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Ethy Huntington

East Warrioress "Kicking ass in the morning and taking names in the evening"

0 · 246 views · located in Moonlit Academy for the Gifted

a character in “Winter Wolf”, as played by Wolfee


Image Name Ethy Huntington
Role East Warrioress
Age 18
Gender Female

Likes Watching a ridiculous amount of horror films because it pumps iron into her system! Going with bed hair...because it's so much easier than prising a hair brush through her wild mane. Athletics, anything to show off how fast, strong and awesome she is at physical challenges which brings me on to the fact she likes any challenge- because when she suceeds she can proudly gloat about it. Protecting her pack mates of course, theres nothing more satisfying! Other than being with them.

Dislikes Well first thing that pops into her mind is the West. They're a troublesome bunch and obviously have some kind of malfunction to the brain as they keep coming back to snap at them. How many times does someone need their ass handed to them before they give up and submiss to being second best? Fakeness...those who stick on extra eyelashes and spend five hours a day styling their hair. Losing...she's a terrible loser. Pin her down and you've got one wild beasty on your hands- Ethy hates being restrained.

Personality She most probably comes across as an arrogant type of person at times, proud to the extent she's too prideful to acknowledge some individuals you've really got to earn her respect. Competitive, fiesty and forward it's easy to see how some feel Ethy is intimidating. She's mainly over-confident which understandably puts some ill at ease right from the start especially those who are more timid in their nature. The rest is probably down to the fact she's tall and barely monitors her opinions giving some quite a shock at how open and blunt she can be at times. Some say there needs to be an 'Ethy filter' invented to pick out some of her gritty remarks before they're voiced. Despite this and that Ethy's heart is in the right place though. She's gentle with smaller pack members and rough with the larger members. She loves a bit of rough and tumble but you have to watch her as it can get out of hand. She's got quite the temper which can be an issue at times for someone so competitive but her secret other half keeps her cool-headed through most situations if not then Clark steps in.

Human appearance Ethy has a selection of attractive qualities, one being that she's very natural in appearance and it suits her. No one else can quite pull off bed hair the same way she can with her wavy blond mane of wilderness. She has miles of leg, a bum worth shaking on the dance floor and reasonably sized assets. Due to the fact she consumes quite a lot Ethy isn't ideally thin but she's not lardy either! There's a bit of meat on her hips and thighs but she's still as fit as a fiddle. Her skin is a healthy brown and her eyes a gorgeous orange/yellow which just threatens to swallow you up! Shes attractive and vaguely knows it but due to her mind set doesn't really pay heed to it.

Wolf appearance Ethy is a fairly prime looking female wolf, lithe with sturdy muscle beneath the fur she's a warrioress to the bone! She's not the largest wolf going but her confidence makes up for anything she lacks in size. Besides she knows size isnt everything...
She has distinct markings around her eyes and has a pelt of dark blonds, greys and browns. She has a very thick collar of fur around her head and neck area just like she has a rather thick mane of hair on her head in human form. Her eyes are the same orange in this form as they are in her other form.

Relationship status Ethy's been feeling little flutters of feeling towards one wolf in particular at the moment, she's not sure if the feelings are one sided but she's content with how close they are at the moment to spring anything on him. A crush can be there one day and gone the next. She wouldn't want it to reach the Alpha anyway...that kind of gossip gets you into trouble.

Main enemies TBD

No only kidding. Ethy grew up in a fairly normal family of five. With one younger sister and an older brother the werewolf gene skipped a generation and caught the kids out! Her parents were quite startled when her shift first occurred but not as startled as her class in school! Ethy used to be a popular girl with her makeup, styled hair and fashion sense following round a group of girls who were mean but liked by all despite their trashy personalities. Most of the girls had wealthy parents and therefore wealthy looks, the other few (like Ethy) were naturally good looking which earnt them a place in the harem of popularity.

Ethy gradually became tired of the girls seeing they were all hard core bitches who barely acted like friends. One day they pushed her over the edge deciding that she and a few others weren’t worthy of their company because they weren’t ‘wealthy’ enough. Whilst the other girls grew angry and hurled verbal abuse…Ethy grew angry, shifted into a wolf and chased the snotty cows around the classroom!

It took some explaining and lying on her behalf. Due to the absence of a teacher at the time Ethy passed the fact that everyone was calling her a freak and a werewolf as serious bullying. Her parents transferred her to another school and a short while after Ethy owned up to her parents that it wasn’t bullying…the kids were telling the truth…she was a werewolf. It took some time for them to adjust to something so huge and life altering but by the time her little sister surprised them all with a shift of her own Ethy’s parents were much more accepting over the concept and had grown to simply endure the oddities. Ethy’s very grateful her parents are so understanding even though she knows at times it puts a strain on the family.
The werewolf gene seemed to only take to the female side of the family so her brother remains human much to his disappointment as he feels rather left out and less special on the whole.

Romance tolerance Fade out to be honest, unless something significant is meant to happen, I'm not really fussed I can do either :)

Roleplay example...
With a temperament similar to that of a winter wind, bitter cold and relentless, Ethy descended the stairs her flaxen locks ridged after the negligence of a good brush. Still sluggish considering it took her just over half an hour to drag her drowsy corpse out of bed she wasn’t in the best condition to welcome any challenges a new day might present. The sight of snow always seemed to send her energy into some form of hibernation and she’d seen plenty of it through the windows. Still winter break was at her feet and she had a feeling it was going to be more disastrous than any break she’d had to endure cooped up with the wolves of the west.

estrelas is alpha

So begins...

Ethy Huntington's Story