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a character in “Wild Mischief”, as played by xXTimberwolfXx


Name: Sierra
Animal: Puma
Gender: Female
Age: 1
Personality: she is quite independent and keeps to herself unless there is something interesting going on. She is aggressive when proviked and doesn't like help when dealing with problems.
Background: when she was a cub her mother was hunted and kill, Sierra was brought into the pet trade. No-one wanted her as a pet because she was aggressive. When she was about 4 months old she was shipped to England where she escaped and ran off only to be captured again. She was then shipped to a zoo where she is now living.

So begins...

Sierra's Story

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Mayple noticed the new otter. Now she lived in the same enclousure as her. She climbed over the fence." Wait! There are tigers out there!" Yelled Mayple. She lifted her pas out so Serrria could quickly get over the fence. " My names Mayple, like the syrup, thats really sticky." Said Mayple.

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