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Alex Raithera

"Don't play with fire, you might get burned."

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a character in “Wild Truth”, as played by Missing Link


Full Name: "Do not ever call me by my full name. You may call me Alex."
Alexandra Eric Raithera
Age: "Yes, I am old enough to drink if that's why you're asking me this."
Gender: "Unfortunately for my parents, I am female."
Role: "That is none of your concern."
Species: "What? Do I appear as a different species to you?"
Appearance: Her long fiery locks reaches her lower back. Alex had always had an obsession with her hair. Her keeps it smooth, moisturized and shiny. Having visible split ends is not her thing and she would immediately start cutting her tips if she spotted one. Her complexion has a rather smooth creamy color and it is flawless. She has never had a blemish yet in her life since she takes very good care of her skin. Her eyes are almond shaped and are light hazel. Her lashes are black and long. Her lips are smooth and full of color. Her body is mostly muscle because she has always kept herself in top shape, but because she is a woman; her body can very seductive to the eyes. Her weighs around one hundred and fifteen and her height is about five feet and seven inches. She prefers to wear clothing that covers every inch of her body (jumpsuits, etc), but she can doll herself up if she has to.

Likes: ”I like many things, but that’s none of your business.”
Teasing others
Gory Movies
Chewing Gum
Dislikes: “Oh, I have many of those as well, these I would gladly tell you.”
Bad Breath
Sticky hands
Inappropriate drunkenness
Nosey People
Unsanitary Areas
Being Dirty
Junk Food
Being yelled at
Being wrong
Habits/Quirks: ”I don’t have any.”
She bites her lower lip when she is nervous. She collects coins from every country she is in. She does yoga to calm her temper. She can easily lose things. She also sleeps in a lot and when she is at home she tends to just wear a tank top and panties (she is alone after all).
Your Goal: “My goal is to destroy mankind……Did you really believe me when I said that?”
Her goal is to finish every mission she is assigned to no matter how dangerous it may be, (as long as it agrees with her morals).
Attitudes: “My attitudes towards other people? Well, I find you annoying for constantly asking me these trivial questions.”
Her attitude towards the other hunters is indifferent. She doesn’t mind them at all, but her attitude could change depending on how some hunters behave. She has a cousin whom she extremely dislikes and wishes for his death, but she has no idea where his location may be. She wants nothing to do with her family and wouldn’t mind assassinating them if she was assigned to do so. Her attitude towards the beasts is that she is just as indifferent as she is with the hunters. If she is assigned to capture them, it is only a mission. She has yet to meet the beasts so her attitude towards them is neutral. She may resist killing them or become incline to killing them, depending how the interaction becomes.

Alex is a very blunt and fierce woman. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and she tends to express her anger with her words. Though her temper has been under control as of lately, that doesn't mean that she isn't short tempered. When she is upset, she shows it vocally and physically. It is hard to control her when she is upset. The best way to make her shut up is either by knocking her unconscious or by kissing her. If she does become angry at someone but manages to calm down without physical contact, she will hold a grudge against that person for a while. Alex is fearless when it comes to her missions. If she is in a group, she can act like a leader and take lead if a leader is needed. Because of her history though, she can end up bullying and controlling others if she isn't kept in check by someone that is mentally stronger than her (when I mean mentally, I mean logically wiser than her). If Alex desires something or someone she can be a very temptress woman. She would do almost anything to get what she wants, except giving herself away. The only way for her to give up on what she wants is when she realizes that it is simply an impossible thing to get. This realization is rare for her, but it can happen.

Though she may seem like a complicated woman, she can be very predictable at times. Like any woman, she can fall in love. Her love has no boundaries. She can fall in love with men as well as women. She does not have any bias whatsoever. Her falling in love is rather difficult for her to accept it. She doesn't like becoming attach to someone whom she strongly likes and so if she does start developing feelings, she would distant herself form that person, she might even find some excuse to argue with that person only to distance herself from that person even more. Though she may act annoyed and bothered by that person, she will be constantly watching that persons' back, protecting him or her.

Alex can be very sarcastic and funny at times. She likes to drink and party. She just likes to have fun. Whether she parties alone in her bedroom or at a club, she absolutely loves partying and having fun. The problem with that is that she sometimes get bored really fast and would move on to something else that's better. She is a tease and she would almost always turn down offers of dating (it's hard for her to like someone in that way without using them). It's fairly hard to be considered a friend to Alex and it's even more difficult to be a lover, but it's extremely easily to be someone she doesn't like. She is very picky when it comes to people she likes because she fears betrayal.
Fears: “I have none. I’m a hunter.”
Losing those who she trusts
Being alone
Losing her job
Weakness: "Weakness? Yeah right."
She is mortal, so she can die.
She is weak against the cold, she can get cold really fast.
Mentioning her family; it’s a open scar.
Weapons: “Head shots baby.”
She absolutely loves her scope gun. She also has a couple of daggers that she knows how to play with.
Brief History: ”I don’t know you, why should I tell you?”
She was born during the summer into a family that wanted only boys. She wasn’t really accepted by her family and so her childhood was not the best memory a kid should have. She was treated like trash by her mom and was harassed constantly by her father to act like a boy and man up. She grew up believing she was a boy until her older cousin came to visit her. He seemed nice a first but then he became to change. With her meeting him, reality came in when she saw his genitals before he raped her at age ten. She was forced to keep it a secret from her family and from her friends that she made at school. The secret began to eat her up from inside and her demeanor began to change into a more aggressive and angry child. She started to burn insects just to watch them in pain before moving on into hurting animals. She never killed the animals, she just watched them struggle under her hands; she imaged that animals were her cousin. As she grew up, she frequently bullied others until she was sent to juvenile prison for bullying and controlling one of her professors. There at juvenile prison, she was introduced to the hunters alliance who had shown interest in her strength and there she began to control her temper and finally released the stresses she had from keeping that dirty secret and that no one wanted to support or help her.
Posting Sample:
Smiling gently, Terri took out a deck of cards from her pocket and began to go through them. The sound the cards made each time she moved one to the back was a very relaxing and cool noise. Slowly, she walked out of her room that was slightly messy from the drawn images that were scattered all over the room. Some of her drawings were of birds, fish, eagles…people in cities. They were all poorly drawn, but Terri thought they were the best drawings yet. To her, her drawings were exacting what they looked like in real life, but to others…it just looks like blobs, and stick people with huge heads.

As she walked down the hall from her room, the sound of her small barefooted feet echoed down the hall each time they touched the floor. She had forgotten to put on a pair of socks today. Usually, Terri would always wear socks, but today for some reason, she just forgot. Terri looked up from her cards occasionally as she made her way down to the common room. As she looked up, she smiled towards a few patients that slowly walked by her. Their expression was blank, their eyes were dazed. They walked past her with their backs hunched forward. No recognition of her presence was made. This was something Terri was quite use to, but she continued to smile as if she was recognized, just like the times when they first came to St. Marcus.

Terri has been at St. Marcus for four years. At the tender age of six, she was perhaps the youngest girl to be submitted into St. Marcus, now she is ten. Many patients came and disappeared. After the first few times of seeing patients become ‘lost,’ she slowly got use to it over time. She hated it. She knew when a patient was becoming lost or not. When there were no more thoughts in their heads for her to hear, they were gone. Though Terri smiles at them with the hope she can hear their thoughts once more. Her world is slowly becoming lonelier as more patients become lost like those that just passed her. She wondered if she too will become lost soon...

“Aha!” She found the ace of heart. This card was her favorite…as well as the patient that gave her the deck. Thomas Gerlim; a metal bender. He was one of the first patients she met when she arrived at St. Marcus. After one year, Terri began to notice his thoughts becoming less and less and by the second year….he was gone. But during that first year, Thomas and Terri always played card games with each other in the common room. He was her first friend of many that would pass away.

As she reached the center of the common room, she kissed that ace of hearts and returned the deck back into her pocket. “Hello, everyone!” She exclaimed happily as she ran to the couch and jumped onto it, sitting rather close to the man named Jeremy without knowing. She looked at him for a moment and whispered, "No, you must think...or you'll become lost..." Terri had heard Jeremy's thoughts from afar. Looking away from Jeremy, she rested her eyes on Bo and smiled. “How are you doing today?” Slowly her eyes glanced over towards the woman that was in the corner. Emily. Her smile melted and her lips twisted to the left. Something ached in her small chest. Terri just didn’t know what it was, she only called it heartburn. Terri knew almost everyone here; she has been here for a while. “Emily?” Terri called out to the woman in the corner with a hint of hesitation. She wasn’t hundred percent sure if that was her name because Terri does not usually see her much compared to others, but Terri did know she was a quiet one.

A couple minutes later, Terri heard loud thoughts from afar. It was full of life. Turning her attention towards the double doors, she stared at it and waited. So much energy. A smile formed her lips for a moment, but disappeared. The thoughts disappeared. Sighing sadly, she looked away and returned her glance back towards Emily and forced a smile as the double doors opened and the limp body of a name named Brandon was dragged through. Terri was use to hearing things like these, it brought a sense of hope, but shortly after it brought sadness.
-Excerpt from Chase in the Morning

So begins...

Alex Raithera's Story