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"The humans don't know what's coming for them."

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a character in “Wild Mischief”, originally authored by BlueWind_22, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Shang
Animal: Siberian Tiger
Age: 4 yrs of age
Gender: Male
Personallity: Shang is not as aggressive as his sister, Mrala, but he is super-aggressive when there are other males nearby. Being with other females is okay, except for when they get too close. He is headstrong, and once he sticks to something, he sticks to it. He is alot calmer around humans and doesn't really pace, he does hate their guts. Back in the first Zoo they were at, he had actually came with an a hair's breath away from snapping some human guy's neck. He often sleeps in the shadow of anything bigger than him, and will often play fight with his sister when he sees the fire in her eyes dullen.
History: Shang grew up with his sister, Mrala in the Wild being raised by his mother Kisa. When a couple human hunters came and killed their mother it caused them to split up. Thankfully, oddly, somehow Shang was adopted into another tiger family of three. His adopted mother was called Raka, and his adopted siblings were Asha and Farra both were female. He learned other things his real mother should have taught him and then a few years later he left them to start his own territory. Soon after, he ran into his sister and they both rejoiced a little by hunting the local farmer's chickens and dogs. Thus causing them to be captured by some Farmers and taken to a local Zoo for two weeks then shipped off to Florida.

So begins...

Shang's Story

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A squirrel chattered softly as it began to nibble on some human stick thing that smelled like the salt from the seawater. Meanwhile, it didn't notice how super close it got to the metal fence that held two very large, and full grown Siberian Tigers. One of which was staring intently at the rodent, her icy blue eyes filled with hunger and something else. In head Mrala was snarling at Squirrel to get close enough to grab, and when it finally did, she rushed foward her body ramming into the fence and her paw reaching between the bars and hooking her claws into the animal as she pulled into her enclosure. Without hesitation she began to dig into the puny little animal that only served as half a snack. Just before she could actually eat the squirrel's head, a large amount of weight was thrown on her and a male voice growled, "Mrala, you know better than to hide the kill from me!" Her brother Shang nipped her ear before snapping his jaws around the head and snapping his jaws with a loud crunch. She growled back at him before returning to her pacing that had been stopped by the squirrel.

Being full grown, Shang was bigger and stronger than his sister and the small squirrel's wasn't considered half a snack to him. He bared his teeth at his sister as she walked away. The Zoo was boring and he didn't want to be his sister. Always pacing, always snarling at other animals. Sure, he hated the humans like her but he wanted to at least.. Not be bored. He let out a lazy roar and rolled onto his back and watched as his leaped over him as if he weren't even there. "Mrala. Stop, your making my head dizzy." He got to his feet and watched the other Zoo animals let themselves out of their enclosures. Mrala replied softly so only he could hear, "The way they act. It's as if there are no predators out there, as if their all friends. It's wrong." The way she said 'Wrong' reminded him of his instincts inside, screaming that the predators should be eating the prey or at least hunting them down. He agreed. The Zoo was unnatural and... Wrong.