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a character in “WIP Storage”, as played by Eiko B. Winters



ImageIt started out as a camping trip six teens planned as a celebration from graduating highschool. Alone in the forest, they decided to film a little mini movie based on a script one of them (The director) had written as a Drama Class project. However, soon after the filming started, The Director began acting hostile towards the rest of the group, all while growing extremely paranoid and filming everything around him 24/7.

The rest of the group grew tired of his actions. They refused to listen to him, and because of this they ended the camping trip and returned to their homes in the Southshore City.

A few weeks later, The Director mysteriously moved towns. When asked what he was planning to do with the footage they shot of the movie, he replied "I'm going to burn them...".
His best friend (The Narrator) didn't want to see all his hard work go to waste, so she asked if she could have the tapes from the footage they shot. The Director agreed, then left without another word. No one has seen him since then.

Three years later, The Narrator finds these tapes in the back of her closet, and decides to call the old gang together to watch them. However, they are terrified as to what they find.

Most of the video's are disoriented, full of static and strange noises. Some tapes, however, show footage of a tall faceless man watching the rest of the group from the shadow of the trees.
Terrified and confused, they all make a plan to return to the place where this all began, Southshore forest. In order to solve the mystery, they start to film a video diary, in which they post on YouTube under the account name "MarbleHornets" which The Narrator mysteriously got emailed the account name and password for.

But soon things start to go wrong. Mysterious noises can be heard everywhere the group goes, and their paranoia is growing deeper and deeper with each passing day. He's watching them, stalking their every move, and he is not alone.

What happens next? Will the group solve the mystery, or are they simply being led into a trap, destine to become the operators next victim. That, my friends, is up to you...

|Name||Age||Gender||Role||Face Claim||Played by|

According to legend, he's been around since the beginning, lurking in the forest and watching your every move. He see's you, find's you, he knows you better than your own father.
|Slenderman||Unknown||Male||Antagonist||Slenderman||TAKEN by Eiko B. Winters

Previously known as Tim, he is now completely corrupted by the Masky, and loyal to serve Slenderman along side his partner, Hoodie.

The first proxy(That we know off) he serves Slenderman along side his partner, Masky. He is also know as ToTheArk.

The narrator of all the video diary's posted, also the current owner to the YouTube account MarbleHornets, she only wants to know the truth about The Director and The Faceless Man.
|Eiko Winters||21||Female||Protagonist||Amy Lee||TAKEN by Eiko B. Winters

The one who started it all, he's out there somewhere, and will do anything for answers.
|Name||age||Male||Antagonist||Face Claim||OPEN

She only wants to see her lost love again
|Name||Age||Female||Protagonist||Face Claim||OPEN

He only wanted to protect his little sister. He never dreamed he'd get sucked into this...
|Name(Last name must be Winters)|Age||Male||Protagonist||Face Claim||OPEN

He was living a normal life until this happened. Now he'll do whatever it takes to get out.
|Name||Age||Male||Protagonist||Face Claim||OPEN

Suffering with health problems all her life, she can't help but wonder if it was her that started it all.
|Name||Age||Female||Protagonist||Face Claim||OPEN

More may be added if needed

Personality{At least a paragraph}
Appearance{Picture and Description please}
Short History.
Face Claim{As much as I love anime, real please}

Now, will you solve the mystery?

*No Godmodding, Mary-sue's or Gary-sue's
*Reservation in OCC please.
*Romance and swearing is aloud, but please keep it at PG-14.
*Yaoi is aloud between Masky and Hoodie if you ship that, (Cause I do...)
*This may seem harsh, but no mentioning of Hoodie's alleged 'death'. To prove you read the rules, please put your favorite song in reservation.
*Reservations last 72 hours. WIP's are aloud.

So begins...

Wip's Story