Clo Galletti

The Rune Scrit who, with an unsocial nature and a love for books, would rather spend time with her precious texts than exchange her sarcasm for company. "No... No, that's a book. Light reading. Advanced Logarithmic Theory, Volume 5."

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a character in “Wing City Stories”, as played by Cloasse


Full Name: Cloasse Galletti

Age: 20

Height: Five foot seven inches

Weight: 123 lbs

Identifying Features: Cloasse has seven runes tattooed up the inside of her forearm, as well as ten separate runes on the pads of her fingers. Whilst these are usually the only visible tattoos, there are also other tattoos on her person, including her family crest and an insignia signifying 'The House' interwoven with one another on the small of her back.


Cloasse is typically quiet, and often recluses to the text she carries with her. However, when she does talk in conversation, she often comes across as sarcastic, caustic and can be funny. She is also far more mature than most her age, and can often be found talking with those a lot older than her.

Ever since returning to her parents - for reasons still unknown - Cloasse has been even quieter than usual, likely due to the repressive nature of her father. However, on returning to Gambit's, it's possible that the social interactions and all-round action in the place will draw out that perfect sarcasm that she loved to show off during her teen years.


Rune Scrit Guild Pen - a small free-flowing ink pen, that must be dipped in either ink or blood to write with. Also has a small lever on the side, which, when pressed, reveals a small silver blade used for Blood Runes.
Casting Ink - the most common ink that Cloasse uses, made with a recipe hidden in her notebook. Most notably used when she makes Paper Creatures, as a considerable number of runes are required.
Enchanted Notebook - given to her by her late Grandmother, the Enchanted Notebook will regenerate pages when torn out, and, when a certain 'Lock' Rune is drawn on the cover, will reveal a hidden textbook of sorts that will explain most branches of Runes. Cloasse is still learning from this particular textbook.
Purple Cloak - given to her by her Grandmother, along with the Guild Pen and Enchanted Notebook, it is thought that Cloasse's Grandmother had sewn Protection Runes around the entire hem of the cloak. Has a deep purple sheen to it, which, when Cloasse puts her hood up, will often appear to be the colour of Dark Nightshade.

Cloasse has a photographic memory, and she can read a lot faster, and take in a lot more information, than most people. This applies to most actions and activities.

Cloasse is a lot stronger now, and she uses her magic through the ten runes tattooed on the pads of her fingers - these do not require the use of her Guild Pen to activate the flow between magic and subject.


Cloasse ran away from an abusive home and met quite a few people at Gambit's bar - but after disappearing for four years, returning to the same area only to reveal that she had been back home, studying under her father and pushed into a relationship with another spellcaster, you can't help but wonder why Cloasse's father would let her go back to Gambit's after so long..?

So begins...

Clo Galletti's Story