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Jake Ross

She never found out how much I tried - all of the sadness she kept made me blind She never found out how much I cried - the rope so tight on the night that she died..

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a character in “Will Our Love Survive?”, as played by ChristyLovesYou




Role: Hate that I Love You boy

Theme Songs:
Extraordinary Girl
Mad World
One Headlight*
Accidentally In Love

Relationship Status: Well, he's a broken boy. Many girls believe they can 'fix him' but they all seem to end up just as bed partners. Many find his quiet-loner-mysterious-musician-dark-boy type very attractive and interesting. I wouldn't say he was even looking for much of a relationship, he doesn't seem to care about anything anymore.

Matched with: Juliet Sofia Thorn

"So I said I'm a snowball running
Running down into the spring that's coming all this love
Melting under blue skies
Belting out sunlight
Shimmering love

Well baby I surrender
To the strawberry ice cream
Never ever end of all this love
Well I didn't mean to do it
But there's no escaping your love"



Drinking (occasionally)
Dark colors
Clear, bright eyes
The ocean

His family
Missing someone
Country music
Being hot
Ditzy girls
People who try to change him

How they found support group/why they attend: Jake stumbled upon it one day in the newspaper, which he doesn't remember why he was reading it in the first place, and decided to go, since he had nothing better to do. Also his girlfriend at the time, (girlfriend is a very loose term in this case, it was really just a girl who was sleeping with him,) nagged him until he said he'd go. After he went, he told her he hated it, and ended things with her because of it, but he actually enjoyed it, but didn't want her to know. He didn't like how she wanted to 'fix him'.

Secrets: His dad was a raging abusive person. He never really got drunk, he knew exactly what he was doing. His wife was a manic depressive, and he took out any of their fights, or whenever she became upset on the kids. If they acted out, he had a few methods of punishing them. He would old Jake's hand over a flame, and if he cried he'd beat him, if you cried more, the harder you were hit. Despite the fact that Jake likes pianos, when he was very young if they did something wrong he'd tie them under the piano, and slam loudly on the keys to a mozart song. Jake's younger sisters were both sexually abused by their father, and Jake would try to stop it when he could. When Jake was very young, (4,5,6,7) his father would take him out to the woods while he raped high school girls who just wanted some fun with an older man, but didn't see what was really coming. Jake was forced to watch, as disgusted as he was. Later they found that his father was a schizophrenic.

The real problems began happening after his mother left them.. When Jake was sixteen, he was stronger. He could protect his sisters, and stand up to his father. His father couldn't push him around as easy, and instead stayed at his computer watching porn all day, and going to strip clubs at night, god knows what he did. It didn't matter to Jake as long as he wasn't hurting their family. He was actually close with his mother, for awhile at least. His memory had been a bit fuzzy, since he wanted to forget everything of his childhood, and he started to remember more and more, until he freaked out at his mother. Yelling at her, asking why he had let their father do that to them. Because of her condition, it set her off edge. Even though he knew it wasn't something she could've really stopped, the police wouldn't do anything, and their father brought in the money, he blamed her. He told her he hated her. That he didn't love her and no one should. She hung herself later that night, and he's still never forgiven himself.

He's never really loved any girl. He doesn't even know if love exists. He feels that it's made up, and that life is just about getting by. Having sex is almost a pass time for him, and he's even bored of it.

Addictions: He smokes, whenever he feels like it. It's not really as much of an addiction as it is a habit. He could actually quit whenever he'd like to, it's just comfortable to do it, and easy. It's part of his daily routine, and because it's so casual he's never tried to stop.

Problems You could say that his childhood and family life has destroyed him as a person. He shows no sympathy for anyone, no mercy. He doesn't trust anyone, and you can imagine that some people have trust issues, like when girls say they can't trust guys because their boyfriend cheated on them, but his story is obviously a bit different..

He uses mundane items as toys (e.g. bottle caps, straws, chopsticks).
He is strongly susceptible to “brain freeze.”
Always stands with his hands behind their back, sometimes in an “at ease” position, though he was never in the military.
Is thrifty nearly to the point of obsessive or compulsive nature.
He's always at least ten minutes late to any meeting or appointment, if he shows up at all.

Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: Tons of scars covering his body, so he wears long sleeves, pants, etc. He has a bit of a 'Harry Potter' scar, on his forehead, though it is just a line, not a lightning bolt, from when he hit his head against a corner of a wall, after his dad pushed him.


Appearance: He stands at about 6' and weighs about 145 lbs. He's on then skinnier side, but he is pretty strong. He has chocolate brown eyes, and pale skin. He usually wears jeans, t-shirts, and always a jacket. He always keeps his body covered, because he doesn't like to draw attention to marks, bruises, cuts, and scars scattered all over his body. His hair is a light brown color, and it's long and mousy. It's soft and usually finds its way into his eyes.

Personality: Jake is cold. His heart iced over in pain. His gut wrenching past haunts him every second of his life, it's something he can't escape, it is him. He's lost himself along the years. The abuse and abandonment has eaten away at him, his senses are numb. He lives to breathe, and sees no other point. He finds that suicide is a way out. It's more pathetic than something to feel sorrow about to him. In his eyes it's for the weak, and he's far from weak. His subconscious mind has programmed to know, not just think, that he is a protector. That's what he is - a guardian. He may seem completely cold heart and loveless, just lustful. But he's not even very lustful, his sexual drive has dwindle in the many years, and it's just another habit or pass time rather than an enjoyment. His sisters are both his top priorities, and his life is only for their safety.
He's an old soul. This means he's just someone that has lived much, experienced so many things, and learned so much, he is not immature in life, he has a deep innate understanding of things and mostly well developed character. This goes into the idea that we have lived many lifetimes and experienced many lessons from those lifetimes. He questions society in general, finds politics and such a waste of time. That's not what life should be about.
His moods don't change much. He's a very generic person if you just glanced at him. But his eyes.. His eyes will always give him away. There's a sadness in his eyes that can't be escaped. Compare it to a lost dog in the rain. Sad and hopeless. But you can see anything in his eyes. He shows all emotion through them. Almost like telepathy. With a blank stare in your direction, if you've known him long enough, you can just feel the care from him absorb you.
I'd say he was almost a fallen angel. His wings bruised and restrained, he's helpless, searching for meaning or someone to save. He himself, can never be saved, banished from the heavens because of a former self. He's a lost soul, as well as an old one.
He's quiet and reserved. Mysterious, and dark, he's deep and passionate, though you'll probably never live to see that side of him. He's rough around the edges, his wall around him is built to the moon, and most people make the sky their limit.
His only outlet is music. He's an amazing musician, and can play anything he picks up. He especially loves the piano, the slow sad symphonies he can play and create. His guitar is also very special to him, its low cry can make a heart tingle. His voice is velvet, soft and calling. It's beautiful and echoing, strong, but wispy. Example
Maybe he's not completely outgoing and crazy, and maybe what he does in life doesn't reflect his out look, but his idea is that whatever you do in life will be insignificant but it is very important that you do it because, you can't know. You can't ever really know the meaning of your life. And you don't need to. Just know that your life has a meaning. Every life has a meaning. whether it lasts one hundred years or one hundred seconds. Every life, and every death, changes the world in its own way. Ghandi knew this. He knew his life would mean something to someone, somewhere, somehow. And he knew with as much certainty that he could never know that meaning. He understood that enjoying life should be of much greater concern then understanding it. You can't know. So don't take it for granted. But don't take it too seriously. Don't postpone what you want. Don't leave anything misunderstood. Make sure the people you care about know. Make sure they know how you really feel. Because just like that. It could end.

History: Jake was born when his mother was 17, and his father was 21. He was indeed an accident, and he put much stress on his mother's life. She, being a loving person, wanted him regardless. Sometimes he wishes she didn't. They lived on the outskirts of a city, nothing fancy. A small house that with many others rested under a highway. The rent was cheap, which was nice you could say. You had to find a good place to keep your money hidden or it'd be stolen. They kept two guns around the house at all times. Jake remembers countless times he was smacked across the face with the side of a pistol.
The house was always dirty and unkept. Eventually when he turned 5, his mother had twins. Both lovely little girls stole Jake's heart the moment he saw them. They were angels and gifts from someone who was in Jake's favor. He loved them from the day he met them, and though he couldn't do much to protect them from his father, he tried. They then moved more in the city, on a busy street.
Part of his secrets are what happened to him through childhood, and going into detail wouldn't be pleasant. What you need to know, is he was abused and broken from the beginning. Lucky, he found a savior of his own. For his 10th birthday, his mother gave him a guitar. It wasn't in the best condition, but their neighbor tuned it for him, and he taught himself to play. He played on the doorstep from then on, sometimes he even got some money. His home life wasn't always as bad as it sounded. It was often terrible, but Jake tried to stay out of the way of everyone as much as he could. He kept his sisters always close by him, and things were sometimes okay. They got better as the years went on.
After his mother killed himself, he was a wreck. He couldn't sleep, eat, or do anything besides lay in his bed, restless. It was his fault. That's all that went through his aching head. His bloodshot eyes never were to rest, his heart beat slow, his pulse was barely felt. His sisters are what kept him going this time. They helped him as they knew he'd help them. Eventually he went outside again, and tried to move on with his life.
All through high school he was blending into the background, or at least trying. Many outcast or average girls, sometimes loners or strange girls, even nice girls seemed to be drawn to him. His aura seemed to call to others, and they thought they'd be 'the one' to help. They ended up sleeping with him, then he'd get bored with them. Heart broken probably, but never mad with him. They usually figured out some of what his life was like, and the hurt he'd been through they somehow cared for him to a point where they couldn't be physically mad at him. He never understood it, sometimes he wished they would've yelled or hated him.

So begins...

Jake Ross's Story


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Jake Ross

Jake sat on the window pane, back leaning against the side, one knee up, and the other foot dangling just before the platform of the fire escape. He felt like he wanted a smoke, but his laziness always seemed to win him over. Usually there was a certain numbness to him; he never felt there was a reason to do anything anymore. He usually spent his time like this, not really doing anything.

The fire escape let out into an alley, and it was only about 10 feet away from the sidewalk. Occasionally cars passed by, but it was more rare on this side of town. No one really bothered to come here unless they were doing something they didn't want the cops to know about. He'd bought his apartment when he turned 18, and moved out as soon as he could. His sisters both practically lived with him, though legally they were supposed to be with their father. It was a small apartment, that he managed to pay for with his shifts at the local bar and grill. Mostly he was just a waiter, but from 12 to 2 in the morning, he played his guitar for entertainment Monday through Thursday. With that he made some extra cash, and the donations always helped.

Looking out he watched as Sarah's truck almost ran a boy over. He could recognise that from a mile away, the paint job was random, probably something she and her friends had decided to do one day. Looking closer, he saw it was Chad, a boy from his group. He then watched as Callie got out of the car. He and Sarah were pretty good friends. Well, they occasionally hooked up but it wasn't anything serious. She'd already told him they were going to get some kind of drugs and head over to his house. He rubbed the back of his neck, and slid off the window pane onto the wood floor of his apartment. Knowing they'd be up soon, he unlocked the 5 locks on his door, and opened his fridge to grab a beer.