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Lets go play!!!

0 · 338 views · located in Tampa Florida, Zoo

a character in “Wild Mischief”, originally authored by Wolflover2217, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name Lilly
• Animal wolf pup
• Gender female
• Personallity Adorable wolf puppy! She loves to play, and run.



So begins...

Lilly's Story

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Upel then awakes in his exhibit. He then looks around and slithers a bit through the fake grass. He then looks at the hole he dug for every time the zoo closed. "Minionsssss! I starve! if you DON'T wanna be a buffet for a snake then you better find something good to eat!". The cockroaches then climb out of the hole and 'salute' to the snake in fear. They then scurry away into the hole. The snake then follows. He then pops his head out and sees the empty outside of the zoo. He then slithers around and lays on the ground, hopefully staying safe, he liked the wind.

The Cockroaches where just scurrying around the zoo looking for some food. A squad of them then goes to the hot dog stand and climbs to the top. They then notice a baby wolf of sorts near the hot dog stand. The Cockroaches are then fearful and take a hot dog as soon as possible. They then scurry off with a large hot dog on their heads, it looked like the hot dog was walking away. They then pass the wolf, hopefully unnoticed.

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#, as written by Kaiuke
Kross yawned loudly and stretched. Openning his eyes, he saw some sauce on Lily's mouth and saw a hotdog. A whimper rolled out of his muzzle and he looked patheticly at the others.

"Where is mine?"

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