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Hujing Li

Do you think God stays in heaven because he fears the things he created?

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a character in “Wilde Jagd”, originally authored by phantasms, as played by RolePlayGateway



ID Code: 136219


Adopted Name: Hujing Li
Aliases:Jinwei Hu(Nine-Tailed Fox), Jing(Casual Name)
Apparent Age:17
Gender: Female
Classification: Class IV

Appearance (Human) : As a fox must be clever and cunning, Jing must posses valuable assets so her plans don't go awry. Jing is the very exemplification of young and beautiful. Jing is 5'5 and weighs 103 lbs. She is adorned with ruddy hair and deep crimson eyes. She seems to posses a natural warm ambiance that shrouds her sadistic tendencies. Jing's head is embellished with two fox ears and her tails grow and shrink depends on her ability usage. She also has sharp fangs that she acquired from the killing of another fragment. Jing usually wears a sunhat regardless of the weather forecast and sports peasant garb.


Appearance (Monster): Jing abandons her delicate demeanor to show a rather ugly side to herself. She seems to posses the ferociousness of a fox. Sharp teeth and bright crimson eyes. She dons white fur stained red. Originally, she possessed more wispy facial features, but after consuming a fragment with features similar to that of a wolf. She turned more monstrous in appearance. In comparison to other transformations, Jing's size is noticeably smaller, with her standing proportion to a lion or cheetah, albeit a bit larger.

Skills: In human form, Jing is skilled in the art of thievery or pick-pocketing. As this is her only source of income, it's something she does quite often. If somehow she is found out, Jing is naturally skilled in running away, using her surroundings and animal instincts to gain an advantage over pursuers. If she is caught, she will use the art of seduction and manipulation to get out without any mishaps.

In wolf form, Jing's speed triples, able to go 40 miles in hour within long strides and 120 miles in a short burst Her strength increases as well, with her usually using her tails in combat. Her bite is strong enough to tear through thick metal and fangs long enough to dig into bone.

Special Ability: Jing originally only had the ability to control the temperature of objects and people she touched. She would be able to touch someone and knock them out cold due to manipulating their body temperature. She could heat up food just with touch, and didn't have to put much thought in what to wear as her body temperature can be adjusted. But after consuming a wolf fragment, she gained the ability to control fire as well. Her fire ability is what has her labeled as rather dangerous due to it's destructive capabilities and how inexperienced she is at using it. She can't make fire herself so she usually carries around a lighter and manipulates the humidity of the air to strengthen the initial spark. She can also change the color of flames by changing the temperature of them, but this is more of a party trick than a combat ability.

Jing despises transforming and much rather run away. If you keep this in mind, you can kill her while she is on the run with a sniper shot or explosive. Depriving her of a source of fire could lead to her downfall, if a witch was able to remove the oxygen needed to keep flames going. Also, a lack of combat ability while in human form could lead to her getting apprehended before she can transform.

In fox form, she still relies on her speed to avoid attacks with her fur barely providing enough defense against heavy weaponry. If you remember that even in monster form, she will still try to run, you can take advantage of her playing on the defensive and encircle Jing. Once surrounded, her thinking become irrational and leading her into a trap is all the more easier.
Other Fragments Consumed (If Known):
狼砰Láng Pēng
Charismatic and driven. Lang had characteristics similar to a monstrous wolf. He was often driven solely on instinct, but possessed a kind-heart.

Jing is an introvert, as keeping to yourself is the only way for survival these days. She is shy and without someone to hide beyond, she resorts to running away. She seems to avoid most conversations and responds with 1 word answers. Despite all this, she holds a silent confidence in her skills and a drive to eliminate both human and fragment. She will usually openly state her opinion before shrinking away due to being self-conscious of what she just said.

Jing still holds slight trust issues as the betrayal of one of her most trusted friends prevents her from seeking long-term relationships or alliances. However, she still harbors a calculative mind and will take chances if they will benefit her in the long run. She stills holds great animosity for fragment and human alike, but will work alongside them if she could reap the rewards.

Jing dons a manipulative side to her and even if she dislikes faking her personality, it's the only way for someone like her to live. She is skilled in showing a mask if it will benefit her current situation but will revert to her meek persona when not obligated. Jing is also naturally curious and analytical. Her silence can be taken as her calmly scanning you.

In the end, Jing despises humans but holds greater resentment for the monsters that call her one of us. She is above hunting and killing fragments specifically, but on special occasions, she will land the finishing blow on a fragment that Wild Jagd worked so hard to catch if she detests the monster specially.

Known History:
Jing was quite literally put into the world, as with most fragments. Although not a direct culprit of the Rock mass break-out, she was caught in the crossfire and proceeded to escape along with her fellow fragments. Back then, Jing didn't disliked being alone. Luckily for her, she found another fragment, a blonde haired man that looked around the age of his mid-twenties. They soon became partners as they both had nowhere to go.

As they both decided to blend in with the human population, the man gave Jing a Chinese name due to her Asian features and Jing gave him a Chinese name so she wouldn't be left out. They both enjoyed each others company. With Lang's humor and charisma, Jing felt herself at what would be defined as a home for a monster like herself. That was until the hounds were sent out.

The hounds drove both of them into corners daily, they felt lost and hopeless. On top of that, other fragments seeked to consume both of them. Eventually, they would be caught. In a frenzy of anxiety and fear, Lang lashed out and attempted to kill Jing. This left her with no choice but to run away. After a long chase, with both of shifting into monsters. Jing eventually gained the upper hand due to Lang's injuries from fighting hounds. Driven by animal instinct, she consumed her old friend.

She truly has turned into a monster. Without a home, she took to thievery. She still hates hounds, but hates what fragments have become due to it. She doesn't blame Lang for what he became as this seems to be the fate of all fragments.

So begins...

Hujing Li's Story