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Kioshi Masaaki

"What a pleasure to meet you!"

0 · 513 views · located in Tokyo

a character in “Windows To The Soul”, as played by comicbooklover


Horribly sorry if I'm staring. Humans are just so precious!

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|| Name ||
Kioshi Masaaki
"I believe it means 'pure brightness'. I think it's nice."

|| Nickname ||
"I prefer you address me by my real name."

|| Age ||
"I look quite good for my age, wouldn't you say?"

|| Gender ||
"Could you not... tell?"

|| Sexuality ||
"I do flirt quite a lot for someone not interested in love."

|| Race ||
"We may have a bad reputation, but I can assure you that I am completely harmless."

|| Role ||
Banished Kitsune
"Alright, you've caught me. I've got a slight knack for trouble, I suppose..."

|| Face Claim ||
Soushi Miketsukami
"Hm? Who's he?"


|| Height ||
"I suppose I am moderately tall."

|| Weight ||
183 lbs
"Now that's a bit personal."

|| Body Type ||
"I'd prefer 'handsome', but this works as well."

|| Skin ||
His skin is fair and smooth without many distinct markings.
"And to think that I don't use any skin-care products!"

|| Hair ||
Kioshi's hair is a light silver color. He is often told it needs to be trimmed, as it hangs down into his face. It also sticks out in odd places. As Kioshi likes to keep his appearance orderly, his messy hair can look quite odd when compared to the rest of his body.
"I like it disheveled."

|| Eyes ||
One of his eyes is a deep, enchanting blue while the other is a hue of gold. He has found that he is unable to change the colors of his eyes, unlike the rest of his physical traits.
"I'll admit, at first glance they can be off-putting."

|| Tattoos ||
"I do not understand why humans wish to liter their bodies with such things."

|| Piercings ||
"Did I not just... ah, whatever."

|| Clothing ||
Kioshi can be found in dress clothes almost all of the time. His most usual outfitting is a suit and tie, as he is a strong believer in the motto of "dress to impress". Although he does not flaunt his knowledge, he prides himself in his ability to look nice most all of the time. He does not care for what is most comfortable. He must have the best.
"Everything is an event. I dress accordingly."


Quiet || Charming || Flirtatious || Confident || Deceiving

Kioshi is the type of person that you could easily picture having been a spoiled brat as a child. Coming into contact with him leaves you with two options- you either love the man or you hate him, often without in-between. If you are anything but the latter, you could easily be fooled by the boy's dashing good looks and the aura he gives off, practically dripping with charm. It doesn’t help the case of young girls (or even boys, possibly) that he is very well-spoken and has a knack for knowing exactly what to say to pull upon the heart-strings of others.

However, this does not mean that Kioshi is an extremely talkative person. In fact, he can quite silent if he feels it unnecessary to speak. He is to no degree shy. Whenever he does speak, you must be careful not to fall prey to his words, as he, in truth, is a pathological liar. It's up for debate whether that is due to the nature of him being a Kitsune, a people who thrive on trickery, or if is a characteristic he gained individually. Either way, he says and does what he must to get his way. As he is a master in deception, seeing through him could be counted as a skill, although the deed is not at all impossible.

Despite these qualities, Kioshi does have a heart somewhere deep beneath his arrogant surface. If you give him a reason to care about you and see you as more than a simple pawn in the cycle of the world, he can prove as a kind individual. He, in fact, prides himself in manners, although trickery seems to be his exception to this rule. He is unable to see why his personality can be unappealing and aggravating to some, as he does his best to maintain politeness. Whether he should be trusted amongst humans is up to perspective.

|| Likes ||
✔Humanity ✔Practical Jokes ✔Animals ✔Exploiting Fools
✔Tea ✔Flowers ✔Suit and Tie Affairs

|| Dislikes ||
✘Dull People ✘Coffee ✘Seriousness ✘Alcohol
✘Hunting ✘Heights

|| Strengths ||
✪Flirting ✪Trickery ✪Lying
✪Good At Getting What He Wants ✪Puppy-Dog Eyes

|| Weaknesses ||
✦Easily Startled ✦Whiny ✦Selfish
✦Overly-Confident ✦Can't Be Serious Very Long

|| Secrets ||
⌘ Despite not being attracted to others, Kioshi has many children, although he has not stayed in contact with any of them. This is not uncommon behavior for a Kitsune.
⌘ Although the other characters in the roleplay will, I assume, know this, he likes to keep his identity unknown to the people he meets on earth, as he doesn't expect them to react well to him being an ancient fox.
⌘ Kioshi was banished to earth for many criminal offenses against his people, ones he does not wish to speak about.

|| Fears ||
❖ Darkness - Although Kioshi believes it is childish to be afraid of things like the dark, he cannot deny that its utter blackness gives him the creeps.
❖ Corpses - The bodies of the deceased are enough to strike terror into the heart of this otherwise cool and collected man.


Shape Shifting || Superior Intellect || Long Life Span
Kioshi has retained the skills that are genetically passed down in his kind and have become a societal norm. For one, he has the gift of people able to change his appearance. His original form is a fox-like creature, although his kind hardly ever appears like that when not in their own homeland. Kioshi can change his human appearance in any way, except for the colors of his eyes. However, he prefers the form of a human male for some reason.

The species known as Kitsune is known for its intelligence beyond that of humanity. As they have a lifespan of 900 years, a Kitsune will have experienced a great deal and are often regarded as wise creatures, despite their horrible knack for trickery. Kioshi is no different in this way, as he understands some things that humans would never be able to.


|| Family Members ||
Io Masaaki || Female || 790 || Mother || Appearance
Kazuo Masaaki || Male || 812 || Father || Appearance
Maro Masaaki || Male || 314 || Brother || Appearance
"They mean absolutely nothing to me."

|| Brief History ||
Kioshi was born in the Higher Heavens, the product of an affair between important political man and a ravishingly beautiful, bashful woman. However, this was no big deal for the two of them, as they were Kitsune, and such things came as second nature. It took them 100 years before they remarried and the same amount of time until they bore another child. Despite their happiness, their son did not share a mutual feeling. As a very playful child, Kioshi constantly wanted attention. His parents, however, always were putting him behind their work, causing him to spend much of his childhood alone. Although their contact seemed limited, this did not change Kazuo Masaaki's high expectations for his son. He wished for nothing more than for his son to be important, like he was.

When Kioshi turned 100 years old, he was given the title of an adult Kitsune and, not long after, he went through the Kitsune cycle of puberty, simply meaning that his powers revealed themselves. He was granted permission to leave the spirit world of the Higher Heavens and visit Earth whenever he pleased. Kioshi was not too attached to his home life, so leaving for trips to the human world did not bother him at all. After all, his interest in humanity exceeded that of his own family, who was always pressuring him to do better. Although he lived in the Higher Heavens, his visits to Earth took up a lot of his time. He enjoyed deceiving the primitive species of Earth as, when doing so, he felt an overabundance of power and control. He was addicted to the adrenaline that lying gave him. Coming from a family that thought so little of him, he found that it was much easier to take his anger out upon those around him then face his own feelings, and so he did exactly that. This is not to say that he wasn't every bit charming, however. In fact, human girls seemed to love him and were drawn to his presence. Although he was not attracted in return, he did not argue with their feelings for him. In fact, he even became a father a few times, although an absent one, slowly finding himself mimicking the steps of the parents he so loathed.

However, Kioshi was drawn back to his parents when his younger brother was born. While visiting, his parents told him he should give Earth a break, stay with them a while. He did not wish to do so, but decided to stay anyway in hopes that he could be there for his younger brother like his parents were not. This was not exactly the case, as, upon observation, his brother was treated with adoration from his parents. This just made Kioshi grow more distant with his family, as he could easily tell who they favored.

Over the next few hundred years, Kioshi's visits to earth became more frequent, reckless, and stupid. It was not until Kioshi was 400 that he first stole something. It was a small item from a convenience store on Earth, and no one even noticed that he walked out with it. He didn't think what he had done was wrong at all. In fact, he liked the feeling and the rush that it gave him. So, he stole many more times. He was caught plenty, but he used his charm to get himself out, free of punishment. However, as he went through his life as a thief, one question was hanging in the back of his mind. Was he somehow doing this to prove himself to his family? It was a question that the Kitsune refused to answer with words, but ended up doing so through his action. While visiting his family's home, he attempted to steal from them, but was caught. It was the end of his thievery. The government of the Higher Heavens traced him back to the incidents on Earth, and, being a peace-loving people, decided that his behavior was shameful and exiled him to Earth. At first, Kioshi thought of this as more of a reward than punishment, but homesickness soon kicked in and he was left to wander Earth, stranded and alone.

"I'd prefer not to talk about it."


So begins...

Kioshi Masaaki's Story