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"Even if the stars rain from the skies, I'll be there to defend my clan."

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a character in “Wings of Lore”, as played by The(Doctor)Horrible


Name: Azmirian
Clan: Zhinmoveir
Breed (of the five): Battle Attack
Physical appearance (colors, ridge styling, proportions, etc. Detail): Azmirian is deep midnight blue with forest green armor scutes, ivory horns, talons, and tail spikes, and a deep purple ridge. The webbing on his wings gradiates from a black near the ribbing to an ivory towards the center. His eyes are the most striking feature: In sunlight, they appear a mid-toned blue, but at night they gleam silver. He has regular proportions for a battle dragon, if a bit taller than usual.
Personality: Azmirian is calm and quiet most of the time, pensive and a good listener. He speaks when necessary or effective, but past that simply thinks. He is amiable and often spends time among the other clansdragons, listening to problems and doing his best to solve them. He nearly always has a small smile on his face and his eyes sparkle with the longing of adventure. He knows ruling is great responsibility, but he wants nothing more than to keep his clan safe.
Ornamentation (piercings, horn jewelry, bracers, etc.): Wears leather bracers on legs and wings in battle
History (Be detailed, please): Azmirian hatched into a modest family, the only hatchling. His mother was a crop-reaper and his father was a hunter. They lived snugly, no more special than any other family. At a young age he was often come to with his peers' problems, for he was known to solve them with quiet sagacity. Rarely did any hatchling go away dissatisfied with his advice, and he continued to be known for his problem solving into his young adulthood. The previous GuiderDragon had been slain in a random bandit raid protecting his family. Every dragon turned to Azmirian to lead, despite his young age. His parents were proud, and he has led the clan for twelve of his thirty years. He has never mated and has never expressed interest in doing so.
Goals, aspirations, motives: To keep his clan safe and spread wisdom through any dragon
Job: GuiderDragon.
Age: 30
Family: None
Extra: Often is seen with Ti-iyian, whom Azmirian has taken in as an advisor.

So begins...

Azmirian's Story


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The wind smelled of roasting meat and grains and laughter floated on the air. The flickering glow of flames licked at the path outside of the GuiderDragon's cave, giving the place a homey, welcoming feel. The Greatfire was lit far beneath the cave in the space between the curved cliff faces. Even from the air, the fire was obviously sizeable, blazing heartily and casting it's loving warmth and light far up the faces, lighting every path and cavefront. The translucent wings of flying dragons glowed their colors with the light shining through the webbing, creating a dynamic mosaic of fluttering color. The bright stars overhead winked down on the sight of joy and peace.

GuiderDragon Azmirian smiled down at the nightly bustle of his clan. Zhinmoveir, the clan of color. The Greatfire's light caressed his face gently, illuminating his compassionate smile and shining eyes. Rarely did a night pass that he left this post. He gleamed with pride at all these dragons had accomplished, all they had been graced to achieve. After StarGuiderDragon Chielmo's untimely death twelve years ago, the clan was shaken to the core. The neighboring clans were restless and hungry for members and land. Without a steady eye and careful footing, everything could have fallen. Azmirian was young, a mere twenty-eight, still an adolescent, and not at all special in his own eyes. Yet, it was unanimous that he be raised to the position. He was terrified, the first night in the GuiderDragon's cave was filled with night torments and ghosts of the past. The place smelled of the GuiderDragon Chielmo, but he was gone for good, and this tiny dragon who was barely old enough to go on hunts and not at all ready to be on his own was elevated to such a height. It was an awful night, possibly the worst of his life. Food was provided, as always was done for the GuiderDragon, but his parents had to stay at the family home. He knew it was better that way, he couldn't seem weak in a time of tentativity and turmoil.

There was one unexpected light in the gloom that night. A sleek dragon had entered the GuiderDragon's cave unannounced and without reason, lit a fire, and helped Azmirian become settled. His first words had been, "So, where do you want your nest to go?" Without introductions or prefaces of any sort, the sleek had helped the attack dragon without asking for any compensation. At the end of the night, the two knew each other very well. Azmirian told stories of his humble past, and the unexplained sleek had proffered stories about his own adventures with a dragon named "Ti-iriel." Azmirian knew nearly every dragon in the camp, at least names, and there was none by that one. They were good stories though, full of wonder, yet the dragon was only a young adult, couldn't have been more than fourty-five or so. Eventually, the sun had come up and he stood to leave. Upon Azmirian's request for his name, he had gotten the response, "Ti-iyian." The crazy one, as he was usually called. The terrified GuiderDragon had asked Ti-iyian to live with him, if only for a time--

Then the dragon of his thoughts approached. Azmirian smiled instincitvely, turned his head to face the same sized dragon and touched noses with him in greeting.


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He'd always had a way with those stones. No other dragon Azmirian had ever met or heard of had ever been able to create those song stones. Ti-iyian was a wonder, no doubt about it, and the best friend Azmirian could ever ask for. Ti- didn't treat him like some revered powerful dragon that was to be appeased at every moment. Ti- treated Azmirian like he would any other dragon, with respect and friendship. For that, the GuiderDragon was ever grateful. Ti- was the most faithful companion he had ever had, even if most thought the sleek to be mad.

The GuiderDragon turned his dark head to look at his friend's distant gaze for a moment before smiling again and standing. The pure moonlight from above played with the warm firelight from below to create a swirling mosaic of color over his streamlined form. His deep blue body swirled black and purple with the fire, and his forest green armour scutes glinted with his motion, reflecting whichever source of light touched the surface. He stretched his huge wings over himself and Ti-, huge black and ivory webbing working wonders with the light from either side. But most striking were his eyes. They gleamed silver, bright and pure, pensive slitted pupils looking down to the Greatfire below them and the swirls of color from the dragons flying from place to place in the early night.

With a nod to Ti-iyian, he beat his wings downwards once with power and lifted smoothly into the air. A few strokes later he was lazily spiralling down to ground level and the Greatfire.