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Clark Valentine

I must lead them well.

0 · 623 views · located in Moonlit Academy for the Gifted

a character in “Winter Wolf”, as played by Everscale


name Clark Valentine
role East Moon Alpha Male
age 18
gender Male
likes Chocolate, flowers, the night, snow, winter time, his alpha female, his pack, his packmates, being in command, protecting others, sports, running, being in wolf form (more than being in human form), freedom, hot drinks (especially coffee), dancing, spicy foods, all Italian foods, most pastas, women (though he [i]is[/] faithful to the alpha female), loyalty, pride, honor, sparring
dislikes Being chained or pinned down in any way (physically or figuratively), sour foods, hot days, bright sunlight with no clouds, his enemies, being protected, being seen as weak, loss, seeing anyone else get hurt, lemonade, anything alcoholic, most fruits, rudeness, anyone that lacks honor
personality A good leader, as well as a good friend. He always puts others before himself, often to his own detriment. He is not afraid to get himself hurt or get in trouble to save or cover up for another member of the pack. He is fiercely loyal to friend and family, and as there is very little in the world that frightens him, that loyalty rarely, if ever, falters.
His loyalty is threatened, however, by his affection for romance and for women. He would never think to stand in a long-lasting relationship with anyone but his alpha female, but he has been known to flirt with other women he finds attractive. There have been several one-night stands, and to this day he is not sure that his alpha female is still unaware of it. It makes him nervous to think that he might find out, but that fear is not enough to stop him from chasing after the females. Perhaps it is his level-headedness, but fear just doesn’t seem to affect him, and that is not always a good thing. Always being calm means ignoring some of the danger signals that might keep a wild wolf alive.
On top of all of this, it is safe to say that Clark has a bit of an issue with pride. He knows he’s beautiful, he knows he’s strong, he knows the girls’ like him, and he loves it. He likes to be looked at, talked to, loved. He likes to be in command of his pack. Something that threatens his pride is a serious threat to him, and will probably ruin his level-headedness.
human appearance
Clark is a tall, strong young man, reaching several inches over six feet. He isn’t sure just how many inches, since he seems to keep growing. He has darkly tanned skin, though he doesn’t spend that much more time outside than other people. Part of it is just his natural tone. His hair is caught between pale and dark brown, streaked a bit with gold, and he wears it to his shoulders, if not longer at times. He almost never ties it up. He keeps a bit of dark scruff around his chin; he doesn’t like having a real beard, but the dark shade makes him look good. His eyes are a brilliant, electric blue, and his sharp-angled face is almost always curved into a calm, gentle smile.
wolf appearance
As a wolf, Clark is as big compared to other wolves as he is compared to other humans. Long-legged and broad-shouldered, his entire body is lined with muscles that make him a powerful runner, and an even more powerful fighter. His fur is a mix of dark russets and grays and creamy tones, like most gray wolves who are really just wolves. His eyes are electric blue, just like his human form. He is a formidable-looking creature, except that he usually has his tongue lolling out in a wolfish grin, and though he always carries his tail high like an alpha, it is generally wagging.
relationship status He is with the alpha female of the East Moon pack. He tends to wander a bit, from flirting to one-night-stands, but his main loyalty is to that alpha female. He is quite attached to her and would be devastated if she found out about his romantic ventures.
enemies To be determined?
history Clark was born into a normal family; his mother, Jane Valentine, his father Henry Valentine, his older sister Maria Valentine, his younger brother James Valentine. They were a remarkable family only in that things went pretty smoothly. There were squabbles among the siblings, of course, but they loved one another. Their parents would argue, as all parents do, but they always loved each other and never once thought of splitting ways. His life was incredibly stable, his future certain.
Until he turned into a werewolf. That day was both the worst and the best in his life; it opened up a new path for Clark, and closed down his old ones. His parents were there when it happened, and though they have worked to get him through it, neither of them could fully accept it. They are no longer comfortable with him at home, a bit nervous around him. They still love him, they just don’t quiet… understand him. His beloved siblings never found out, and he intends to keep it that way.
romance tolerance I will take anything to PM, any time. I’m not nervous.

estrelas is alpha

So begins...

Clark Valentine's Story