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Callie Brennan

Whatever you do in life will be insignificant but it is very important that you do it because no one else will.

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a character in “Will Our Love Survive?”, as played by ChristyLovesYou


Age: 17

Role: Childhood sweethearts girl

Theme Songs:
Kissing in cars
The Lonely
I For You
**Mary's Song**
(Directed to Pierre)

Relationship Status: You wouldn't exactly call her taken.. She sometimes sleeps with her dealers though, and often hooks up at parties with anyone she wants to. Not many nice boys even want to talk to her, so it makes it a bit hard to find a stable relationship, if she wants one or not. She seems to learn to love abuse.

Matched with: Pierre Bonnay
"I dared you to kiss me and ran when you tried"


-Loud music
-Being lazy
-Driving at night

-Boring people
-Too quiet places
-Sober parties
-Seemingly flawless people/things
-Spending nights alone
-Being left out
-Knowing she's addicted
-Thinking she's going to die

How they found support group/why they attend: She knew she was headed in a bad place. Subconsciously, she realized a few things. One, she had no one to turn to. Two, no one seemed to care about her. And three, she wasn't going to admit that. She somehow stumbled across the group, maybe overheard about it, either way she ended up there, and she tells herself she doesn't know why she keeps going back. She's still addicted. She's still messed up. She doesn't think she could change this late. Could she? I guess there's always hope. And maybe somewhere in her mind, the group is her hope.

Secrets: She's has 6 abortions. There's a few reasons why. For one, she's decided she'd be a terrible mother. Second, she's 17, and no one needs that then. Third, she spends her money on drugs and alcohol, not enough to help a kid. Forth, no one would take care of it. Fifth, four of the six pregnancies she was raped by a dealer. Obviously, feeling disgusted with herself a baby would just be a reminder.

Her sister and her had sex with the same guy in the same week. She was 17, her sister was 14. She's always been uncomfortable about this, and she's never told her sister about it. What had happened was, she had sex with him first, he was 16, and four days later her sister told her secretly that they'd had sex the night before. Confused and disgusted, she decided not to say anything.

She's almost overdosed. Twice.

She doesn't think she wants to live over 30. Maybe 35.


Addictions: Sex. Boys, occasionally girls, just tons of it. Alcohol. Makes it easier to do anything. Liquid courage right? Helps not being a wall-flower. Drugs mainly though. Weed is daily, and she's into meth. Other stuff she sometimes experiments with.

Problems: Her drug addiction, and that she's an alcoholic. At first, it was just to lose herself. Just to get away from life for awhile. Then it became a want. A desire. An addiction. The wanting for what she'd done to herself already turned to a need. She was doing what she could to get what she craved. From then on, she fades from herself with her addictions, and there is rarely a time when she isn't high or drunk.

She's a bit strange actually.
She always dots her i’s with a heart.
When dining out, she always tidies up the table and resets the condiments.
She draws random doodles on any piece of paper in front of him or her and always carries a pen or pencil to facilitate this habit.
Has the ability to speak in a cartoon-like voice which sounds little or nothing like his or her real voice.
She always has change in her pocket to give to beggars or homeless.

She has a tattoo of angel wings on her back, double piercings on her ears, and a few random scars. She has a very small one on her lip that she has to bite on her lip for it to be seen, that she got from falling when she was a child and biting through it. Another is on her hip, from getting too close to a fight with someone who had a knife. And last she had on across her left palm, which was part of an initiation into a group she used to be a part of.

Appearance: She's about 5'7", and weighs around 122 pounds. She has hazel colored eyes, and a paler skin tone that sometimes tan slightly. Her clothing style is a bit risque, she is not afraid to show skin. She's often found wearing little short black dresses, or some sort of outfit with a dark jacket. She has a petite hourglass figure, and she's extremely slim despite the fact that she drinks often. She has a fast metabolism, but she looks a bit fragile and weak. She has a nice look to her, but smaller breasts and features along those lines. To some men she's not as wanted, but she's very naturally beautiful. Her makeup is usually dark around her eyes, and she's still attractive then. Her hair is a dirty blonde, and she likes to keep good care of it.

Personality: She is untouchable, uncontrollable, and unidentifiable. She's an electron, hurriedly bouncing around the nucleus of the city. You can't put a definitive finger on who she is. Or rather, who she is at one moment. See, Callie Brennan is not one singular being. She's an urchin, a trust fund baby, a muse, a scared girl, a deranged drug-addict, a school girl. And, almost anyone who's met her will describe her with a different word.
She's a rebel, she's a saint, she's salt of the earth, and she's dangerous. Her controversial attitude can confuse people, she's unwritten. Bold, she doesn't care what others think of her. Would she put herself above others? Not necessarily. She doesn't really involve to many others in her life. She'd like to think she's independant but there are definitely times she wishes she had someone to lean on.
There's a large difference between her personalities when she's high or drunk, and when she's sober. When she's high, you can see her lose herself. Even when she's drunk, the sweet happy girl fades away. She's suddenly lost, and I guess that's what she wanted.
But when she's sober, or if you knew her before, she has a laugh that's almost contagious, and she loves making people smile. You could say she's a good girl, but she's adventurous also. She isn't scared easily, and is pretty open about things like ghosts, and mythical things. She acts about 2/3 of her age at times, especially if she has candy. She's always bubbly and prancing around, and has habit of jumping into every leaf pile she sees. She's kind and caring, and can make someone's day, and brighten a room.
Often when she's in that state of being lost, she can act wild and crazy, but some can see the hurt in her eyes. The desperation in her eyes, and the longing sense of regret and pain. She doesn't want this life. She doesn't believe she has a choice.

History: (I'll probably talk to my partner about their childhood a bit more)
She was a child of two parents. No, her daddy didn't get drunk and abuse her, or her mother for that matter, and no neither of them were very mean to their children. They just lacked care. They lacked compassion. They were two people just trying to get by, do what they thought they had to and nothing more. They both worked, they both were present at home. They didn't give much affection, and always seemed to be bored with themselves, their lives, and their kids.
Their mother was a beauty queen at 18, she was gorgeous. Her mother, (Callie's grandmother) had entered her in pageants since she was 4. The little girl had grown up fine, but didn't have much of a social life. She was popular, and everyone seemed to envy her beauty, but she was untouchable. No one could really get close to her because she was reserved and closed off.
Her father was an average kid. I guess the reason he never spent time with his own kids was because his parents never spent time with him. The moment he was 18 he moved out. He didn't want them, they focused on their dreams, never his. And because of that, he never could spend too much time on others, so set on figuring out what to do next, he never strayed far from the home though.
When he left, he stopped in a convenient store. That's when he met her mother. I don't know if you'd call it love at first sight, but they got to talking. She said she didn't want to be in the town anymore, but she had nowhere to go. He told her he had nowhere to go, but he was leaving. Somehow it lead to him inviting her to join, and eventually they were married.
They had two daughters, who they neglected as much as their parents had to them. Their mother just wasn't the type to dress them up and put them in contests. But she didn't know how to be affectionate towards them either. So they grew up somewhat alone, but dinner was always on the table.
Callie was about ___ when she met her best friend. He was close by, and they spent their childhood together. Growing up was easy when she had him, and it didn't feel as lonely. They played pretend, he'd be the strongest prince, she'd be the prettiest princess in the land. He once told her he'd get rich, then steal her away to marry her. It had become a dream of hers for a long time.
It was around ___ grade when he moved away. She'd never really made any other close friends because she didn't have to with him around. Once he was gone, she was alone again. That's when she joined the wrong crowd. They were accepting enough, especially if you could buy. She was blinded by their slight kindness, because she felt so alone, no one seemed to talk to her. She was shy then, and never spoke up much, unless she was high.
Once she experimented with drugs, she was quick to find alcohol. She was a legend of the group, the wildest one there was. I guess when she hit 17 it had gotten a little old. She was still crazy, but sometimes she was just there barely. Her existence wasn't even her as much as it was just some wasted girl. And that's who she became without him. Without him, she lost herself. She knows it's truly her fault, but it's so much easier to push away the truth, and blame someone else. Someone who promised to love you, and left.

So begins...

Callie Brennan's Story


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Callie Brennan

Callie sat in the passenger seat of her best friend's pickup truck. As usual, she'd ditched school. It was her senior year, and she didn't think she was really going to go anywhere in life anyway, so why would high school even matter? As for future plans, she had this idea she'd just join a strip club. She was attractive, flexible, and in her opinion a sexy dancer, so she could probably pull it off. Now to other families and girls, usually they had friends, parents, or anyone who might care enough to talk her out of that. But no, Callie had no one like that for her. Her friend that sat beside her now was as careless as she, and her sister unable to comprehend the meaning of care and affection. Callie and her sister had a weird relationship. Callie did love her sister, but their parents somewhat neglected them, and neither are very affectionate. Callie grew up with friends and people she was close to, which made her understand and feel the meanings of care, loss, love, and hate. Her sister on the other hand was much more shy, and spent most of her days reading or studying. Callie hopes that one day she'll move out, run away even, and take her sister with her. That way her parents can't hurt her emotionally, and she would always have someone to look out for her.

Her fingers were wrapped around a lit cigarette, some of the ashes dropping on the car floor from the bumps of the road. She lifted the cigarette to her painted lips and took a long drag as she tried to listen to her best friend over the radio's sounds. Callies's eyes rolled over to her friend's direction, a small smile tugged on her red lips as she blew out the cloud of smoke into the atmosphere of the truck. She reached over, lowering the volume, and glanced back to her friend. Her friend turned her head towards her as they stopped at a red light. "Hey," she said in a stern voice, and a frown upon her face. "Smoking is really bad for you. You should quit." Callie looked at her friend, raising an eyebrow. Her friend's lips then spread into a smile, and she let out a laugh as the truck lurched forward, rolling into motion again. Callie let out a giggle, and took another drag. This time she let the smoke fill up some of the car.

They were passing a less busy part of the city, when out of an alleyway a somewhat pale boy with dark black hair emerged. Sarah, her friend, suddenly swerved into a parking place, about 5 feet from running him over. "I know this guy, he sells." Callie put out her cigarette on the dashboard, rubbing the end of it until it went out. Sarah had already gotten out and slammed the door, and walked around to get his attention. Callie came out after, shutting the door and walking over to the two. It was Chad, Callie knew him from support group. Obviously she wasn't going to tell Sarah that, since she already assumed they were complete strangers.

"Chad, this is Callie, my friend." Sarah said, introducing the two. "We're interested in buying some Diesel.." Which meant heroin. Personally it wasn't Callie's favorite, but it was one of Sarah's. Where they were was a shadier place, and it pretty much looked deserted. It was a place the cops pretty much never were, and few people passed.


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Jake Ross

Jake sat on the window pane, back leaning against the side, one knee up, and the other foot dangling just before the platform of the fire escape. He felt like he wanted a smoke, but his laziness always seemed to win him over. Usually there was a certain numbness to him; he never felt there was a reason to do anything anymore. He usually spent his time like this, not really doing anything.

The fire escape let out into an alley, and it was only about 10 feet away from the sidewalk. Occasionally cars passed by, but it was more rare on this side of town. No one really bothered to come here unless they were doing something they didn't want the cops to know about. He'd bought his apartment when he turned 18, and moved out as soon as he could. His sisters both practically lived with him, though legally they were supposed to be with their father. It was a small apartment, that he managed to pay for with his shifts at the local bar and grill. Mostly he was just a waiter, but from 12 to 2 in the morning, he played his guitar for entertainment Monday through Thursday. With that he made some extra cash, and the donations always helped.

Looking out he watched as Sarah's truck almost ran a boy over. He could recognise that from a mile away, the paint job was random, probably something she and her friends had decided to do one day. Looking closer, he saw it was Chad, a boy from his group. He then watched as Callie got out of the car. He and Sarah were pretty good friends. Well, they occasionally hooked up but it wasn't anything serious. She'd already told him they were going to get some kind of drugs and head over to his house. He rubbed the back of his neck, and slid off the window pane onto the wood floor of his apartment. Knowing they'd be up soon, he unlocked the 5 locks on his door, and opened his fridge to grab a beer.


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Chad Prescott

Chad jumped a little, he didn't expect someone to almost run him over. He watched as the Sarah and Callie got out of the car and made their way over to him. He rose an eyebrow and nodded when Sarah had introduced Callie to him, although he already knew exactly who she was since he had seen her in the support group. Even though most people knew him since he was one of the best drug dealers and gang leaders in New York City. He crossed his arms over his chest and nodded, "How much do you want?" He asked, as he reached into his pocket and search it for no real reason other then that he was craving a joint so he pulled one from his pocket and lit it, taking a long drag then he gave them a small smile. He intended on this being quick since he really wanted to get to his best friend's house in hope that Nova would be there.