Armand Flamethroat

"What is one leader in the eye of History? But a great clan... that is worth somthing."

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a character in “Wings - The Last Dragons of Estonia”, as played by Ravnepuffproductions



Alpha Male

Armand is a beautiful silver dragon with blue tinted spines and very light blue eyes. He is 13.5 feet tall, which slightly above average for his age. He’s 38,503 years old, which is equivalent to about a thirty eight and a half human, maturity and life-span wise. His weight, according to his size, is above the average due to his muscular complexion, which is very well exorcized. Armand has several scars from various battles with previous challengers from the clan and of course, from human hunters. One of his many scars include a long cut that crosses over his right eye, which has been blinded due to the scar.


Armand is a quiet dragon by nature, but he still has a tremendous power of speech. More often than once he has offered advice and encouragement, as The Alpha Male ought to, to his clan. Although he is mostly mistrusting of strangers and moreover very intimidating in stature, he has a very open mind. He is physically fit and mentally enduring, not only intelligent, but very wise as well.

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