Captain of the Sea Wolf Pirates

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a character in “Windstorms and Waves”, as played by Kaerralind

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Beckett's Story

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Rough seas were only a small fraction of the danger that awaited the crew on the open ocean, the other dangers consisted of sirens, sea serpents, giant squids, and what Beckett, the captain of the Sea Wolf Pirates, swore was some kind of water dragon, not to mention all the other pirates that wanted to blow holes in their ships...along with the navy. Thankfully, they had a pretty good hideout in Mermaid Cove, or as other's liked to call it, the Siren's Den. Hidden away from the outside world, it's hard to find less you know where the entrance was and thanks to his Quarter Master, Sidney, the captain even knew about it.

It was one of those days when Beckett had wished they'd stayed at the Cove because he didn't particularly enjoy rival pirates shooting their cannons at them for no apparent reason other than to steal the shit that they stole for themselves. "Sidney!" The redheaded man yelled, spinning the wheel of the ship to turn suddenly. "Get them to shoot the fuckin' cannons already!" It was seeming that his crew was a bit slow that afternoon because there were several holes in his flagship and it looked as though the crew wasn't doing anything about it.