everyone wrong, to show them what people like him and his sister could do.

It didn't last long though. A bigger guy picked a fight with Bobby. Who really remembers why, boy's fight its a natural part of life. The moment Bobby lifted his fist in retaliation though it became much than just an everyday boy fight. It was all the administration needed to kick Bobby out of their elite academy. A boy with a family like his wasn't the type of scholarship student they wanted. He wasn't the guy you could put on poasters to make rich people feel better about themselves.

Bobby wanted someone to pay for it. So he seeked out the two guys who had forced themselves on his sister. Shelley was dead because of them. He wanted to kill them. He wanted to keep hitting them until they disappeared from the earth the way his little sister had. They police got to him before he could though. No one cared about his story, he was from a troubled neighborhood with a alcholic mother, that was all they needed. He got thirty days in juvenile detention. He came on his 18th brithday with nothing waiting for him. So he gave up. He never went looking for his mother, and he never tried to finish up hs schooling. He'd realised how bullshit it all was. It didn't matter how hard you worked or what you did. People like him would never be able to escape where they came from.

So he embraced it. He found himself some like minded individuals and lives everyday like his last.

So begins...

Bobby Gunner's Story


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Genevieve knew way too many people, yet not one of those people knew her by her real name. She gave a different name to everyone she came across, her hair was always a different color. People usually couldn’t keep track of her, well unless you ran in her group of troublemaking friends. They called themselves Wild Flowers, dangerous and reckless. Yet at the same time wildly beautiful and full of life. They thrive off scamming people, stealing shit, tattoos, drugs, and parties. They are the people your conscience tells you to stay away from, but you can’t help but wonder what it’s like to be them.

Gigi sat on the roof of the current abandoned apartment complex they were inhabiting. It was a place Gigi wouldn’t mind eventually calling home, because they’d been there for the past three months and in those few months it looked more lived in then it had probably ever looked. They were on the outskirts of Las Vegas. She could feel the light vibration of the music under her feet from the wild party that was still underway.

Life for them was one big party, but to keep it that way certain things had to be done right. Deals had to be made, business had to constantly be done. “Vonie.” Chully called to her voice calm and steady. She often was lost in her thoughts. She took a deep breath in realizing she was teetering on the ledge, she’d been pacing back and forth. “He’s here.” Chul said simply as a man walked onto the roof, he looked rough as hell like he’d just been released from prison. Chul didn’t seem to trust him and so instead of leaving Gigi alone like he usually did he waited there.

Chul was like the body guard of their group, he’d take the fall when people got in trouble. There was no one more loyal to the Wild Flowers then Chul. “They told my you were something but damn baby, your hot as hell.” The man smirked as he walked up to Gigi her eyes flicked from Chul to the man again.

“Cut the shit, Skully, that’s what they call you right?” the man nodded at Gigi’s words. “What do you have for me?” she asked sharply, she was used to dealing with guys that treated her more like a piece of meat then an actual human being.

“Yeah, yeah.” He said shoving a booklet at her. “This is easy money princess.” He said as Gigi flipped through the booklet full of magazine subscriptions. “It’s simple, your go door to door with your group of heathens and you get the money for the subscriptions up front. You get your money they never get their mags.” He shrugged. “Now give me what I want.” He said and she walked over to a duffle bag unzipping it and pulling out a zip lock bag full of Meth, tossing it to him. He smirked wickedly. “I didn’t think you’d really be good for it, where’d you get it?” he asked and she tossed the booklet on her duffel bag.

“Fuck off, that’s where I got it.” She spat a devilish smirk on her lips as the man was quick to draw a gun. Chul was faster as he came up behind the man placing a knife to his neck. “I’m pretty sure you didn’t come here to die tonight.” Gigi smirked. “So why don’t you go and Chully here won’t kill you.” The man nodded before Chully shoved him towards the door.


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Stoned out of her mind, Vixen sat in the windowsill gazing out of the abandoned apartment complex. She daydreamed of her mother, something she did often, especially when she was blitzed. She imagined them escaping the luxurious lifestyle together and starting anew, living a happy well-off life in the Hamptons. But she knew that if her mother were still here, such a thing would never have occurred, her mom had been extremely infatuated with her douchebag abusive father. None of the less she missed her dearly and was the only part of her past she ever cared to think about.

Since escaping her high class world, Vixen has enjoyed the thrill of her new lifestyle. She loved the danger, loved to party and loved the free drugs. Everyday was an adventure and these people...these people just understood her even though she never mentioned her previous wealth and high class world. She figured that if they wanted to know her background, they could probably find her online under her real former name Jade Sutekh, something she mentioned once or twice before.

Her thoughts were disturbed by a sudden knock at the door. She glanced over and observed Gigi’s interactions with the stranger. She couldn’t help but smirk when Chully pulled out his knife after the idiot threatened Gigi. Things like this occurred often, sometimes they ended bloody and disturbingly, Vixen enjoyed it. She always pictured the corpse as her father, anyone she fought she could see those rich kids faces, the ones that beat her senselessly another lifetime ago. To a certain degree, Vixen was a killer. The suffering and pain of others, excluding her friends, pleased her. Although more often than not, she got them out of the shenanigans through persuasion, she had a way with words and idiots such as “Skully” would fall for it every time. But she enjoyed when things would take a dark turn, she loved to fight and she loved to see the idiots fail every single time.

When Chully shoved the man towards the door, Vixen jumped to her feet. She shook her head at Chully, and gave a small devilish smirk ”Chully, you’re way too kind.” She stuck out her palm and nodded at the knife in his hand, he gave it to her knowing all too well what she was about to do. Skully glanced at her with a vulnerable look in his eye, Vixen walked up to him, kicked him in the back of the knee, making him stumble to the ground. She grabbed his left hand and sliced a straight line on the inside, she did this to every individual that threatened someone in the group that was lucky enough to walk away alive. She forgot faces easily, so in order to keep them in her memory, this mark would symbolize a previous encounter, something that would scar and that she could easily identify in case of another threatening encounter occurred. The man let out a small agonized squeal, Vixen tossed the knife back at Chully and kicked the guy in the leg “Next time, it'll be your neck. Get out of here you fucker” she said in a low voice.

She glanced over at Gigi and gave a friendly smile ”What’s all this about Gigi?” she questioned nodding towards the bag.


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Bobby sat crossed legged on a pretty banged up couch. It sat crooked and few bits only held together by a few stitches. It was clear it had taken a beating but it somehow, someway it was still standing and holding his up right now. The two-seater couch reminded Bobby so much of himself and his friends. It's resistance to human abuse was admirable. Maybe that had been why Bobby was so determined to save it from landfill. Why after he'd seen it abandoned on the street side, he'd dragged Chully many blocks through pouring rain to help him bring it back.

Nevertheless it hadn't had such an easy run with Bobby's crew. At the moment it was suffering through the combined weight of Bobby and five others balancing precariously on it. The girl on the end arm rest casually putting out her cigarette on it adding to the numerous cigarette burns Bobby knew to be there. Taking a hit from one of the bongs, Bobby passed it on around the circle. The circle consisting of the five on the couch as well as four more sitting around the couch, and two very high girls dancing in the center. Both in various states of undress and both to blazed out of their minds to care. The music was seemed to be blasting from all angles causing everything to vibrate. Bobby's corner was rather silent, passing the bong around watching the two girls with vacant faces and disinterested body language.

One of the girls, the Asian one, leaned over and sloppily kissed Bobby before she leaned back pulling him up to dance with her. The space one the couch Bobby had occupied was quickly filled at the couch's remaining occupants spread out. He danced with the girl who had kissed him for a little bit, his hands wrapping around her. Then he realized the time. He gave her one last kiss, the drugs making it as sloppy as their dancing had been. He whispered in her ear to find him later but he didn't hold much hope as the moment he peeled away her glassy eyes locked on another girl in the circle.

Bobby headed for the door of their little apartment complex, swaying drunkenly through the crowd or drug affect individuals. A common inhabitant of their home. Bobby hit the metal stairwell outside and headed up to the roof. The thin rusted stairwell creaked and moaned and threatened to give way under his weight. Bobby knew from experience that it would hold though. Nothing in this place looked very safe, you just had to have a little faith.

He got to roof and saw Gigi and Chully already there. He gave them a slight nod and sat across the roof from them dangling his legs off the side. He was just here to make sure they didn't get ripped off. He wanted to be the first to get eyes on this business venture that was being offered. He sat back patiently, lighting up a cigarette. The guy, Skully, showed up soon enough and everything was business as usual. Hard drugs for his business model. Seemed like a straight up trade. Things never went that well for them though.

Bobby watched almost disinterestedly as the guy pulled a gun, and he took a lazy drag from his cigarette as Chully put knife to the guy. Bobby wasn't concerned about his friends. They'd proven themselves capable time and time again. That guy's fate had already been sealed the moment he'd pulled the gun. Then Vixen arrived. All vicious and bloodthirsty all usual. Bobby rolled his eyes. Vixen was in all a little too much for him. Maybe soon she'd learn that even backstabbers could prove a useful bridge to have down the road. She wouldn't get away with slicing practically everyone she met forever. The she asked, "What’s all this about Gigi?”

"Let's find out,"
Bobby said getting to his feet and crossing the roof to pick up the booklet. After Vixen's little act, they'd have better have gotten something good out of it. Bobby wandered back and forth quickly scanning over the contents of a few pages. He nodded to the group. "It's good. Should make us a bit. Just need some of us to dress up like good church going folks." He said with a devilishly grin, chucking the booklet back across them. The scam was pretty simple and the booklet looked legit enough. Bobby thought he could have thought of something more clever but he didn't voice that opinion. Instead he said, "Now, who wants to do some shots of whatever poison we got lying around down there?" Bobby always liked parties but he'd definitely enjoy this one more with the company of his friends.


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Excuse me can you tell me the worst thing you've heard about me
Maybe that I'm a little harlot homicidal queen
You know I heard that I don't belong in this scene
Sex, metal, barbie, whore, attention fiend
You know I heard that I'm a haters dream
Low class, white trash, I'm so obscene
You know I heard that I should be ashamed
Still they hold their fists in the air screaming my name
Baby go ahead
I'll be your hatred and your pain
This is killing us all
I don't care if I fall
We're the dying, we are the damned
Baby go ahead
I'll be the villain you can blame
I'll be the belle of the brawl
Be the lust in us all
I'm the diva of the damned

Music blared through the one earbud that worked drowning out all sound to Quincy’s left, her mind wandering, the music taking her thoughts a little darker than usual. From where she sat on the edge of the roof she could feel the vibrations from the music below, sending electric like shocks up her spine.

The wind swept over the roof, picking up pieces of Quincy’s soft golden locks as she watched the scene unfold in front of her like a bad telenovela. A scarlet smile slid across her face as Vixen manhandled a large man whose name she didn’t bother to remember. She took a long pull off of her joint, and held. This was her new favorite, a special order of God’s gift, a blend of 90% Indica and 10% Sativa that relaxed and energized at the same time. When her lungs burned and could no longer hold the smoke, she released a slow breath.

”What’s all this about Gigi?” Vixen asked. Before Gigi could answer however, Bobby swept in like the devil in dented armor he was. Quin felt a lightness float over her and she giggled as she pictured Bobby really wearing armor.

"Let's find out,” He started before flipping through the pamphlet and continuing “It's good. Should make us a bit. Just need some of us to dress up like good church going folks." Bobby said with a grin that was infectious. Quincy arched a perfectly curved brow in his direction before standing, straightening out her black knee length dress, and curtsying in his direction.

“I think little ol’ me can handle that part” she said with a wink.

"Now, who wants to do some shots of whatever poison we got lying around down there?" Bobby said said.

“Oh god yes, I am desperate need of a shot. Puff?” She asked as she offered him the joint with a grin.