Doctor Ira Ell

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a character in “Wing City Hospital”, as played by AugmentationAudit


Character Profile:
Occupies role of Doctor/Surgeon in Wing City General.
Previous work experience: Ira is a multipurpose character, and so his previous work experience involves a human medical degree as well as futuristic medical training (Star Trek style).


Name: Ira H Ell.
Age: Middle aged.
Sex: Male.
Original Universe: Adapted for purpose.


Height: 5ft 8.
Weight: 10st 3lb.
Attractiveness: Medium to low.
Physique: Well muscled.
Complexion: Tanned.
Hair: Dark ginger.
Eye colour: Very pale blue.
Handedness: Left (ambidextrous)
Makeup: None.
Glasses / Contacts: None.
Scars / Deformities: His only deformity is below the belt, and not something he is willing to discuss.
Tattoos / Piercings: Tattoo of a tribal nature on his left wrist.


Intelligence level: Medium-high.
Mental condition: Good, though tends to push himself too hard.
Emotional condition: Stressed.
Introvert / Extrovert: Socially introverted, extroverted at work.
Philosophical / Emotional: Can’t stand to lose a patient he’s been fighting for. Hates to give up.
Impulsive / Cautious: Impulsive.


Date of birth: 2/5/----
Place of birth: Character adapted to role; nondescript birthplace.
Ethnicity: Character adapted to role; nondescript ethnicity.
Language: English, French, Spanish, German.
Religion: Undisclosed.
Relationship status: Divorced.
Sexuality: Asexual.

Lifestyle / Interests

Likes: Reading, working out, working.
Dislikes: Needing to sleep, delegating tasks.
Strengths: Devoted and committed to his patients. Will go to great lengths for those in his care.
Weaknesses: Doesn’t know when to stop, insomniac, often takes on more than he can handle.
Drugs / Alcohol / Smoking: Occasional drinker; low tolerance of alcohol.
Ambitions: To be the best doctor that he can be.

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