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Tristan Cruise


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a character in “Wild Flowers”, as played by BoneBrain


"In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you"

Theme Song
Smoke Filled Room || Mako



ImageImageFull Name
Tristan Albert Cruise

Tris | Cruise


Date of Birth
May 5th


The Kleptomaniac


[font=georgia] Quick Thinking
Parkour Enthusiast
Quick to Temper
Doesn't know when to keep quiet

Personality Description
Tristan is a survivor, he's the type of man to do just about anything that he needs to do in order to survive. He's used to the streets and knows his way around. Tristan naturally has major trust issues with the older generation as he feels that they don't know how to take care of the youth of the world. For this reason he's resonated with the symbol of a bird and has gotten quite a few tattoo's over his body of a bird. He loves the idea of a baby bird falling out of the nest and flying for itself and taking care of itself once it leaves. He's fiercely independent and doesn't like to let people think that he needs them. As he's had to take care of himself for so long he's learned that you don't get anywhere by waiting. He enjoys getting right into things and will often steal just because he can. He's at a point in his life where he doesn't feel that he's going to live much longer let alone be successful. Therefore he's decided to live everyday like his last.

If you dare Tristan to jump from rooftop to rooftop he'll do it with out a second thought. He's not the type of man to patiently wait for anything. However Tristan does have a guilty pleasure: Dance. Along with Parkour Tristan has developed a rather unique form of dancing that incorporates his environment. He enjoys dancing for crowds and will make a few bucks here and there. It's also a great distraction for stealing wallets and watches.

Tristan is a loyal soul to his street family and will do just about anything for them. He always tries to ensure that they have have something to eat and will go out of his way to steal or provide for them first rather than himself. He's a bit of a nerd as well and on days where there is nothing to do he can be found reading in the library, he enjoys taking part in the community programs there and feels like a regular human being when he's volunteering to help children paint or help put away books. Tristan is all about instant gratification and he is a close follower of the hedonistic lifestyle. He enjoys sex and drugs when offered and likes creating environments where everyone is happy.


Tristan Cruise was born to a rather unfortunate family in rural Texas, his home was a rather dilapidated mobile home with old fading flamingos in the front. It was the best his mother could afford and she had no problem telling her 4 children that they were the reason she couldn't afford some fancy home nearer to town. She'd have liked to have been dressed in fancy clothes so her Johns could appreciate her more and pay her more. Perhaps a John would even fancy her enough to take her away from the shit hole she lived. She always threatened each night she left to go stand on street corners might be her last night there.

Tristan of course took these threats quite seriously even as a young boy of ten and took it upon himself the oldest of the four children to ensure the health and well being of his siblings. Tristan could often be found doing laundry and cooking dinner and making lunches. He ensured his family got to school on time and even tried his best to leave a little food for his mother. He felt he had been doing a rather commendable job until one day she brought home one of her John's. She had naturally thought it was true love when he had expressed a love for family and children.

The rest of the night is rather foggy for Tristan, he remembers his mother screaming and being hit as her John shoved her into the bathroom and barred the door. He remembers the man turning to the four Cruise children a malicious glint in his eye, Tristan had shouted for his sisters to run, run away and he and his brother would attempt to slow the man down. The last thing Tristan remembers from that humid July night is the sound of glass breaking as a man rushed towards him muttering that 'he liked the little boys as well.'

The next thing he knew Tristan was awake in a hospital bed with a massive headache and thankfully no pain between his legs. A social worker and doctor stood in front of him and explained that his mother had been found with massive amounts of cocaine in her system and she was to be taken to jail, as was her John for attempted rape. The social worker continued to explain that Tristan was to be taken to a foster home and that it was highly impossible for four children to be adopted together. They would of course be separated. And so it came to be that the last night Tristan ever saw the rest of his siblings was one the night of his mothers incarceration. He said his farewells to his sisters as they had both been chosen by nice families and his brother who would be going to another foster home a state away.

Tristan had been sent to a home where he had been given a small room and reminded that the only reason he was there was because the government offered them a check for their good deeds. School was rough and Tristan found himself the victim of many bullies, it seemed children didn't take to kindly to a boy with a broken family and a broken heart. Eventually Tristan took to spending time to himself. He discovered he was actually quite athletic and he discovered the sport of Parkour. He joined a small group that was also enthusiastic about the sport and they took him in like a fellow family member. The group was of a lower moral fiber and Tristan found himself stealing and running away with his comrades. Deciding that this group was more of a family he left home with out a word and lived on the streets for a few months. Occasionally he stole enough to buy himself a motel room for the night. Currently Tristan loves his life, he has no problems in doing what he needs to do to survive.

The Smell of Citrus Tea Beaches Fast Cars Parkour Dance Loud music Night Clubs MDMA Libraries Children Weed Starry Nights Pancakes Animals Stealing The Colour Gold Cash Tattoos Pain

Garbage His mother Total Darkness Quiet Rain Bad Drug Comedowns Bees Potato Salad Failure Starving Adults Cold Bad Hair days Yelling Arguing Drama

It is Tristan's ultimate goal to reunite with with siblings. He wishes to see them on a regular basis and watch them grow and have families. He doesn't like to speak about this with anyone however.

Jean Cruise: Mother ( In Jail )
Nathan Cruise: Younger Brother ( Whereabouts Unknown )
Amelia Cruise: Younger Sister ( Whereabouts Unknown )
Beatrice Cruise: Younger Sister ( Whereabouts Unknown )




Tristan is a skinnier man with small muscles that he often uses for running away or scaling walls. He's a little on the average side for height and is a little conscious about it. He usually likes to stand on things or sit higher up to feel taller.

Tristan is proud to sport a lot of dark unruly hair which he is always brushing out of his eyes. He's got a number of tattoos that he's very proud of. Specifaclly the bird tattoo's, he will tell just about anyone else his plans for his latest ones as well. Tristan is a fan of darker clothes as they tend to soak up the heat and leave him warmer during those cold nights. He is a bit of a snob despite his potential homelessness and enjoys stealing designer clothes. He's got a long jacket that he will usually wear as well as a loose fitting toque.


Face Claim:
Ash Stymest

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So begins...

Tristan Cruise's Story


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Genevieve knew way too many people, yet not one of those people knew her by her real name. She gave a different name to everyone she came across, her hair was always a different color. People usually couldn’t keep track of her, well unless you ran in her group of troublemaking friends. They called themselves Wild Flowers, dangerous and reckless. Yet at the same time wildly beautiful and full of life. They thrive off scamming people, stealing shit, tattoos, drugs, and parties. They are the people your conscience tells you to stay away from, but you can’t help but wonder what it’s like to be them.

Gigi sat on the roof of the current abandoned apartment complex they were inhabiting. It was a place Gigi wouldn’t mind eventually calling home, because they’d been there for the past three months and in those few months it looked more lived in then it had probably ever looked. They were on the outskirts of Las Vegas. She could feel the light vibration of the music under her feet from the wild party that was still underway.

Life for them was one big party, but to keep it that way certain things had to be done right. Deals had to be made, business had to constantly be done. “Vonie.” Chully called to her voice calm and steady. She often was lost in her thoughts. She took a deep breath in realizing she was teetering on the ledge, she’d been pacing back and forth. “He’s here.” Chul said simply as a man walked onto the roof, he looked rough as hell like he’d just been released from prison. Chul didn’t seem to trust him and so instead of leaving Gigi alone like he usually did he waited there.

Chul was like the body guard of their group, he’d take the fall when people got in trouble. There was no one more loyal to the Wild Flowers then Chul. “They told my you were something but damn baby, your hot as hell.” The man smirked as he walked up to Gigi her eyes flicked from Chul to the man again.

“Cut the shit, Skully, that’s what they call you right?” the man nodded at Gigi’s words. “What do you have for me?” she asked sharply, she was used to dealing with guys that treated her more like a piece of meat then an actual human being.

“Yeah, yeah.” He said shoving a booklet at her. “This is easy money princess.” He said as Gigi flipped through the booklet full of magazine subscriptions. “It’s simple, your go door to door with your group of heathens and you get the money for the subscriptions up front. You get your money they never get their mags.” He shrugged. “Now give me what I want.” He said and she walked over to a duffle bag unzipping it and pulling out a zip lock bag full of Meth, tossing it to him. He smirked wickedly. “I didn’t think you’d really be good for it, where’d you get it?” he asked and she tossed the booklet on her duffel bag.

“Fuck off, that’s where I got it.” She spat a devilish smirk on her lips as the man was quick to draw a gun. Chul was faster as he came up behind the man placing a knife to his neck. “I’m pretty sure you didn’t come here to die tonight.” Gigi smirked. “So why don’t you go and Chully here won’t kill you.” The man nodded before Chully shoved him towards the door.


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Stoned out of her mind, Vixen sat in the windowsill gazing out of the abandoned apartment complex. She daydreamed of her mother, something she did often, especially when she was blitzed. She imagined them escaping the luxurious lifestyle together and starting anew, living a happy well-off life in the Hamptons. But she knew that if her mother were still here, such a thing would never have occurred, her mom had been extremely infatuated with her douchebag abusive father. None of the less she missed her dearly and was the only part of her past she ever cared to think about.

Since escaping her high class world, Vixen has enjoyed the thrill of her new lifestyle. She loved the danger, loved to party and loved the free drugs. Everyday was an adventure and these people...these people just understood her even though she never mentioned her previous wealth and high class world. She figured that if they wanted to know her background, they could probably find her online under her real former name Jade Sutekh, something she mentioned once or twice before.

Her thoughts were disturbed by a sudden knock at the door. She glanced over and observed Gigi’s interactions with the stranger. She couldn’t help but smirk when Chully pulled out his knife after the idiot threatened Gigi. Things like this occurred often, sometimes they ended bloody and disturbingly, Vixen enjoyed it. She always pictured the corpse as her father, anyone she fought she could see those rich kids faces, the ones that beat her senselessly another lifetime ago. To a certain degree, Vixen was a killer. The suffering and pain of others, excluding her friends, pleased her. Although more often than not, she got them out of the shenanigans through persuasion, she had a way with words and idiots such as “Skully” would fall for it every time. But she enjoyed when things would take a dark turn, she loved to fight and she loved to see the idiots fail every single time.

When Chully shoved the man towards the door, Vixen jumped to her feet. She shook her head at Chully, and gave a small devilish smirk ”Chully, you’re way too kind.” She stuck out her palm and nodded at the knife in his hand, he gave it to her knowing all too well what she was about to do. Skully glanced at her with a vulnerable look in his eye, Vixen walked up to him, kicked him in the back of the knee, making him stumble to the ground. She grabbed his left hand and sliced a straight line on the inside, she did this to every individual that threatened someone in the group that was lucky enough to walk away alive. She forgot faces easily, so in order to keep them in her memory, this mark would symbolize a previous encounter, something that would scar and that she could easily identify in case of another threatening encounter occurred. The man let out a small agonized squeal, Vixen tossed the knife back at Chully and kicked the guy in the leg “Next time, it'll be your neck. Get out of here you fucker” she said in a low voice.

She glanced over at Gigi and gave a friendly smile ”What’s all this about Gigi?” she questioned nodding towards the bag.