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" When fish dont appear... well then you are probely fishing in the wrong spot."

0 · 224 views · located in Tampa Florida, Zoo

a character in “Wild Mischief”, as played by Elemenopee


Mayple is a female otter who loves to swim. Her pelt is the color of mayple syrup and her eyes are chocolate brown.
She is very energetic and aggressive. She never leaves a situation without a fight.


She likes swimming and dancing.

So begins...

Mayple's Story

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#, as written by Kaiuke
Kross yawned loudly and stretched. Openning his eyes, he saw some sauce on Lily's mouth and saw a hotdog. A whimper rolled out of his muzzle and he looked patheticly at the others.

"Where is mine?"

(Can someone PLEASE explain to me how to reply to private messages. :< I've got a few and I have no clue how to do it.)

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Mayple noticed the new otter. Now she lived in the same enclousure as her. She climbed over the fence." Wait! There are tigers out there!" Yelled Mayple. She lifted her pas out so Serrria could quickly get over the fence. " My names Mayple, like the syrup, thats really sticky." Said Mayple.

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Mayple pulled Sierra up. " Do you know your name reminds me of soda and a mountain?" Mayple said, to start a conversation with her roommate. " These are my friends!" Said Mayple, pointing at Kross,Cammie, and Fillarey.