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Lilah-Marie Richards

"I won't stop trying without a fight!"

0 · 823 views · located in San Francisco

a character in “Will You Be There?”, as played by phoenix_lynx



{"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”}
-Oscar Wilde
Fences || Paramore || Pretty girl || f(x) || Extraordinary || Clean Bandit


|{Full Name}|
Lilah-Marie Richards
"Marie after my mother's best friend."

Lily [common] || Marie [rare]
"My mother is probably the only one who calls me Marie."

"I can pretty much do anything and be held responsible."

25% Irish || 25% Native American || 50% American
"I'm really a mix of many things!"

"Love is love regardless of gender!"

|{Hair color}|
Dark Brunette
"I like dyeing it though to be honest, it gets boring after a while."

|{Eye color}|



|{Distinctive markings}|
When Lilah was a teenager she spent most of summers camping so throughout her little adventures she's gotten cuts and a some stitches especially on her legs and back.

Right below her left ear she has a small roughly shaped heart birthmark.


{"I am not young enough to know everything.”}
-Oscar Wilde


|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
▪Mumbles to herself
▪Rubs her earrings
▪Chews her tongue randomly
▪Looks down at her shoes before lying
▪Changes her hairstyle constantly throughout the day

Cupcakes || Romantic comedies || Singing || Writing songs || Guitar || Coffee || Lollipops || Sunshine || Fire || Sour candies || Cold showers || Bright colors || Pocket watches || Cold beer || Running || Candles || Yoga || Horror movies || Alicia Keys || Céline Dion || Rock music ||

Deep waters || Spicy foods || Smoking || Baths || Lighting || Mess || Smoking || Jerks || Lip singing || Dogs || Noises when trying to sleep || Carrots ||

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
Writing songs/music composition
Looking after little kids

|{Flaws || Weakness}|
Bad temper
Hates the sight of blood
Indecisive/bad at leading

Writing songs || Reading || Movies || Baking || Yoga || Singing ||

øAviophobia- fear of flyingø
øEremophobia - lonelinessø

{"Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”}
-Oscar Wilde


{ || Friendly || Outgoing || High spirited || Positive ||Hard working || Hot headed || Stubborn || }

Friendly & Outgoing
Lilah has always craved human interaction, she finds that being alone doesn't do her any good and being around people makes her happy as well as more productive and motivated. Therefore her natural kindness attracts attention meaning she has the tendency to make friends quite easily. As she is such a people's person and is always the one who can never say no, sometimes she may come across as naive or a try hard but all in all Lilah fears isolation so will always try her best to get people to like her.

High spirited & Positive
Always enthusiastic and thinking positively is something that Lilah is proud of, through life she's gone through a lot of criticisms with people telling her that being a singer would be near impossible but with the right attitude she finds that blocking opinionated thoughts helps her. In general everyday life having a certain mindset can help you in a positive or negative way and why should you think so pessimistically? Lilah's bold and lively personality can bring out the best in people as well as show anyone who doubts her how she'll never give up without a proper fight.

Hard working
As Lilah dreams big this of course means she must be able to put forward the greatest effort possible to be able to reach those dreams. Growing up with a lot of part time jobs to earn morning meant that learnt to become very hard working and attentive with every task she was given. The way she believes an individual should live their life is through hard work and dedication because not everyone is lucky enough to have things handed down to them on a silver platter. People will be more likely to help you if your worth their time so it's obvious that for her everything can be achieved with a little elbow grease.

Hot headed
Though it takes a lot to get Lilah angry, once you do she'll become your worst nightmare. She may sometimes hold it in and pretend to be fine but inside she's bubbling away. It's usually if anyone talks badly of those she cares about or pure ignorance of individuals that can result her in being blunt and harsh.

Everyone has their own opinions and Lilah accepts that however she most likely will not change hers just so she can please the other person. She is completely horrible in arguments as she finds things terribly awkward afterwards meaning she'll find it hard to apologize regardless of who's fault it was. Her pride is a tad bit too much at times and she'll go without even eating if it proves a point. Of course her stubbornness is a vital flaw that can never be changed as much as she tries.

{"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”}
-Oscar Wilde


|{Place of Origin}|
Salinas, California

|{Family Tree}|
Greg Richards || 40 || Father || Estranged ||
"He walked out on us when I was 9 so I don't know much about him, apparently he has another family and lives in New York but I don't know. Mom has always given me his phone number if I ever wanted to get into contact with him but I don't care about him. Moving on is the best solution anyway, he obviously didn't love us..."

Victoria Richards || 38 || Mother || Deceased ||
"I love her, truly I do. She was the best single mom in the whole wide world and did everything for me and Stella but why can't she understand my dreams? I'm not a little kid anymore, singing is my passion and it isn't something I've just thought about for a few days!"

Stella-Lyn Richards || 18 || Sister || Living ||
"My little baby, she's always that little cry baby who was always stuck to me like glue. It's funny how much she's changed but Stella's still that quiet shy girl no matter how older she is now."

|{Happiest Memory}|
"I think I was 8 or about to be 8, there this carnival that was nearby and for the first time as a family we all went. It was surprising that dad came with us, it was more surprising that he seemed happy to be with us...enjoying the moment. I remember as a little girl I wanted to cry tears of joy and well mom did a little because she was just so happy. Dad won me a lot of stuff toys in those silly games and even held my hand. Looking back it now he was most likely thinking about leaving so might have wanted to give at least one happy moment to me."

|{Saddest Memory}|
"When dad walked out on us, I mean he never liked me and I accepted that but when he walked out it wasn't just me who he left, he left mom and Stella. Stella loved dad to pieces even if the feelings weren't mutual and he was mom's partner, who she loved! And the fact that he didn't just walk out but he was having an affair the entire time as well...he is simply a horrible person. I feel pretty bad for his new family but then again he's probably changed."

Lilah-Marie Richards was born on the 15th of October 1992 in Salinas, California. Her parents Greg and Victoria Richards were going through a rough patch and the birth of the baby girl didn't help the situation. In fact it worsened as the relationship between Lilah and her father was hardly present as she wasn't even treated like his own daughter. However as a little girl Lilah learnt that it was simply just better to ignore the fact that her own father disliked her, it didn't even matter much as Greg would always be travelling around the country for work. Her mother on the other hand worked as a teacher in her elementary school which meant that she was never really alone.

Four years later Stella was born even though Greg thought of her as a mistake and pushed Victoria to abort it except the idea of losing a sibling angered Lilah resulting in her in holding her silence as a way of rebelling. Though she was young Lilah realized how horrid her father truly was and kept away from him at all times. With the birth of Stella Lilah finally started to feel like she had a family, with her father continuously away it was only her mother, her younger sister and herself in the house.
At the age of 9 Grey Richards walked out on the family which wasn't a big surprised, the relationship was getting sour and as much as Victoria tried to keep everything together she just couldn't keep pretending. It was only after Lilah was older that she found out that her father was having an affair this whole time and had most likely left them for his other woman. So without any notice he walked out leaving not much behind, as he had the largest income from the two her mother took up part time jobs to ensure that her everything was paid for in time.

Her mother found a better teaching job as a professor in San Francisco so after Lilah 14th birthday they moved on where she enrolled into high school and focused on her studies. It was also during high school that people around her realized her singing talent. This meant that she started to perform at gigs and went on open mic nights at the local bars and cafes. Writing songs became common as writing in a diary. Her passion for singing had increased so much that she after she graduated college wasn't what she wanted but rather trying to become a singer was on her agenda. Her mother who always loved Lilah's singing voice was strongly against the idea and even forced her into going into college to study for something realistic. Nonetheless after a heated argument Lilah decided to run away where she currently lives with a bunch of roommates in an apartment to follow her dreams. Even though she regularly contacts her mom and especially Stella, she has no desire to come home.


* Her sister is currently in college.
* Call me Nelly! :)

|{Face Claim}
Vanessa Hudgens
Character Dialogue || #047E12

So begins...

Lilah-Marie Richards's Story