Winsbury Apartments

Winsbury Apartments


New apartments in London. With over 500 apartments. All kinds of people will be living here.

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The new housing apartments in the heart of London. Many different people from all over the country will be leaving here. With so many differences, drama will lurk just around the corner.

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#, as written by Libbyxx
Naomi Rose Pennyworth

"Can I possibly come over to our mansion tonight?" I asked taking a bite of my brownie.

"I think mum and Sara would like that" Alec replied.

"And you better come round, have you seen Sara's wardrobe?" Tina asked disgusted.

"How bad is it?" I asked.

"Oh, it is BAD" Alec answered taking a sip of his coffee.

All of a sudden I heard a rubbling sound coming from Alec's stomach.

"Oooo, I think I'm going to nip to the toilet" Alec said painfully and then zoomed off to the mens.

Tina and me laughed so hard people thought we were crazy!

"No, but seriously how bad?" I asked again.

"Lets just say that she brought a pair of shoes for £6.99" Tina exclaimed.

"But, but you can't buy anything from Chanel in there with just £6.99" I said mortified.

"I know, she doesn't buy from the good shops" She explained.

"That's it I'm taking her shopping today" I said feeling cooler.

"You better call her now" Tina suggested.

"Sure" I replied.

I got out my iPhone 5 and called Sara.

"Hello?" Sara answered.

"Hi, Sara it's Naomi" I said.

"Oh, hi Naomi how's your apartment?" She asked.

"Great it's massive, anyway I'm coming round tonight and Tina was telling me all about your variety of clothing and shoes and I was wondering if you wanted to go shopping with me?" I asked.

"Why? Tina did say something nice about my clothes didn't she?" She exclaimed.

"Yeah, not really and I as your sister just want you to have really good stylish clothes, I'll even pay for it?" I suggested.

"Really? But why would you?" She asked.

"Like I said I WANT you to have nice clothes" I shouted halfway through.

"Great okay then" She said excitedly.

"Brill" I said.

Then Sara hung up. I turned towards Tina and nodded.

"So, she's letting you?" She asked.

"Yep" I said.


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I pour yet again another cup of tea and put a cupcake onto a plate and put them onto a tray and walk to the table and take the money. When I walk back to the till I yawn.

"I forgot how boring this is." I say under my breath.

When I get back to the till I look at the clock, 15:55. 35 minutes until my shift ends. I sigh.

"Next!" I say for the 100th time.


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When I finished my 200th order my boss shouts from behind, "ABIGAIL!" Luckily I don't have a customer so I leave the till to go to my stressful boss.

"Yes miss?" I say in a sweet tone.

"We need to talk about your shifts." She says.

"Okay." I say.

"I'm thinking of changing all of the times for you, start and finished." She says.

"Um, okay..." I say unsure.

"I was thinking your shift could start at 10.00am when Costa Coffee opens and then your shift end at 5:00pm." She says.

"That's more than twice my usual hours." I say.

"Yes, yes, but you'll be paid for because of how long you'll be here. Your usual payment is £29.70 but instead you'll get £46.20 per day." She says.

"I'm fine with those hours." I say smiling.

"Good, you'll start at those times... Tomorrow?" She asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine with that." I say. I look at the clock, 16:15. "I better get back to the till." I say.

"Yes please do." My boss says.

I nod and walk back to the till to take another order.

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