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Ellie Klass


0 · 190 views · located in Winterber Inn. Why yes, we're open.

a character in “Winterburg Inn”, as played by paigeofsteel


Ellie has long, bright red hair. A natural ginger. Her eyes are a bright blue, and freckles dot her nose and cheeks, shes short and rather petite, though she does have some curves in the right places.
Ellie is usually on the quiet and timid side. She's very caring and compassionate, but she does have her bursts of anger sometimes.

So begins...

Ellie Klass's Story

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The first thing she remembered was the incredible chill in the air. Slowly each of her senses came back to her and Ellie found herself laying in a small opening in the woods. She picked back at her memory, the last being when she left a note for her mother on the table, saying she was leaving. Growing up was horrible in that house, and she never had the courage to tell anyone about her abusive stepfather. She used to spend her days hiding in her room reading fairy tales, though she was a huge skeptic. The middle of her third year in highschool she finally got the courage to leave. She had stuffed everything she thought she would need in a backpack and set off. Ellie couldn't remmeber what happened after she left the house, no matter how hard she tried.

Once she got her barings, Ellie sat up and noticed her backpack next to her. It didn't look as full as it was in her last memory of it. She dug through it only to find all her food was gone, nothing but a few pieces of clothing remained. Ellie then became aware of what she was wearing, and took note it wasn't the same thing she had been wearing when she left home. Growing up in a poor household, Ellie was never one to dress nicely. She usually stuck to hoodies and jeans, or sweatpants that fit her petite figure loosely. Blending in was her main goal when she was at school. Her short height helped with that greatly. But as she sat in the freezing woods, she was completely puzzled as to why she was dressed in a rather nice dress. A long, strapless green gown. The green would make her bright red hair look amazing, she thought to herself. But it was completely out of her comfort zone and unpractical for the weather. Ellie also noticed her ginger hair was up in an elegant bun, which she quickly took out and let fall to her waist. Then she stood cautiously. The forest was silent. As she quickly changed into the thickest hoodie she had, and a pair of worn out jeans, she felt as though someone was watching her. Once dressed more practically, she tied on her converse that she found in her bag, she was thankful to have her favorite pair of shoes still safely with her. They were worn and dirty, but Ellie loved them. Usually Ellie was timid, and was really quite helpless. Looking back on it she realized running away was one of her stupidest ideas yet. As she zipped up her bag and swung it onto her back, she knew the only option was to start walking. She had no phone, and no idea where she was. Cold, hungry, and terrified, she set off in a random direction.

The journey was pretty peaceful for about the first ten minutes, before she started hearing the growling and footsteps. That's when she had to start running, which sucked seeing as gym was probably her least favorite class of all time.

The next hour or so was full of panic. It didnt seem that whatever was hidden in the trees was chasing her, but more cornering her and almost leading her in a certain direction. Finally she came to larger opening in the trees, and relief flooded her as she saw a rather large building in the clearing. Ellie didn't have the energy to question why someone would be this far out in the middle of no where, but could only hope whoever lived there would be kind enough to help her out.

As she headed in timidly, fear made her freeze in her footsteps as she saw the people at a front desk.

This cant be real, she tried telling herself. This was just a dream, right?