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''Knowledge is power.''

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a character in “Wilde Jagd”, as played by nosyfatguy



ID Code:68619


Adopted Name: Uroboros
Aliases: Night rider,Skull knight, Solemn one
Apparent Age: A man in his younger 20's
Gender: Male
Classification: Class III


Appearance (Human) : Uroboros takes the appearence of a young man, but a ladie all the same time. He's lush white hair severly distinguishes him from the crowd, and thus there are high suspicoions of him being a witch. He has a slender body standing at a average 6'0 with no apparent muscle whatsoever. Due to his nobility, he his often seen wearing fine garments or the finest steel armor of which has a cape made of silk accompanying it. He can give off a very charming yet hard to approach vibe, as he looks like something out of a fairy tail all to itself. And all to accompany it, when he himself is alone he can give off a rather ghostly aura or vibe to say.


Appearance (Monster):
In his beast form, Uroboro's form takes a drastic change as the flesh from his skin begins to rot, leaving only a ribcage and a shifted piece of armor to enshroud it. He's eye's like many other's take a deep shade of red, accompanied by a black souless eyesocket. Many of his features are identical to a skeleton's, all but the orangey crimson like lung's which reside in his chest. Aside from himself, a black steed also hops out from hell to accompany him which also has a muchly ghostly aura to it as does he.
Uroboro's is rather cool headed and strategic in combat, always being one step ahead of the enemy. He believes his brains are the strongest power he has, and aim's to exploit a target's weakness instead of fighting them head on. He's also mastered swordsmanship to a certain degree, as he's beast form doesn't give him any form of weaponry. What it does give is a agile horse though, the horse is able to run ring's around a enemy and is a beast capable of catching up to a car in no time at all.
Special Ability:
Uroboro's special ability is to ghostilify himself causing anything that would come at him just pass right through him as if he was not there. This abililty also let's him move through solid objects such as walls and gates. This power can be activated at will and he's mastered it to a degree. He's horse is also capable of mimicking the ability thus making him practically air.
Uroboro's has a tendency to think with his mind and not go with his gut, and that could be exploited. He's habit of overthinking thing's could make him fall prey to people who are too unpredictable in their way's thus exploiting his own weakness. Also he's special ability has a extent to which it can be used, a time limit. The limit is about 20-40 minutes depending on the day has gone and how much energy he had spent.
Other Fragments Consumed (If Known):

Uroboro's personality is that one of a charmer. He's always flirting his way about the place, or getting people to gather under him and his irresistible charm. The man just has the aura of a leader, and all who are around him are able to detect it. He's naturally a arrogant man, and looks down to those beneath him as nothing more then sources of food and energy. He's brash personality leaves him merciless to his comrades, even in training bout's. Yet at the same time he is a knowledgeable man, always looking for different way's to better himself. When he's not at court gathering's or councilling's he's in his domain with face stuffed in books and such.
Known History:
Uroboro's history start's with being captured by the Jagd and imprisoned into the Rock mass prison. After the massacare their Uroboro's slipped away undetected as he liked, and found his way into society. Eventually he shifted into his current form and went in search of destiny. He's charm allowed him to woo a noblewoman and thus splitting their riches between him and her. That was the first part of his plan to get into a part of higher society.

Afterall that it was a walk in the park, he got rid of his wife by murder and got away with it. He prefer's to spend more time in his human form as he's a part of a governing body with many job's to do.Though that's not to say he's doesn't use he's beast form.

Uroboro's activetly target's many of the member's of the Jagd having atleast 11 kills under his belt. He prefer's not to kill his fragment bretheren and attempts to avoid conflict or bumping into them overall. He also uses his position in court to make minor dint's in the Jagd's system maybe put a dint in their salary their or not allow them to do something here. He bares hatred to them after they had imprisoned him with his rather savage bretheren in the Rock mass.

So begins...

Uroboros's Story


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Tick-tock. The clock went on and on, in the rather large manor. It's hand's were making the empty throne room almost boom, as was the silence. Ah, the silence how he longed to break it it was beginning to crush him. Sure Uroboro's had done enough socialising over the couple day's but he never really felt satisfied. Perhaps it was the need to get out and cause havoc, he's fragment blood taking control. He hadn't done such a thing for 8 long year's, too start now would be a shame. That single thought was holding him back from taking action.

It was a rather quite morning in the lord's castle, as explained. Uroboro's himself was preparing to set out for a gathering of noblemen. Human noblemen. It was like being a butterfly amongst moth's, of the same standing but one is just so much more dazzling. To say he did have some pride of his fragment flesh would be a understatement, he would be flaunting it if it didn't mean him getting decapitated by the hound's. Nonetheless, he would compliment himself in his own time. Uroboro's began to wash his signature silky white hair which had looked as if it was blessed from the heavens itself, before walking out of the room and into his chambers.

Uroboro's placed his hands on his wolf like door nob, a sort of mock to the hound before he gripped it rather tightly but gently shoving the door open. He walked over to the bells, which were enshrouded by the crimson light flashing through the curtains from the windows. The man gave it a mere tap, before servants were rushing to his aid. As if some child, they began to dress him appropriately for the occasion dolling him up as if some king.

Some time later Uroboro's had begun to set off to his destination, on horseback of course. It was the most elegant way of travelling and no one could take that thought away from him. Uroboro's had called some servants to accompany him, before they began setting off on route to Mount Koan. Along the way there he had saw something that had catch his attention rather finely, a fiery red haired woman who had seemed to be a giantess.

He stared at her intensely eyes with her for a moment, his unnatural shade of blue glistening like a hawk's before he turned his head away. If it weren't for the child accompanying her he would've mistaken her for a fragment. The boy himself had looked quite similar to the woman, though he couldn't tell much from the distance he was away. He had spotted another man seemingly greeting them a man of smaller stature, ''What a odd place to gather, i must say.'' He whispered to himself as he frowned. Uroboro's shook his head, clearing his mind. He would be at his destination soon enough.