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A secluded, young tiger who just needs someone who cares.

0 · 131 views · located in Tampa Florida, Zoo

a character in “Wild Mischief”, as played by MildTiger


Medium-sized (almost full grown)
Large Paws
Round, big yellow eyes
Normal orange/black colouring


Isa-Means strong-willed in German
Seems to be always angry
Acts mature
Bored of many things
Quite haughty
Kind of a loner


Big paws with pretty sharp claws
Razor teeth (used to shred minimal amounts of food received)


She was taken into a elderly, retired zookeeper's home when she was found in Africa hiding in a bush after poachers killed and skinned her mother. The zookeeper named her "Isa" (strong-willed in German) because of her stubborn ways. She was very happy where she was living and loved the zookeeper very much. She grew bigger and the zookeeper became older and more frail. The elderly lady then decided to give Isa up to the zoo and promised to visit her everyday, until one day, she stopped coming and Isa overheard the other animals saying she passed away in her sleep. Isa was heartbroken and has been getting more and more depressed each day but doesn't show it and covers it up with anger and quite a rude attitude. She just wants to be loved again.

So begins...

Isa's Story

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There is a banging around in the far corner of the zoo. A large, tired-looking creature stalks out from an opened enclosure door "Why must you guys always make so much noise every night?" Isa lazily strolls around to see what all the noise is about. "I see you guys have broken into the gift shop already..." She walks in and swipes at a butterfly mobile hanging from the roof. "God, how can people just walk away with all this junk" She rolls her eyes and walks out to explore the open air.

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Mayple hears something whining. Also, chrashing. She goes towards the noise. " Who is it..?" Stutters Mayple. Hopefully it wasn't the child of a full grown wild cat, that wouldn't be pretty. Mayple suddenly hears someone mummbling. But when she looks she only sees the tip of a tail; this is an orange and black tail. Mayple knew what it was; a tiger. Mayple watched animal planet from someones I phone she stole a while ago. She knew the tigers where the biggest of them all. Mayple clucthes her plush and without thinking, dives into the corner. She freaked out at first, but then realized it was that baby wolf the zookepers were chatting about in front of her enclousure. This wolf was named Kross and had no parents. Mayple was safe. " Shhhh!" Whispered Mayple in Krosses ear.

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#, as written by Kaiuke
Kross yelps quietly in fear and tries to snuggle into the female animal beside him, hoping that he would not be rejected. He did not know what was going on. He was not in his enclosure ergo in danger, he had been hit by a mean looking ball, and now he was cowering from a cat. A big cat, but a cat the same. He wanted his mother. Subconsiously, he begins to whimper again, threatening to break into another sob.