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Gale Eden

"Falling, it was rain, but, having fallen, it was blood."

0 · 393 views · located in A Ruined World

a character in “Wilde Jagd”, as played by Miss Echo



ID Code: 974415

Adopted Name: Gale
Aliases: Cait Sidhe
Apparent Age: 11
Gender: Male
Classification: Class IV


Appearance (Human): Cait Sidhe takes the guise of a beautiful young boy when not in his Fragment form. His face is open and sweet, with large eyes, soft blond curls, and pale flesh. He stands shorter than other boys his “age”, with a slight build. However, true to his nature, there are several giveaways as to what he really is. His eyes are a tawny color, with slitted, catlike pupils, and his teeth end in sharp points. When tapping into his power, these fangs ooze with a black, ichorous substance, filling his mouth.

Appearance (Monster): The Cait Sidhe in its natural appearance resembles, as the name would imply, a feline of some sort at first glance. Its face and build are similar to that of a bobcat’s, covered with a thick layer of yellowish fur. However, this is where all similarities end. Its limbs and feet, while sharing the same coat of fur as the rest of its body, are lizardlike in nature. Cait also bears
a set of sharp fangs, capable of neatly rending flesh from bone- although it often uses them for the purpose of distributing venom in victims. Its claws are just as deadly, the length of a man’s hand, and serrated. If the Cait desires, it can also withdraw these claws, and its jaw can distend to triple its size.

Its tail is similar to a scorpion’s, bearing a sharp, barbed tail, which can administer venom when its fangs are otherwise occupied.

Cait is one of the smallest Fragments, being only the size of a large dog at best.


- Gale is incredibly agile. Not only is he swift, but Cait Sidhe can make leaps of notable height and distance, climb up walls and ceilings, and balance on perches slimmer than his own body. Plus, much like an actual cat, it can also slip through small gaps. This, combined with a decent level of endurance, makes Cait quite difficult to catch.

- He is also quite clever, relying less on brute force and attack, and more on his cunning. While Gale has no qualms about using his inherent weaponry, and quite enjoys doing so, he’s well aware of when he needs to stay his hand, or what actions might be the most beneficial.

- Inability to experience much pain, although whether this is a good or bad thing depends on the observer.

Special Ability: Cait Sidhe’s ability is to produce venom. This venom is hallucinogenic in nature, and, with it, he can perform a variety of functions, such as locking a victim in a surreal dreamworld, bringing up their fears, or, as he prefers to use it, muddling minds and triggering feelings of pleasure and joy. If a victim is subjected to enough doses of the latter, it is possible for them to become addicted or die in extreme cases.


- For all of Cait’s speed, he’s quite frail in comparison to his brethren. Because of his small stature, it would be easy enough for another Fragment to devour him, or even the Wilde Jagd to overwhelm him with numbers alone.

- His venom, while potent, does not activate immediately, and is not permanent- depending on the doses given, a victim can easily recover from his hallucinogens with enough time.

Other Fragments Consumed (If Known):
Two currently unidentified fragments.

Persona: Gale’s apparent personality depends on who he speaking with, and for what purpose- a constant shift in tone and level of warmth. His true persona, however, could be best described as polite, and at worst, somewhat unsettling. He speaks with the softness of a young boy, but is incredibly clinical and detached, regarding the world through the eyes of an observer. He calculates much of what he does or says, and, when not apathetic towards man and its plights, faces it with a cold cruelty. In spite of this, however, Gale has a fascination with experiences and sensation, and holds a certain interest in aspects of humanity.

Known History: Like the other Fragments of the Old one, Gale spent much of his early life confined within The Rock, kept safely away from the outside world. When the chaos of the outbreak began, Gale was one of the first ones to escape, avoiding such open conflict with the Jagd- but taking the opportunity to consume one other Fragment of similar size before making himself sparse. Shortly after his departure, however, Gale found himself being followed by both his brethren and hunters alike. One Fragment in particular, which appeared as some kind of cross between lizard and spider, was particularly persistent, and as it was much stronger than him, Gale was forced to keep moving instead of confronting it.

Eventually, in his wanderings Gale would come across a small village. Seizing the opportunity, he posed as a weak orphan boy and successfully entered the heart of the place. Steadily, he began to infect the population with his venom, making them compliant and unresisting. When the other Fragment finally reached him, Gale turned the villagers into weapons, and watched as they flung themselves at his pursuer. Many were killed in the struggle, but eventually the Fragment was weakened enough for him to easily move in and absorb it.

Now, whenever Gale feels an enemy a bit too close for his liking, it is a simple enough matter for him to turn innocent groups of people into his own personal nest. If his pursuers happen to be the Jagd, it is not uncommon for him to hold his victims as bargaining chips of sorts- giving them the choice to either try and attack him and risk harming civilians, or let him escape to tend to the drugged. Gale does not actively kill for the most part, preferring to stay out of the focus of the Jagd when possible, although he currently has an interest in absorbing a larger Fragment to make up for his current disadvantages.

- Has a prominent sweet tooth, and often carries with him an assortment of candies and sweets.

So begins...

Gale Eden's Story


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The boy was quiet in his appearance, slipping into view not long after Skip emerged. He stepped over a cluster of brambles and undergrowth, joining the circle of activity with the same surety as if he had been welcomed into it- which, in a way, he had. Cait Sidhe, a creature bound by whim, had been invited along on the expedition here. It would stand to say that he would be invited to see the results of the search as well.

Like his companion, the Cait, Gale, appeared harmless. His stature alone gave the impression that the boy couldn’t have hurt someone if he tried- small in both height and build. Lollipop stems and caramel wrappers peeked from the lining of his coat, and his face was soft with youth. His was a form that asked protection instead of caution. However, like Skip, his eyes were a much different story; the pupils too thin, the irises too large and off colored. They held an odd hunger.

The hints of teeth when he spoke, sharp and needle-pointed, only reinforced it.

“Is that you, Red?” Gale asked again. He had grown closer, settling himself beside Skip- out of arm’s reach from the much larger Fragment, but close enough for him to get a good look at her. The boy had to crane his neck a ways back in order to do so, however, which gave an almost comical quality to the situation. “We had thought that it was one of us, but I would have never guessed that it was you behind all of this. What a pleasant surprise.” He spoke warmly, amiably, as if speaking to an old friend. “How have you been? Well?”

As Skip went on in his chattering, Gale’s eyes abruptly slid from Red to the child, studying him curiously. Taking in the bundle of jackets, the hat, the hair tucked sloppily beneath it. Gale smiled- a smile that was all lips- and, taking a few steps forward, produced a sweet from his pocket and offered it to the boy.

“Hello,” he said. “I’m Gale. Want a butterscotch?”