Adriella Scott

"That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - Shakespeare

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a character in “Winter Wolf”, as played by estrelas


name Adriella Scott
role twin
age 17
gender female
likes nature, art, sketching, photography, books, chocolate, fruits, sweets, rain
dislikes blood, peer pressure, being embarrassed, loud noises, thunder-storms
personality When it comes to Adriella, you have to understand that she is like two different people stuffed into one body. Overall she seems to be a very fiery, passionate individual who will fight for what she believes in. She is very defensive over her brother as well as herself. But her other half is a whole different story. Sometimes she seems very quiet and secluded with a distaste for being bothered. She gets embarrassed easily, cheeks flushing and words jumbling out of her favor. Romance is something she seems very interested in but is also afraid of.
human appearance It’s hard for some people to accept that Adriellea is in fact seventeen. While curvaceous and slender, she stands at a petite 5’3’’ and is on the skinny side. Long locks of auburn hair wave down to her lower back. Her side-swept bangs frame her pale skinned complexion and a set of golden-brown eyes. Her cheeks and nose are lightly freckled as well as her arms and a little on her thighs. Usually, the clothes Adriella adorns are usually short shorts and baggy shirts, which she feels more comfortable in – her black converse are almost always on her feet.
relationship status Adriella has been crushing on the West Alpha male from afar for a long time now. She seems to enjoy his pushy, rough personality but almost has a hint of fear towards the strength he clearly has. Whenever she talks to him she seems to get defensive fairly easily, perhaps out of that fear, or perhaps out of embarrassment. Honestly, she is very skiddish of relationships and it takes a lot to make her trust in someone.
enemies West Alpha Female
history TBD
romance tolerance if need be, PM is fine – I really don’t care
roleplay example The snow blanketing the sodden earth nibbled at her icy legs, slowing her down, freezing her blood. A blast of foggy air escaped from her lips as she exhaled in pants. Something was following her. Something was coming. Fear prickled at her heart and lungs, making it hard to breath as quietly as she would have liked. Golden eyes wide, Adriella came to a halt as the bushes before her shook, leaves rattling. The pounding of her heart hurt, shook her, and she stumbled backwards in fear of the creature on the other side of the brush.
other Adriella got this tattoo when she turned seventeen. A friend paid for it.

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