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Dark Lord Dei Homicida

"Ah ah ah... hush now child. Please, be glad as you meet this fate, your death will pave the ground beneath my feet as I claim all worlds as the property of The Dark Lord Dei Homicida!" MWIP Submitting to save Progress

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a character in “Windows To The Soul”, as played by Another Lie


This is the end for you... fools... you're getting yourselves involved in plans that I've devised for countless lifetimes. You're not a problem to me... in fact you're barely even an annoyance.

Theme Songs

Normal - David O'Brien | A Touch of Evil
Emotional - LittleJayneyCakes | Ayano's Theory of Happiness ~ Music Box Ver.
Happy - Verl | 1925 ~ Piano Arrange
Angry - Various Cover Preformers | Outer Science ~ Nico Nico Chorus

~Outer Science English Lyrics~
Tragedy ridden, never fit in, and dead now
A life gone so quickly, would it knock at the door?
Fidgeting itty bitty master watches "Oh what an ugly tale"

Sprawling and crawling down the body and throat
Melting away the decaying and beaten down heart
Drink in and sink in every bit of your life
I'm hungry for your eyes

Hey, it's all that you had wanted and more
And then you stared a scary glare into my core

A bleeding tragic heart before me and I'm starving

You're in the belly of the beast
Love and your ego rest in peace
And the "weird" little you, will soon then be born anew
Just a monster by now I am loving it I cant deny but

Crying to god you scream out "Why?"
"Stop this already" you just whine
Will you suck it up now? This fate cannot be unwound

Succeeding, succeeding, succeeding, boss-to-be, can't wait to meet

Fate, dream, and, live and, think and, die on the ground now
They fall so in love then watch it come falling down
Softly he's snickering, the smiling snake
"How stupid can they be?"

Ah ta-ta-tell me why I can't get enough
Gotta break it, the shaking hearts that never give up
Haunting their tauntingly inadequate lives
I'm buried in their eyes

Right, it's living in you, crawling inside?
The power digging deep, able to "meet their eyes"

In this cold as stone, real tragedy, you'd be the queen

Cheers to the years and life you made
Love and your ego slip and snake
Hazy days all around as they come billowing down
Back to page one where this story started really getting gory

"Please, give it back!" you screech and scream
"Stop this already" quite the plea
Oh you think that I care? Well life's just one fated snare

Welcome to horrible, pitiful, fictional, reality

Ah what a stupid way to live
Try try again you just resist
Wanna turn back the page, reset the actors on stage
Knock knock it down as you're heaving

Howling, even louder screaming

Ah what an ugly way live!
Don't even ask me "Why" again
You're just bleeding with greed, and doing time for the crime
Believing miracles empty, breaking into pieces plenty

"Done with it all! I just don't care"
Helpless and crying, you sit there

But that's all I will say, THE END is fading away

Day after, day after, kids of tomorrow
Day after, day after, sunset
Day after, day after, day after, laugh in the haze!

~Credit for English Lyrics goes to Jubyphonic~

|| Name ||
Dei Usurpatore Homicida
"A gem of a title given to me by humans who spoke the Latin language way back when... in this modern tongue it means "God Usurper and Murderer" I've taken a liking to it."

|| Nickname ||
Dark Lord, Bringer of Destruction, Harbinger of the End, Death Incarnate
"A few of these are titles given by my servants out of respect... others have been screamed in beautiful fear and anguish as I ended the lives of those whom would speak them."

|| Age ||
"If you lived forever... would you bother to remember? I think not."

|| Gender ||
"Only because I find a male form to be more intimidating to humans. I find it interesting to appear as one of their own after all."

|| Sexuality ||
Heterosexual... though he doesn't much care for romance.
"I'd rather watch humans bleed to death than spend time courting one. I have no time to think of mating with scum."

|| Race ||
Satanic Overlord
"I am darkness incarnate, no other demon or hellspawn could ever hope to match my majesty and power!"

|| Role ||
Evil Overlord
"Hahahaha... Hahaha... HAHAHAHAHAAA!"

|| Face Claim ||
Lelouch Vi Brittania
"This was the name of the human whose face I have mimicked? Bah, how irrelevant."

|| Height ||
"A decent height for a powerful ruler is important... Image means more than humans let themselves believe."

|| Weight ||
[color=#]"The less weight, the better for combat and destruction. This weight suffices while still not being too odd in terms of average human males."[/color]

|| Body Type ||
Slim without obvious muscles.
"This part of my appearance is irrelevant, my dark power is more than enough strength, this flimsy human vessel is just for show, after all.""

|| Skin ||
Porcelain and flawless.
"May aswell make this part perfect... no reason not to..."

|| Hair ||
Average and unassuming brown locks that reach to just below the chin. The hair is common among males in their late teens. It is easy to maintain and doesn't get in the way during combat, while at the same time blending in perfectly with human society.
"Hair is pointless. Humans style it for vanity and as fun as vanity can be I really have no time or desire to do anything of worth with these human locks."

|| Eyes ||
While disguised the eyes appear to be a dull lilac purple hue... however when revealed in their true form and allowed to shine with their demonic power, they glow red, each painted with a bright insignia that acts as a conduit for demonic energy.
"Oh I tried to make them blue... I really did... but the blue just sort of faded into the red and made purple. I suppose I just settled for that in the end, people assume I'm wearing those human "contact lenses" that I've seen in mortal advertisements."

|| Tattoos ||
"Humans are such pathetic fools, painting meanings onto their skin. So illiterate and pathetic are they that they cannot express their feelings through word alone."

|| Piercings ||
"What's that? A... piercing? You're telling me that humans run pieces of metal through their own flesh? What? Why? How pathetically stupid are they? The only metal they should worry about being pierced by is any blade sitting in my hand!"

|| Clothings ||
To better blend in, Dei is often spotted wearing a basic school uniform for the area in which he is residing for the time being. He is watching the human populace to better assess their putrid ways before sussing out the best way to destroy them all. The uniform helps him blend in and avoid detection while he watches. He also has a set of dark robes and a pitch black mask which he wears when he needs to appear before others as the Dark Lord he really is. By using his flawless human persona and the dark mask in tandem... he is able to completely cut off his two personas from one another. Thus maintaining the ability to attack humans as a demon, while never revealing his secret identity as a human to be false. No matter what he's wearing, his powers are his weapons... however he also carries a small black dagger... and as a demon, his human forms finger nails can easily change to sharp black talons... though he prefers not having to get his hands dirty. Finally, although he doesn't often deem it necessary, he carries a basic human firearm in the form of a pistol, should he need to defend himself while keeping character as a human.
"It's the perfect ruse... and the fools always fall for it so completely that it makes me smile. I could be a humans best friend for one moment... only to strike the fools the next... and nobody would ever be the wiser."



Evil || Cruel || Manipulative || Bitter || Nostalgiac Five adjectives describing personality

|| Likes ||
✔Tricking Humans.
✔The company of humans, He finds it funny.
✔The night time.
✔Darkness and Hellfire.
✔His memories of the past and his once benevolent nature.
✔Being obeyed by those he considers lesser than himself.

|| Dislikes ||
✘The stench of the Earth.
✘Light and holy magics.
✘The company of lesser demons, he finds them to be more idiotic than even humans.
✘The day time.
✘Those who would dare to oppose his rule.

|| Strengths ||
✪An army of demonic followers, though most all of them are trapped in Hell.
✪Mastery of most forms of fighting due to an immortal lifetime filled with it.
✪Mastery of all of his demonic powers due to, once again, an immortal lifetime of practice.
✪Completely unflinching and filled with extraordinary confidence.
✪A reservoir of willpower so strong that it drives him to seek world domination and the extinction of the human race.

|| Weaknesses ||
✦Lack of regard for harm to the self in combat, due to an untamed bloodlust.
✦A burning hatred for humans that has dominated his emotions.
✦His past is a very delicate topic, especially the time period surrounding Victorian England.
✦Easily angered with a temper to rival the Gods of War.
✦A disregard for his followers lives and his opponents numbers often leaves him fighting alone.[/right]

|| Secrets ||
⌘Dei once loved and married a human woman, however she was slaughtered by other humans for wedding a demon.
⌘Dei's hatred for humanity and human society is for the most part fueled by bitter hatred and a need for complete revenge. Due to this he doesn't completely hate all humans all the time and has been known to occasionally hesitate when striking down younger humans in particular.
⌘Dei despises demonkind and his own people almost as much as he despises humanity.

|| Fears ||
❖Dei no longer fears anything... if he did then that fear would quickly become replaced by an uncontrollable rage.

Masterful Demonic Manipulation: Dei is the current demonic overlord. He presides over all demons that reside upon planet Earth... and for good reason. The art of "demonic manipulation" is in fact two powerful forms of manipulation merged into one, those being "Hellspawn Maniulation" and "Hellfire manipulation".

Hellfire Manipulation
Dei can use Hellfire to attack, Hellfire is a special kind of black flame that Dei can generate from within his body. Hellfire constantly burns at a heat high enough to melt through solid steel in seconds and burn humans to ashes in less than that. Dei can hurl the hellfire as an orb of flame, channel it from his cupped hands like a flamethrower and shoot it from his unveiled eyes as a concentrated beam. The temperature can be lowered on the fly for more conventional uses, should Dei desire that, but generally he prefers to keep things as hot as possible. He hates wasting time killing things... unless it's torture for his pleasure.

Hellspawn Manipulation
Dei is able to control and manipulate the demonic elements of his body and the bodies of his servants. Even in human form Dei has the ability to sprout powerful black claws from his fingertips... aswell as possessing the ability to leap great heights and run at great speeds. However the true strength of this ability is his power to possess and control the bodies of his servants, the lesser demons. Most demons cannot muster enough strength to leave Hell and walk the physical world, Dei however, being the lord of all demons, has the ability to manifest in the human world in a human form. Aswell as this, Dei has the strength to summon one demon at a time to fight by his side... it is technically possible for him to summon more, but any more than one takes a massive and dangerous tole on him physically and mentally. Upon summoning a single demon he can possess that demon and use it's body as a proxy and scapegoat with which to fight his enemies. In essence Dei could launch an attack on an enemy from the safety of his own home... without ever having to worry about getting hurt at all.

|| Family Members ||
Leia Deusia Homicidia || Female || 25 at death || Deceased Wife (NPC) ||Appearance
"Leia... they will pay for what they have done to you... all of them... I'll tear them to pieces, burn them to ash... I will avenge you, I will destroy and rule over the ashes of this world that spurned you."

|| Brief History ||
"The past is an empty expanse of nothing... my goal is to make the future reminiscent of such a metaphor."

So begins...

Dark Lord Dei Homicida's Story