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Juliet Sofia Thorn

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a character in “Will Our Love Survive?”, as played by Horseygirl


Juliet Sofia Thorn

If she really like you, she'll allow you to call her Jay 


Girl 4

Theme Song
9 crimes- Damien Rice
Run- Snow Patrol 

Relationship Status
Single. She doesn't trust anyone with her heart. 

Matched with


-dance (Ballet)
-kind people
-classical music

-loud people
-her past being brought up
-having to depend on others

How they found support group/why they attend
After her family was murdered in front of her and she was nearly killed herself, the foster home agency forced her to attend

-Although she claims she doesn't remember, she vividly can recall her own father stabbing her repeatedly
-If dance was taken from her, she would almost definitely kill herself
-just the sight of a knife can make her completely freak out, screaming and clawing her own arms as she remembers the killing of her family 


Cutting, and she has struggled with anorexia 

-When she is nervous, she'll turn her mother's ring she always wear, sometimes until the skin under it is red and raw
-When she hears music she likes and thinks nobody is around, she will let her guard down and dance
-she practices (ballet) rigorously 



She has small, thin scars on her wrists and thicker, deeper ones on her lower chest and stomach
Juliet has long blonde waves, that reach almost down to her elbows. Her eyes are an enamoring, clear crystal blue that are intensified by long dark lashes. Her skin is a pale shade of ivory, with a very light dash of pink at her cheeks and lips. She is small, but has a very elegant sort of build. The body of a dancer. 
She is only about 5' tall and 100lbs, with a thin body and graceful gait. She is rather beautiful, but her bitter cold attitude usually keeps people away.

Juliet hardly ever speaks. She silently observes, rather than blurting out the first thing that comes to mind. She has a quiet, demure attitude that doesn't attract much attention. Although she hardly talks, she does have a temper. It's very had to get close to her, and she seems to like it that way. Normally it doesn't seem like it, but she'll listen if you talk to her. If you don't piss her off, then she won't even look up. If she's interested, then she won't look up but she won't walk away. But if you dare bring up her past or try to take advantage of her, the claws come out. She can be very cold and harsh, but if you manage to get her to speak nicely to you, she can be the sweetest and wisest of people. 90% of the time, she just doesn't talk though. Jay is very closed-off. It's hard to find out what thoughts lay behind her sad, pale eyes. 

Juliet is really a very peaceful person, not liking conflict or crowds. She the only people she would even think about speaking to would be kind, gentle people. She is very mellow and intelligent, occasionally even a little condescending. But once she grows to care for someone, she is very affectionate and teasing. But this is completely unheard of- nobody has ever been able to get this close to her. She has simply lost her faith in people.

This is where you understand why Juliet is the way she is. She grew up with a very loving mother, and an adorable younger sister. Her father was a drunk, who would occasionally beat his wife and children. Juliet was very close to her younger sister, Lily. Whenever her father would attempt to strike the little girl, Juliet would jump in front of her and get a beating twice as bad. She didn't care, so long as Lily was safe. One day, her mother just got fed up. While he was out, she packed everything up and was about to leave when her husband came home.

Furious that she was about to take his children from him, he lashed out at them. He exploded. He stabbed his wife to death in front of his children. Juliet tried to run away with Lily, but her father ripped the girl from her arms and stabbed her at least twenty times. Right in front of a screaming Juliet. She tried to claw, punch, bite, and kick her father, desperately trying to stop him but he was stronger. Once Lily was dead, he moved on to his eldest child. Juliet. She was stabbed twenty five times, and her father thought she was dead. He left the bloody mess, and was never seen again. 
Their neighbor heard Juliet and Lily's screams, and called 911. What the police found was once of the most disturbing things they had ever seen. The worst was that Juliet was still conscious, yet barely alive. She had seen the entire thing, and was unable to save her family. She was saved and made a complete physical recovery but she would never be the same.

So begins...

Juliet Sofia Thorn's Story


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Juliet Sofia Thorn

Juliet stood in a cold, empty and expensive looking dance studio. The mirrors that lined the walls reflected dozens of Juliet's, each with flawless forms as she stood on her two toes, silently dancing. She was light like a bird, and flexible as a cat as she gracefully moved. Her face had never been so peaceful, until she lost her lost her balance. She fell. Hard.
Her body smacked against the cold ground, with a light thud. A small, irritated noise escaped her. Why had her center balance been so off lately? She knew why, of corse, but refused to accept this fact. She couldn't quite wrap her head around it.

She pointed her toes and clenched her fists, checking for injuries before she got up. Juliet stubbornly repeated the move, over and over, despite however many times she fell. She ended up biting her own lip, causing it to bleed, and bruising her elbows before she successfully could do the move repeatedly. Satisfied, she sat down and removed her pointe shoes to reveil bleeding feet. Seeming uneffected by the clearly painful marks, she silently bandaged her feet and slipped on flats. Despite the few strands of long blonde waves that hung down, she left her hair in the tight bun and left on her snowy white ballet wear. She fully intended to be back very soon and continue to dance.

Juliet slipped on a lace shrug, and left the studio. Her ice blue eyes scanning the people on the street quickly, she comtinued on alone.